History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 505

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Anita looked at the men and women who were beside each other. She always felt so awkward. It wasn’t that the two were disproportionate, but that she was lying on the ground at this time to be unable to move even a little bit. The two were so tightly held that they didn’t feel the same.

More importantly, she has come to understand that the woman who just woke up is what Goddess of the Moon calls the “complete” Goddess, only because of the coercion and the more powerful divine that exudes from her. force, she will know this.

“What’s the relationship between these two…?”

This is the biggest question in her mind, but it is not only her, in fact, even Ye Wen is thinking about this issue in her heart at this time.

“What is this?”

The oppression on his chest is stronger than that of Yekaterina, and the light fragrance scent is also stimulating his sense of smell, and the places touched by his hands are all smooth, making him a little reluctant to let go, until… …

“Can… let go?”

Artemis’s voice rang in his ears, and Ye Wen recovered from the moment’s trance, then loosened his arms and stepped back 2 steps to take a closer look at the reawakened Moon and Hunting Goddess: “Are you… Is Artemis or Ekaterina now? Or is it Goddess of the Moon?”

After sorting out the slightly scattered hair, after Artemis took a deep breath, the innate arrogance reappeared on her: “I am Artemis and Yekaterina. , Of course, Goddess of the Moon… but the so-called Goddess of the Moon has almost no personality and can only be regarded as a part of my aggregate of divine force that’s all!”

Raising his hand and reaching to Ye Wen, the feeling that made Ye Wen feel particularly familiar reappeared: “As for Yekaterina… It was an unforgettable experience in my life!” Especially looking towards Ye Wen’s eyes made him feel that the familiar little girl was still standing in front of him.

“Is it?” Ye Wen also said that this situation is good or bad. In the end, she could only helplessly shrugged her body, and then stood aside. I didn’t know what to say. After a while, I just suffocated a sentence: “That’s fine!”

Artemis seemed to understand Ye Wen’s meaning, but walked to Ye Wen’s side, then stretched his arms around Ye Wen’s waist: “You didn’t say it was wrong at all, I… didn’t disappear! “

Ye Wen looked at Artemis, who was almost indistinguishable from herself, surprisedly found that the proud Goddess would also show a shy expression, although only for a moment.

“Ekaterina’s experience is my experience, there is no question of who disappeared!”

To be honest, Artemis did not expect this to be the case. Yekaterina’s memory of more than ten years for Artemis, who has lived a few thousand over 1000 years, is almost just a snap of that’s all, if in Before that, who told her that her short experience of more than ten years would leave her such a profound impact, I am afraid she would only listen to it as a joke.

But now, she has to believe that those ten years have been the same as what she experienced firsthand, and even those kinds of feelings are perfectly integrated with her.

If it was before, even if Artemis really had a good opinion of Ye Wen, she would definitely not be able to do such a move, but now she doesn’t feel anything wrong, and naturally snuggles into Ye Wen’s arms Here, she may even feel that this is the only way to make her feel at ease.

2 people hugged for another time. At this time, Ye Wen took the lead in breaking the silence: “Let’s talk about these things later, it seems that I have a more important thing to do!”

After finishing speaking, Ye Wen’s eyes turned to the side, there seemed to be nothing else but towering trees, but the hot and imposing manner that was hard to ignore, and the surging divine force with no cover, All betrayed the existence of that pull.

“Yes, maybe we have some things to solve well!”

The arrogant tone could not cover the anger in the words, even Anita who was just looking at the liveliness on the side could fully feel how fierce the anger was burning in this suddenly emerging guy.

She tilted her head, and the female elf saw a very handsome man come out of the woods. The man was wearing a golden armor exuding the rays of light like the sun. The cloak behind was automatic without wind, as the man ‘S footsteps kept shaking from behind.

At the same time, the long sword on his hand also burned with flames, and the temperature of the terrifying even made the surrounding plants instantly dry and turned into ashes.

“Oriental, when I saw you for the first time, I should kill you!”

Waving the long sword in his hand, it seemed that he was venting his anger, and a big tree on the side was very neat and cut into 2 segments by this easy wave.

It seemed to be a very powerful sword, but unfortunately the man was not satisfied, but instead frowned.

Ye Wen hasn’t said anything, but Artemis took the lead and said: “Apollo! What do you want to do?”

“What to do?” Turning his attention back, Apollo’s brows were old and tall, and the two eyebrows were almost screwed together: “Don’t you understand what you are doing?”

“My business has nothing to do with you!” Artemis certainly understands why Apollo looks like this, but she has had enough: “You don’t have any qualifications to interfere with my affairs at will!”

Artemis’ words completely ignited Apollo, an active volcano that was on the verge of eruption, but after the eruption he aimed his spear at Ye Wen. The great High God, Sun God, thought it was this abominable oriental who bewitched his dear younger sister. If it were not for his appearance, his younger sister would definitely look like this.

“Everything is because of this Oriental…”

Ye Wen shrugged, for Apollo, who has already fallen into the magic barrier, he has no good nonsense, this guy will not listen to anything at all, he will only push the fault to others with one mind, only this way he Only then can we continue to’dominate’ Artemis, my dearest younger sister-although only psychologically.

Therefore, he and Apollo simply do not need to continue to talk nonsense, just a life and death! And as far as the current situation is concerned, there is indeed no possibility of reconciliation between the two people.

What is good for Ye Wen is that Apollo is really not very comfortable with this World, as you can see from the sword he just swung.

“Apollo, I guess you also understand why you are here!” Ye Wen squeezed his wrist, as if he was preparing for it.

“Hmph, did the woman of Athena think he could kill me by using the environment here? He looked at me too small!” Apollo looked at Ye Wen disdainfully. “If the woman of Athena shot it in person, maybe There is some hope, as for you…” Although I didn’t say it, the disdainful attitude seems to have expressed its attitude.

Ye Wen laughed, because this Apollo’s brain is worse than he expected. If this kind of brain is not covered by Zeus, it is estimated how many times it has been pitted to death!

“This time, there is no Zeus to protect you!”

In a word, regardless of Apollo’s doubtful preparation, he asked: “What do you mean!” Ye Wen stepped on his foot, and his body suddenly accelerated many times. If it was in another world, his step might be like a teleport Similarly, one step out of people has reached the destination.

But here, Ye Wen just rushed forward. Although the speed is extremely fast, it is far less magical than normally.

The opposite Apollo saw Ye Wen rushing and was disdainful. He didn’t think that such an attack and speed would pose any threat to himself. He habitually drove the long sword in his hands-not even Opening the posture, just raising the arm, simply relying on the strength of one arm to force Ye Wen back.

The result of this is naturally flattering.

On the one hand, he is doing his best, and on the other, he is fighting and judging according to the habits in normally. It is almost impossible that Apollo does not suffer. Ye Wen’s palm hits Apollo’s flaming flaming two-handed sword. , Apollo holding the sword felt that a burst of violent force was uploaded from the long sword, and there was more than one force, and the misty energy in front had not completely dissipated, followed by a fierce blaze It’s like a fire, and it’s endless, and immediately there is a thick and strong force.

The three strengths are almost connected, and his whole arm is shocked, and the long sword in his hand is almost lost. And this is not what surprised him the most. What surprised him the most was that he clearly didn’t think how powerful this strength was, but he felt that it was enough to deal with the divine force attacked by this time. The moment of contact with his strength collapsed without a trace.

“How is this going?”

Ye Wen immediately saw that Apollo must have noticed that Artemis was here and ran over immediately. He didn’t even try to use the divine force here, so he didn’t know what to see in his eyes. The weak strength is actually Ye Wen’s full strength attack.

In fact, this is also the case. When Artemis was awake, the surging divine force 4 dissipated, because Apollo, who was twin with Artemis, immediately noticed the location of Artemis and hurried back to Olin Mount Pis, then came to this World.

The location he chose was on the side, plus there was nothing to hide. It can be said that when Ye Wen noticed it, it was when Apollo came to this World.

In such a short time, Apollo simply did not adapt to the peculiarities of this World, and because of his lack of interest and the reputation of this taboo place, he would naturally not come to this world to find abuse.

The result is that without understanding the rules of this World, Apollo fell from the very beginning. If it weren’t for Sun God’s incompetent body, it might be that Ye Wen could seriously hurt His Highness under this blow.

Ye Wen succeeded, and naturally missed such an opportunity. The right palm just took Taiyue 3. The number of roads of Qingfeng used Bai Yunyan, Mei Xia Dang and Tu Kunlun 3rd-layer. The left hand immediately followed a palm Kang Long. Regret, Tu Kunlun’s strength is fully mobilized, this palm imposing manner is magnificent, even in the world where this natural phenomenon is difficult to show, it is also called Apollo to raise a kind of’this move is very dangerous! ‘a feeling of.

Hiding in a hurry and letting go of Ye Wen, Apollo saw that Ye Wen’s palm was fierce, and the whole person couldn’t take it. He slipped over beside him, with a heart in his heart, a sword in his hand After adjusting it, I was going to make a direct cut. I wanted to cut Ye Wen directly and cut it off. As a result, I hated this oriental who seduced my younger sister.

But he hadn’t had time to move. He just felt an oppression coming from the lower back. When the whole person was wondering, a sudden pain came from the lower back, followed by a cold force straight from the lower back. Heart and lungs, even if Apollo is Sun God, a divine force explains the heat, and at this moment there is an illusion that the whole person is frozen.

It turned out that Ye Wen’s one move, Kang Long had regrets, but he didn’t hit it, but since he realized the true essence of this move, Kang Long had regrets, Ye Wen, the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, became more and more satisfied. Taking advantage of the trend, Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail hit Apollo’s midfielder.

This move was originally a trick to deal with the enemies behind it, to prevent someone from behind a sneak attack, but now it is used by Ye Wen to take the initiative to attack the opponent. The effect is really good, and he shot Apollo very neatly.

Coupled with the green snow energy of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror, the effect of this move, even if it is Apollo, will not be able to slow down in a short time.

Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ palm strength is unprecedentedly powerful, and Bi Xuebing’s strength is also one of the ten most powerful layers of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. The strength is cold and overbearing, and the corresponding one is also one of’death’. The word is most suitable for killing the enemy.

Even if Ye Wen didn’t train Bi Xuebing’s energy to the Supreme Realm, but the cold energy of Bi Xuebing itself can make the opponent very uncomfortable. After Apollo was hit, the whole person was stiff, Although it was only a short moment, Ye Wen has been given the best opportunity.

“Choose a wrong opponent in the wrong place, Apollo! You are not wronged at all!”

This thought just flashed in Ye Wen’s heart, not at all, and he said it to Apollo, because he didn’t think it was necessary at all. Besides, it wasn’t Ye Wen’s favorite behavior. He preferred to kill opponents neatly!

For a dead person, so much nonsense is completely unnecessary!

Taking advantage of Apollo’s stiffness and difficulty in moving, Ye Wen turned around and did not know when there was an extra long sword in his hand. This long sword is slightly different from the long sword used in Ye Wen normally. The long sword used in normal times is a little wider, but it looks a bit like the long sword of the bronze period.

This sword is actually based on the drawings that Ye Wen summoned when he lived in Sacred Domain, and was sent back to Shushan by some transfer functions of the detector. It was forged by Zheng Ying.

Later, when Zhang Ling returned to Shushan, he brought this sword by the way, but Ye Wen didn’t expect even came in handy here!

Because of the reason of this World, his Zixiao sword is inevitably suppressed, which is also the reason why Ye Wen at first only meets the enemy with fists, feet, and palms, otherwise there is so much nonsense, directly a Myriad Swords Art will come down, this Apollo is estimated to have died half a life, even if he is not dead, and then he hasn’t let him round or flatten?

But if it is not here, it is estimated that Apollo is not so wasteful, so it is more beneficial to Ye Wen than it is today. After all, he is more suitable for this battle method.

And this long sword has a broad blade and full of words on the sword. Although each word is taken out individually, Ye Wen knows it, but he can’t even understand a word! But he didn’t have to care about it anyway. Anyway, as long as he knew that the sword in his hand would be infinitely formidable power under the moonlight.

As soon as the long sword came out, it seemed to feel the surging moonlight divine force, and the dazzling moonlight flashed out on the blade instantly. The rays of light even covered up the long sword’s original appearance, just like Ye Wen holding a Like a glowing stick, he stabbed towards Apollo.

If this sword is pierced, Apollo’s life is even completely explained, but Apollo is one of the main gods on Mount Olympus after all, and its strength is one of the very best in the entire Immortal God World. Although today Various reasons have lost the opportunity, and was firmly suppressed by Ye Wen, but also not so easy to be killed.

Feeling the threat from behind, Apollo’s first reaction was to rush forward and avoid this move! This is not the battle method that Apollo is used to, but at this time he has no choice, so his movements are a bit embarrassed, and it also makes him feel more annoyed.

But immediately, something that made him angry… even when he escaped the terrible stab of Ye Wen, because he happened to be facing Artemis, he clearly saw his best The younger sister of love actually took out a bow-he knew that the bow was given to her by Ye Wen, and it was called Solidar-Rage of the Stars.

At this time, Artemis’ right hand held the bow, and his left hand was under the watch of Apollo on the capture of the star-like brilliance, and then slowly pulled it away, one with a clear blue streamer The magic arrow appeared in Artemis’s hand, and he could shoot it at any time.

It’s just that while Apollo was still shocked that his younger sister was about to shoot himself, a long sword had penetrated Sun God’s gorgeous golden armor and was stabbed from his back Entering, traversing his heart and thrusting out of his chest.

Apollo lowered his head, only to see a beam of light emitting moon-like rays of light, and this force, which was very similar to the artine divine force, began to wreak havoc after entering his within the body. The divine force of his within the body shocked the mess.

If that was the case, Apollo might not be dead, and when he opened his mouth and wanted to say to Artemis and so on, he suddenly saw Ye Wen who was supposed to be behind him appear in front of him , Covering his vision towards Artemis, and immediately put a palm on his forehead!

“I will take good care of your younger sister, and let her not be bullied by that woman again, you can go at ease!”


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