History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 504

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Smooth… was taken to the elf’s place of residence, although a group of arrows were pointing along the way, but Ye Wen didn’t care-because these arrows could not threaten him.

Although this looks a bit uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter anyway. Anyway, he also depends on this group of elves to find the so-called Goddess of the Moon.

“Human! I don’t understand why you must meet His Highness Goddess of the Moon, but I don’t want you to make any rude actions!”

Although a female elf who is clearly the leader wears the same short bow and arrow, all the weapons are well hung on her body. Maybe she thinks that it is enough to have so many brother sisters staring, or that she has absolute strength for her own strength. Self-confidence?

“I just want to ask Goddess of the Moon to do me a favor!”

In fact, Ye Wen just wanted to determine whether the so-called Goddess of the Moon was the one he was looking for? If not, then he will continue to look for it, but then the only clue will be broken. Now he can only hope that this time can find the Lord.

As for the body of Artemis, Athena said that as long as you find the reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon, you can find it.

“hope so!”

The female elf glanced at Yekaterina who was carried by Ye Wen behind her. It was precisely because she saw that Yekaterina was indeed seriously injured and paralyzed, so she did not directly order many elves to attack Ye Wen—of course. The elf kicked by Ye Wen just passed out without hurting his life, which was also a reason.

With her eyesight, it is natural to see that Ye Wen has left his hand, otherwise the compatriot is definitely more than just fainting-you can kick a moonlight elf hunter with one foot, definitely not the average person can do it of.

Based on this judgment, she maintained a certain degree of vigilance for Ye Wen, so the elves around her remained alert and stared at Ye Wen. Fortunately, the character of these elves was pretty good. All arrows were aimed at Ye Wen. Instead of aiming at Yekaterina behind Ye Wen.

“How do you call it?”

“Anita!” The leading female elf reported her name: “What about you? Human?”

“Ye Wen!”

“Ye Wen?” Anita repeated it twice, and finally expressed her feeling: “It’s a weird name!”

Ye Wen shrugged, don’t care!

The conversation stopped at this point, Anita was not interested in more in-depth communication with a human being, and Ye Wen was not interested in talking nonsense with a group of guys with serious’racial discrimination’ plots.

So when Ye Wen was taken to the village of the Moonlight Elves, his dialogue with Anita was limited to the previous part.

As soon as he stepped into the village, Ye Wen felt something in his heart. Lifts the head looked directly into the distance-that position seemed to be on the other side of the village. The terrain seemed to be deeper in the forest, although the distance and Not close, but Ye Wen can clearly feel…

“Human, can you feel it?” Anita kept staring at Ye Wen, so when Ye Wen reacted, she immediately noticed: “It looks like you are not an ordinary human!”

Although the name of Ye Wen has been known, for Anita, the circumscribed name is far less convenient than calling it “human” directly.

“Goddess of the Moon’s divine force covers our entire village of moonlight elves. It is under the divine force of His Royal Highness Goddess that we can live peacefully in this forest… This is the glory of all moonlight elves And…lucky!”

Ye Wen tilted his head: “So, how long have you moonlight elves enjoyed this glory?”

Anita froze for a moment, then looked at Ye Wen with a vigilant face. She didn’t seem to understand why he asked such a question, but instinct was telling her that this seemed not an interesting topic.

Ye Wen actually not at all any special thoughts, just asking that’s all casually, just thinking about how long the reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon should not have come to this World, so to say this so-called moonlight elf family, history should not be long……

Seeing Anita’s face change, Ye Wen turned her head and walked directly in that direction with Ekaterina on her back. He has already felt Artemis’s divine force. Compared to the part of Yekaterina with the body hunting Goddess, the divine force is completely restrained. This part of Goddess of the Moon’s divine force is almost nothing. To cover up, although it is much weaker than Artemis himself, it is indeed the power of Artemis’ moonlight.

“Fortunately, nothing was wrong!”

In this way, the position where Athena put herself down was not far from Artemis, and she did not flicker herself.

Seeing Ye Wen go straight ahead, Anita’s complexion immediately changed. She thought that Ye Wen was doing something extraordinary, and immediately pulled out the long sword that had been hanging on her waist. It contained 2 long swords in it. The blade of each long sword was not very thick, but rather very slim.

“Stop, man, don’t act without permission!”

It’s a pity that Ye Wen is too lazy to bird her. If it wasn’t for him to find that his power was suppressed, even Lightweight Art would be difficult to exert. I am afraid that a few leaps have disappeared! At this time, I had to go forward in such a big step, and at the same time worried about Yekaterina’s injury, not at all ran directly.

As a result, Ye Wen’s actions caused him to be attacked by Elf Race—the sky and rain covering the sky and covering the earth came to Ye Wen, but it’s a pity that this attack was simply unquestionable for Ye Wen. Righteousness, he has at least ten ways to deal with this situation.

With the idea together, Purple Star River vigorously came out without even waving his hand, but the Star River Cyclone that was simply made by vigor brought a swirling airflow around Ye Wen, and the purple one was a little glorious The unrolled bolt of white silk directly wrapped the flying arrows into it, and then all deviated from the reserved track, and was driven to other places by the air flow.

If it weren’t for Ye Wen who didn’t want to kill casually, he could kill the archery elves by this one, and his move made Anita turn pale with fright: “A magic that can be cast without thinking of incantation? Is it? What Divine Item?”

Although Ye Wen hurried forward with full anxiety, Anita still heard this sentence clearly, and secretly thought: “No knowledge, what magic? Let’s call you Kung Fu!”

Many elves were frightened by the purple airflow around Ye Wen, and they dared not move. Only Anita rushed up with two thin swords. Although the slender figure of the elven family would never allow them to have powerful power , But let them have extraordinary speed and flexibility, Anita rushed forward and then evaded the arrows popped by Ye Wen’s energy, and rushed to the front of Ye Wen, then came back to his senses A sword pierced Ye Wen’s throat.

Ye Wen is not prepared to deal with this sword that is critical to himself. Although the strength of this sword is worse than him, he does not know how many grades, but Ye Wen does not want to be in this completely strange world. Come to test whether your body after several times of tempering is still extremely powerful.

So when Anita rushed in front of her and stabbed with a sword, Ye Wen made a coping action-left hand to probe, and then grabbed in vain, followed by pulling back, Anita The long sword with a slender handle seemed to be caught by something, jumped out of her hand holding the long sword, and then flew away with Ye Wen’s left hand, swooping straight away. It slammed into a big tree in the distance.

Anita simply didn’t figure out what was going on, she felt that a huge and unmatched force took her long sword. If she hadn’t had a lot of experience, she might be able to stun her directly. Ground, and then knocked down by the enemy.

However… even if she was not stunned, the left-handed sword immediately responded to the attack, and it was still difficult to avoid the result of being overthrown.

When she made the move, she found that Ye Wen had actually bullied her, and then the right hand was clenched into a fist, and a very standard lower hook was punched on her belly.

At that moment, Anita almost suspected that her lower abdomen had been shredded by this fist. The terrifying pain made her wish to die directly.

But her firm thoughts and her desire to protect Goddess Moonlight made her endure the idea of ​​fainting, and after adjusting her posture in the air, she fell on the ground slightly.


Ye Wen was indeed a bit surprised. Although he deliberately left his strength, he really didn’t expect that this female elf didn’t faint. He could even forcefully adjust his posture in the air and land on both feet.

Frowns thought about it, and finally Ye Wen laughed: “It turns out this way, this World’s suppression of power is so powerful, it seems that Apollo’s guy is bad luck!”

At this time, he had completely ignored Anita. Although the female elf did not faint, she was also impossible and had battle strength. She could only kneel on the ground, staring at herself while covering her belly, which was almost consumed. With all her strength, she can’t do anything else.

As Ye Wen was about to cross Anita and move on, he suddenly stopped and turned his eyes behind a group of elves emerging from the village.

Almost at the same time, the elves who blocked Ye Wen’s way were separated, giving way to a tall, female elf with long blond hair with moonlight rays of light gone Come out: “Please stop… Gods who do not know where they come from!”

The words of the female elves made all the elves whisper for a while, and their gaze turned to Ye Wen—the anger from the very beginning, disgust, dissatisfaction, and the need to kill this bastard, etc. became surprised, incredible, and impossible Believe! At the same time, there was a trace of fear in these eyes.


“This man… is God?”

“What kind of god? Why come to Moonlight Woodland?”

Anita, who was kneeling on the ground, wanted to say something, but when she heard that, she looked dull and looked at Ye Wen with a look of surprise.

But Ye Wen didn’t have time to pay attention to it. His attention was focused on the female elf who seemed to be the same race as these elves, but radiated bursts of divine force.

“You… is Goddess of the Moon?”

“If you mean what they call me, then yes!” The female elves, or Goddess of the Moon, don’t seem to feel that their name is worth showing off. The tone is bland as if they are talking about other people’s things: “Are you here to find me?”


Now that the founder is found, Ye Wen can finally breathe a sigh of relief. In this case, the purpose of this trip is to complete one third: “I came to this World just to find you!”


Goddess of the Moon crooked his head, his sharp ears jittered, and it seemed that he didn’t understand Ye Wen’s words very much. It looked very simple, just like a child who knew nothing.

It didn’t seem very clear to see the other party, Ye Wen flipped it, and a white moon suddenly appeared in the empty palm of his hand, just like the light group of the moon. The power emitted by this light group immediately made all the elves complexion changed : This light group actually exudes a sacred feeling similar to Goddess of the Moon exactly, and the most incredible thing is that it is more powerful and awesome than the Divine force possessed by this Goddess of the Moon.

“You are not a complete existence. I came here to restore your original appearance!”

Ye Wen’s appearance was almost covered up by the group of light that exudes powerful divine force and mighty power, and even the sound was a little ethereal, as if it had come from a far away, this situation until Ye Wen put away the light group and disappeared.

Many elves who could not breathe because of the suffocation could only stare dullly at the 2 people in conversation…or 2 gods! They have realized that this matter is simply not something they can interfere with.

Only one elf always doubted Ye Wen, that was Anita, who could not be punched by Ye Wen. At this time, she had recovered a little, barely able to stand up, and then stepped out and stopped. Go to the front of Goddess of the Moon and protect it behind: “Be careful, Your Highness, Goddess, this may be a trap!”

She didn’t believe what Ye Wen said, even she simply didn’t think this guy would be a Spiritual God! Otherwise, how to explain the seriously wounded girl he was carrying?

It’s a pity that Goddess she believes in doesn’t seem to appreciate it. Goddess of the Moon walked out a few steps, and then looked at Ye Wen firmly: “I believe in you!”


Anita was stupid, and even Ye Wen didn’t even think that things were going to such an extent?

But Goddess of the Moon said the reason: “I never knew who I was, and I always felt that there was something missing in my body. Until I found this place a few years ago, I vaguely felt that this is my Destiny, but always unclear what I should do…until you appear!”

“When you showed the light group just now, I felt it. Me and the light group should be one… even the girl behind you!”

Ye Wen didn’t expect this will happen, this reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon is simply neat! In other words, her mission is to wait for the arrival of other parts and then return to the body again? If this is the case, it can only be said that Athena’s arrangement is too detailed.

At the same time, he also noticed Goddess of the Moon’s sentence: I found it a few years ago and thought it was my destination! It seems that the body of Artemis is here, so he attracted Goddess of the Moon.

This also proves that he felt right just now-he felt Artemis’ breath as soon as he came in. He thought it was Goddess of the Moon, but when he saw Goddess of the Moon, It was not like that.

Following behind Goddess of the Moon, Ye Wen quickly found the place where Artemis breathed. It turned out to be a small lake. Under the dark night, this small lake turned out to be like the moon in the sky. In the same way, soft and holy rays of light are continually emitted.

“I think that what you said about me should be the one here…”

Goddess of the Moon raised his hands, a burst of peaceful divine force emanated, the originally calm lake water suddenly fluctuated, then a shadow gradually floated from the water, and finally got out of the water and appeared in Ye Wen’s eyes- It was Artemis who was sleeping.

After Artemis appeared, he floated directly to Ye Wen as if he had received summon, and then the light mass collected by Ye Wen in the ring flew out automatically, and then he got into Goddess of the Moon. In my heart.

Ye Wen hadn’t had time to speak yet, Goddess of the Moon suddenly looked suddenly: “It turns out… that’s it, I shouldn’t have existed!”

After talking, the whole person became a mass of rays of light, just like the rays of light previously held by Ye Wen, but bigger and more powerful.

“Damn! What did you do to His Highness Goddess?” Anita, who had been ordered not to follow, suddenly jumped out. It seems that she has never let go of her suspicion of Ye Wen. When she saw that Goddess of her belief turned into Immediately after getting a light group, “I am going to kill you, you abominable fellow!”

But she was sad to find that she couldn’t get close. The horror power emitted by the light group directly forced her to kneel there, especially when she shouted that she would kill you. Just as angry, terrifying unbearable pressure directly crushed Anita.


Ye Wen had no time to take care of this female elf, because he noticed that after the light group became bigger and stronger, he even flew to himself-the target was Yekaterina behind him.

What was about to happen, even with the buttocks in mind, Ye Wen immediately put down Yekaterina behind him, and then extended the hand caught the light group and prevented it from moving on.


Looking at Ye Wen who was standing in front of her, Yekaterina also understood what was going to happen: “I already knew what was going to happen!” He stretched out his hands and made a hug, tearful eyes. Looking fixedly at Ye Wen: “I will not disappear, right?”

“Yes!” Ye Wen leaned down and hugged her with her empty hand: “You will not disappear!”

The light flashed, and the girl in her arms slowly turned into a light spot and finally merged into the light group, and then fell into the sleeping Artemis body.

At the moment when the light group didn’t enter Artemis’ body, a powerful divine force burst out, and with the closed eyes opened, Artemis slowly got up and looked at him with slightly confused eyes. After 4 weeks, he stopped on Ye Wen, and then… spread his arms and made a hug. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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