When I heard the arrival of the abbot of Hanging Temple Ji Kong, it was not just Shen Lang, but even Sect Leader Ren was wrong.

“Your Majesty, did you invite the abbot of Ji Kong?” Sect Leader Ren asked.

Shen Lang shook his head and said, “No, I am not familiar with him.”

He didn’t lie, Shen Lang was really unfamiliar with Ji Kong’s abbot.

“Is it?” Sect Leader Ren said: “It’s weird. The abbot of Ji Kong is a real person, truly detached from the world, how come suddenly to visit Stupa Mountain? And there is no invitation.”

Shen Lang is also very strange. Is this Gangyi really coming for him?

Sect Leader Ren swears: “After your Majesty, I will meet you.”

Shen Lang didn’t speak, but his eyes showed the meaning of the inquiry. Sect Leader Ren immediately said: “Your Majesty is the Lord of Great Qian, of course, you don’t need to meet, the Ji Kong abbot is even detached, under your position. “”

When he said this, Sect Leader Ren looked at Shen Lang with a little doubt.

Because a few years ago, when Shen Lang left the ancient giant ruins in the southern part of the sea, he had been helped by the Hanging Temple dead elder, and the two sides still had some friendship.

Of course, Sect Leader Ren didn’t say anything, he walked out with a few Stupa Mountain elders.

Next, Shen Lang didn’t wait for a long time, Sect Leader Ren came back, followed by another person, and it was Gang Yi, the Ji Kong elder of Hanging Temple.

When Shen Lang saw his first sight, he directly wanted to shout, enchanting, where to run?

This person’s looks is really handsome, male and female, and really want to take away the reputation of Shen Lang’s first beautiful man.

A few months ago, Shen Lang met him in the ghost town of the Great Tribulation Palace. To tell the truth, Shen Lang doesn’t know what the so-called ghost town is. It’s a real space, it’s just a pure Spiritual space.

Therefore, his meeting with Gang Yi was like a dream.

Not only Shen Lang, but almost everyone on the scene was the first time to see Ji Kong abbot, showing amazement.

Ji Kong is so mysterious that even the Stupa Mountain elders have never seen it, but it is conceivable that in all people’s minds, Ji Kong should be the kind of sorghum that must be all white, but I did not expect it to be completely unseen. Age, I can’t see the super beautiful men of men and women. This is the real face like Guan Yu, not a little bit embarrassing, and when he came over, it seemed to be illuminated by the warm rays of light. It seems like a spring breeze.

In addition, everyone is also very wrong. Why did the Hanging Temple Ji Kong abbot come, he never showed up.

“Ji Kong, meet the Emperor Lord of Great Qian.” The Ji Kong moved towards Shen Lang with both hands together.

Shen Lang got up and said: “The wave, I have seen the abbot.”

Next, the Ji Kong Master said: “His Majesty Shen Lang, I first arrived at Qian Capital, then come back to Stupa Mountain.”

Shen Lang said: “Master is coming for me?”

Ji Kong Master said: “Yes.”

Shen Lang said: “What is the Master looking for?”

The last time he was in a ghost town, you wanted body possession Shen Lang. The result failed, and Shen Lang got the spirit of the King of the King. Shen Lang thought that the Gang would come to him, but did not expect it to be there, but this time he came again.

what is this? What does he want to do?

Ji Kong Master directly went to the point and said: “I will send a scroll to the majesty.”

Then he twitched a reel from the sleeve, a very ordinary reel that looked like silk, like a cloth, and a stone that was rolled up.

Shen Lang walked down the steps and took the book with both hands. In any case, Ji Kong’s status is very high.

After taking it, Shen Lang opened it directly. Yes, this is a scroll of books, and it is very rare and rare, but there is nothing special about it. Is there anything in this book?

In order to send such a scroll of books?

“many thanks Master, I will definitely read it.” Shen Lang said.

Ji Kong (Gongyi) said: “The scriptures have been sent, then I will leave, goodbye.”

Then, the abbot of Ji Kong left directly, and it was a wave of hands, not taking a cloud. Even in the whole process, it seems that he has not come to the general, staying in the first less than five minutes.

Gangichi, you can easily lead to the suspicion of Sect Leader Ren. He is probably the most suspicious person in the world.

However, from the performance of Sect Leader Ren, it seems that there is nothing unusual, even he personally sent Ji Kong to leave. However, from the beginning to the end, the Ji Kong abbot always had no communication with Sect Leader Ren.

After sending away the abbot of Ji Kong, Sect Leader Ren seemed to have done nothing, moved towards Shen Lang and said: “Your Majesty, let’s continue?”

Shen Lang said: “Okay, let’s continue!”

Next, Stupa Mountain’s allegiance ceremony officially began. The whole scene is very serious and even sacred.

This makes Shen Lang even more wrong, Sect Leader Ren What is this play? Just do the play, want to make me awkward, is it necessary to be so serious and sacred? If you do this, you will inevitably raise my position in the Holy Land of Stupa Mountain. This is, after all, Eastern World.

Once the status of a person is deified, it will really be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Over time, even if Sect Leader Ren regards Shen Lang as a beggar, in the eyes of everyone in Stupa Mountain, he will become a king.

At the end of the Han Dynasty, Liu Xie was able to take off his clothes. The name of the orthodox emperor was very valuable. Ying Guang pursued a lifetime without pursuing it.

The first is Sect Leader Ren, who respects Shen Lang in a respectful manner in front of everyone.

The real three-nine-nine-week, meticulous, and under the solemn soundtrack.




“Don’t beheaded again!”

Under the command of the Great Eunuch Sea of ​​Clouds, Sect Leader Ren completed this solemn ceremony in front of thousands of people at Stupa Mountain.

Shen Lang couldn’t help but be more shocked, acting, and using it so much?

The Stupa Mountain Elder Council, the various hall masters, and the various military generals are all here. Your Sect Leader Ren will be weak and your position will be weakened, and then Shen Lang’s, what do you want to do? what?

Sect Leader Ren completed three weeks and nine weeks, followed by thirteen elders, together with Shen Lang for three weeks and nine worships, allegiance to the ceremony.

At this time, the music was changed again, but the difference from the music was very subtle. If you don’t listen carefully, you can hardly hear it.

Every detail is really impeccable, completely in accordance with the etiquette of the Oriental Imperial Family.

This is really arrogant. Just this music, Raging Tide City can’t get it, and there is no such complete track.

After thirteen long Old Third 叩 叩 拜 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hundreds of people, facing Shen Lang’s dagger, climbed and performed an unprecedented gift.

In the end, everyone shouted: “Long live your majesty, long live, absolutely age!”

This loyalty ceremony is too serious. It is not necessary. What kind of medicine is sold in the Sect Leader Ren?

And at this time, someone outside is saying: “reporting to squat, reporting to sect leader…”

The result has not yet fallen, Sect Leader Ren angered: “The palm of your hand, I have to call my sect leader at this time. From now on, Stupa Mountain is just the palace of your majesty. There is no such detachment. What is the sect leader? There is only one Taishi, there is no Sect Leader Ren.”

Suddenly, the two eunuchs stepped forward and smacked the man’s slap in the face.

The man was beaten and did not dare to make a cry. After the beating was finished, once again respectfully said: “reporting to squat, reporting to Taishi…”

Sect Leader Ren said again: “The palm of your hand, I have said it many times, there is no Stupa Mountain, only the Stupa Palace, there is only one master, that is the supreme majesty, you can report to your knees, why should you bring me? Are you going to fall into disloyalty?”

Uh? ! It’s too much, too much.

You Sect Leader Ren, you are so overdone, very dangerous, it really brings a strong signal, and it really makes the whole Stupa Mountain feel that Shen Lang is the master.

Shen Lang was really a bit shocked at the moment, and things seemed a little different from what he imagined.

This, this Sect Leader Ren does not seem to be exactly what he wants to be? Is it necessary to always raise his status? And it seems so impatient, as if to suddenly create a golden body for Shen Lang.

The man outside continued to bow: “reporting to your Majesty, Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian.”

Shen Lang, King of the Blood Lian is coming? He is still coming really fast, really timely.

Shen Lang came to Stupa Mountain for two days, he came here?

What does King of the Blood Lian want to do to stop the union of Shen Lang and Stupa Mountain? But in the heart of Shen Lang, he and Sect Leader Ren are completely fake.

Shen Lang moved towards Sect Leader Ren: “Tai Shi, the King of the Blood Lian should be looking for you.”

Sect Leader Ren squats first: “The sire is supreme, so whether you summon this Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian is completely up to you.”

Shen Lang found out that when he and Sect Leader Ren were both alone, the attitude of the other party was quite casual, but in this public occasion, the attitude of Sect Leader Ren could not be described with respect, it was a respectful to the extreme. Courtier.

Shen Lang said: “Come on, come see it.”

“According to!” Sect Leader Ren said.

Then, he turned to the outside and said: “Your Majesty has a purpose, call the Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian.”

Then, outside the palace, the sound really went out for a while.

“Your Majesty has a purpose, call the Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian.”

“Your Majesty has a purpose, call the Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian!”

The picture in this TV movie, Shen Lang finally met, this emperor-level treatment, he really enjoyed the thoroughness.

A moment later, the young Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian came in. He didn’t salute Shen Lang, but moved towards Sect Leader Ren. “I have seen Sect Leader Ren.”

Sect Leader Ren is meticulous and courteous: “King of the Blood Lian, correct it, there will be no Stupa Mountain ever since, only the Great Qian Empire Stupa, no longer the name Sect Leader Ren, only the Great Qian Empire Crown Prince Taishi is finished with me!”

King of the Blood Lian couldn’t help but be so sloppy, so thorough?

Sect Leader Ren continued: “King of the Blood Lian, I know what you want to say, I know what you want to talk to me? But no, there is no room for negotiation between us, if you are diplomatic It is very welcome to let the officials witness our loyalty ceremony. But if you are coming to negotiate with me, please come back. And please don’t have any disrespectful words and actions against your majesty, otherwise I will let You know that the sword of Stupa Palace is still very sharp.”

Sect Leader Ren is on the Sword of the Dragon handle.

Rely, this… Are you going to be the first loyal to my Shen Lang?

King of the Blood Lian After a little horror, said with a smile: “Interesting, interesting, then I will be a guest, witness this loyalty ceremony.”

Sect Leader Ren squats first: “Your Majesty, loyalty to the ceremony, whether to continue.”

Shen Lang said: “Go ahead.”

Then, the solemn and grand loyalty ceremony continues.

After half a full hour, this loyalty ceremony really ended.

The King of the Blood Lian of the Great Yan Empire did not sound.

In the end, Sect Leader Ren said: “everyone, starting today, there is only Stupa Palace, no Stupa Mountain. Everyone is no longer the elder, hall master of Stupa Mountain, but the courtier of the Great Qian Empire, the courtiers. ”

Then, under the leadership of Sect Leader Ren, thousands of people moved toward Shen Lang and bowed and said: “Long live your majesty, long live, absolutely old.”

Great Yan Empire King of the Blood Lian said with a smile : “His Majesty Shen Lang, it seems that I have no room for negotiation with Stupa Mountain, let me know!”

Then the young King of the Blood Lian left.

After the end of the loyalty ceremony, it was the state banquet.

At this time, Shen Lang suddenly said: “Tai Shi, I want to issue a will, can you?”

Sect Leader Ren immediately sighed: “The minister is afraid, there is any will in his majesty, and the decree will be blessed.

Shen Lang said: “Raging Tide City’s nightmare crystals have been exhausted, but many studies can’t stop for a day. Please send a group of nightmare stones to Raging Tide City.”

Sect Leader Ren 叩 First: “Chen Zun!”

Then he got up and said: “There is a purpose, the southern part of the Black Castle, immediately shipped all the nightmare crystals to Raging Tide City.”

Next, Sect Leader Ren wrote the will of the pen, and then handed it to Shen Lang: “Your Majesty, please look over, this will be something you need to consider.”

Shen Lang said: “Very good, the words of Taishi are very good.”

“Thank you to praise!” Sect Leader Ren spread the purpose and put it on the table, saying: “Please use your print!”

Shen Lang took out his personal seal and stamped it. This is not a violation, because many ancient Chinese Sovereign Emperor’s imperial edict also likes to use private seals, such as the famous Shiquan old man.

Generally speaking, a sacred sacred is a seal that requires two seals, a seal of the king, and a seal of the cabinet or the minister’s desk. Otherwise, it belongs to the purpose.

Sect Leader Ren squatted on the ground and said: “The Great Qian Empire minister is not there. If you are afraid, you must cover the seal of the Stupa Palace. Please make a decision.”

So formal? !

“Good.” Shen Lang said.

Then, Sect Leader Ren carefully took out a seal to cover the imperial edict, which was really the official seal of the Stupa Palace.

You are so arrogant, even this seal is engraved in advance.

Once this purpose really came into effect, there was a ship’s nightmare crystal shipped from Black Castle to Raging Tide City, which was authoritative, and even the seal of Stupa Palace became authoritative.

After the seal is sealed, it is placed inside the box and sealed with wax.

“Wu Daren, you immediately take this imperial edict to Black Castle. It is necessary to let them transport the nightmare stone crystals to the Raging Tide City in the shortest time. If there is any delay, they will not be punished.” Sect Leader Ren said.

Wu Jue said: “Yes!”

Then, he took the sacred box with both hands and walked back: “Chen, retire.”

After walking back and going out of the palace gate, Wu Jue immediately rode on the ancient vulture and moved away from the southern part.

After everything is done, the big eunuch Yunhaidao: “Your Majesty, open a seat?”

Shen Lang said: “Okay, let’s go.”

The big eunuch Yunhai shouted: “Your Majesty has a purpose, open!”

Then, the music changed again, it was still solemn, but not so serious, but it seemed a bit cheerful.

Next is the so-called Great Qian State Banquet, and then almost everyone is shooting Shen Lang’s flattering, blowing his work to the sky.

Sect Leader Ren is like a transparent person, not to grab the limelight of Shen Lang, even a little bit of power.

After the dinner, Shen Lang tried to ask: “Tai Shi, my old dragon box, can be inside Stupa Mountain?”

How important is this ancient dragon box? Will your Sect Leader Ren be detached? This is the ancient treasure, you Stupa Mountain always want to take over for yourself.

Sect Leader Ren said: “Yes, your Majesty. Because of the reasons of Ying Guang, the dragon box is contaminated with some pollutants, and the minister has already cleaned it.”

Shen Lang said: “Then send him to my room.”

“Yes!” Sect Leader Ren said, not even shirking.

Then Shen Lang said again, “Yes, Yingying?”

Sect Leader Ren said: “It is still within the underground mausoleum, she has lived there for a long time, and her thoughts are there to help her recovery.”

Shen Lang again probed: “That took her back. Now her skin is opaque and she is not afraid of the sun.”

Sect Leader Ren swears: “Chen’s purpose, immediately send someone to pick it up!”

There is still no excuse!


After the banquet, Shen Lang returned to the palace to rest. And Sect Leader Ren, and all Stupa Mountain elder, hall master, all retired.

The entire Stupa Palace, only Shen Lang, there are thousands of eunuchs, thousands of palace ladies.

He is really the supreme master of the place, from beginning to end, every word that Shen Lang said, the entire Stupa Mountain is fully obeyed, without any violation.

This is really strange. It’s not like swearing at all, it’s really like an dictatorial monarch.

What does Sect Leader Ren want to do?

However, to put all these distractions aside, the most important thing for Shen Lang is to save Princess Ren Yingying and wake her up.

And Gang Yi, is he just to send a copy of Shen Lang to Shen Lang?

Shen Lang picked up the book and carefully studied it and found it to be an ordinary scripture.

But after scanning with X-ray, he immediately noticed something different.

This book contains a set of cultivation techniques? No, it is not a complete cultivation technique, it should be regarded as a set of fine mystery.

Just like the classical books, they are engraved in the book. There are tens of thousands of words and complicated pictures.

After reading a little, Shen Lang was surprised to find that this turned out to be a very advanced spiritual cultivation technique.

Its role is very simple, is to recover a person’s spiritual soul.

The name of this cultivation technique is called the Living Dead.

This is simply too powerful!

And this is just the first volume, its principle is very deep and simple.

The death of a person is, in the final analysis, the death of the soul. In modern terms, it is brain death.

Even if the heart is pierced, it is not because the heart is pierced and died, but because the heart is pierced and cannot supply blood to the brain, so the brain is dead.

To some extent, as long as the soul does not die, that person will never die. Therefore, the millennium heritage of the spiritual soul of the King of the Ming Dynasty was born.

According to the theory of this living dead, after the death of the soul, the soul is dying, but there will still be countless imprints left in the brain.

And this set of living cultivation techniques can use the powerful mental power to impact the brain according to these soul marks, so that the whole person can wake up again.

Therefore, it is called the Living Dead!

what does this mean? The vegetative resurrection? This is only the minimum.

According to this theory, even if a person dies, as long as the body does not rot, as long as the brain does not rot, it can be revived to some extent. Of course, after the resurrection, it is called a living dead, and it is called a monk.

Of course, this is the highest level of living dead, and now I will only give Shen Lang the first volume.

What does this mean? Provide timely help? Shen Lang is now trying to save Princess Ren Yingying.

She had a nirvana change, the martial cultivation base became very amazing, but she still fell asleep, her brain was destroyed by Sect Leader Ren and became a walking corpse.

Shen Lang has already conceived a set of ways to save Princess Ren Yingying, which requires the use of the nightmare stone device and the use of powerful mental power. However, I did not expect that the last genius of the Great Tribulation Palace, Gang Yi, was sent directly to the Living Dead.

This is completely a time to take a nap, and send a pillow directly.

Many of Shen Lang’s ideas have been proven, how to save Princess Ren Yingying, how to wake her up, the first volume of the “Death of Life” is clearly written.

Do you have a mind reading? You know that I want to save Ren Yingying and I sent this book immediately?

It was discovered in the ghost town of Shen Lang. The Gang knew that Shen Lang had a lot of secrets, even if he didn’t belong to the world.

This person is really a demon, completely ridiculous, the most important thing is that he is an enemy or a friend?

Another point, according to Shen Lang’s imagination, at least one person has to secretly monitor Shen Lang’s every move? In the underground mausoleum, the majestic female warrior, Tao Tao, stared at him all the time, and there was a twin in the room next to him, listening to every movement of Shen Lang.

However, now, Shen Lang is not half a silhouette within 100 meters of the study of the Living Dead.

No one is monitoring, and no one is listening. The old dragon box has been cleaned and placed in the palace of Shen Lang.

He really doesn’t seem to be under house arrest, not even like jealousy.

However, Shen Lang once again put these thoughts behind him, focused on the immediate goal and saved Princess Ren Yingying.

According to Sect Leader Ren, Princess Ren Yingying will be sent to Stupa Palace in up to two days.

At this point, still sleep!


The next day!

After Shen Lang woke up, there were dozens of palace ladies immediately, and dozens of eunuchs waited for him to wash, when he had breakfast. The unprecedented luxury experience is much higher than his treatment at Raging Tide City.

Shen Lang has always enjoyed the life of glory, splendor, wealth, and rank, but such extravagance is still rare.

“Your Majesty, can you go early today?” Big eunuch Yunhaidao.

Still early? Play so advanced? I am not too early in Raging Tide City.

Are you really going to turn Stupa Mountain into the palace of my Shen Lang?

Shen Lang said: “That line, then it will be the last time.”


Next, Shen Lang is really early, the first time.

This music, this process, is more professional than the Kingdom of Yue Ning Yuanxian, and it is still a small dynasty.

In the magnificent hall, Shen Lang wore a dragon robe, wearing a crown, and hundreds of officials below, in two rows.

“Chen and other pay respects to His Majesty, Long live, long live, absolutely old!”

“There is a play, no retreat.” Big eunuch Yunhaidao.

Shen Lang wants to know if someone will actually do something. And he found out that the traces of Stupa Mountain were really wiped very clean. There were people in the place, all wearing the uniforms of the Great Qian Empire, and all the infernal regiments were wearing the armor of the Great Qian Empire badge.

At first glance, I really feel that this is the real Great Qian Palace, which is more formal than the scene of Qian Capital.

“Chen, there is this.” Sect Leader Ren said.

Shen Lang said: “Speak.”

Sect Leader Ren went out and said: “Reporting to your Majesty, my Stupa Palace has just been restructured. Chen has listed a list for the night and needs to seal up the official positions of the original Stupa Mountain. Please take a look.”

Then, the big eunuch Yunhai took over the Sect Leader Ren’s chapter, and the entire list of thousands of people, all of them are important figures of Stupa Mountain.

Sect Leader Ren said: “If you feel that you can do it, the list will be sent in two copies to Qian Capital and Raging Tide City, and the Imperial Minister, the Imperial Privy Council, will be appointed to the Stupa Palace instructor.”

Shen Lang said: “Good, accurate!”

Suddenly, Stupa Palace immediately flew out more than a dozen special warriors, and took the official document to Qian Capital and Raging Tide City.

It’s too formal, more formal than Shen Lang’s Great Qian Empire.

Shen Lang suddenly said: “Tai Shi, when Tian Xiao was evacuated from Qian Capital, took the three Strength of the Dragon away?”

Sect Leader Ren said: “Yes, because Stupa Mountain was not fully integrated into the Great Qian Empire at the time. These three strengths of the Dragon are the strategic materials of Stupa Mountain. But at this time the allegiance ceremony has been completed, all the strategic materials, completely Assigned by the underarms.”

Shen Lang said: “So, just send two of them to Qian Capital and the other to Raging Tide City.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “Chen will follow the instructions and go immediately.”

This request is too much, even this can promise? This is a strategic level of material, and Shen Lang is directly dictatorial?

Shen Lang added: “Now the Great Yan Empire and my Great Qian Empire are incompatible. Qian Capital is close to the Great Yan Dynasty. My Great Qian has only 50,000 troops stationed, especially the air army. This is very unfavorable. Please Stupa Palace. Immediately transfer a thousand Snow Vulture, enter Qian Capital, and hand over to Marshal Yao’er.”

Shen Lang This is completely a lion’s mouth, a thousand Snow Vulture, how much military strength? Almost a fraction of all the stupa forces in Stupa Mountain, and Shen Lang understates an opening, which is to be transferred to Qian Capital? This is sent, Stupa Mountain will never come back.

As a result, Sect Leader Ren did not hesitate, and bowed: “Chen, follow!”

Then half an hour later, a thousand Snow Vulture flew into the sky and moved towards Qian Capital.

The really empty Snow Vulture mount, without any special warriors, has only a hundred air knights who smuggle Snow Vulture.

This is really amazing.

This… is this still awkward? Everything that Shen Lang said was completely sacred, and Stupa Mountain was unreservedly executed without any excuse.

Not only that, but this early dynasty has never been more formal.

It was really a matter of discussion, Sect Leader Ren armed the troops of Stupa Mountain, and the southern part of the sea black castle, the Stupa Mountain secret base, the training of the new Hell Legion, and completed the report.

If they can say it publicly, they will openly say that they can’t say it publicly and they will be directly credited.

So the whole early morning, the Sect Leader Ren, oh no, it was Ren Taishi, and actually played for two whole hours.

This, where is a sect leader of detachment? It is like the pillar of the Great Qian Empire, and it is like the prime minister of the Great Qian Empire than Suo Xuan.

This matter went straight to noon and it is not over yet.

“Your Majesty, Chen has the last one.” Sect Leader Ren said.

Shen Lang said: “Speak.”

Sect Leader Ren said: “Wu, Chu, the ministers and the Privy Council of the three kingdoms have sent key officials to the Raging Tide City trial. His Majesty Jiang Li once said that to solve the problem, Raging Tide City has At the forefront, development is completely changing. My Stupa Palace is traditionally old-fashioned, and even our officials have just changed their identity. They are obedient, and a new wave of officials from Stupa Mountain is going to Raging Tide City to study. , trial training.”

You don’t just want to link the three, but also to be one? It seems that it is entirely necessary to fully integrate Stupa Mountain into the Great Qian Empire?

“Quasi!” said Shen Lang.

“Chen to thank the Lord’s intense grace.” Sect Leader Ren said.

Shen Lang asked: “Ren Yingying, when can I come?”

“The girl will return to Stupa Palace early tomorrow morning,” Sect Leader Ren said.

He changed his mouth directly, not called Ren Yingying, nor his own daughter, directly called the goddess.

This is always the status of Shen Lang.

What does Sect Leader Ren want to do?


Sunset, an underground secret cave in Stupa Mountain!

Very deep underground cave, almost completely forbidden, only the forbidden land that Sect Leader Ren can come.

After entering the deepest underground chamber, open the stone gate.

There was a young body lying inside, and it was completely frozen. The handsome and unmatched faces were very familiar.

The temperature here was very high, and it was ice, Sect Leader Ren moved out of a large mirror, then looked at the mirror and took off the official gown of the Great Qian Empire.

Then the silk lining was removed, revealing his body.

Although he is already in his 70s, he looks completely younger than forty or fifty years old, and he feels that he can live for at least a few decades.

However… under the clothes, his body was shocking.

Chest / mouth position, belly position, a dark, rotten.

Almost rotted, and not the kind of rotten meat, no pus, no fester, completely pure dark decay.

Sect Leader Ren looked at his rotten chest/mouth and belly with pain and shivered: “Ji Kong Senior Brother, how long can I live?”


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