History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 496

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Lucifer’s complexion changed, Ye Wen’s words seem to refer to other angels lurking aside? If this is the case, it would be very bad. Immediately began to explore the surrounding situation, but no matter how he sought, he never found any abnormalities.

This made him wonder if Ye Wen was bullshit there? But when he just raised the doubt, he heard a familiar voice not far away.

“Aiya, I heard something amazing!”

With this sentence, a robe wearing white as the bottom and embellished with golden patterns and short hair, with a sunny smile on his face, only seeing his smile, there will be a kind of forgetting all troubles. He feels happy together.

At this moment, the young-looking angel grasped the hair on his back with his hand and greeted Lucifer: “I didn’t expect to meet you here, Lucifer!”

Lucifer’s pupil shrunk at the moment when this youngster appeared, he didn’t expect that there was such a guy lurking around him: “Raphael… Is Light God sending you to monitor me?”

Supreme God, Light God or God, all refer to an existence, but those who follow this god for a long time are used to calling it Light God, but Michael and several other Archangels are used to calling Supreme God, even their I also prefer this title, perhaps to satisfy the psychology that Supreme is the only one who exists?

Lucifer was not treated by this god. It is estimated that he always called it Light God—what does it mean? Is Lao Tzu useless except for the light?

As for the Raphael that appeared in front of him, he is also one of the Archangels in front of the Light God. Now the Divine Race in Paradise has Michael, Ulle, Raphael and 100 Archangels including 4 columns. Lucifer is also It is the same level of existence with them, only because he is in charge of the fallen angel Legion, so the name is not in it.

The angel level of Divine Race in heaven and the archangel or Archangel, which symbolizes the highest battle strength of Angel Legion, there are many, but unfortunately, the Angel Legion has undergone several adjustments over the years, and now it is only divided into the highest level of Archangel or Archangel, As well as the mid-level 4-wing angels and a large number of ordinary angels.

The Archangel also died several battles, leaving only 4 Archangels including Raphael!

Being able to survive so many twists and turns is enough to prove Rafael’s strength, and Raphael himself is an Archangel who is very good at healing magic, and is also an opponent with Lucifer’s headache.

He absolutely did not expect that this guy was actually sent by Light God to monitor himself, and more importantly, he did not find out, and thanks to this Easterner who made his point, otherwise his plan might have died at first.

“how did you do it?”

Compared to these, Lucifer cares more about how Raphael hid so close, but could not let herself discover? In terms of strength, Raphael is even worse than Lucifer. There shouldn’t be such a situation, and… none of the angels are good at hiding and hiding.

Raphael scratched his head again, and sorry took out a strange thing: “Your Majesty once discovered this thing in a world, but she has never known what it does. The known function of this thing is that it can be used. To heal all injuries… even in a near-death state, after being illuminated by the rays of light of this thing, it can be recovered!”

Lucifer patiently listened to Raphael’s explanation there. He knew that this guy hadn’t talked about the topic yet, but Ye Wen on the side was curious and always felt that this role had a strong sense of sight.

“Apart from this…it also has a magical effect, that is, it can isolate some things, like this…”

Raphael squeezed the unremarkable thing in a burst of rays of light and enveloped it, as if an extra layer of rays of light flashed his passport and wrapped in it.

At almost the same time, Lucifer’s complexion changed. He found that he could clearly see Raphael in front of him, but in his own perception, he could not even feel the existence of Raphael. Obviously, his perception ability was cut off by that strange thing!

In other words, the power of your perception extends directly through the place where Raphael is located, and the information you get is that there is nothing here!

As for the visually concealed figure… this is not difficult for an Archangel, just use a little means.

“Look! That’s it!”

Raphael was still smiling, but soon he turned his eyes to Ye Wen who had not spoken: “However, it seems that it does not work for this gentleman!”

A very friendly smile and tone, as if a younger brother from a neighbor’s house is saying hello to you, but Ye Wen knows that this youngster, which looks less than 20, is the battle strength of Divine Race Peak in heaven. The strength is definitely not to be underestimated. Although talking with yourself cordially now, it does not mean that this guy is not threatening.

Be wary in my heart, on the surface, just keep the appearance just now, and also nodded with a smile on his face: “My eyes have something special!”

If it wasn’t Liuli Tong, he might not be able to perceive the existence of this angel, but even so, his Liuli Tong just felt a strange energy beside him, but he couldn’t see the real thing. Fortunately, it revealed the kind of Light Power most commonly used by angels, which made Ye Wen judge that there were angels lurking.

This makes Ye Wen very happy. If it were not for Divine Pupil, I don’t know how many things to lose! What’s more, the effect on the pupils is not limited to this, and it is possible to launch a sudden attack when necessary.

And according to past experience, even that strange thing has the power to isolate everything, it is impossible to isolate the glaze fire cast by the pair of eye pupils, because as long as Ye Wen sees it, it will be attacked, which is also a spell. Characteristic, and although that thing can isolate the breath, it will still be seen, which means that it is still exposed to Ye Wen’s attack.

In my heart, I thought about how to deal with this Raphael. Ye Wen also had enough confidence. When he talked to Raphael, he became more calm.

“Yes, it is indeed a pair of very beautiful and powerful eye pupils!”

Ye Wen’s eyes are changing color at this time, and even exude 7 colorful streamers. It looks natural and beautiful, and the strong huge might contained in it, Raphael can also feel clearly, and his heart is even more to this Oriental. Valued a few points.

However, in his eyes, the most dangerous guy in front of him is still Lucifer. Compared with Ye Wen who has never seen it before and does not know the details, he has witnessed the power of Lucifer more than once. This time After breaking Lucifer’s plan, this man would certainly not let himself go so easily.

Sure enough, Lucifer soon heave a long sigh, then the black robe on his body disappeared, replaced by a gorgeous black armor.

The black long sword that Ye Wen had seen was also put in the hand: “It’s a shame… It seems that the battle between the two of us will start before I formally confront Light God!”

Raphael’s smile didn’t change, but there was a hint of caution in his eyes: “It’s a shame…but what I’m referring to is that this battle is probably not going to start as you wish. I think I will just listen. It’s more important to tell Your Majesty what you’ve got!”

He didn’t want to struggle with Lucifer here, that would be meaningless simply, and he would certainly be inferior in terms of strength. What’s more, Lucifer was not the only one facing him-although I don’t know what the strength of the Oriental is, it is probably not too bad for someone who can discuss cooperation with Lucifer?

“Do you think… can you get away in this situation?”

Lucifer did not directly attack, he was still talking to Raphael nonstop, causing side Ye Wen to roll his eyes: “Dare you dare not open your mouth?”

“If it is normal, it really can’t! But you forgot… Lucifer… this thing in my hand!”

Raising the strange thing in his hand, Raphael’s smile brought a little cramp, as if the mischief succeeded: “This thing can not only isolate the breath? Your attack can hardly have an effect on me!”

Lucifer’s expression finally became grim, and watching Raphael’s gaze was no longer as proud as he was just now, with a trace of pity that looked like a dead man, at this time his eyes revealed anger, because the matter again Once beyond his control.

“Is that right?”

With the long sword in his hand, it was almost unclear what kind of movement he did. A gully appeared on the snow-covered ground, and it seemed almost impossible to see at a glance.

The strength of the sword energy erupted from this sword, even Ye Wen did not dare to hard-wire, but when the sword energy was about to hit Raphael again, I saw a slight shock in the brilliant shield , And then a little bit more dazzling, the tyrannical sword energy disappeared.

“The sense of sight is getting stronger!”

Ye Wen swallowed her mouth: “If you take out the long sword from that thing again…”

He hadn’t finished muttering this, he saw the brilliant masterpiece in the hands of Raphael opposite him. The dazzling holy light almost caught up with the sun in the sky. It was hard for people to look directly, but it was because Ye Wen and Lucifer were not ordinary persons. Only under this strong light can we calmly observe all the changes in Raphael’s hands.

What was originally plain and uncommon slowly grew into a cuboid, which looked like a big box, just floating in front of Raphael.

Then Raphael reached out and pressed the box, and then the hand sank into the box. At this point, Raphael said: “In fact, Supreme God Your Majesty was worried about any accidents before I came out. So bring this weapon to me for self-protection…”

Lucifer eyelids twitched, and immediately felt a strong enough that even he felt palpitations and uneasiness. Holy Light Power emanated from Raphael’s hand sinking in the box. This feeling he had felt many times, it was One of Supreme God’s weapons.

“Broken steel?”

Raphael’s hand slowly pulled out, and as his hand reappeared in the sight of everyone, a hilt inlaid with precious and beautiful gemstones appeared in Ye Wen’s sight, closely followed by gold The sword blade and the blade exuding holy light also appeared.

“Fuck, there really is one…”

After the entire long sword was pulled out, the powerful holy light breath almost occupied this side world. Even Ye Wen felt suffocated under this terrifying power.

“It’s just that Light God’s weapon is so terrifying?” Ye Wen is not surprised that it is impossible, at this time he finally understands why the Divine Race in heaven can be so powerful! It is indeed a very strong strength as a guarantee to do all this. With this weapon alone, he can roughly speculate that this Light God is better than the Sea King Poseidon, Hades Hades and so on Still stronger.

As for why the god Olympus has not been eliminated, maybe Zeus is strong enough? It may also be that Olympus has more high-end battle strength, so Heaven would not dare to do it casually? In short, this paradise Divine Race is really not a good character to deal with!

Ye Wen even secretly speculated that even if he had repaired to Celestial Immortal Peak, he would not necessarily be able to defeat this so-called Light God-provided that the strength of Light God was consistent with his own guess from this weapon.

Compared with Ye Wen, Lucifer feels more uncomfortable. Although he always feels that his strength is almost the same as Light God, but every time he feels the divine force of Light God always makes him feel uncomfortable, especially After he became a fallen angel, it was almost the opposite of power’s attributes, which caused him a lot of unhappiness.

“Your Majesty said… It’s been a long time since I showed my divine force. Many people have almost forgotten the greatness and glory of Supreme God, so it is necessary to show it again! If that person still doesn’t know repentance, then let He feels it again…”

There was no smile on Raphael’s face anymore, instead it was a solemn color, the long sword in his hand was held by his hands, and the rectangular box was gone.

At the same time, the body is no longer the white gorgeous robe, but put on a set of bright silver, embellished with gold, with a cross-shaped armor on the chest and shoulder armor.

3 Pairs of white wings spread behind their backs, and with a slight incitement, the white feathers flew apart, and Raphael also floated in mid-air.

The holy light emitted from the long sword is almost integrated with the holy light emitted from Raphael itself. At this time, the power emitted by Raphael is rising linearly. It was originally in Lucifer before the long sword was drawn out. Under Raphael, Lucifer was completely suppressed at this time.

“Although I feel that going back and reporting the things you rebelled to Supreme God Your Majesty is the most correct choice, but now I think that instead of Your Majesty removing you is what Archangel should do!”

Lucifer gritted her teeth, feeling very helpless that things had become this way. At the same time, he finally realized what had happened: “Light God… Do you think I can’t see it? By Rafael?” Er’s body to cast your divine force…I’m afraid this kind of thing will not last long?”

Raphael’s expression did not change, but there was a trace of pity in his eyes: “Even if it is only a short time, it is enough!”

It was at this time that Ye Wen realized that the original Raphael would have undergone such completely different changes before and after. The fundamental reason turned out to be that Light God borrowed the long sword as a medium and got into the Archangel of Raphael. Er’s body to cast his own divine force.

“It turns out this way… It is estimated from the very beginning that the Light God has made preparations. No wonder that when the long sword is drawn out, such a terrible power will erupt…”

Looked at Lucifer next to his eyes: “However, it’s totally wrong to see it this way! Lucifer’s strength is indeed worse than this Light God, just a similar existence of’avatar’ makes this fallen angel unable to lift his head. Okay, if you match the body…”

Just when Ye Wen started thinking about whether cooperation with Lucifer could get the effect he wanted, Lucifer over there also broke out.

The shock of black’s wings fiercely, the dark cloud smoke that almost engulfed everything slowly spread out, and little by little pulled back the disadvantage until it formed a glue with the holy light breath emitted by Raphael Confrontation.

Lucifer’s face is still not so good-looking, but it is much better than before, at least it does not make people feel a sense of embarrassment, then Lucifer slammed the long sword in his hand, as if to cut off something. Like something, then a terrifying cold breath burst out.

Ye Wen narrowed his eyes and looked closely. I saw that Lucifer’s forehead seemed to show a silver cross pattern, and then the pattern slowly showed cracks, and was broken into pieces.

As the pattern dissipated, the imposing manner on Lucifer’s body became stronger and stronger, even steadily suppressing the holy light emitted by Raphael completely: “didn’t expect…”

Lucifer’s voice seemed to come from a distant place, so ethereal: “One accident after another, even my hole card, had to be exposed in advance!”

At the last moment, he was almost enveloped by black smoke clouds, and Ye Wen did not see what was going on. When the black clouds dispersed and Lucifer reappeared in his eyes, Ye Wen was completely embarrassed.

The position of the ears became a pair of small wings, and the back of the original 3 pairs of wings has now become 4 pairs, and at the same time there is an additional wing on the ankle.

In this number, Lucifer had 6 pairs, that is, 2 wings… far more than Archangel level. What surprises Ye Wen most is that the long dark hair turned into a silver with a halo of light. Lucifer’s image is now gorgeous to the point of being scum-basically the special cartoons on Earth. In the middle, it is popular with his current style.

What made Ye Wen speechless most was that Lucifer had changed her movement habits even after changing her appearance. She even raised her hand and raised her little finger to gently manage her hair, and then looked at Lazily. Raphael with a surprised face: “But I am surprised now, should I replace it with you? Great… Light God ……Your Majesty!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (Qidian.com) Voting recommendation and monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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