Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 503


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Ivan did n’t expect Dobby and Kreacher to meet each other, but actually made such a big contradiction, and immediately doubted whether summon Dobby was the right choice.

Kreacher emphasized that house elf would not betray his master ’s words, and surprised Ivan.

If he remembered correctly, Kreacher had betrayed Sirius in the original time and space, which indirectly caused Sirius to die. This is obviously not in line with the words he said.

Unless the original time and space Kreacher does not recognize Sirius as his master!

After all, Sirius removed the family tree of Black by his mother several decades ago. It is not an orthodox heir. If a member of the House of Black is not dead or locked up, it will not be Sirius ’s turn to inherit the family business. …

Kreacher was forced to obey Sirius ’s orders because of the constraints of the rules. Most of his heart did n’t recognize this, so he deliberately leaked information to kill Sirius, hoping that Bellatrix would become his master after Sirius ’death …

Fortunately, the situation is different now. If Regulus ’body was successfully removed from the lake this time, Kreacher ’s wish would not happen in the future …

As I thought in my mind, Ivan did not forget to restrain the two house elf, Dobby and Kreacher, and ordered them not to contradict each other in this operation, so as not to delay the business.

Dobby will certainly not violate Ivan ’s orders.

Considering that this action is related to Regulus, Kreacher has also been quiet. Although watching Dobby looks like harm ­ful in ­sect, at least it is not foul-mouthed in the background.

“Sirius, it’s too late now. If you don’t want to get into the dark at night, we’d better hurry up!” Lupin looked at the sky outside and reminded him involuntarily.

“Okay, let’s go!” Sirius didn’t want to delay for a moment, and asked Kreacher to take them to their destination.

Only Kreacher has been to the cave here. They must be carried by Kreacher to reach the exact location.

In order to save magic power, the transmission was divided into two. Kreacher first took away Sirius and Lupin, and when it came back, there was already a little sweat on the forehead.

“Do you need a break?” Ivan asked worriedly.

“House elf doesn’t need a break, sir!” Kreacher hurriedly took the head and said humbly.

Ivan noticed that after the destruction of Horcrux, Kreacher’s attitude towards himself was greatly changed, and without the disgusting look of at first, there was a little gratitude in his words.

Ivan laughed, stretched out his hand, and held it with Kreacher.

Dobby on the side also extended his hand.

Kreacher’s face showed a disgusted expression, screaming loudly as if stimulated by something. “Go away, don’t touch me, you stinking Insect!”

Dobby dragged her ears and stretched her hands to seem a bit not knowing what to do. Ivan had to take the initiative to pull Dobby and then ordered Kreacher to perform Disapparation.

With a whirl of the sky, by the time Ivan came back to his senses again, he was already standing in a strange place, seeming to be on the edge of a cliff, facing the sea that could not be seen at a glance.

The salty and damp sea breeze slowly passed by, bringing a trace of coolness, and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks was constantly echoed in the ear.

Sirius and Lupin are not far away, discussing something.

“Why don’t you take us directly into the cave?” Ivan strangely looked towards Kreacher. He thought Kreacher would take them with a swish and go to Regulus where Inferius was dragged into the water.

“Kreacher can’t sense it directly, sir!” the old house elf gasped slightly, very frustrated.

Ivan ordered nodded, it seems that Voldemort applied some shielding magic there.

“Kreacher, how do we go now?” Sirius interrupted the conversation between the two and looked towards Kreacher.

“Just go in from there, and you’ll be there in a while!” Kreacher turned his head, pointing to the narrow crack under the cliff on the right, and replied.

“What are you waiting for? I’m going to find the way first. You all follow me!” Sirius jumped the wand in his mouth without a word, and jumped directly into the sea, swimming towards the dark crack.

Ivan stretched out wand and nodded his head, blessed himself with a Bubble-Head Charm, and jumped into the water followed along.

A few people went straight through the dark gaps, and followed the narrowly secret thoughts on both sides. All around became darker and darker, and only faint light could shine through the gaps behind them.

It took about a few minutes to swim like this, before swimming to the end. Ivan struggled to climb the steps, and the whole body was wet and uncomfortable.

“Lumos ~ (Lumos)” Sirius’s voice sounded not far away, the dazzling white light spread out toward all directions centering on wand, illuminating everything around.

This is how everyone understands that they are in a closed cave. All around the rock walls are covered with mud and green moss, which looks very desolate.

“Are you sure this is it? Kreacher?” Lupin looked around, and there was nothing but stone in the cave.

The old house elf ordered nodded, but after more than ten years, it only remembered that the entrance needed blood to open, and the location of the secret door was in front, but it was forgotten.

“Shall we try it or not? Since Voldemort is equipped with protection, it must not be easily broken!” Ivan thought about it and suggested.

“Good idea!” Sirius did it when he thought about it, and immediately waved wand to shoot a few beams, hitting different positions on the stone wall in front of him, and exploded the pits of each and everyone.

“Diffindo!” Ivan is also helping, but this time magic not at all works, and the spell disappears directly on the stone wall.

Sirius and Lupin laughed, and it looks like this!

Ivan stepped forward, looking at the uneven stone wall in front of him, thinking of the scene that Dumbledore sensed and probed in the original time and space, and then tried to touch it gently with his hand.

The feel of the walls of the cave is very rough. Ivan entered some magic power into it, but was rejected, and there was no strangeness in the light.

It disappoints Ivan a little bit. The magic that Voldemort imposes on it is very brilliant, and it’s not something he can see through.

If he is not familiar with the plot and has the direction of Kreacher, he will definitely not be able to crack it …

Ivan sighed in his heart that the little complacency brought about by the frustration of Sirius was left behind, and it seems that he still has a big gap with the Dark Lord at the peak period.

“Ivan, what are you doing?” Sirius and Lupin looked at Ivan’s movements strangely and asked very confusedly.

Ivan returned to sobered up now, and looked at the two men with dubious faces, their faces remained unchanged, and they were replied casually. “I’m investigating the trend of magic power. Since some magic has been used here, it will always leave some traces!”

“Can you detect traces of use spell by perception alone?” Lupin not at all doubted Ivan’s words, but looked at him in surprise.

“True didn’t expect you have grown to this point!” Lupin was also a bit ashamed when he was emotional. He estimated that he would not reach this level in his life.

Ivan was embarrassed for a while, he actually did n’t feel anything just now, just learned Dumbledore to say that ’s all casually.

“cough cough… the key to open this door should be blood, who are we?” Ivan couldn’t bear the gaze of Lupin and Sirius, he quickly coughed twice and changed the subject.

“With Kreacher’s blood!” The old house elf stood up excitedly, grabbed a sharp gravel from the ground, and cut his wrist.

But at this moment Lupin reached out to stop Kreacher’s behavior.

“Stop, Kreacher! You have consumed enough just now, and you have to take us out with Dobby later, you need to maintain enough magic power and physical strength!” Lupin said.

“Then use me …” Sirius stepped forward, but was interrupted by Lupin before he had finished speaking.

“no! Sirius, you ca n’t do that either. The magic you want to use also needs a lot of blood, so I ’ll do it this time! Do n’t forget, my recovery ability is better than yours!” Lupin is very good It was said firmly, and then put wand on his wrist.

next moment, the dim light lit up at the top of wand.

Sirius could n’t stop it at all. A large amount of scarlet red blood flowed from Lupin ’s wrist, as if guided by magic power, it generally went up the dark stone wall and dyed it bright red.

“Remus! It ’s all from me to start to finish, you do n’t have to be like this!” Sirius sighed, looking at Lupin who had lost too much blood and his face became paler.

Kreacher sobbed aside, and now Lupin reminds him of Regulus …

It was here more than ten years ago that it was constantly begging Master Regulus to use his blood to open the stone gate, but it was rejected by the young Master …

Ivan looked at the continuously blood, pulled out of the wound of Lupin’s wrist by magic power, and couldn’t help being frowned.

When Dumbledore cracked this level in the original time and space, it should not have used so much blood …

or is Voldemort ’s sacrifice, not just blood, but the magic power contained in the blood. Lupin ’s blood quality is far inferior to Dumbledore, so it needs to consume more?

But think about it right.

If this were not the case, Voldemort would n’t want to sacrifice his men when he was hiding Horcrux, just grab a muggle, why risk the exposure and ask Regulus for a house elf to be a victim.

The blood transfusion lasted for a while, and a dazzling white light suddenly appeared on the stone wall. The white light could vaguely see the appearance of an arch.

The remaining blood was gradually absorbed. The whole cave was shaking slowly, and the front door was opened, revealing a doorway. It was dark and could not see anything.

Ivan immediately stepped forward to cast a healing spell and healed the wound on Lupin’s wrist.

But due to a lot of blood loss, Lupin’s look pale was a little scary, and his body swayed a little before he stood firm.

“Are you all right? Lupin?” Sirius hurried up to support him, and asked with concern.

Lupin shook the head, indicating that he has nothing to do.

“Let’s go quickly … I’m not sure how long this door will open!” Lupin reminded.

Sirius’ growing guilt, solemn pats Lupin’s shoulders, and then strode wand into the open door.

Ivan followed behind Sirius and walked in. There was another hole behind the cave. The whole mountain was hollowed out, and the interior space was amazing.

In front of them was a huge black lake that was so wide and wide that they could n’t see the opposite shore at a glance. They were standing on the shore now.

Ivan unable to bear moved a few steps forward, crouched down and brought the glowing wand close to the lake. The white light reflected in the dead lake below, but could not penetrate, only to see the black paint underneath A piece of …

“The water quality here is too bad. I’m afraid it’s difficult to see clearly when we go down …” Ivan stood up anxiously, lowering his voice as much as possible, and said softly.

To be honest, knowing that there are countless Inferius underneath, you still have to infiltrate to fish down the corpse, which is a fool’s thing, but unfortunately, he must be a fool this time.

Sirius also felt deeply worried, which was more difficult than he had originally thought.

gu lu gu lu…

The calm lake suddenly sounded the sound of gu lu lu ’s water, and in the faint fluorescence extending from the wand, a pale rotten hand extended from the bottom of the dark lake, covering the whole lake …

Ivan and the others who saw this scene filled with a chill, they all know that there are definitely a lot of Inferius, but they do n’t know how much it is.

“How many people did Voldemort kill?” Ivan looked at the pale arms densely distributed like lotus roots in the pond, wondering if Voldemort had slaughtered a small town of muggles, otherwise impossible made such a huge Inferius Legion.

“Come on, drink it! This potion can hide our vitality and make us look like dead people in a short time.” Sirius’s face changed, and he hurriedly took out a few bottles of dark green potion from the pocket of the wizard robe , Distributed to everyone.

Lupin, Kreacher, and Dobby took it without hesitation, and Ivan also took a bottle, opened the potion stopper, and poured it in one bite.

Dark green potion is very bitter at the entrance. It is like expired and forgot to put sugar coffee. After swallowing, the stomach is burned by flames, and the pain is endless.

After a while, the pain gradually disappeared, and a cold feeling spread throughout the body. Ivan felt that the blood in his body seemed to be frozen, and even the heartbeat became very weak …

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