History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 502

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“Another world?”

Ye Wen doesn’t understand this sentence. He has long known that many Divine Races in this World originally lived in other worlds. It can only be said that this plane is more advanced and the environment is suitable for these Divine Races, so Finally gathered here. But this does not mean that they will give up the “territory” they have previously occupied completely.

Of course, the situation in Earth is a little special, so Celestial Court pays less attention to Earth, but even so, there are still special personnel responsible for staring to see if there is a cultivator that has risen from Earth.

Olympus Divine Race is also one of the larger forces in this world. It is not a rare thing to hold several worlds under your hand, but Ye Wen has never considered it in that respect, so it seems quite surprised.

But in a blink of an eye, he suddenly realized: If not, how could Apollo not find his dearest younger sister all over again? In this way, everything makes sense.

What makes Ye Wen tangled is that since Athena can throw Artemis’s body into another world, then the so-called Goddess of the Moon reincarnation, will not be thrown into another space, right? Is that too troublesome?

After asking her question, Athena didn’t know what she had thought of, and it might be that Ye Wen’s expression was so funny that she took a few breaths to adjust it: “Relax, not at all so troublesome, Artemis’ Both the body and the reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon have been thrown into a world by me… well, it seems that you have some words!”

Ye Wen was not happy, indeed, he asked where Goddess of the Moon was, but it didn’t seem to make much sense. Perhaps because of this, Athena would say it carelessly.

In general, this matter is completely entangled, and the problem that Ye Wen is facing is actually very simple.

2 choices: collect all Artemis Divine Consciousness, and then directly resurrect Artemis-Yekaterina will become a memory of Artemis.

Or…don’t care, she doesn’t have to worry about whether she’s dead or alive-for now, if Ye Wen doesn’t intervene, Artemis’ death has a great probability, and the guy who doesn’t know anything about Apollo rampages Next, it is possible to directly kill your younger sister.

2 choices, 2 choose one! It seems very simple, but it is often the two choices that make it more difficult to choose. Ye Wen thought for a moment and decided to put this matter aside first, he has other things to talk to Athena.

“Oh? Is there anything else? Did you change your mind and would you like to be with me?” Athena’s beauty is also outstanding among the many Goddess on Mount Olympus, and she really wants to seduce a man… estimated As long as the orientation is normal, few can withstand it.

Ye Wen is also a little unable to resist, but fortunately, his head is still sober, knowing that if he is fallen today, then from now on, he will be bitten by this woman, and there will be no bones left. The better thing is to become a dependent and exist. The man; if it is tragic, it is estimated that it will become a slave completely?

“Aren’t you missing an ally?”

Athena’s eyes seemed to shine sharply, but it was just a flash, and Ye Wen even suspected that she was dazzled.

“I think I have found a very suitable ally, and you are here today, don’t you just want to stay in the same camp as me?”

Ye Wen’s words have made Athena realize that her plot and plot against have been seen by this Oriental, but she doesn’t feel angry, but feels that only such a man is worthy of such a force to fight for it. .

If the man really can’t see the situation until the end, Athena may turn around and kick Ye Wen into the corner, and never look at him with a positive eye-someone as strong as her, simply does not take seriously a weak presence, regardless of military force or intellectual weakness.

“I’m just a middleman that’s all!” Although from the standpoint, Ye Wen did feel that it was a suitable choice to stand with Athena, but it does not mean that he would directly state: “It is another person who wants to cooperate with you! “

Athena didn’t seem to be surprised at all, but it was also possible that she hid her emotional changes well: “oh?”

“King of fallen angels…Lucifer!”

Just the name and the title are enough to explain many problems. A smart woman like Athena doesn’t need to tell her too clearly.

Sure enough, as soon as the name and the title were spoken by Ye Wen, Athena’s instantaneous kung fu understood exactly what this passage meant: “Yeah… It seems that there will also be a very lively thing happening in the west! “

Withdrawing his sight to the west and facing Ye Wen again, Athena walked straight to Ye Wen’s body, and then stretched out the slender white palm on Ye Wen’s chest: “Then…you can Tell the king of the fallen angel that I am very interested in working with him!”

Ye Wen is very admired that Athena can make decisions in such a short time. This is the character who can achieve the major event. I don’t know how many men can be so decisive, but the woman in front of me can.

“It’s just that this cooperation has a premise…”

“What premise?”

It is expected that Athena will make some requests, and Ye Wen can even guess that there are only a few of them!

Sure enough, Athena immediately said what Ye Wen thought was the most likely request: “I want you, kill Apollo!”

Sun God Apollo is the most frontal block stone in front of Athena. As long as this stone is removed and destroyed, then the various plot against her at this time is really on the right track.

Ye Wen’s Holy War game, is not to involve Zeus to fight for the opportunity to kill Apollo? Originally it was the best chance to kill Apollo, but Athena was not able to do it by herself. In that case, she would directly face Zeus, so she needed an outsider to do it.

The “love killing” originally arranged by her was a very suitable opportunity, but unfortunately Ye Wen has been avoiding, always walking on the edge of the big pit she set up, life and death just refused to jump in.

Athena can’t do anything right now, she simply clarified things and said, “You help me get rid of Apollo, and then we will cooperate and get what we need!”

Lucifer may win the opportunity of independence through cooperation with Athena;

Athena may be able to remove all of the eye-catching guys this time, and even kill Zeus and Hera, and finally win the position of Divine King in Olympus.

As for Ye Wen? He can get the development time of yearn for something even in dreams, and even Athena can promise that as long as she can successfully become the Divine King of Olympus, then it will never be possible to launch an attack on Shushan-Athena is still a woman. Too bluntly speaking, she only said that she would not attack Shushan, but there was no guarantee that she would not use force against the Celestial Court.

This kind of word game Ye Wen can be heard naturally, but he only needs to ensure the safety of his mountain gate. There is really no need to consider the problem of Celestial Court.

It’s not that Ye Wen has no sense of’unity’. It’s true that even if Athena made that kind of commitment, it was totally untrustworthy. It is useless to say that the various promises between countries like Divine Race are so beautiful, because for these huge forces, the promise of this kind of thing is used to tear up!

But the commitment between Athena and Ye Wen is different. First of all, there is no conflict between Shushan Sect and Olympus Divine Race. The existence of Shushan Sect impossible will compete for the domination of a certain territory, What they want is a quiet cultivation in a place where Spirit Qi is plentiful, beautiful, and undisturbed.

If ambition is used to describe it, then ambitions like Sect are all’comfortable’, but these Pang Great Influences want’hegemony’.

Of course, there will be a day when Ye Wen, who is an Oriental, will still participate in the war against the invasion of Divine Race in Olympus, but no one will take the initiative to mention this kind of things-now It is during the cooperation period that kind may not be suitable to mention.

“Do you kill Apollo?”

This task is a bit troublesome for Ye Wen, but it is not difficult! Apollo’s strength is very strong, Ye Wen has known this for a long time, but he believes that Athena is impossible to make arrangements, so if you really want to deal with Apollo yourself, Athena will definitely arrange an environment that is conducive to her environment.

Now for Ye Wen, things have become a little simpler, and even all the things that Athena originally wanted to talk about can be attributed to the matter in front of you.

Promised to kill Apollo, resurrect Artemis, liberate Ekaterina, and successfully link Athena and Lucifer together to form an alliance.

Not agreeing to kill Apollo, no matter whether Artemis is alive or not, Yekaterina exists in a paralyzed state-but if Artemis has a problem, Yekaterina, who is a reincarnation, will certainly be annihilated. After all, there is no truth that the ontological death avatar is alive. At the same time, the alliance between Lucifer and Athena may also fail, because if Ye Wen refuses, Apollo’s affairs may be delayed, and Athena may give up her original plot against and wait for the next time. Opportunity, then she has no need to participate in the broken things between the Divine Race in heaven.

“Agree? Or don’t you agree?”

Athena’s fingers gently circled on Ye Wen’s chest, moving gently and slowly, as if it were a lover’s private words, who could think that these two people are talking about the whole West The major event of God World?

At this moment, Ye Wen actually had a sense of absurdity in the hands of the world, because he realized that his decision directly affected the future direction of 2 Deity Clan-if you count Odin Divine Race, it is Three Great Divine Clans. In addition, Ye Wen now also represents Celestial Court, which is even more involved.

It can be said that a decision by Ye Wen at this time will directly affect the future of the entire Immortal God World. Ye Wen did not expect that he would even intervene in this World’s highest power game in such a gesture.

“It’s… a lot of pressure!”

“I think this is the only way to provide you with enough motivation!” Athena and Ye Wen haven’t met each other for a long time, but they touched Ye Wen’s temperament almost, not to mention the last flip, She had a deeper grasp of Ye Wen’s character.

She has found that Ye Wen is such a temperament that you will not oppress him and he will never move. If you want him to go out and do something, you have to put some pressure on him-it is basically impossible to seduce with benefits alone.

With a bitter smile, his character was even figured out by such a woman. I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate, but Ye Wen is not an indecisive person. In fact, he has already made a decision in his heart. At this time heave a long sigh, Then he made a decision: “I promise!”

Athena showed a very bright smile, and with her posture almost snuggling in Ye Wen’s arms, it was like hearing an ordinary woman in the world’s most beautiful situation, exactly similar, but the words that actually spit out from her mouth were nothing. Gentle and beautiful things: “In this case, you will pick up Yekaterina, and then I will tell you where Artemis’ body is. After you take Yekaterina, go to find The reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon, and then bring them together before the body, and then carry out some procedures to wake Artemis up!”

“Procedure?” Ye Wen thought of something as soon as he heard the word, and he couldn’t help but sullenly said: “Can’t it be a kiss or something?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be the worst thing!” Athena smiled weirdly, and she just said: It’s actually a very serious thing! This makes Ye Wen really uneasy!

“Then Apollo’s…” Ye Wen decided to change the subject so as not to get more and more depressed, but when he asked the exit, he felt like an idiot asking this question.

Athena asked him to go to another world to find Artemis, apparently to attract Apollo, and then let him kill Apollo in another world, only then would it not be noticed by Zeus-if it was Awake Zeus, even if Apollo had something in other worlds, he would be able to notice it.

But now Zeus fell into a deep sleep, feeling much slower, but in order to guard against the unexpected, Athena decided to arrange Apollo’s land of burial in another world, so as not to cause Zeus to be alert.

As for doubt? That is inevitable, but before really turning around, doubt can only be doubt, and Athena doesn’t care.

“But I want to remind you one thing first, the world you are going to… there may be many inconveniences!”

“Oh?” Seeing Athena’s face straight, Ye Wen knew that this matter was very important, maybe it was the key to the success or failure of this trip.

Sure enough, Athena then said something that Ye Wen had to care about: “In that world, you may not be able to fly with her own ability!”


Ye Wen is also a Sword Immortal anyway. Normally, he has become accustomed to high and high, but now he is told that the world can not fly-please, he is going to find Goddess of the Moon this time, if he can’t fly? Was it too much trouble?

Athena doesn’t care about Ye Wen, whose face has become very ugly, just saying that each minding their own business says: “And your power will also be suppressed, especially the skills of divine force or magic. It’s too far!”

Hearing this, Ye Wen suddenly understood what this meant-that is, in such an environment, melee combat will be the key to the victory, and this is his strength.

As for Apollo, he may be more affected, because the light arrow he most proudly condenses with his own Sun God will not be used-or greatly weakened.

Ye Wen understands why he should choose such a world, and the weapon such as bow and arrow also has more stringent requirements on the environment. If Ye Wen is choosing a suitable terrain, then Apollo’s stunt is completely abolished.

Athena saw Ye Wen figured out the key, and the smile on her face was a little brighter: “Listening to Shen, you are very capable of melee combat, I hope you don’t let me down!”

Ye Wen always feels that this sentence has some other meaning, especially the posture of 2 people, but he is not easy to say it, only to understand it as an ordinary meaning: “I used to be close combat skills for The foundation is slowly cultivation to the realm now!”

“I’m relieved in this case!” Athena ordered nodded and was very satisfied with Ye Wen’s answer: “But you have to be careful, after all, Apollo’s strength is still very strong!”

Ye Wen didn’t speak, but still nodded to understand, but he was quite confident in his mind. For Apollo, who had been accustomed to waving his slaughter all sides since he was born, in such an environment, he was much more advantageous. Because he is more adapted to the kind of boxing to meat fight.

Apollo… Is it necessary for him to fight that kind of battle with others? He really doubts whether this Sun God when the time comes will become a soft-footed knead shrimp.

Simply deciding on the matter, Ye Wen directly took Jianguang and flew back to the snowfield. He thought it was a very simple thing, just to pick up Yekaterina and then go to Athena, Finally, go to another world that’s all together.

But when he saw Yekaterina lying there, he found that things didn’t seem so simple, staring blankly at the calm face, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, Ye Wen didn’t even know what to do Opening.

On the contrary, Yekaterina, who had recovered a lot of energy, after seeing Ye Wen for a moment, seemed to realize what she said: “Let’s go… no matter where I am to be taken!”

Ye Wen knew that something was going to break, and he leaned over and picked up Yekaterina, but when he reached Yekaterina’s ear, he said, “You will be fine Yes! Certainly!”

He didn’t speak, but his muscular arms were very firm around Ye Wen’s neck, as if he would never loosen it. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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