Have you really taken this gift? Sect Leader Ren You can really bend and stretch.

Shen Lang said with a smile : “Lord Father-in-Law, can you tell me what your second condition is now?”

Sect Leader Ren said: “It is ridiculous to say that. In the past year, the person in Qian Capital has always been a substitute for his majesty, but almost no one came out. This time, he stumbled down to Stupa Mountain. I believe he will replace him. ?”

Shen Lang said: “Yes, the excellence of the mirror is simply unbelievable. It is entirely because of his willingness to win the big vote of the country.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “He is really amazing.”

Shen Lang said: “In fact, in many ways, his substitute is better than my deity.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty is the Lord of Great Qian. I heard that I don’t like to deal with political affairs. I completely hand over the power to the following. Is it only the highest strategy?”

Shen Lang said: “Yes, so until now, my Great Qian Empire has not gone up.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “What do you think of my Stupa Mountain scenery? How about my floating sea scenery?”

Shen Lang said: “Stupa Mountain is the best in the world.”

Sect Leader Ren swears: “Golden mouth, jade speech, I am afraid to spread all over the world.”

Then Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty, since the scenery of this Stupa Mountain is so good, how can you stay from here? Anyway, you are not going to go up, you are giving orders in my Stupa Mountain, there is a mirror outside. You do dragon chair, and you just have to hide. Of course, if you have any intentions, you can use our Stupa Mountain to convey, and even if necessary, you can order some of the Great Qian Empire to enter Stupa Mountain.”

Shen Lang’s eyes started.

Hahahaha, that’s true.

Sect Leader Ren is always so cunning, on the surface Stupa Mountain loyal to Shen Lang, loyal to the Great Qian Empire.

In reality, however, Shen Lang became the embarrassment of the Great Qian Empire. As long as Shen Lang is in the hands of Sect Leader Ren, he can give orders through Shen Lang to indirectly control the Great Qian Empire.

At that time, Stupa Mountain was directly involved in the Kingdom of New Qian. To some extent, Sect Leader Ren and Ying Guang were still in a cooperative relationship. Now Sect Leader Ren has given the same very nice name, and his loyalty to His Majesty Shen Lang.

But in essence, what is the difference between this and Cao Cao’s emperor?

No, even more than Cao Cao’s actions, after all, Liu Xie has always had no power and no power, only a name of Sovereign Emperor. Shen Lang is the real Emperor Lord of Great Qian. He only needs one sentence, everyone on the four hundred square hundred square kilometers will be shaken, and several hundred thousand troops will go through the fire.

Shen Lang said with a slight smile : “Sect Leader Ren, are you going to put me under house?”

Sect Leader Ren immediately said: “Chen dare, the court is afraid. Your next thought, how many kings in history, even how many Sovereign Emperor do not live in the palace, but live in the palace, still driving the group Chen, rule the world, you can completely use my Stupa Mountain as your palace.”

Sect Leader Ren, you are really clever.

Shen Lang said: “Is there still freedom? Freedom to travel?”

“Of course, you are the supreme world, our supreme monarch, you can go anywhere.” Sect Leader Ren said: “But for your safety, we must send the strongest encirclement to follow you, even have If necessary, I have to defend you at all times, just like Li Xuanqi Taishi and King of Chu, who are completely inseparable.”

Hahaha, this is to put Shen Lang under house.

Next, Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty, Chen has already prepared the palace at Stupa Headquarters. The entire Stupa Mountain Elder Council is waiting for your interview. Can we get off?”

Sect Leader Ren did not ask Shen Lang whether he agreed to this condition, because he had already said it, let Shen Lang promise to give it again, and then Shen Lang had already agreed.

Shen Lang has a said with a smile: “Okay, let’s set off it.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “Wu Jue is preparing, and you have to drive to Stupa Palace.”

What? When did Stupa Mountain Headquarters become Stupa Palace? You are so powerful.

Next, Shen Lang moved towards and walked outside.

Sure enough, I saw a magnificent ship with a full displacement of more than 2,000 tons. Of course, this is not a big ship on the ocean, but it is a floating sea.

And this is not a warship. It is a building with a jade and a luxurious finish.

This is really to raise Shen Lang as a canary.

After Shen Lang boarded the ship, there was a lot of beautiful Yan Yan, and there were countless beautiful people. After seeing Shen Lang, they all tidy up.

“Slaves see you, long live long live absolute.”

“Get off the train and go back to Stupa.”

Then the ship sailed and moved towards Stupa Headquarters. The beauty of the boat was always on the way, and the delicious dishes were served. When Shen Lang looked, almost everyone immediately fell on the deck, not only Only beautiful people, even eunuchs.

To be honest, Shen Lang, the so-called Emperor Lord of Great Qian, was awkward. The people in Raging Tide City were not at the same time, nor did they arrange for Shen Lang to live in the wine pool. Now it is over.

On this way, Wu Jue stooped behind and stood motionless. Sect Leader Ren was kind enough to introduce various scenery and islands.

Suddenly after a small island, Shen Lang said: “Sect Leader Ren, it seems to be the island of my teacher Wu Tuzi? What happened to her?”

After the disclosure of Shen Lang, all the people involved in Shen Lang have been implicated, and Wu Tuzi is no exception, and has disappeared for several years.

Sect Leader Ren said: “Wu Junior Sister, this man is also known, focusing on locust research, so at a special secret base? You have to call her, and immediately send someone to go.”

Shen Lang said: “Of course, I miss my teacher very much.”

The floating sea is very big, but after all, it is not a real ocean. From the Jasper Temple to the Stupa Mountain Headquarters, there are less than two hundred miles. After a few hours, the big ship has already arrived at the Stupa Mountain Headquarters.

Then Shen Lang was completely amazing, and this was the first time he actually saw Stupa Mountain.

Last time, I only stayed on the small island of Wu Tuzi and was not eligible to board the Stupa Mountain Headquarters.

This is really the world’s grand scene.

First of all, Stupa Mountain is definitely a mountain, not an island.

It stands directly in the middle of the floating sea and rises to the sky.

The diameter of the whole mountain on the water is about ten kilometers or so. The mountain is not small.

But the whole mountain is almost not a shape of a vertebral body, but more like a huge rocky cliff.

The height of the whole mountain should be more than 3,000 meters. The altitude of the floating sea is already very high, about more than 2,000 meters, plus the more than 3,000 meters, so the Stupa Mountain is more than six kilometers above sea level. More than a thousand meters, it is Snow Mountain.

It’s really nothing more beautiful can be imagined, like Immortal Realm.

“Spring is not a good time for Stupa Mountain, and summer is the best season.” Sect Leader Ren said: “In the summer, the mountains are full of flowers, the mountains are full of trees, the mountains are snow-capped, and the entire Stupa Mountain is there. Alone in all seasons.”

Shen Lang said: “God really cares about Stupa Mountain.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “However, the entire Stupa Mountain is now the palace of the majesty.”

Shen Lang looked up and the entire Stupa Mountain was full of carved jade, pavilions and pavilions, and even palaces stood one after another on the cliffs, and these cliffs were covered with a variety of plants.

Stupa Mountain built a number of arch bridges between the cliffs and the mountains to connect the entire palace complex.

Not only that, but many palaces were directly embossed from the cliffs, and then they carved out one after another, so outside the mountains, there are palaces everywhere. Inside the mountain, there are secret laboratories everywhere, where there are places to practice, and the entire Stupa Mountain extends in all directions.

It’s really a wonder, it’s definitely a world architectural wonder, and even the building’s difficulty is far beyond those of ancient buildings.

Shen Lang couldn’t imagine how much manpower and material resources Stupa Mountain had used, and it took hundreds of years to build these gods.

It is no wonder that after the development of the southern part of the southern part of the sea, Stupa Mountain still does not have any intention to migrate Headquarters, let anyone reluctant to give up.

“How is your majesty? Can you still be satisfied with this palace?” Sect Leader Ren said.

Shen Lang said: “An innate fairy!”

“Good!” Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty is really talented, Speak Like a Printed Book.”

Then, the big ship began to dock at Stupa Mountain Pier.

At this point, the dock has been densely packed with people, the entire Stupa Mountain Elder Council has come, and the Stupa Mountain hall master, the deputy hall master, plus the Hell Legion, the special warrior army, densely packed thousands of people.

An eunuch walked onto the dock and sang: “His Majesty Shen Lang, oh!”

Then, the thousands of people on the pier square were really neatly squatted. The Stupa Mountain’s hall masters, elders, and Shen Lang were both life and death enemies. After more than one battle, they all crouched on the ground.

“See you!” The big eunuch said.

“pay respects to squat, long live, long live, absolutely old!” Thousands of people moved towards Shen Lang bowed to the dagger.

Then Shen Lang was horrified to discover that the clothes of all of them actually had the sign of the Great Qian Empire.

And the golden dragon flag of the Great Qian Empire is flying over the pier. You are very well prepared.

Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty, please!”

Then, a few eunuch carried a scorpion, this is the real dragon, just a half-level lower than the Great Yan Empire Sovereign Emperor, Shen Lang did not say that he had not taken a ride, or even seen it.

I didn’t think that his Emperor Lord of Great Qian had been treated in Qian Capital and had no experience in Raging Tide City. It was all here.

Shen Lang set foot on the dragon, and a dozen eunuch lifted at the same time.

“Get off!”

Then the music started, and hundreds of thousands of people followed closely. This is really like Sovereign Emperor, it is just the same.

Along the mountain steps, the entire group climbed up to the largest palace in the mountains, the Stupa Palace.

“Your Majesty, this is the Stupa Palace, which is the place where the Dragon House is next.” Sect Leader Ren said: “Because time is too tight, so the preparation is not comprehensive, please forgive me.”

Rely, is this not comprehensive?

After entering this Stupa Palace, Shen Lang stayed.

This is a palace of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. It is also more than a thousand meters high from the water surface. It is completely excavated in the mountains.

The most amazing thing is that there is really nothing in this palace, lawns, gardens, baths, waterfalls, gardens, palaces.

Although the entire palace is not as big as the Great Qian Palace, it also has a land area of ​​one or two thousand acres and even three squares.

Really awesome.

This kind of palace is not to be said to live, even if it is used to go to the DPRK.

Sect Leader Ren said: “The next time you are the supreme master of this palace, if you need to go to the DPRK, then immediately send someone to Raging Tide City, go to Qian Capital, go to Wu, Chu and Yue three kingdoms, please come over to other colleagues. Of course, our everyone in Stupa Mountain, the hall master is your courtier, and you are also building a shadow cabinet here.”

Niubi, you have spent too much.

I really didn’t think that he not only gave Shen Lang a palace, but even prepared for the game.

This… Is this a large cosplay game?

Not only that, Shen Lang found everything in the palace, everything, more than a few hundred thousand palace ladies, and thousands of eunuchs.

It was a real eunuch, but it was just finished, because Shen Lang saw their painful faces and was walking when they were walking.

In order to make Shen Lang feel ashamed, they actually rushed to create thousands of eunuchs.

“Your Majesty, this is your chief eunuch, Yunhai.” Sect Leader Ren said.

Then, an eunuch with an eyebrow and a white hair smashed down and bowed: “Slavery, pay respects to your majesty.”

This… this is a true eunuch, and it is also a grandmaster level.

Sect Leader Ren said: “Your Majesty took a break, and today he will prepare a state banquet to welcome him.”


Shen Lang lived in the Dahua Palace in Stupa Mountain, overlooking the floating sea. This scenery was really not found in the movie.

Shen Lang said: “Yunhai, have you been at Stupa Mountain since childhood?”

The big eunuch Yunhaidao: “The slave is accompanied by the princess of the princess.”

Shen Lang said: “Then you are a Great Yan Empire?”

Big eunuch Yunhaidao: “We are such a person who is completely following the master. Now slaves are the slaves of the Great Qian Empire.”

Shen Lang nodded, then lay back and relax on the soft chair.

Suddenly, the big eunuch cloud sea retired silently.

Next, Shen Lang was accompanied by a question, how to kill Sect Leader Ren? This is one of them.

More importantly, how to kill Sect Leader Ren, but also to retreat, this is the most difficult.

He has only one person, and he has no power. The entire Stupa Mountain is a huge prison. This gorgeous Stupa Palace is an unprecedented cell.

The idea of ​​Sect Leader Ren has never changed, and Shen Lang is under house arrest. Only before did he want to be directly imprisoned, and turned Shen Lang into a walking corpse, ruining memory and intellect.

It turned out that this road did not work, and that Ying Guang had been wiped out, and no secular kingship could continue to send all kinds of materials and population to Stupa Mountain.

Like Raging Tide City, Stupa Mountain does not produce anything at all. All food and living materials are completely provided by Ying Guang.

Now that Ying Guang is dead, Kingdom of New Qian is gone, Stupa Mountain needs to find someone else to support, so Shen Lang becomes important.

And Shen Lang’s Great Qian Empire is much larger than Ying Guang’s territory, and there are many more people. It is enough to eat Stupa Mountain in the Great Qian Empire.

So the Sect Leader Ren changed his means, no longer forcibly imprisoned, but directly captive and became a beggar.

So now for Shen Lang, the chance to find Sect Leader Ren is probably there, only Sword of the Dragon.

But after the kill, will he be smashed by Stupa Mountain? After all, there are countless masters in Stupa Mountain, the grand grandmaster level is countless, the special warriors are thousands of, the hell warriors are hunting thousands, and there are various elder, hall master.

Shen Lang relies on one person, a Sword of the Dragon, and relies on his Strength of the Dragon to release a dozen or so dozens of energy vortexes at once, and then it is not being smashed into pieces.

So not only to kill Sect Leader Ren, but also to get out of the safe, even better situation is to directly control Stupa Mountain, really get the loyalty of Stupa Mountain.

It is very difficult to achieve this, especially his time is not much, Great Yan Empire claimed to only give him a month, otherwise it will be ruination, now two days have passed.

Shen Lang couldn’t help but evoke Wu Jue’s heartfelt words. There is only one hidden meaning in the words. At the crucial moment, Wu Jue can replace him and control Shenpa Mountain for Shen Lang.

But Wu Jue is an absolute poisonous snake. He will always stand on the winner’s side, and he is not enough now. He doesn’t even have a formal elder. If Shen Lang killed Lord of Stupa Mountain, Wu Jue couldn’t keep up the scene.

Only one person can live, that is Stupa Princess Ren Yingying.

Regardless of how Sect Leader Ren is approaching her, she has been a second person in Stupa Mountain for decades and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and her martial arts is high enough to be comparable to Princess Ning Han.

This time, after a series of changes, it will only become more powerful. But the problem now is that Ren Yingying is fainting and has been destroyed by Sect Leader Ren in memory and intellect.

So before killing Sect Leader Ren, Shen Lang had to find a way to rescue Stupa Princess Ren Yingying.

Stupa Mountain is all sinister and sinister, with no real blood loyalty. When Sect Leader Ren dies, if Princess Ren Yingying stands out and is extremely powerful, then these people will squat in front of Ren Yingying and directly throw the death of Sect Leader Ren to the Nine Heavens cloud. Go outside.

At that time, Wu Jue can make relevant cooperation, which is in line with his role.

Shen Lang racked his brains and thought about one solution after another. How to kill Sect Leader Ren and seek Stupa Mountain in a short time.


Night falls!

The entire Stupa Palace is full of light and brightly lit.

Within the great hall, a magnificent banquet is being held, offering the visit of His Majesty Shen Lang.

I have to say that Stupa Mountain is quite prepared, because this wine banquet is difficult to grasp.

First, at the ceremony, is Shen Lang the owner or the guest?

He is the Lord, because Stupa Mountain has been loyal to the Great Qian Empire, and it has become his palace.

But to some extent, Shen Lang is a guest and the most distinguished guest.

As a result, they did not do a single drop of water can leak out. For the reception, please refer to the pick-up of Qianlong Sovereign Emperor.

And here, Shen Lang also put on the real dragon robe for the first time, and this thing Shen Lang really didn’t go through.

Big eunuch Yunhaidao: “Your Majesty, how do you see this embroidery? Why embroider this dragon, we have hundreds of people who never sleep, use a few hundred pounds of gold silk, and finally pick out the best of the two from the inside The finest gold wire.”

“And this dragon flame, what do you guess is made?” Yunhai asked.

Shen Lang said: ” Malachite?”

“Where the malachite is worthy of the supreme squat, it is the crystal of the nightmare stone, which is first melted with a plasma flame, drawn, and then stitched up a little bit.”

“And this dragon scale, dragon’s eye, all use the most rare materials.” Yunhai big eunuch said: “It is not a slave to boast, this dragon robe, except for the one less than the Great Yan Sovereign Emperor, The rest is completely comparable.”

Shen Lang opened his arms, and several palace eunuchs carefully put on the dragon robe for Shen Lang and put on the crown, which is the first time he wears this stuff.

“God, this is probably Heaven above and Earth below. In history, the most arrogant of the heroic martial arts.” Yunhai eunuch exclaimed.

Then several eunuchs came to Shen Lang with a huge mirror.

By the way, it is true that people rely on clothing.

Shen Lang was originally beautiful, refined and extravagant. The mighty domineering point is almost completely unrelated to him.

Now, after wearing this dragon robe, it is a feeling of heaven and earth, really like True Dragon. Especially the dragon on the dragon robe, the prestige, it seems that it really wants to spurt the flames, splitting out.

Niubi, Niubi, it is obvious that Stupa Mountain embroidered this dragon robe, completely taking care of the shortcomings of Shen Lang’s domineering.

Shen Lang has never seen such a self, wearing this dragon robe, as if watching people have electricity at a glance.

“Your Majesty, can you wear a sword?” Big eunuch Yunhaidao.

Shen Lang said with a smile : “Not a banquet tonight? Wearing this body is too formal, why do you want to wear a sword?”

Big eunuch seamount: “reporting to your majesty, this evening is not just a banquet, but also a loyalty ceremony, Stupa Mountain’s many elders, hall masters, have one after another to meet you. From now on they are not just Stupa Mountain People, who are also officials of the Great Qian Empire, are still very formal.”

Allegiance ceremony? The entire Stupa Mountain Elder Council, as well as the various hall masters, the generals of the Hell Legion have come to swear allegiance? Made so grand?

Shen Lang said: “So, do I need one after another to book them as officials of the Great Qian Empire?”

Honestly, Shen Lang, the so-called Emperor Lord of Great Qian, is now mixed, and I don’t know what specific official positions, actual jobs, and vain jobs.

Big eunuch Yunhaidao: “Nature is not needed, because there are too many people, a few hundred people. But Ren Taishi will specialize in a list of Europeans, and hand it over to your Majesty. You have seen it only if you agree to use it, then send it. Raging Tide City and Qian Capital, handed over to the Great Qian Empire cabinet and the Privy Council, where they arrange each person’s official position and then hand it over to the ruling.”

Made so formal? Directly linked with Qian Capital, Raging Tide City?

Interesting, interesting, is this a three-dollar architecture?

Qian Capital is the nominal Great Qian Emperor, Raging Tide City is the companion, and Stupa Mountain is the capital?

In the history of China, there are many architectures. For example, Wu Zetian’s Wu Zhou is Chang’an and Luoyang. After the Ming Dynasty, it was the North and South Shuangdu, and there were another six teams in the Jinling Dynasty.

Sect Leader Ren is a very professional architecture. As long as you control Shen Lang, you can control the other two.

If nothing else, then the officials who ordered the Stupa Mountain will then set up a temporary temporary cabinet next to Shen Lang, and then the accompanying cabinet will gradually overtake the minister and the Privy Council.

Of course, this is a bit far off. In short, the Sect Leader Ren’s plan is very thorough.

“Let’s go, let people wait,” Shen Lang said.

Big eunuch Yunhaidao: “The courtiers and other kings, the righteousness, the old slaves will give you a hair.”

Next, the big eunuch Yunhai meticulously combed Shen Lang, which is almost half an hour.

At this time in the great hall, the important figures of the entire Stupa Mountain have all arrived, the banquet has not yet, only the tea, they have been waiting for an hour or so.

Someone tried to complain, but immediately there was a pair of lightning-like gaze.

After a while, Sect Leader Ren finally appeared.

Everyone can’t help but see what Sect Leader Ren is wearing. This… Is this the robes of the Great Qian Empire?

Sect Leader Ren came in and sat down directly in the first row on the left. Someone couldn’t help but whisper.

“There is no squat, no swearing, what is the system?” Sect Leader Ren warned.

After a long while, Shen Lang finally came late. When he had not appeared, the big eunuch Yunhai shouted: “Your sire is coming, everyone is welcome!”

Then, the loud instrument sounds once again, which is much more professional than Shen Lang’s little court, and when to play the song, completely according to ancient etiquette.

Shen Lang did not enjoy the emperor’s instrument, all enjoyed here, who dares to think, a detached force, even the emperor etiquette performed so skillfully, to say that you have no ambition? Who believes?

In the sound of the music, hundreds of people were crouching in the ground, and Shen Lang walked over from them to the top position and sat down.

He raised his hand and the big eunuch Yunhai Road: “All the people are flat.”

Then, hundreds of people all got up and sat on the ground, and the etiquette was much better than Shen Lang’s grass-roots team at Raging Tide City.

Shen Lang looked at him with a glimpse of his face and immediately saw the sword on Sect Leader Ren.

Sword of the Dragon!

It’s his Sword of the Dragon!

Is this time killing Sect Leader Ren? Is it necessary to kill this time? !

Shen Lang had previously handed Sword of the Dragon to Sect Leader Ren in order to kill him!

And it is at this time!

There was a sudden sound outside.

“Sect leader, there are guests visiting!”

Sect Leader Ren angrily said : “impudent, what sect leader is shouting underneath? Did you dare to list me before you? Courting death! Kill…”

With the order of Sect Leader Ren, Ren Tianxiao was listed and directly beheaded the person who reported the letter.

Sect Leader Ren fiercely said: “From now on, Stupa Mountain has only one supreme master, that is His Majesty Shen Lang, who dares to put my name under the squat, no matter how high his identity, no matter how big the credit, all Do not kill.”

Everyone turned out to be: “Yes!”

Sect Leader Ren moved towards Shen Lang and said: “Your sins are forgiven, and the discipline is unfavorable.”

Shen Lang’s eyes are slightly picked up. Do you want to kill Sect Leader Ren at this time? He took Sword of the Dragon and it was a rare opportunity.

At this time, Ren Tianxiao shouted outside: “reporting to squat, reporting to Taishi, Lord of Hanging Temple came to see.”

What about Shen Lang? Lord of Hanging Temple ? Great Tribulation Temple The last heir, Gang Yi?

After the great robbery of the Great Tribulation Palace, Shen Lang never saw him again. At this time, he came.

Why come? !


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