History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 503

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Standing under the sun, carrying a chair-like thing tied up with a wooden stick, Yekaterina immobilized just sitting on it, holding her body against some vines, as if carrying Ye Wen Sitting back in a chair.

This look is similar to a Saint Seiya being dressed in a Saint Cloth Box, except that Ye Wen is carrying a living person.

“Uncle… Would you like to rest?”

Although Ye Wen’s appearance is only about 20, although it still looks a little bigger than Yekaterina, it is not so called Uncle, but the habit developed since childhood was not so easy to correct.

“No need to!”

Ye Wen straightened his body. In order to make Yekaterina feel more comfortable behind him, he tried to lean forward slightly so that Yekaterina could lean on the back of the chair. , So as not to be caught by the ropes used to fix his body, so he will naturally have to work harder, and…

“What the hell is this world?”

At this time, Ye Wen had been sent by Athena to this world without knowing its name. It is said that this was a world unintentionally discovered by the gods of Olympus, but because of the peculiarity of this World, there is no god willing to run Come here to’open up the territory’.

Once here, the divine force of a body seems to be suppressed, and used to the days when a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, who can endure suffering here? Even if they come here with their divine force, it is extremely powerful existence, but they will not be able to exert their full strength. After all, they will be unhappy, and the possibility of encountering danger is also greatly increased, so they do not want to come here and suffer.

For these reasons, this World was called a taboo land by the gods of Olympus! Although this title has a bit of ridiculous content, it also reflects how much God Olympus was afraid of this place.

Athena chose to throw Artemis’s ontology into this World, and she was also sure that no one was willing to come here. At the same time, the environment of this World was simply tailored for Apollo’s purpose. It couldn’t be more appropriate. .

sighed, Ye Wen doesn’t feel tired, but it’s always not the case. Athena has told him before he came that the reincarnation of the part of Artemis’ moon god has already received a no Low status is not difficult to find, and Ye Wen’s appearance in this World will not be too far from Artemis, the only trouble is that you can only walk.

However, Ye Wen now found that things are far less simple than Athena said, because at this time Ye Wen simply does not know where he is, and he can’t even judge the direction.

Fortunately, after making a chair for Yekaterina that she could call it, she quickly found a flat road suspected of being a big road.

“This World…should there be civilization?”

In a hurry, Ye Wen forgot to ask these things. Although Athena said that the reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon has won a high status here, but the ghost knows whether it was enshrined by a group of indigenous people, but I saw This path seems to mean frequent communication, and this is also a manifestation of the existence of civilization.

Going down the road, Ye Wen can’t care about the direction and so on now. The idea is to find the aborigines of this World first, ask the direction and the general situation, and then decide what to do next.

At this time, Ye Wen was worried whether the aborigines of this World had a strange appearance, or there was almost no communication.

Fortunately, his worry that not at all lasted too long, and soon he met a group of people. This group of people was wearing a light leather armor, and they all carried weapons. When they saw Ye Wen, this group of people was obviously one. Suddenly, many people have even prepared to withdraw their weapons.

Fortunately, a person who seemed to be the leader waved his hand to signal that everyone should not move-this is also only one person wearing metal armor, wearing a broad sword in the waist.

I walked a few steps forward and stepped out of the crowd. The man in metal armor waved at Ye Wen, who was across from him. That should be hello.

It happened that there was something to ask, and Ye Wen ordered nodded at him, but he didn’t speak, because he was not sure what language this World spoke?

Fortunately for him, when the man on the opposite side spoke, Ye Wen knew that he had no barriers to communication in this world-the man spoke the same language as the gods of Olympus Limpis.

“Hello, it looks like you need help!”

Ye Wen carries a girl who should not be very big, and the girl’s body needs to be fixed with vines. It is estimated that the body has been traumatized to be so troublesome. This person has a kind smile and looks real. Like an enthusiastic person.

It’s a pity that no matter how he concealed, the flash of desire in his eyes did not escape Ye Wen’s eyes: “This kid is uneasy and kind!”

I understood the entire process of development almost instantaneously, and it was estimated that I was a guy who saw something. At this time, I might come up to find a reason to approach myself, or to listen to my details.

As for this kind of thing, Ye Wen was not surprised. As the reincarnation of Artemis, although Ekaterina became a saint, she usually did not think she was a woman, but her outstanding appearance was It can’t be concealed, and thrown into the Human Kingdom in her appearance, that is a disaster that can cause national war!

“I just want to ask if there are any shrines and temples dedicated to certain gods near here!”

“Shrine?” Ye Wen’s question made the person stunned, and then suddenly said: “Are you looking for Goddess of the Moon?”

“Goddess of the Moon?” Ye Wen froze as soon as he heard it, and secretly thought in his heart: “Just so powerful? Can I ask if I ask?”

The man on the opposite side saw Ye Wen’s reaction, but was stupefied: “Aren’t you looking for legendary Goddess of the Moon?” Then I looked at Yekaterina who was still behind Ye Wen: “Look at you It looks like looking for the Goddess and asking her to help the girl behind you. If you are for this purpose, you are indeed looking for Goddess of the Moon!

Then, pretending to be concerned, he walked behind Ye Wen and looked up and down Yekaterina: “What’s wrong with this…Young Lady?”


After casually dealing with a sentence, although the expression of this man’s expression was not obvious, it was still clearly seen by Ye Wen 2-maybe this person thought that Ye Wen could not see his expression at this angle, but did not know Ye Wen’s “Heart’s eye” can make him see every change in any corner around him.

It was a pity that was shocked and disappointed. The man seemed to have no interest at once. He pointed to the distance and said, “On a half-day walk in that direction, you can see a forest, that is, the famous moonlight woodland, and enter that forest. After that, if you are lucky enough, you may find Goddess of the Moon… Of course, be careful to live in Elf Race, they are not so friendly to foreign intruders.

Ye Wen ordered nodded and said without thinking. After thanking her, she carried Yekaterina back on her way. Although after walking a distance, Yekaterina behind her whispered to herself: “This group of people watch It doesn’t look like a good person, their eyes are full of greed and desire!”

The Sagittarius Golden Saints must have a pair of eyes that are far beyond ordinary people. Although Ekaterina is young and the strength is not very strong, is innate talent is undoubtedly excellent—cracking a joke, anyway, also hunting Goddess Reincarnation.

Ye Wen laughed: “I know, ignore them, but a bunch of clowns that’s all!”

Compared to Yekaterina, Ye Wen “discovers” more! Perhaps it was because they had gone too far. When the group of guys talked, they did not at all avoid taboos. They did not expect that all the subsequent conversations would be heard by Ye Wen.

“How to let those 2 guys go? Look at a little girl, but it’s a good thing, if you grab it back, you will be able to sell a good price… And before that, our brother can also be happy!”

“Bah! Don’t say it, it’s so fucking mad, it’s a paralyzed waste!” The voice was obviously the one who just talked to Ye Wen.

“Disabled? Hey, no wonder someone is carrying it, what a pity that pretty face is!”

“Did you not notice? The little girl’s figure is also top-notch, what a pity it turned out to be a waste!”

“Is it okay to let them go? Know our goal this time…but the elf!”

Another familiar voice: “Hey, that kid also wanted to go to Moonlight Woodland. Isn’t it good for him to explore the way for us? If possible, we will grab some more time at this time. After finishing this ticket, it is estimated that we will be happy for a while. Now!”

“hehehe ……”

The following words are even more unscrupulous, but for Ye Wen, they are all just jokes. From the moment they meet Ye Wen and expose their own nature, their ending is already doomed.

“Lao Tzu hates this kind of bird thing the most!”

But now I am not in a hurry to kill this group of animals, as long as he continues to move forward, these guys will appear again sooner or later. At that time, it will not be too late. The most important thing at the moment is to find the Goddess of the Moon. Then let Artemis wake up…

Afterwards, it was estimated that it was against Apollo’s dead sister.

Maybe, Ye Wen didn’t need to stir it into this pot of muddy water, but after thinking about it, he found that he really wanted to clean up the Apollo meal, after all, 2 people were settled when they were on Mount Olympus. After Liangzi, Ye Wen was not a generous person. This time he had the right opportunity and naturally wanted to breathe fiercely.

apart from this, there is another reason for him and Apollo to take this path sooner or later!

Yekaterina is the reincarnation of Artemis. If Artemis is awakened, there is no change. But as long as she is affected by Yekaterina’s memory, she is destined to Ye Wen. It is irreconcilable with Apollo.

Things are sometimes so simple. In the final analysis, Ye Wen and Apollo’s confrontation is not because of Athena or the ownership of Divine King, but because of a woman!

Ye Wen suddenly remembered the sentence: There are actually a few reasons for conflict between men, either money or power, and most of the time it is because of women!

It seems that he has not escaped vulgarity.

“It’s ironic… Xiu Lai Xiu has become an immortal, but the result is because the woman and other men are for love!”

Looking up at the dense forest, Ye Wen stepped in without hesitation, as if it was not a slightly dark and scary jungle in front of him, but just a small woodland in his back garden.

His gesture, the people who were hanging behind him secretly looked silly for a while: “Just… so stabbed in?”

“I said, it’s going to be dark? Is this kid an idiot? Is he courting death when he enters the jungle at this time?”

“I think this kid is simply a noble descendant who doesn’t understand anything. You can see that his weak and tender skin and tender skin are obviously not bitter!”

“It seems that this is the case, otherwise there will be no common sense!”

Everyone was verbose for a long time, and finally looked towards the leader: “Boss? Are we following?”

The boss shook the head: “This kid idiot courting death, we can’t accompany him! Since we still act according to the original plan, we will rest for the night tonight and enter the jungle tomorrow morning!”

These words still didn’t escape Ye Wen’s ears, because he kept a little Divine Consciousness to listen to these people’s movements, apart from this, he also noticed that he had been stared at since he entered the forest.

After walking for a long time as if nothing happened, the sun has long been set, and even in this dense forest, even the scenery in front of you can’t see clearly. At this time, Ye Wen suddenly raised his head and said to a large tree that is more than ten meters high. A sentence: “Can you take me to see Goddess of the Moon? I think you should know where to find her.”

It’s a pity that he didn’t get a good response. A trembling arrow stuck in the land in front of him, as if to warn him, then a clear and sweet voice rang from above his head: “Retreat, human! Moonlight Woodland is not where you can set foot!”

“Huh, this is really uncomfortable!”

Ye Wen’s complaint is not loud, even in this quiet jungle, only Yekaterina, who is close by, can hear it, and her subsequent laughter can spread far, even even There are some echoes.

Perhaps her laughter angered the archery lady. Almost at the same time, three sharp arrows were shot at Ye Wen in no order, but Ye Wen still saw that the three arrows were still scaring people He will not shoot him and Yekaterina behind him.

After looking at the side 4 arrows, Ye Wen finally determined that it was almost impossible to let the other party lead him, so he shrugged and said to Ekaterina: “It seems we still have to rely on ourselves!” He raised his feet forward, ignoring the bend bow and place arrow above his head, aiming at himself, with a pair of pointed ears, slender appearance and delicate and pretty… that kind of creature called an elf.

Seeing the other party completely disregarding his warning, he was still stubbornly advancing forward, but the elf had no choice but to leap from the tree, then took out the short blade worn on his waist, and then stopped in front of Ye Wen : “I said, no more advance, man!”

“Can you change your name? You say this as if you are not a human being!”

“I am a noble moonlight elf, of course not a person!” Ang ang her chin, the female elf is very proud of her race: “noble and holy moonlight woodland is not allowed to be tainted by dirty and greedy humans!”

I don’t know why. The words of this policewoman always make Ye Wen feel to get really angry. Although strictly speaking he is not human anymore, he always feels like he has been discriminated against.

More importantly: “With my fairy theory level, elves and so on are far from enough!”

He has never been the kind of character that others have to give himself a cold face and have to stick together. Since the female elf does not enter, she talks well and she does not want to listen, then Ye Wen is too lazy to take care of her and continue to carry Ye Katerina walked in, but at this time the female elf obviously moved.

The short blade in his hand is almost indistinguishable in the dark forest, not to mention how holy and noble the female elf claims to be, but how to use this murderous weapon to get the same damage, and at the same time, the short blade obviously passed special Processing, which hardly reflects in the dark, is even more difficult to detect.

It is a pity that these are useless for Ye Wen. The movement of the female elf is very fast for ordinary people, but in his eyes it is like a slide. At the same time, the short blade hidden in the darkness, also found nothing under his glass pupil.

Waiting quietly for the female elf to lie in front of him, and then glancing at the short blade that is about to pierce his side waist, Ye Wen raised his leg unhurriedly, and then covered one’s ears whilst stealing a bell , The extremely fierce and accurate hit female elf’s delicate belly with almost no cover.

A dull sound rang out from a short distance, and the female elf kicked by a foot hit a big tree until she didn’t continue to experience what it feels like to fly. Of course, in fact, she also experienced impossible, in Ye Wen She had passed out while kicking her.

Although Ekaterina didn’t see it, she could feel what was going on: she was just paralyzed, but her cultivation base was still there. In fact, if she ignited a small universe, she could even recover in a short time Mobility, but if you do that, she is courting death.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with Ye Wen’s approach, not to mention the bad attitude of the woman who claimed to be the moonlight elf. It’s not the worst thing to kill her directly by her direct action. The fighter never softens against the enemy!

The female elf was kicked and fainted. Ye Wen not at all continued his pursuit. He even stood directly on the spot, and then looked at the still still environment around him, and then showed a very interesting smile: “It seems We don’t need to keep chaosing anymore!”

Following his words, one by one pulled the hunting bows, pointed at his elves with sharp arrows and came out of the darkness, and all directions were everywhere, directly surrounding Ye Wen.

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