History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 498

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The conversation with Lucifer did not all go on for too long, and then Lucifer did not continue to stay in this place.

He had learned everything he wanted to know, and he had won allies he could get. Now for the fallen angel commander, the most important thing is to rush back immediately to take control of his troops and do well with him at any time. Heaven Divine Race completely breaks the preparation for war.

Lucifer went back with full confidence! Although he caused some injuries in his body due to his strong actions and the strength he has not fully mastered, Ye Wen, who is an expert who is very good at treating such injuries, is beside him, so even if he has not fully recovered, there will be no Too much impact.

Moreover, Ye Wen also said he would find a way to pull Mount Olympus in, and even he would try to help him establish a connection with Athena.

“Of course, in the end, whether you can reach the intention of cooperation depends on whether you two can talk about going together. I will not make too much effort on this point! After all, I have done enough, you said Really? King of fallen angels…”

Lucifer was very satisfied with the final title. Since he was ready to leave the Divine Race, the title of Legion Corps Head was not suitable, and the title of the fallen angel king was very appetizing to him!

“That’s right, you have helped enough. Trust me, you will be rewarded!”

For Ye Wen to help himself so hard, Lucifer is certainly not wary at all. He has always been curious about what Ye Wen is doing for these things, but for now, Ye Wen is not malicious to himself, even if It’s really a bad attempt, it seems that it is also directed at Olympus Divine Race and Paradise Divine Race.

For Lucifer, this is enough! At least 2 people have a common goal and a common interest in a short time, then they can cooperate! As for the future? I’ll talk back then!

Of course, Lucifer is also a person with gratitude and grudges are clear, this time Ye Wen helped him, he will definitely make some rewards, and even he made up his mind, as long as Ye Wen does not really stand against him in the future, Then everything is easy to discuss!

After Lucifer left, Ye Wen not at all left the snowfield and remained at Valkyrie’s residence for quite a while. He is no longer suitable to leave now, although Valkyrie will no longer encounter the threat from the Divine Race in heaven in a short time, because the Divine Race in Heaven must now focus all attention on Lucifer.

But now that he has decided to cooperate with Lucifer and is prepared to stir the northwestern continent into a pot of congee, Ye Wen cannot leave this area at this time and return to Shushan.

“However, as long as the war between Olympus and Divine Race is picked up, there is no need to stay here again!”

In this case, what he has to consider now is probably to drop some fire stars on the dry firewood of the two groups of Divine Race and Mount Olympus.

“It’s time to make Kratos’ boy stronger!”

A few months later, after several observations, Ye Wen finally determined that he could make Kratos more powerful. Now Kratos is far more powerful than human level. Kratos, who is rampant on the battlefield, has been almost The 100 surnames of the sergeant and the border are called War God!

And Kratos, who enjoyed the support by virtue of war, also began to live a happy life, but things will never develop so happily.

Because he was called War God, he annoyed Ares, who lost the name of War God. The real god on Mount Olympus felt offended, but he used a little trick and instigated some of Kuito. The aristocrats who were dissatisfied with the limelight in the limelight turned out to be… a tragedy that was bloodless but would not feel greasy even after a few thousand years, has already retreated from the front line, and established the family’s Kui Toss became a lonely man again.

At this time, he re-grabbed the chaotic blade that he had properly collected and sought revenge from the nobles who persecuted his family, but it was not as smooth as the previous few months!

There is War God Ares behind the black hand, but Kratos, who is still just a mortal, has no other way except the abused wish one were dead. If it is not an accident, maybe Kratos cannot survive this night.

And that accident…

“It seems that you haven’t been very good!” The still fat black cloak covering the whole body, including the face, which can’t be seen halfway, the tone of the question is a little joking.

Kratos, who has grown up on the battlefield and has developed a very arrogant temper, will almost jump off the spot. Fortunately, his brain has not completely degraded. He understands that this strange guy in front of him is a person who has his own strength. The reason why I can survive late.

And after this night, he realized how huge the difference between himself and the real “god”, that kind of power, simply cannot be countered by humans.

“Are you afraid? Just because the other party is…God?”

Ye Wen raised his hand, and the palm that was always covered under the cloak looked pale under the moonlight, but this kind of palm could not see how powerful, even a delicate palm like a woman, actually in Kui Toss’s forcibly took War God Ares’ blow.

Not to mention Kratos, even Ares himself was taken aback, although what appeared in front of Kratos was not Ares’s body, but only a Strands of Divine Sense he had divided and he chose at random A puppet with a strong body attached to it, but the dive force that broke out is not something anyone can take!

At least, human beings can never do this! Ares’s first reaction was to question the identity of the person who came, but unfortunately his behavior didn’t get any answer except for Ye Wen in the heart cursing: “Fool!” And because of the effort of his sentence, the opposite Ye Wen directly mentioned Kratos and then disappeared, just as abruptly as he appeared.

Kratos looked at the palm of his hand and suddenly envied the mysterious black clothed person. If he had such a powerful force, would he still be manipulated at will?

“Just because I am known as War God, so I provoke the wrath of the gods? Because of this absurd reason, I lost the family that was finally reorganized!”

Kratos was more and more depressed, and when the depression reached a certain level, the person selected by Ye Wen finally broke out: “Even if it is War God, I will kill him and avenge my wife! “

The clenched fist rattled and his eyes were fixed on Ye Wen. He had already seen that the mysterious person in front of him was the only one who could help him avenge himself-he once made himself even worse than an ordinary person Strong, then he must also know how to make himself as strong as a real god!

Of course, he can also guess that the mysterious person in front of him must have something to do on his own, but it doesn’t matter to him anymore, as long as he can get his revenge, then it doesn’t matter even if he pays his own soul for it-anyway He has nothing left.

Ye Wen is very satisfied, he wants this effect-in fact he is indeed prepared to provoke the hatred of Kratos and Ares, but he did not expect that the guy of Ares is so kind, he has not started to arrange, that The idiot jumped in voluntarily-but he wondered if anyone was behind this? The most likely one is the guy Athena.

“But… through…”

When his thoughts turned, he suddenly remembered a person who was ignored by him, that is, beauty and love Goddess Aphrodite, if the woman who loves Ares blows a little pillow, then Ares is reckless It’s not unexplainable for guys to do such things.

As for why Aphrodite did this kind of thing… it was obviously impossible to say that she and Athena colluded together! There is no relationship between Goddess on Mount Olympus. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite even had a big disturbance because they were more beautiful than others, so Aphrodite was completely There is no reason to help Athena to harm her lover.

However, Ye Wen thought of a key person almost forgotten by him-Phantom Thasos! One of the twin gods under this Pluto, Sleeping God, is the key to this event.

“Fuck, Athena, you are so ruthless, you have been plotting against Ares early, even lurking this trick!” After sighing, you can only feel sorry for Ares: “So plot against you, It’s really hard not to die!”

But in this way, it seems that the chess piece of Kratos has also been exposed, just looking at the response made by Athena, it seems that she does not mind Ye Wen using Kratos to engage in wind and rain, maybe the woman is doing Thinking about how to use Kratos to achieve some of your goals?

“It won’t work. I have to take a moment to talk to the woman. Otherwise, the pawns that I have cultivated will be taken away and used. It’s really uncomfortable!”

After secretly thinking about it, he began to cope with the things in front of him.

Regarding Kratos, Ye Wen had already arranged something: “I think you have mastered that peculiar power?”

The power of the small universe, Ye Wen not at all, was deliberately imparted to Kratos, but because he often wears the holy cloth cultivation, Kratos has mastered this power unconsciously, only because no one has carefully taught, Kui Toss does not know how to better exert this power. Today, his way of using power is very rude and simple, that is, he picks up his arms and rushes into the crowd. charge to the left and dash to the right, relying on exaggerated physical qualities And the power, and the power of the small universe that will burst out from time to time, carry out the most primitive and brutal killings.

However, Ye Wen is not prepared to give him any specific moves, because he is not going to make Kratos a saint. He wants Kratos to go in another direction-the characteristic of the small universe is explosive power, but What if we could cultivate a monster that continues to explode in a small universe and keep fighting in this state?

Ye Wen is looking forward to it, but the premise is that you need a strong almost impossible damaged fleshy body!

Ye Wen certainly has a way to do this, but he is not prepared to impart his own quaternary education to Kratos. At the same time, the cultivation of his own arrogant school is extremely time-consuming. Come out? That would be too inefficient.

Therefore, the alternative that Ye Wen had in mind was to solve it in the nearest place-Ye Wen was still thinking about what to think of, but the appearance of Mino reminded him that Olympus had very suitable things for him. Achieve your own goals!

That’s right, Ye Wen’s goal is Nether-River Water!

Kratos didn’t know that Ye Wen had thought about his future, and he nodded ignorantly there: “Although there is still some jerky, but as long as I fight with people, I can guarantee that this power is what I need. Time broke out!”

His method of using the small universe is very rude, that is, he uses emotion to influence the power. This power is very unstable, but Ye Wen is too lazy to correct him, let him slowly explore it.

“This power is actually not the power that humans should master, even this is a power that is powerful enough to threaten the gods!”

Ye Wen’s words excite Kratos for a while, and he realized that this strange power of his within the body was so powerful: “Does it mean that as long as I continue to exercise this power, I can overcome God is clear?”

Unfortunately, he did not hear a positive answer from Ye Wen’s mouth, but poured a pot of cold water on his head.

“No! If you continue to exercise, your body will eventually collapse because it can’t bear this powerful force! By that time, you will not be able to leave the corpse, you will be completely reduced to dust, and no longer exist in this World!”

Kratos only felt that his burning heart was frozen into ice instantly, and he even wanted to ask Ye Wen aloud, why did he impart such dangerous power to himself? But if he hadn’t possessed this kind of power, how would he avenge his fellow villagers on the battlefield?

Thinking about it like this, he couldn’t hate it anymore. He just thought that maybe he was destined to do so, and smiled at the head, and finally made a determination: “It doesn’t matter, as long as you can kill the bastard, it doesn’t matter if it turns into gray!”

Ye Wen showed a smile. He appreciated Kratos’ determination. Of course, his smile was impossible and was seen by Kratos. In Kratos’ eyes, Ye Wen was always a dark and weird and mysterious guy.

“Relax, I have a way to solve this hidden danger. As long as you can find something, then you can make your body a very powerful existence, even if compared with the real god, it will not fall at all!”

Continuing to paint the cake for Kratos, Ye Wen’s tone gradually began to rise, just like the devil who was instigating the little child to do bad things: “At that time, even if you raise the strength of the within the body To the extent that even God is terrified, your body will not collapse because it cannot bear this power! Everything, as long as you can find that existence, then you can get it!”

After Ye Wen finished talking about this remark, he looked at Kratos, who was still calm in front of him. He could only sullen his stomach: “I knew I had left the Shen Gongbao guy well, and this guy is far more powerful than me. It seems that I am really not suitable for this kind of work. I will return to Shushan for farming in the future… I haven’t farmed the 2 fields in my family for a long time!”

He did not know that the opposite Kratos was not unresponsive, it was just didn’t expect things even mountain road twists around each new peak. Not only did he have the hope of becoming stronger, but he could also become so strong.

Too much stimulation made him a little overwhelmed. He didn’t even know what kind of expression he should put on to respond, and it turned out to be what he is now.

Kratos looked calm and stunned, staring blankly at Ye Wen in front of him, and Ye Wen saw Kratos not responding, and was embarrassed.

A mountain breeze blew, and the two people standing on the top of the mountain stupidly still maintained their original shape, and finally Kratos swallowed, which broke the strange silence.

“The one I need to find… what is it?”

“Water!” Ye Wen secretly thought secretly sighed in relief said: “It can be considered to continue fooling!”


“Yes, a kind of water only in the underworld, the river in the underworld of the underworld!” Ye Wen was looking forward to Kratos’ reaction when he heard this place.

You know, for this kind of person, the underworld is a place where no one can enter. This is to say to you and people in the east: “I want you to help me find something, that thing is in the earth!” nature.

Sure enough, Kratos’s expression became extremely wonderful, not to mention Styx, but the kind of place in the underworld that only heard of it but no one might have visited.

“Go to the underworld? What does this mean? Could it be that I would die?”

There has never been anyone who can live alive in that place. Kratos doesn’t think he can be a special case: “Are you…cracking a joke?”

“Of course not!” Ye Wen hehe laughed, but the laughter was so eerie and horrible at this time and this place, and with his style, it became more and more like a good person: “Relax, since I I will tell you this place, of course, it will not let you have no clutter! I will arrange a very qualified guide for you, but how to get Nether-River Water and how to use Nether-River Water to clean it smoothly Your own whole body depends on your own ability!”

With a glimmer of hope in the eerie words, Kratos finally determined that he had the possibility of gaining strength, and a heart had already burned, but he did not know that the’qualified guide’ arranged by Ye Wen for him at this time Holding little kitty, he kept rubbing his face, and then sneeze violently without warning, squirting Garfield’s face.


Angry Little Brat directly knocked Mino to the ground with a hook, then dissatisfiedly grabbed Mino’s skirt to dry his face, and then walked away with a tail and dropped Mino lying on the ground. Wu wondered: “How come there is a bad feeling suddenly?” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. .)

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