History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 499

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Kratos is gone…Mino is reluctant to go, although being able to get rid of Ye Wen should be a good thing for her, but Mino is not a fool, knowing to be with Ye Wen There will be great benefits. After all, Ye Wen is now her omnipotent old Divine Immortal in her eyes. Fortunately, Ye Wen just let her go to’lead the way’. After completing the task, she can come back by herself.

After Mino left, there was obviously only one less person, but it seemed to be deserted a lot.

Zhang Ling didn’t talk all day, and Chris wasn’t like to talk about the endless nature every day. If he changed Tommy or Li Xiaoyao here, maybe it would be more lively.

Jade Qilin lay there every day to corpse, if not occasionally get up and walk around, anyone will think that this is a decoration, a statue.

The kitten Garfield is very lively, but this little thing is small and unremarkable. It can’t be seen all day long. If you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to speak. Naturally, you can’t hear its yelling.

And the host Valkyrie, who is not a talking woman, thinks that she has lived alone for so long, even if she was originally lively, she now has forcibly smoothed her temper. At this time, she is more concerned about her child. ——Eh, although he hasn’t named yet, it is said that he will wait for Yu Wentuo to come and let him play.

Ye Wen, who was also bored, passed the detector and chatted with Shushan from time to time, asking what happened to his Sect recently. The news he received was very gratifying.

Basically, my own disciplines have no worries about lifespan-at least a few hundred years of lifespan can no longer run, and even those who pay more attention to him one after another have crossed the threshold.

The only surprise was the old Court Eunuch brought by Wei Hong. After all, he didn’t take the last step, but he failed when he was on the door, but it was said to be peaceful when he died. It is estimated that he felt no regrets in this life. .

Ye Wen can only sigh about this: “We are not omniscient and omnipotent in the end, and we just try our best to do something, don’t be too demanding!”

He was also a little worried that this incident would affect Wei Hong. Fortunately, Wei Hong was the emperor after all, and the winds and waves came over, so this incident did not cause him much impact, and he quickly recovered Come here, and work hard every day, and when I get free, I teach Shushan Sect the skills of disciples, piano, chess, calligraphy, painting and calligraphy to enrich the knowledge of those youngsters.

In addition to this matter, what Ye Wen cares more about is that Celestial Court seems to be moving! The movement of the army is becoming more and more obvious, and even the disciples of Shushan Sect can feel that something is wrong.

There is no response from Mount Olympus adjacent to Celestial Court-of course, Divine King has gone to play games, and it is strange to have a response! Now Athena and Apollo are the main players on Mount Olympus, but Apollo’s dead sister is estimated to be busy with Artemis’s work.

As for Ares… It seems that Athena is plotting against Ares, letting him run to find the mortal trouble of Kratos, and also means distracting his attention elsewhere: “This woman, sure enough, will try her best. Change the situation in a direction that is beneficial to you! It’s really a headache!”

On the Celestial Court side, although Yang Jian has not been to Shushan, because Guan Yu, a person who has a relationship on both sides, serves as a bridge for communication, some of the actions of the Celestial Court are still known on Shushan.

According to successive disclosures by Cui Jun and Xu Xian, this time Celestial Court is about to play a big game, and has already made clear what the soldiers pointed out, and directly pointed out that they are going to fight with the Buddhist realm.

It may be for this reason that Athena continued her plan instead of throwing all the arrangements aside and making a head-on gesture first-80% of this woman already wanted to understand that Ye Wen would appear in The reason for Mount Olympus is to be able to hold the gods of Olympus and avoid Celestial Court from falling into the dilemma of being confronted by the enemy.

It is precisely because of this that the woman now dares to boldly maintain this detached ally relationship with Ye Wen, and continues to plot every effort against the main gods of the same Olympus family.

As for the Buddha world, it is very interesting. It seems that I did not expect that Celestial Court, which had only passive defense and would not take the initiative to attack for thousands of years, actually made a posture to attack them. This gesture made a lot of Buddhas in the Buddha world. , Ming Wang, and Bodhisattva Luohan are a little bit unintelligible.

There was even confusion at the time of at first-many Bodhisattva Luohan did not believe that Celestial Court would attack them. Fortunately, the King of Ming did not react fast enough, immediately mobilizing his own Luohan and war monks to put their defenses in place. At the same time, mobilize Kong Xuan to sit on the front line and face off with the Celestial Court soldiers, which did not give the Celestial Court the opportunity to launch a sneak attack directly.

It wasn’t until this time that the Buddhas in the Buddhist realm reacted: Ya turned out to be real!

By the time of the last call, Xu Xian told Ye Wen that the army of Celestial Court had already set up a position not far from Shushan, and many Buddhist soldiers and buddhists in the Buddhist world had also opened up the position. It’s about to trigger, and the two parties are still busy with the last process: mobilizing high-end battle strength!

Compared with the war between the human beings and the logistics, the war between Divine Immortal pays more attention to the battle of high-end battle strength.

Celestial Court is under the command of Yang Jian. In addition to the generals under Yang Jian’s own seat, Jade Emperor also transferred Vermilion Bird and Xuan Martial God, and Wen Zhong also rushed to the military to observe the situation.

Other large and small well-known gods will be innumerable, even Qin Qiong will no longer continue to look at the gate and have been transferred to the front line. It can be seen that the Celestial Court has made a bloody start and is daring to fight the Buddha world for at least 1000 years Face the East.

However, Heaven Realm gave birth to the blood, and the Buddhist world was also impossible. He sent a few people to deal with it, and then sat watching the scared witless he was beaten, even affecting the original plan made by the Buddhist world to annex the East from the lower levels.

Therefore, in order to respect the King of Immortal Ming, in addition to the Buddha and Buddha of the headquarters to protect the Farohan, the Peacock King and the seat of the Buddha were transferred.

In addition, in order to cope with the many high-end battle strengths of Celestial Court, Victorious Battle Buddha, which is extremely difficult to restrain in the normal, and is not much to be seen by the Buddha, was also sent to the front line this time.

Ye Wen couldn’t help but scream when he heard this, this time the two sides really want to fight for a life and death. After this battle, it is estimated that whether it is Celestial Court or the Buddhist world, it is difficult to make a big move within 1000 years.

But this is also in the interest of Celestial Court, they just want to fight hard, lest you endlessly harass me! It would be even happier if the world of Buddhism could be destroyed directly once and for all-but the Jade Emperor himself knew that the probability was too low.

Ye Wen thought, what actions might the Jade Emperor secretly do?

I guessed it, but didn’t have much clue. In the end, Ye Wen had to refocus his attention on what he had to face. After all, Celestial Court and the battle of the Buddha Realm were so tragic, it didn’t matter to him .

The only thing to worry about is that if Celestial Court is defeated, Shushan Sect, who lives near the battlefield, may be affected. Ye Wen also mentioned some points with Xu Xian, and even told him a little: “If the situation is wrong, notify me immediately. !”

Although Ye Wen can’t go back to Shushan directly—it’s useless even if he goes back. Facing so many experts in the Buddhist realm, unless he can build Golden Immortal, it will definitely be an easy parry.

But don’t forget, the last life-saving method of Shushan is that of Nine Provinces! As long as the situation is not right, Ye Wen can establish contact with Nine Provinces Ding from afar, then collect the entire Shushan into Ding, and finally call the Nine Provinces Ding to his side.

Now he already wants to understand, anyway, he is almost immortal, and it is not bad to find a place to develop slowly. When he becomes Golden Immortal, where can Shushan Sect not stand? Right now, it is Celestial Court who takes care of his Shushan Sect, and because the land is all Oriental, he settled his family there, if he really can’t stay there, he stands at the peak of Mount Olympus directly at worst Beside-Zeus wouldn’t object if he wanted to come, and it was more likely to run directly to get married with Ye Wen.

Ye Wen won’t do it if he really gets there. Unless Athena kills Zeus as Divine King, he will definitely be far from the big stallion.

I walked around in a circle and walked down a long cave to a platform. The place where Valkyrie lived was still very good. Although it’s in the middle of the mountain, this cave has 4 links and 8 connections, almost connecting the whole mountain into one. If you don’t figure it out, you can get lost here.

In addition to the residence at the foot of the mountain, the cave is also connected to the platform at the mountainside and the top of the mountain. Ye Wen found this open-air platform and often walked up and down, which should be breathable.

Lucifer left for a few months, and there was no news for the time being. However, it is a good situation that there is no news from Lucifer. If there is news, it is bad-it proves that Lucifer has already dealt with Divine Race and can’t support it, so I came to Ye Wen.

At present, it is estimated that both sides are making final preparations. Although the surface is calm, it is definitely a tide in the dark! I just don’t know if Lucifer has heard of Archangel who is dissatisfied with Light God like him.

Facing the rare clear sky, Ye Wen suddenly felt, and took out the communicator and put it on his ear: “Tuoer? What’s the matter?”

Only Yu Wentuo would contact him at this time, and Shushan had just spoken yesterday, indicating that everything is normal at this time, so it is unlikely that he would find himself at this time-even if the Buddha Realm defeated the Celestial Court and threatened Shushan, Also impossible so fast.

The voice coming from the intercom seemed a little anxious, and Ye Wen even only understood one sentence: “Master, I’ll go to you and something happened!”

Ye Wen immediately understood what Yuwen Tuo meant, and immediately sent his position to Yu Wentuo using a positioning function attached to the detector-although he can also emit his own imposing manner to tell Yu Wen Where is Tuo himself, but it is too conspicuous to do that, after all, not far away is the Divine Race in heaven, and the angels have been glare like a tiger watching his prey staring at this snowfield!

Soon, Ye Wen noticed a golden ray of light gliding in the sky, just like a golden meteor coming in his own direction.

And at the moment when the golden rays of light came into view, Ye Wen’s face suddenly changed, and his eyesight could naturally see everything, and it was not Yu Wentuo who was flying at full strength. , But the man held by Yu Wentuo in his arms.

Seriously injured Ekaterina!

Yu Wentuo’s speed wasn’t slow. He came to the platform where Ye Wen was standing in a moment, and immediately put Yekaterina in her arms.

At this time, Yekaterina face deathly pale, and her lips were black, and her short hair with a slightly curly hair was sticking together because of the blood stains, and the Sagittarius gold holy cloth on the body was even more terrible. There is almost no place intact.

Behind the pair of dashing yellow golden wings, one of them was completely gone, and the other was only a small root left. At the same time, the garment of Yekaterina’s back was completely destroyed, as it should be The tender white back protected by the Saint Cloth was miserable and difficult to look straight at…

Ye Wen can even see that several vertebrae were turned out of the skin, and the piece of meat was broken into pieces. Fortunately, no blood continued to flow out, and the blood that had flowed out had already turned into a dark stain. It seemed that the white bones were more terrifying.

“Who? Who did it?”

This kind of injury will definitely not be able to be done by ordinary people, and such a serious injury, even if it is rescued, I am afraid…

Ye Wen is confident that she can save Yekaterina’s life, but her spine has been hit hard, and I am afraid that she will become a waste person.

Of course, there is no need for him to worry about Yekaterina for this matter. Even if Yekaterina dies, there will not be any worst. Anyway, it is just the reincarnation of Artemis, she died, Instead, Artemis will wake up.

However, after all, he brought it up by himself, almost watching a baby grow up slowly, even if he knows that nothing will happen, it is impossible to be angry at all.

“It’s Apollo…”

Yu Wentuo hurried on the road, and also spent a lot of energy. At this time, he was slightly panting. After taking a few breaths to adjust his breath, he said another news that surprised Ye Wen: “Also, Athena told me to tell One thing for you is that if Ekaterina dies like this, Artemis’ body will also be equivalent to death and will never wake up!”


I originally thought that Yekaterina had nothing to do even if she died. At most, Artemis had a wonderful experience that’s all, but didn’t expect things to be so serious?

“For specific things, you may need to ask Athena again. The most important thing now is to save Linna’s life first!”

This thing naturally does not require Yu Wentuo to remind, although Ye Wen is extremely angry, but the movement in his hand is not slowed by a half, Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror symbolizes the vitality of the raw blood dome, scarlet energy Exuding a light fragrance, it took the lead to cover Yekaterina’s back.

And as the blood color became stronger and stronger, Ye Wen’s face gradually became pale, but he did not see the slightest pause in his hand, so continued a tea time, Yekaterina’s back on the back The terrible injury gradually changed.

The white bones that had been drilled out of the body slowly returned to within the body, and accompanied by the sounds of karala’s sour teeth and the groaning sound of the body’s abnormality in the coma.

Afterwards, the almost muddy flesh of the valgus also gradually recovered, and finally with Ye Wen’s fierce release, Yekaterina’s spine finally returned to its normal appearance, and finally This time, Ye Wen only felt that his chest was as if he was heavily hammered, and the blood energy around him seemed to vanish out of thin air.

Fortunately, his spirit is extremely tenacious, and with the body’s strength quickly running, alleviating his dizziness, and after a while, it gradually becomes okay. It’s just that his pale face still didn’t get better. It seems that this hand lost a lot of his own blood energy.

“Although this blood vault has the magical effect of treating injuries, but also not casually used! If the injury reaches a certain level, you need to use your own blood energy as a guide to cure people!”

Unfortunately, after a little exploration, I finally found that although Yekaterina’s injury was healed by herself, the spine injury was not at all improved. It seems that his healing ability is not as good as those cultivators who really specialize in this way. Although the sky is magical, it is only a martial arts after all. It is like the wonderful immortal technique that you want to exert its vitality. It is estimated that it will not be possible until your cultivation base is more profound.

As for what living dead bones and bones… At least I have to wait for Ye Wen to reach Golden Immortal when I look forward to it!

But think about the same thing. If a Divine Immortal has the ability to heal wounds and revive casually, where else can Divine Immortal fall?

Yeka sighed, Ye Wen sighed, although her face was still pale, but her breathing gradually calmed down, then she put a hand on her body, and the Sagittarius gold cloth immediately left Yekaterin. Na, then in the midair formed the look of a shooter.

Just because it was broken, this Sagittarius looked so bleak. Ye Wen waved it and a golden light flashed, then the Sagittarius cloak burst into a golden small universe, then slowly rose to the sky, followed closely With a flash of rays of light, it turned into a golden meteor toward Sacred Domain.

Yu Wentuo looked at Ye Wen and said nothing. He had already seen that his Master had just erased the trace of Yekaterina in the Sagittarius cloak, which means that Sagittarius has become unowned again. .

The Sagittarius cloak flying like this back to Sacred Domain is also equivalent to telling the people in Sacred Domain: Sagittarius Golden Saint Warrior has fallen… As for the corpse and so on… Golden Saint Seiya hit skeleton doesn’t exist but it’s normal but By the way, no one will ever struggle with this problem.

Sure enough, Ye Wen immediately asked Yuwen Tuo: “What is your situation?”

Yu Wentuo shrugged his body: “In order to ensure that Nice rushes into the underworld, I stay behind, so I have died in a glorious battle!”

“Oh, then you don’t have to go back, just stay here!” He said, bending down and picking up Yekaterina: “It’s just that you should see your daughter too!”

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