History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 501

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Even Jade Qilin, the Divine Beast, has begun to consider the issue of future generations, and others will inevitably move this thought.

Ye Wen is now focused on improving his strength. This idea is much worse. After all, his cultivation base is almost undead as long as there is no accident.

If it can be further developed into Golden Immortal, it is really equivalent to Undying and Inextinguishable-the endless life essence, plus this World Golden Immortal has not reached the level of running all over the ground, people with such cultivation base will be easy Offended another Golden Immortal? So basically Golden Immortal is a symbol of invincibility, no man-made threats, and no worry on lifespan, naturally equivalent to Undying and Inextinguishable.

And one of the reasons for leaving offspring is to continue the race, but this issue seems to be no Ye Ye worry about! Moreover, as long as he does not die, this race is equivalent to continuation, so naturally do not have to worry too much about this issue.

In addition, he specifically asked from Cui Jun, learning that the higher the cultivation base, the easier it will be to give birth to offspring. I gradually have no such thoughts in my heart. I just think that if I can add a man and a woman No, it’s not a problem, just let it be.

But the few surrounding disciplines do not think so, plus Ye Wen, these disciplines are almost all from ordinary person cultivation, and there is no ordinary Xianjia Sect as intensive Dao Tibetan, self-cultivation and tempering Dao Xin and so on, so the habit and Cognition has retained the original ones, and in their eyes, it is still important to have children.

Both Chris and Zhang Ling started to think about this, especially when there was a Little Brat next to them.

The moment of silence made Yu Qilin blink his eyes in wonder, not knowing how it was said just now, why didn’t he speak in a blink of an eye? When he tilted his head and thought about it, he didn’t understand it, and he simply ignored it, his head lowered, his eyes closed, and he went to sleep.

Seeing it like this, it naturally didn’t talk to it anymore. This jade Qilin proud and arrogant also had a bad temper, and it might annoy him when he was noisy to sleep. Ye Wen turned around and looked at it. Yu Wentuo, who couldn’t hide his happiness, finally asked this newly-fathered, happy guy who didn’t understood a question that made him entangled: “What name are you going to give your daughter?”

“Eh…” Yu Wentuo blinked, scratched his head, scratched his face, and finally suffocated the flush of his face for a long time without any name.

As a result, my eyelids turned, and I just saw Zhang Ling. I thought about it all of a sudden and said: “Since the discipline also enters Shushan Sect, we have to act according to the rules of our Sect…”

As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Ling suddenly became frowned and seemed to think of something. Chris also curled his lips, holding a smile, and only Ye Wen wondered: “What rules do we have for Shushan Sect? I remember our Sect can There is no rule of ranking by word!”

But if this is not the case, then there seems to be no worries when naming the name, but he hasn’t prepared to speak yet, and sees Yu Wentuo directly said: “According to the custom of the school, the discipline thinks that this child’s name is Altria. !”

Zhang Ling covered her face, a look like this.

Instead, Chris questioned the head, not understanding what the name meant.

I don’t know when it came out. The kitten squatting on the back of the sofa slipped sharply under the feet of the kitten. It slipped along the back of the sofa and slipped into the gap between the sofa arm and the back. I struggled. It took half a day to get out.

Ye Wen’s mouth kept pumping, but when he wanted to talk, he found that he couldn’t say anything, only secretly said in one’s heart: “The original so-called local school’s rules refer to this?”

Yu Wentuo said it casually, but after carefully tasting it, he felt that the name was indeed good, and then lowered his head to tease his daughter: “You will be called Altolia in the future, do you like it?”

Anyway, his wife, Little Brat’s mother, is a blonde and white beauty. It’s not inappropriate to have such a name. It’s just that your daughter is black hair: “Father will get it for you when you grow up. Blonde hair, and then equip you with a full set of equipment…”

“Then summon is going to be a thug, and you have to use… that way to supplement the magic?” Zhang Ling interrupted Yu Wentuo’s cranky thoughts on the side: “Are you going to get a head on her head?” Black spell, and then insert a dumb as a seal?”

In fact, nothing else. Yu Wentuo might have such an idea in his head, but the sentence that used a special method to supplement the magic power made him a bit broken.

“Don’t, my daughter won’t cultivate magical stuff! I’m afraid of wool?” After saying nothing, he lowered his head and muttered with his daughter: “When you grow up, father will pass on Lesser Formless Art” You… this kung fu is great, any power can be simulated, and you can stay forever…you are a girl, this effect is very important to you!”

It seems that it has been impossible to stop Yu Wentuo from calling his daughter Altolia. Ye Wen doesn’t care much about it. Anyway, there is no authentic’foreign discipline’ in Shushan Sect, and the addition of a hybrid will not affect it. .

What’s more… Ye Wen also found out that there are more cottages in his school, which is not without benefits. At least I am so impressed that I will not forget the existence of such an apprentice.

In short, Yu Wentuo’s daughter’s name was so determined, and Valkyrie was also very satisfied with the name. She was really afraid that Yu Wentuo would have a more eastern name. In this case, she would feel uncomfortable, and Artolia This name is more in line with her language habits, which is also regarded by her as Yu Wentuo’s care for her-in fact, she still calls Yu Wentuo Thor.

At this time, Ye Wen suddenly remembered the long sword and the long box that Raphael used that day: “Ah! Is it life? Isn’t it forcing me to grab those 2 things?”

The two-handed sword with broken steel, formerly known as Escaliba (this is a transliteration), in a work called the sword of victory and vows, is the sword of Altoria, and the one that can hold this long sword It is another treasure used as a scabbard: Avalon!

No matter how you look at it, Raphael used the same thing as the so-called Avalon. After seeing the original, Ye Wen had no desire to go back to the mountain to make a cottage product. He could only grab it with one mind. Come.

Anyway, Lucifer and the Divine Race will have a battle. When the time comes, you have to take a shot. Take advantage of a 2 piece treasure, It shouldn’t be. Does anyone have an opinion?

what? disagree? Anyway, it’s impossible to get things in my hand, and I’m going to exchange 2 items from Shushan with you at worst! By that time, Shushan should be able to make a lot of things, such as the holy cloth, and now Shushan Sect can be manufactured in large quantities.

Of course, you can send at most one set of ordinary version in the lite, ordinary and perfect versions. The perfect version can not be sent randomly, as for the ordinary version, just choose!

The famous turmoil caused everyone to make a fuss for a while, but soon they went to do their own things, and Ye Wen did not return to the bedroom assigned to him, but continued to return to the terrace, stepping on the backlog again On a layer of snow, staring at the fluttering snowflakes in the sky dazed.

This night, Ye Wen stood here all night.

On the second day, Ye Wen returned to the cave and Yekaterina was still asleep, but after a rest, she should recover some of her physical strength. At the same time, Zhang Ling and Valkyrie helped to put her body on The bodysuit that has been badly damaged has been replaced, and the blood stains are wiped off with a towel dipped in warm water.

Yekaterina, who Ye Wen saw again, regained her original appearance, but lying there was still unable to move even a little bit. Fortunately, she was asleep now, otherwise it would make people feel more uncomfortable.

Checked it out, took out a few medicine pill and prepared to be next to it. Zhang Ling should come to see it from time to time and you should understand what to do. After all this was done, Ye Wen said directly to Chris sitting in the hall: “I went out for a while and will be back soon!”

Chris ordered nodded, as for what to do, it is not what he asks to do the discipline.

Ye Wen didn’t greet others anymore, he went directly out of the cave, and after flying Jianguang, he flew straight towards the direction of Sacred Domain. He doesn’t need to go to Sacred Domain to find Athena’s reincarnation, he just needs to release his breath near Sacred Domain. Athena will naturally know her arrival through the statue.

Then what to do, Athena will find a way herself!

But what Ye Wen didn’t think was that Athena came by herself in the frame pulled by Tianma.

“I personally appeared in front of you, seems to surprise you?”

Athena still looks like that, with her chin up, aloof and remote, even when talking to Ye Wen, she did not drive up and down the car symbolizing status, but stood on the frame and looked down at Ye Wen ——This is a woman who values ​​the status of power very much. No wonder Goddess has always been a virgin. As for this character, most men can’t bear it.

“It’s a bit surprising, I thought your body was asleep!”

Although there has been speculation for a long time, didn’t expect Athena really did not fall into a deep sleep, but kept awake and let the divine Consciousness that she split off manipulate the reincarnate to carry out the Holy War: “In this case, no Does it make any difference?”

This feeling is like letting a sober person dream, it is easy to wonder who he is? Tap on insanity, more on schizophrenia.

Even if Athena is a Goddess, Spiritual Power is extremely powerful, it is extremely dangerous to do this kind of thing-because it is not like you do nothing while sleeping and then experience another life, after waking up, you still know who you are .

2 If things happen at the same time, there will be confusion in consciousness!

Athena even showed a rare tired look: “It really makes me feel some confusion, but compared to these, the most sad thing for you is that you leave so firmly!” Athena lifted her leg from the frame Go up and down. Each step is very small, and then step by step, as if walking down the stairs from in midair.

But because of the angle, her posture seems to be deliberately showing her white and long beautiful legs, and although the long skirt that Athena wears today is not short, it is very high on one side. With her legs lifted, the skirt that was supposed to cover up this beautiful view turned into a background fabric to complement the beautiful legs, and then when the other leg stepped, the skirt would cover it again, Such a gesture adds temptation.

And Athena specifically wore a pair of silver high-heeled shoes today. The style is clearly one of the many styles to go from Ye Wen. It seems that she is very well prepared today, and…

“Full equipped!” Ye Wen laughed. He had expected that he would come back this time, and Athena would still try her best to win herself, but didn’t expect this woman to do so simply, and put herself in front of him again as a bargaining chip. . He even suspected that as soon as she opened her mouth, the woman could rectify herself on the spot-yes, it was Athena who rectified Ye Wen.

“Unfortunately, the effect does not satisfy me!” Having stepped on the ground, Athena naturally saw that her actions did not have the desired effect: “Or, just this does not satisfy you?”

Ye Wen smiled and shook the head. He didn’t dare to connect the stubble, but it was an accidentally sold topic, so hurry up and stop, or talk about the business: “You should know what I am for today!”

Athena didn’t get angry when she saw that Ye Wen didn’t answer her own words. Instead, she followed Ye Wen’s words and answered: “Do you want to ask Artemis?”

Ye Wen would like to emphasize that it is Ekaterina, but there is nothing really strong, so nodded: “What did you do?”

“Don’t you have guessed it yet? Still stole something from me!” Athena slightly smiled, a look of’I understood oh’, that look really embarrassed Ye Wen, fortunately, Athena Knowing to close in time, so not at all embarrassed Ye Wen for too long: “Actually, you guessed the same thing, but I did more thoroughly that’s all!”

While speaking, Athena raised her completely naked arm, and her hand turned over, and a small ball with a soft moonlight appeared in her palm: “At the same time, the one you stole…just just A small part that’s all!”

Ye Wen really didn’t expect this woman was so careful that she still kept it in batches? At that time, I really guessed that Athena broke up Artemis Divine Consciousness and dispersed it, but he didn’t expect it to be so thorough.

“In addition to Ekaterina, there are these two parts in your hand and me, are there any?” Now, I am afraid that it is far more than these? Judging from the urinary degree of Athena’s work, Artemis’s body is estimated to have been moved by her, otherwise Apollo could not find how to find it?

Athena gave Ye Wen a look of’you really know me’, and almost let Ye Wen run away, and then she answered the question: “Ekaterina is the reincarnation of the part that hunted Goddess, and you and I have It is part of Divine Consciousness, the master of Artemis…”

“Part of it?” Ye Wen noticed this sentence, it seemed not so simple.

“Yes, part of it, because all the impossible was transferred out, otherwise it would be equivalent to killing her directly, I’m not so cruel!”

“Is it because Artemis is still useful?” Ye Wen sullied in the heart, and then quietly waited for the text.

“Apart from this, and the part of Goddess of the Moon has also been reincarnated. You must gather these and then bring them to Artemis’ body before she can wake up!” The fingers holding the ball of light slightly Bouncing, the moon white light ball that has been steadily hanging above the palm floats straight to Ye Wen.

Ye Wen is no nonsense, a big sleeve wave, there is no natural phenomenon, then the light ball is so out of thin air-in fact, he was included in the ring of Bethe Fanny, he did not practice Universe in the Sleeves.

“These Divine Consciousness is very fragile and can be damaged with a little impact! But compared to the two reincarnations that inherited most of Artemis’ Divine Consciousness, it is the real fatal thing!”

“What do you mean?” Yu Wentuo specifically told himself that Athena asked him to say that as long as Ekaterina died, Artemis might not be able to wake up.

“It means literally, as long as you know that you want Artemis to fully recover, then take Ekaterina and another reincarnation to her body intact!”

“Intact? Don’t you know that Ekaterina is now paralyzed by Apollo?” Ye Wen was very angry at the thought of this matter, this time he really wanted to kill Apollo, and All this seems to be what Athena expected.

“I mean… Divine Consciousness and divine force! Physical damage has nothing to do with it!”

Seeing Ye Wen’s face look bad, Athena had to say: “You don’t have to worry too much, as long as Artemis wakes up, everything that Yekaterina’s girl experienced will be completely transferred to Artemis You don’t have to worry about losing her… I didn’t expect that you would care about that girl so much, I knew I should exchange roles with her!”

Ye Wen inquired about this for a while, and basically figured out the situation. In short… letting Yekaterina always be like this is not a thing. Maybe she should be restored to Goddess of the Moon as soon as possible. Pile things. At the very least, it can also save Yekaterina from continuing the crime of being paralyzed.

“The rebirth of Goddess of the Moon and the body of Artemis, where did you put it?”

From Ye Wen’s point of view, this is not very troublesome… but the point is, if it is not troublesome, can it still be done by Athena?

“Well… I was thrown into another world! If you want Artemis to wake up, I’m afraid I need to run it myself!”

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