History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 500

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“Daughter?” Yu Wentuo opened his mouth and glared, his hands didn’t seem to know how to put it in place, he dangled beside him, and finally gestured in front of him for a long time, but he couldn’t see what he was going to do. : “Whose daughter?”

Ye Wen glanced at this little discipline as if looking like an idiot: “Tell you, naturally it is your daughter! Who else can there be? Don’t you know what you did?”

At first, he thought that Yu Wentuo was only saved by Valkyrie, and then because of getting along for a long time, he fell in love with that Martial Goddess, didn’t expect, didn’t expect, Yu Wentuo, you righteous gentleman also did After such a thing, even the child has been tinkering.

“My child?” Yu Wentuo at first was unbelief, but then he felt that it was not impossible, followed by a burst of silly music: “hehehe!”

The smiling Ye Wen is all hairy, afraid that this discipline can’t stand this stimulation, and is just stupid: “Tuoer, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! It’s just a little too surprised. Didn’t expect me to be a dad too!” Speaking of which, Yu Wentuo suddenly remembered that he had also left Valkyrie for nearly ten years. After all these years, wouldn’t it be Valkyrie worked hard to raise the child alone?

In this case, will the child be dissatisfied with himself? Would you like to recognize yourself as a father?

Fortunately, Ye Wen saw his worries and explained: “You don’t have to worry, that child is not too big now, and she doesn’t understand anything!” After seeing Yu Wentuo’s face suddenly turned green, he said: “Divine Race physique and mortals are incomparable, and it’s not as long as you are pregnant!” This makes this little discipline’s face return to normal.

“Your own woman, can you still believe it?”

In a word, Yu Wentuo’s expression was extremely embarrassing, and he could only say: “Master has learned it!” There was no more silence, and he quietly followed behind his Master, and then walked in this cave passage.

The further he went, Yu Wentuo felt his heart beating faster and faster. When the fire was hidden in front of him, the heart almost jumped out, but when he stepped into the hall, he saw that he was stunned. When looking at his Valkyrie, the original restless heart instantly calmed down, and looking at the face he had been thinking about for a long time, Yu Wentuo held back for a long time and finally finally said: “Have you… have you done?”

Leaving aside the small disciples and the Valkyrie family reunion, the words were ignored. Ye Wen took Yekaterina directly to the large couch, which was originally made by Ye Wen, and then spread again. After wearing a lot of fur, it was really comfortable and warm and tight. Normally, it was occupied by Mino. Now Mino is not there. Zhang Ling is sitting side-by-side and reading on the book. I see Ye Wen holding a bloody Yekajie. Linna came over and immediately jumped off the ground, giving way to her position.

“Master… Is this…?”

Ye Wen shook the head: “It is not very clear that the specific situation is a teacher, it is said that Apollo did it!”

Zhang Ling also knew that Yekaterina was the reincarnation of Artemis, and Apollo was most concerned about her younger sister. How could he do this kind of thing: “He doesn’t know that this is the reincarnation of his younger sister. ?”

Ye Wen at first didn’t understand it, but at this time he made a general idea. It is estimated that Apollo and his at first are all the same kind of thought. Anyway, it is just a reincarnation. Killing has no effect on Artemis. And killing it may also allow Artemis’ body to regain consciousness in advance.

Therefore, Apollo only made such a ruthless attack, that is, he made such an idea-it may also be because he was searching everywhere for Artemis, and found this reincarnation in exasperation, and scattered all his anger on Yekater. Linna was up.

Of course, there is another reason why Apollo has always looked at ordinary mortals. The proud Sun God believes that humans are only low-lying ants, and even he is not qualified as a slave. How can a guy with this idea allow his favorite younger sister to be transformed into a human look? Yekaterina did not directly explodes into waste, it is probably because Yekaterina has the appearance of Artemis now.

But he didn’t expect that Artemis had Athena’s plot against. This reincarnation is not what they originally thought, and even has a close connection with the body. If Yekaterina is like this If you die, it may threaten the body of Artemis.

If you ask Apollo to know this, I don’t know what expression he will make-Ye Wen thinks this guy will definitely push the sin completely to Athena, and then go to Athena to settle the account. Anyway, I want this guy to realize that he has done something wrong, it is better to kill him directly.

In fact, Ye Wen’s guess is basically the same as the fact, and the general situation is no different from his guess, but now he does not know, so these are only speculations that’s all.

Take out some medicine pill and give it to Yekaterina first. Finally, Ye Wen checked the wounds on the body and made sure that the rest was just some skin injuries. Although it is more troublesome to raise, it will not be life-threatening. This is sighed in relief.

And at this time, Yekaterina lying there also opened her eyes.

Nothing came with eyes opened, no ecstasy humming, Yekaterina’s eyes opened a little abruptly, and even surprised Ye Wen a little, especially since there was almost no warning beforehand, that’s it Suddenly opened his eyes, and then looked directly at Ye Wen, that feeling-it can be described as horror.

“Uh … are you awake?”

The two people stared at each other for a while, and finally Ye Wen opened the mouth first, and just like that, he found that Yekaterina’s eyes turned a bit of disappointment from curiosity, and suddenly turned into joy.


“Ah!” Ye Wen opened his mouth, and he really didn’t expect Yekaterina to recognize herself only with her voice, and even if she was so different from when she was in Sacred Domain, She can also make such judgments.

But now that he has been recognized, he does not need to deny: “Well, are you surprised?”

An unusually bright smile appeared and seemed to feel very happy: “en!” The eyes almost narrowed into a thin curved line, and the lips were squeezed together, but the two shallow pits on the corner of the mouth fully showed Her mood at this moment.

But just a moment later, the smile on his face gradually narrowed, and Yekaterina’s eyes that reopened seemed to bring a trace of sadness: “I have now… become a waste person?”

A warrior knows his body very well! If you don’t even understand your own body, how can you use your body to fight the enemy?

It’s just that eyes opened to restore consciousness less than one minute, and Yekaterina has already noticed her current situation. Although she still retains consciousness up the chest, she is weak and does not even raise her hands. The lower part…Almost completely feel the presence of those parts.

Ye Wen gently stroked Yekaterina’s forehead and wiped the hair sticking to it aside: “Don’t worry, I will find a way to cure you!” Seeing Yekaterina though Qiang Zi gave him a smile, but the expression obviously didn’t believe him, and had no choice but to use his current identity to say things.

“You should be able to see that, in fact, I am not a person here at Olympus. I am actually an immortal in the East. Because I knew your Goddess Athena, I was entrusted by him to help him train the first batch of saints. The fighter, so it will appear in the Sacred Domain…”

Roughly speaking about your identity, Ye Wen repeatedly emphasized that he is in fact as powerful as Goddess, so although you are paralyzed, it is not difficult to cure.

“Master is fooling again!”

Zhang Ling stood aside, seeming to mumble casually, but let side Chris listen carefully, and turned to look at her, and then a wry smile appeared: “But Master is also impossible, and carelessly ignore Linna, that is not the case. Master!”

As soon as this was said, Zhang Ling said nothing. Although she was behind Ye Wen and belonged to the kind of “thief ship” who flew on without knowing the situation at all, but after getting along for so long, the Master’s temperament also roughly understood.

To put it bluntly, this Master is still very concerned about the people who are familiar with it, and it will even give people a good feeling-of course, when you are angry, it is still quite frightening.

Yekaterina has been grown up by Ye Wen almost since she was a baby, even though she left when she was 5 years old, but with the memory of those 5 years, Ye Wen impossible is destined to sit and watch Yekaterina go out Disregard things. This matter has nothing to do with Artemis, it is entirely because of those 5 years.

Yekaterina kept silent when she talked to Ye Wen, so she listened to Ye Wen quietly, and she was un’ed until Ye Wen finished talking.


This response made Ye Wen suddenly feel a punch on the cotton, and he struggled to say a lot, didn’t expect this girl so cute and direct nodded said: I listen to you! I already knew what he did with so much saliva?

Drag a sheet made of thick fur, and then cover Ekaterina: “Have a good rest, your injury is not at all recover completely, you need a good rest!”

I don’t know if it’s because I saw my’Cow Uncle’ again or because of something else. Yekaterina had a good night’s sleep. After Ye Wen covered her cup, the girl in front of her had closed again. After seeing his eyes, he fell asleep in a moment.

It wasn’t until this time that Zhang Ling could come over and ask, “Linna is everything?”

She lived in Sacred Domain for a long time as the maid of the Taurus Saint Seiya, even she stayed in Sacred Domain longer than Ye Wen, so for Yekaterina, she was also totally unconcerned – She can be seen watching Little Brat grow up.

Although the performance was quite cold and aside, she still cares about Ekaterina’s situation at this time-anyone who saw the seriously injured number just opened after eyes opened her eyes after a few words. Moving, you will feel worried.

“Nothing. She suffered too much injury. Although I was robbed of her life, it was a serious injury. You need to rest well these days!”

Although Ye Wen has all kinds of healing methods, he is inclined to internal injuries caused by internal strength, or internal injuries caused by some strength energy. This pure skin injury is not very proficient. After all, he cultivates martial arts or immortal dao, not medical!

Yekaterina’s affairs are set aside for now, because Ye Wen still has some things to ask Athena to decide how to deal with the situation at hand.

Otherwise, things do not need to be so troublesome, just take Yekaterina directly back to the east, even if Ye Wen is not cured, Shushan Sect can not be cured, and Cui Jun can ask, the most unfavorable is that he can go straight Celestial Court seeks help, or seeks the Supreme Taoist for some magical Immortal Pill, after all, there is a proper way.

However, this matter also involves the means of Athena and Goddess of the Moon, Artemis. How to do it needs to know the details.

It is estimated that Holy War is now in its late stages, and the success of Athena’s many layouts depends on the development of this time! He meant to wait for the Holy War to end before going to the woman to have a good question, but Athena was impossible to wait until then, so Ye Wen estimated that for these 2 3 days, even if he did not go to Athena, Athens Na herself will come to the door.

Turning around, Ye Wen looked at the fire, sitting side by side together, and then teasing the little couple of Little Brat together.

“In the future, do you have any plans?”

I didn’t want to come here as a light bulb, but it was better to ask this kind of thing early. Yu Wentuo heard Master’s inquiry and handed the child back to Valkyrie, and then frowns speechless for a long time.

Ye Wen knew what he was thinking, and said: “Your cultivation base is not too weak right now. After all, your innate talent is peculiar and improves at a rapid pace. It has been rare in this realm to have such a realm in the past ten years! Now we have to do The only thing is to consolidate the original learning and accumulated experience, not to follow the teacher back to Shushan closed-door cultivation!”

Hearing this remark, Yu Wentuo’s tight frowns only unfolded! After all, he knew clearly that Valkyrie would never leave this snowfield. After all, this snowfield represented too much for the only survivor of Divine Race in Odin, and even Valkyrie was likely to live for life. Living in this snowfield until the day she also fell, following in the footsteps of many Odin Divine Race.

Yu Wentuo was also impossible and left Valkyrie alone here, not to mention 2 people now have children! But as a disciple, returning to the division seems to be an important thing, not to mention that he still needs to go back to Shushan to get the entry gift-he is at most Ye Wen disciple, can’t be considered Shushan Sect disciple.

In this regard, Ye Wen’s decision was: “Take a time to bring your wife and daughter to Shushan together, complete the entering sect gift, and also go on a honeymoon when you’re traveling. Just settle down!”

Yu Wentuo thinks it is the same thing, even if he really wants to settle here with Valkyrie, it is impossible to step out of the snowfield-thinking about it is also an impossible thing, at least he has to go around.

“Everything the Master commands!”

Now that Ye Wen has arranged everything, and Yu Wentuo has nothing to do with it, then it takes a lot of effort to do so.

This time, both sides were extremely satisfied, and did not want Yu Qilin to say suddenly at this time: “I will stay here too!”

Although this jade Qilin stays here all day, but normally it is silent, each minding their own business Find a place to lie down, 10-15 days It is not uncommon for the place to be unmoved Puffing is really like a statue. Over time, everyone almost forgot to have such a guy here.

“You stay here too?”

“Well, I’m staying too?” Yu Qilin is very satisfied with this place, and he doesn’t know what he got in. Fortunately, Yu Qilin is not good at selling Guanzi, and he directly said the answer: “I found a Being at a fire fountain will help me restore the divine force! And, I have something else to do!”

It turned out to be such a reason, but he didn’t expect that there was a fire spring under this plain mountain… But fire spring? Isn’t that the kind of thing on the Nine Provinces Dingli Tianshan? I don’t know what the temperature of the fire here is?

Later, he went to see it specifically, and after seeing it, he scolded Yu Qilin as a pit father, where is this fire spring, simply a lava pool!

At the time, Ye Wen also pointed at Yu Qilin and scolded: “You are not Fire Qilin!”

As for the moment, Ye Wen didn’t know about it, and suddenly asked curiously, “Are you male or female?” After the words came out, everyone focused on the Qilin Body, and it seemed that everyone was quite good. curious.

“Ask this?” Yu Qilin looked at the crowd with confusion, and found that everyone was a curious look but more confused.

Ye Wen put on a boring expression: “Just ask casually!”

As a result, Qilin’s answer made Ye Wen speechless for a while: “Qilin does not distinguish between male and female!”


Chris asked curiously: “So how does Qilin breed offspring?”

Yu Qilin said: “If you want to have a future generation, you will find a full of Heavenly Paradise in Spiritual Qi, gather one essence and spit out a pearl, this pearl will turn into a new Qilin after warming up!”

Only then did everyone realize that Qilin was such a magical existence, and curiously looked at Yu Qilin a few times, and Yu Wentuo asked again: “So are you also born Yu Qilin?”

“That is not necessarily, it may be affected by the environment at that time!”

Having said so much, Ye Wen suddenly said: “You are in love with the fire spring here, would you like to have a descendant?”

I had just said it casually, but nodded if I didn’t want Yu Qilin: “These 100 years of experience made me want to understand a lot. The world is impermanent. This is a fluke this time. Who knows whether it will be so lucky next time? Qilin Race can continue, so take advantage of this opportunity to give birth to a new Qilin, and it is also fulfilling its due obligations!” (Unfinished. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote, Monthly ticket, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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