History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 495

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Ye Wen is indeed a bit strange, even if heaven responds faster, but it should not be so exaggerated? The bird named Kane died within a few minutes, and then the follow-up troops arrived? Or is there a lot of people who came, and that Kane is just a pioneer?

Just a few seconds later, Ye Wen ruled out this possibility, because the later person even slightly leaked something that made Ye Wen rush to familiar breath.

“It’s that guy!”

Several people who turned around and looked at themselves curiously commanded: “I go out to meet a friend, you can just wait for me here, if an enemy comes…”

Chris answered directly: “Just give it to the discipline!”

Ye Wen thought about it. Chris has now re-cultivated Battle Qi to Purple Battle Qi Peak. At the same time, the Fleshy body has also been refined by Absolute Domain, and it has also cultivated the ultimate power.

Although he did not reach the level of complete ultimate strength, nor did he cultivate a large cosmic force that can add a special ability, but his comprehensive battle strength is still above Zhang Ling.

As long as there are not angels such as Michael, Galileo, and Raphael sent from heaven, then Chris has the power to fight for the safety of this group of people.

What’s more…

Turned his head and looked there, closed his eyes and ignored nothing, Jade Qilin sleeping on his stomach, the strength of Divine Beast should not be too bad, and he would not ignore it when he was in danger, so here I really don’t need Ye Wen to worry too much. What’s more, he won’t go too far. If something goes wrong, he can come over immediately immediately.

“Go back as a teacher!”

The words were gone, and the people were gone. Zhang Ling muttered on the sofa and said: “Master has trained the profound universe, and it seems to appear and disappear unpredictably!”

Chris laughed and looked back at Zhang Ling: “Does it matter?”

“It’s no big deal, Master’s purple lotus healing effect has always been very good!” within the body that warm and warm feeling has been disappeared, but the pain that made her frown disappeared as well. Zhang Ling just felt a little weak at this time , And she could feel that she might not be able to use the power of the universe in a short time.

Chris also saw this, and even reminded Zhang Ling at this time: “If no enemies come, it’s okay, if not, you don’t want to shoot!”

Zhang Ling didn’t answer, although she still had no expression on her face, but Chris and she had known each other for a long time, how could they not understand her temperament? Knowing that she had not listened to her own words, she had to continue: “Although your magical power is magical and powerful, but it is not without limits. Today you used the pair of magic eyes, if it is not the Master. , I’m afraid you can’t afford to be seriously injured now, don’t do that in the future!”

After finishing speaking, Chris stopped talking to Zhang Ling, and just found a place to sit down, but didn’t expect as soon as he looked up, he saw Mino holding his chin, staring at himself curiously. :”how?”

“You like her!”

The question is not a question but a positive sentence.

“Ah?” Chris stunned, and then seemed to have heard a helpless smile, and gently took the head: “I just regarded her as a younger sister…”

“Really tangled man, I thought you had such a figure, would be a special rectal guy!” Seeing Chris did not admit it, Mino stopped asking and instead sat on the ground while leaning on Qilin Body On-Jade Qilin eyes opened glared at her, but Mino didn’t see it. Instead, she dragged a furry sheet and wrapped herself tightly.

Compared to these people who can completely ignore the outside temperature, Minor is still relatively close to humans. In this cold snowfield that cannot allow humans to survive, she will still feel cold even though she is stronger than ordinary people and limited.

But when Chris saw her, she stopped questioning. Instead, she froze there for a moment, then turned her head to look at Zhang Ling, and finally smiled at the head, closing her eyes and sleeping.

On the other side, after leaving the cave, Ye Wen walked directly into the roaring blizzard. The double pupils with 7 glorious colors can ensure that his sight is not affected by anything, and then came to his very accurate Before the goal.

“Lucifer, what are you doing in this forgotten place?”

The Forgotten Land, The Forgotten Snowfield, and the Land of Falling all refer to this area. For Paradise Divine Race, this area is the last cemetery of their former enemies. Think of Odin Divine Race not being divided by Paradise Divine Race or The Divine Race of Olympus was destroyed, but when the need to unite to rebuild the glory finally fell because of a ridiculous civil unrest, Paradise Divine Race felt that such a group of guys was really ridiculous.

In fact, Ye Wen had a similar idea when he heard about this matter, but he later threw it into the corner of his memory, too lazy to think about that’s all again.

Lucifer seemed to be a little surprised to see Ye Wen here, but the fluctuations in his expression were very subtle, almost imperceptible, and he quickly recovered: “This question seems to be asked by you. very suitable!”

“No, it’s very appropriate for me to ask this question now!” Ye Wen secretly said in one’s heart: “The last owner of this is all my daughter-in-law of the disciple. I am the elder who will come forward for the junior. Naturally, it is very suitable! “

“Oh?” Lucifer laughed for a while: “Although I don’t understand how you make such a judgment, but I don’t want to be entangled with you on this meaningless question… I came to take a look, there are No surviving Odin Divine Race!”

“Want to find an ally?”

Ye Wen thought a little, and he understood what Lucifer did.

Heaven Divine Race got the news, an Olympus appeared on the battlefield, holding a pair of double-edged blades that were allegedly found from the forgotten land, and then slaughtered the mortals ruled by Heaven Divine Race, although this matter did not set off much. Waves, but still interested some people in Divine Race.

Among them, the addition of 100 columns to one of the archangels interested in the legendary treasure known as the “heritage of the gods”, and sent the 4-wing angel Kane to investigate the situation. If any traces were found, they would be sent immediately. A team of angels came to bring the legendary treasure back to heaven.

At the same time, Lucifer also paid attention to this matter, but the direction of his attention is different from adding 100 columns. What he cares about is that since someone can get the weapon of Odin Divine Race, does it mean that there is still Odin Divine Race Remains in this world?

If Odin Divine Race did not completely fall, but hide in the corner to accumulate strength, then for Lucifer who wants to break away from the rule of heaven, it is an excellent ally.

So, Lucifer secretly came over the snowfield, hiding herself very well, and searching in 4 places, hoping to find some clues left by Odin Divine Race.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Kane’s 4-winged angel was killed on this snowy field, and what Lucifer cared about was that he seemed to feel the breath of the Oriental—Ye Wen did not intentionally converge, especially When I saw Zhang Ling fighting with the angel, part of her energy leaked out and was noticed by Lucifer cautiously.

Then Lucifer let out a little of his own breath to see if Ye Wen would make any response. Only then did the two meet.

Two people stared at each other for a while, and finally Lucifer broke the silence first: “It seems that the Olympus who appeared on the frontier battlefield is also from your hand! Ye Wen…I really don’t know what you are planning. What!”

After a while, Lucifer sorted out the limited information in her head, and finally came to a conclusion very close to the facts.

But what exactly did Ye Wen do for this, and what did he want? Because there was too little information, he had no way of knowing. Fortunately, he can now be sure that Ye Wen should have no conflict with himself.

Ye Wen smiled, and waved it casually. The screaming wind and snow of Heaven and Earth stopped. Lucifer lifted the head slightly. Looking up at the sky, the dark clouds would never seem to spread. A big mouth emerged, revealing the blue sky that had been covered by the dark clouds, and the wind and snow around him became smaller and smaller until they stopped completely.

“It’s more convenient to talk like this!” Ye Wen Shicai’s wave was nothing special, but it was a bit similar to iron sleeves in terms of moves. With a wave, it seemed to lift a hard iron, full of strength, and ordinary people are not good. It!

Ye Wen this time, that is, the power is more terrifying. The energy brought out blows away the dark cloud above his head. If this hits the person…

Lucifer naturally knew the goods, and at a glance, Ye Wen looked unremarkable. What he meant was that when he remembered his fight with Ye Wen, he could be sure that the Oriental did not do his best on that day-although he himself The same is not done.

Ye Wen also guessed that Lucifer didn’t do her best on that day. In this case, the fallen archangel in the two-person conversation will certainly be a little arrogant, which is quite unfavorable for the conversation, so he showed some means to keep the two equal After that, it was good to continue the conversation.

Lucifer chuckled a bit and thought of Ye Wen’s intentions, but anyway, he did put that arrogance away, and then answered Ye Wen’s previous question directly: “Indeed, I thought I could find and survive here Odin Divine Race!”

“Then when you rebel against Divine Race, let them help you share some of the pressure of Divine Race?” If this is the case, then it’s time for Divine Race and Olympus Divine Race to hit the crucial moment. Xifa was in the rear and then Odin Divine Race suddenly launched an attack on the flank, putting Heaven Divine Race into an extremely dire predicament. In this way, Lucifer’s successful probability will also be much greater-only the Heaven Divine Race will be seriously damaged. Xifa was able to completely escape the control of Divine Race in heaven, and he did not have to worry about his revenge.

“That’s it!” Lucifer admitted that it was very simple. Anyway, Ye Wen will not be a person in heaven, as long as he is not a person in heaven, he can develop it into his own ally. If it wasn’t too far for the Eastern Immortal World, Lucifer really had the intention to pull the Eastern Immortal World in.

After all, among the Great Influences in this World, the Buddhist Realm, Heaven, and Celestial Court are the three most powerful. Although other Olympus mountains are also very powerful, their overall strength is not as good as these three. It is now on the struggle on whilst at death’s door, it is estimated that it will not be long before they will be destroyed by the war monks, the Ming dynasty, and the protector of the Buddhist world.

As for the Divine Race in Odin …… whether there are any survivors are 2 said, Lucifer at first did hit the idea to the Buddha world and Celestial Court, and finally found that the feasibility is too low, so it is easier to choose with Olympus Divine Race appears in paradise.

Of course, he can help Divine Race to annex Mount Olympus wholeheartedly, and then continue to encourage Divine Race to attack the East, so that the Celestial Court can be pulled into the water, but it will take too long to wait. It’s been a long time! Moreover, the longer the time, the greater the variables.

Ye Wen thought for a while. Lucifer seems to be no longer looking back. In order to succeed, it is really a chance not to let go. An ally who doesn’t know whether it exists or not, ran out to make sure.

But it can also be seen that Lucifer is the kind of person who does not do it, and does it the best if he does it, which is a bit like the paranoid personality of perfectionism.

“A character that is worthy of respect but not very flattering!”

In his heart, he gave Lucifer a comment, and Ye Wen asked another question: “Are all of your men willing to follow you?”

In general, this kind of thing either succeeds directly, or fails directly because of leaks before it has started. Rarely do you get stuck in a long period of time. I don’t know how Lucifer controls his men?

Lucifer curl one’s lip, as if Ye Wen had asked a very stupid question, and he didn’t even bother to answer. Just looking at him, he knows that he has extreme confidence in his loyalty.

“Okay! In this case, I can provide you with a message! About Odin Divine Race!”

“Oh?” Lucifer was indeed very interested, and even he was a little curious about what was involved between this Oriental and Odin Divine Race? Can’t it be that the survivors of Odin Divine Race have all gone to the East? But think about it, it seems that this is not impossible.

Ye Wen looked at Lucifer and then extended a finger: “Odin Divine Race does have survivors, but now there is only one left, and it is not a senior Divine Race!”

Lucifer was a little disappointed when he heard Ye Wen’s words. Although he didn’t have much hope for this trip, he still had some hope in his heart. Now when he hears the facts from Ye Wen, it is obvious that Odin Divine Race is Can’t count on it.

“Maybe you think this Odin Divine Race can’t do anything anymore! Really?”

Lucifer smiled a bitter smile: “There is only a low-level Divine Race, what’s the use? Forget it, just come out and relax!”

I turned around and wanted to leave, but after thinking about it and feeling depressed, I stopped and looked again at this piece of snowfield: “No wonder Odin Divine Race shows no signs of re-emerging, although there is no complete demise, but only A low-level Divine Race… it’s almost the same!”

Ye Wen laughed: “That may not be necessary!”

“What do you mean?” Lucifer glanced at Ye Wen strangely, not knowing exactly what his words meant.

“I just want to tell you that Odin Divine Race is not completely unable to be your ally!” Ye Wen was thinking about it. Only by messing up this land chaos, his Shushan is safe enough.

If Lucifer’s rebellion ends too quickly (whether it is successful in independence or destroyed by the Divine Race), it is not in the interest of Shushan, so Ye Wen has to add some chips to Lucifer.

Odin Divine Race Here, he had no idea, but he also thought that he only needs to use the Odin Divine Race signboard, he has no need to let his disciples and disciples’ wife go to the top Go online.

Lucifer’s eyes lit up, but the excitement was immediately suppressed by himself.

For Ye Wen, he couldn’t believe it completely. After all, he told him that Odin Divine Race had no one, and now he can help himself…unless…

“Could it be that you are going to participate in the name of Odin Divine Race?” Lucifer could only think of such a possibility, apart from this he could not think of other possibilities.

Lucifer’s thinking changed so fast, but Ye Wen didn’t think of it either, but thinking about whether this person had reached a certain realm, or impossible made such a decision: “Almost… if necessary, I may also shoot! “

The person next to him didn’t let Lucifer care, but Ye Wen’s last sentence made him very emotional.

If Lucifer’s most troublesome problem is that he has too few experts! Divine Race does not count as the supreme existence, there are several experts in the light angel Legion, such as Michael, plus 100 columns, and Raphael.

Although these people are not afraid of coming out alone, he will not be arrogant enough to defeat them all by virtue of one person.

If the supreme being shot, then he can play against him, but nobody like Michael the Archangel.

Although the fallen angel Legion claims to have the strongest battle strength, it only refers to the average level. If only the high-end battle strength is mentioned, it is only Lucifer… Heaven will not allow such a Legion to have more powerful existence similar to Lucifer. Otherwise it will be really difficult to control.

Now, Ye Wen said that he is willing to take action, then it means that he has an extra high-end battle strength on his side-he does not expect Ye Wen to replace himself to resist the Supreme Existence, as long as he fights with that person, Ye Wen You can help him stop Michael’s few, then he is very satisfied.

With narrowed eyes, it seems to be judging how credible Ye Wen’s sentence is!

Ye Wen glanced around for a moment, then suddenly asked: “Oh, I always have a question, I hope you can explain it to me!”

Lucifer froze: “What?”

“The head of Heaven Divine Race, is it God or Light God?”

Although he didn’t understand the meaning of this question, he answered Ye Wen’s question: “Light God is the previous name, and before that it was Supreme God, and God is the title used on Earth!”

“Oh, that’s what it is!” Ye Wen ordered nodded: “Actually, it’s nothing, just make sure how to call it is correct, so as not to make mistakes… do you say yes? Don’t know how to call Mr. Angel?” (Unfinished To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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