History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 497

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The change in Lucifer really surprised Light God, and Ye Wen could even feel this through the holy light fluctuations around Raphael.

Judging from the current situation, it is estimated that these two angels will fight a battle, make a dark place, and in the end, either 2% will be a result of both sides suffer.

It’s just that this Light God acted neatly, even Ye Wen started, only listening to Raphael keeping his own power from being suppressed by Lucifer, and then showing a rather’familiar’ smile, that is The smile belongs to Raphael, the archangel himself-that Light God has left?

“Aiya, it seems that my initial choice was correct!”

Raphael raised his hand, and the long square box that didn’t know where to go appeared again in front of him, and then the rays of light barrier wrapped Raphael in it again, and then the terror and the almost exuberance of Lucifer The black smoke cloud that could swallow everything would no longer have to do with the archangel.

Raphael hiding in the light wall waved to Lucifer: “didn’t expect you really broke the angel’s boundaries, no wonder Supreme God Your Majesty has always said that you are Lucifer, you are the best innate talent aptitude of us , And it will be the one with the highest achievement! It’s a pity…”

It seems to be sincere to feel sorry for Lucifer’s former colleague. Raphael even showed a sad expression that was quite incompatible with his temperament, but it was easier for people to feel the kind of heartfelt crying. .

Lucifer did not speak. In the face of this former colleague, he actually did not all too much hatred and other emotions. Even among the archangels still in the Divine Race in heaven, his perception of Raphael it’s the best!

Raphael is warm and cheerful, and extremely kind. He is so enthusiastic about everyone. If there is any trouble, if he goes to Raphael, he will not care about what his identity is. He will do his best to help each other. ! At the same time, because Raphael is good at treating spell, Lucifer, who often participates in battles, has been rescued by Raphael many times.

It can be said that if it is not Raphael but other Archangels in front of me, I am afraid that it will have been fighting long ago, instead of going on and on and on.

“Goodbye! The next time you see you, you may not be able to talk like today!”

Raphael’s figure gradually disappeared in the wind and snow. For such a moment, the dark clouds that were originally swept by Ye Wen gathered again, and the violent wind and snow filled the piece of Heaven and Earth again. Lucifer Standing in the wind and snow, looking at the direction where Raphael disappeared, and finally sighed, at the same time, he converged a violent force.

Then turned around and looked towards Ye Wen as if nothing happened-he thought he was hiding very well, but unfortunately under Ye Wen’s eyes, everything was nothing to hide.

“It’s hard to bear it?”

“What?” Although Lucifer deliberately pretended that he didn’t understand, he was alert in his eyes.

Ye Wen chuckled: “Relax, I am not your enemy!” Then took out a medicine pill and threw it to Lucifer: “Zhenqi Dan, in theory, can suppress the agitated breath within the body, although I don’t know how effective it is for your situation, but it’s better than being so stiff!”

Lucifer can be sure that the situation under his eyes is indeed seen by the Oriental. After looking at the pair of pupils, remembering the words just now, Lucifer knew instantly: “It really is a pair of wonderful pupils! “

Swallowing the medicine pill with his mouth open, although the effect is limited, it does make Lucifer feel a little better, but compared to these, this damn taste makes him more concerned.

face instantly changes Lucifer, with a bluish purple face, asked Ye Wen with a bitter face: “What the hell is this taste? This taste just made me fall into hell!”

Ye Wen took out a bottle, pulled out the stopper, and smelled: “Isn’t it so exaggerated?” Although the smell of the nose is not very good, it is not as exaggerated as Lucifer said: “Xiaoyao said this Dan medicine efficacy Yes, it is extremely unpalatable. I thought he was deliberately exaggerating, so as to toss his melon flavor medicine pill!”

Lucifer now no longer has the strength to speak, just feel that there is a continuous conflict of tastes that makes him faint, and if he speaks at this time, he doubts that he will spit out directly-Lucifer as an angel He didn’t need to eat at all, he really doubted what he could spit out if he vomited.

In the end, he didn’t spit out anything. He could only bear the terrifying taste and bitterly wait for the taste to dissipate naturally.

Ye Wen looked at him pitifully and had to take out a chewing gum to him: “Maybe this will make you feel better!” After explaining the effect, the leader of the dignified fallen angel Legion blew a glance: this kind of thing will not be taken out soon. ?

Shrugged, Ye Wen also said that it was because Earth brought it from Earth, and it was not given to Lucifer because it was out of stock. He had to do nothing and saw it, and then he led the way and led Lucifer to Valkyrie. Go to the residence.

Now Lucifer is completely turned over with Divine Race in heaven, and what makes Lucifer tangled more is because of this accident, it is difficult to judge whether Heaven Divine Race will attack Olympus Divine Race.

In this case, Lucifer’s situation is a bit bad. He urgently needs a strong ally to help him share the pressure. Ye Wen is undoubtedly a suitable candidate. At the same time, he also hopes that Odin Divine Race can play some role. .

For a while in the snow and snow, Lucifer followed Ye Wen and went to the secret cave. Lucifer just glanced at it and realized that there was indeed a little unremarkable divine force left in the cave, if not Standing next to it and scrutinizing it hardly felt.

“The Divine Force of Divine Race in Odin… It seems to be merged with this world in this snow field, it is really too difficult to detect!”

Lucifer also had to sigh that this snowfield could become the final territory of Divine Race in Odin indeed because the climatic conditions here are too in sync with Divine Force in Divine Race in Odin. Ding Divine Race’s most natural haven, it is this environment that allows Odin Divine Race to survive.

If it is another environment, Valkyrie may have been found by other Divine Race long ago, and then what will happen is inaccurate.

Ye Wen has also been aware of this for a long time, although Odin Divine Race has its own means, but the power of ice and snow seems to be the power printed on them in the bones, which also gives Ye Wen some ideas in his mind, but Whether it can be implemented smoothly, we need to look at it again.

Back to the living room-like place, Zhang Ling seemed to have fallen asleep leaning on the chair. Mino shrank from the boring glanced around in the sheet. The jade Qilin she used as a pillow still looked like a lazily.

The only normal things are Chris standing up to meet Ye Wen, and Valkyrie holding a vigilant child by the fire.

As soon as Lucifer came in, his eyes immediately fell on Valkyrie. He felt the divine force of the Odin Divine Race he was looking for from this woman, but…

“It’s this woman?” Brow frowned. “Just this woman?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded to Lucifer and signaled that he didn’t need to say anything. The survivor of Divine Race in Odin was indeed the only woman!

This made Lucifer even more disappointed. Although he did not discriminate against women-the angels did not have sex, but after the fall, they could choose to have sex-but in his impression, Odin Divine Race did not have any female deities with extremely powerful power. Martial Goddess simply can’t be considered in his eyes.

Lucifer can now be basically determined. The so-called Odin Divine Race has become his ally, basically relying on Ye Wen, how he intends to participate in the war with the Divine Race in heaven, or how he intends to join in, will Will decide whether you want to face the pressure of Divine Race alone, or that there will be a qualified ally to share with yourself.

Such Odin Divine Race …… The only meaning of existence is to provide a suitable cover for Ye Wen!

“Okay, let me talk about your plans!”

Recovering his gaze from Valkyrie, Lucifer turned to look towards Ye Wen, and then looked at him fixedly, the look was like if Ye Wen could not give a suitable plan, then 2 people directly Turning your face is not impossible.

Ye Wen shrugged, reminded Lucifer of a problem that caused him to collapse: “Now, it seems that I am not begging you!”

There seemed to be blue muscles on his forehead, and Lucifer swallowed the breath with depression, then took a deep breath and said in the calmest tone: “Maybe… we should discuss that matter well!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, and then found an open space, waved his hand, and directly appeared 2 large and comfortable sofas, then sat on one of them, and took a look at Lucifer. ‘Actions.

After Lucifer also sat down, Ye Wen took out a bottle of wine and poured it into the wine glass-this series of actions directly fooled the Mino next to him.

“Before talking about this, I want to ask one thing!”

“What’s the matter?” Lucifer lifted the wine glass very gracefully, and then sniffed gently: “The wine on Mount Olympus…very authentic!”

“Hephaestus sent it!” Ye Wen smiled and answered, and then waited for Lucifer to take a sip of wine and asked the sentence: “What’s the matter?” before asking his own question. .

“I want to know, besides you, is there any other guy who is not happy with the so-called Light God?”

Lucifer sneered: “Do you want to rebel against his Archangels?” He felt the question was too funny, he really didn’t think it was feasible.

“Why not?” Ye Wen shrugged: “Since you can choose to betray the Light God, why wouldn’t other angels have this idea?”

“This is ridiculous…” Lucifer suddenly felt that she was crazy when she talked to Ye Wen about cooperation. The Oriental seemed completely confused about the situation.

I don’t want Ye Wen to put his index finger up and shake it gently: “No, this is not ridiculous! Don’t say what you think is impossible. Just before you betrayed, the Divine Race is not the same. Many people think that you will not betrayed? Who can guarantee that other angels have never had such an idea? After all, you are not that…um…angel…”

Lucifer did not speak, but shook the wine glass in his hand. The red liquid in the glass kept spinning, and the slightly viscous liquid would remain on the wall of the glass, making the wine glass a little more beautiful.

After thinking about it for a while, Lucifer had to admit that Ye Wen was right. He was not Michael or Raphael after all. He could not guarantee that he really knew what they were thinking: “So… even if they There is really a betrayal, so what can they do? Will they cooperate with us?”

“Of course…cooperating now is impossible! At least you have to let them see hope…”

“Hope?” Lucifer pondered for a moment: “You mean, seeing the possibility of successfully betraying and leaving Light God’s control?”


Lucifer smiled: “Isn’t this nothing?”

“No, I’m just telling you that the environment you are facing is not as bad as you think!” Ye Wen also sorted out the thoughts in his mind while speaking: “As long as you can hold on Heaven’s Divine Race’s initial offensive, then the triumph of the victory will begin to lean towards you!”

Lucifer ordered nodded, and he can now think of it!

“And, you can now go to Olympus Divine Race for help… Actually, I think a woman seems to be doing something similar to yours!”

“Oh?” Lucifer started, and immediately woke up: “Are you saying…Athena?”

Ye Wen also just thought of it, that’s why Athena is so keen to put herself against Apollo? Although she said to herself that Apollo was in favor of Zeus’ war against Celestial Court, it was against her!

But as long as you think about it, Ye Wen can find the greasiness.

Apollo is indeed a person who agrees with Zeus on the side of the war, but Athena himself said that Apollo mainly obeyed Zeus’ command, that is to say, as long as Zeus does not want to wage war, Apollo will not deliberately instigate endless instigation. Zeus went to war.

In this way, actually removing Apollo or not has no fundamental effect on the outbreak of war between Olympus and Celestial Court-compared to Apollo, War God Ares is the most worthy of Ye The one Wen killed. In that case, it would be better to instigate Ye Wen to get Aphrodite into his bed.

But if you think about it, Ye Wen can find that Athena instigated herself against Apollo. The most fundamental reason is in the sentence: Apollo is the most trusted god of Zeus! This sentence.

That is to say, if something happens, Apollo will be the pioneer of Zeus General, and if you want to think about Zeus, then Apollo must be removed.

Obviously, Athena is not a woman who keeps her peace, she seems to be thinking of something! Ye Wen thinks about things more deeply, that is, Athena may have reached an agreement with Hades, and happened to appear at Mount Olympus at this time, and proposed the Holy War game, giving 2 Olympics A great opportunity for the god Linpis-hold Zeus and kill Apollo.

After trying to understand this, Ye Wen also admired the woman Athena. After learning the plan she made, she took things in a direction that was beneficial to her. The woman was worthy of wisdom Goddess. Name.

If Ye Wen is not quick to withdraw, you may really step into the tragic situation of robbing a girl with Apollo. In the end, either you die or you die. Ye Wen believes that the woman of Athena will definitely not miss this opportunity, so no matter if you fight I didn’t beat Apollo, and the dead sister could not escape a death word.

Even he suspected that Hades would secretly shoot, being plot against by the two main gods, Apollo should be squinted even if he died-of course, this is for the enemy, Apollo himself would not agree.

However, although Athena plots against each other, there is a problem that she can’t escape, that is, Zeus’s strength cannot be underestimated. No matter how she plots against, in the end, it is inevitable to have a battle with Zeus.

And the Olympus gods may not be too involved in this battle related to the ownership of Divine King. Besides, among the many gods, the gods known for battle strength are actually those.

If Apollo is killed, Ares is probably not good-Ye Wen will not let him live, Kratos is specially prepared to deal with this guy.

In this way, there is only the guy who does not know what will happen to the emperor. Hades is expected to stare specifically at the high emperor. Then, after all, there is no more to join the battle between Athena and Zeus on Mount Olympus. The main god in the art-Artemis is barely counted as one, but Athena can use her wisdom to separate this woman.

Counting around, the biggest variable exists in Hera, and Athena can’t find a helper to deal with this Queen-no matter how dissatisfied Hera normally is with Zeus, at this time she is also impossible to sit and watch Zeus killed, so Will definitely come forward to face the enemy with Athena.

Therefore, Athena also needs an ally-at first she favors Ye Wen, even willing to use her body as a weight, but unfortunately Ye Wen does not catch a cold!

But now… Ye Wen has already figured out all of Athena’s abacus, so you can make a big fuss about it here.

Since Athena and Lucifer both want to do something bad, and both need allies, then ultimately it seems a good choice to move to unity? Even the Holy War in progress can be used as a fuse for the battle between heaven and the two great influences of Mount Olympus!

As long as… Ye Wen adds a little bit of material…


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