Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 504


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Ivan tried to raise his hand, the movement was more stiff than usual, and waved wand again, and found that the operation of magic power was not at all hindered, so he turned around and looked at Sirius and the others with confidence.

At this time, Sirius and Lupin have already drunk the potion. They have a bluish complexion and a depressing expression. They are not like living people at all.

“Great, they are back, it seems that this medicine is useful!” Lupin looked at the lake with a stiff expression and said in a hoarse voice.

Ivan also looked over. In the faint fluorescence of wand, the pale arm stretched out from the lake slowly fell silent.

Soon, the black lake returned to its previous calm.

But whether it is Ivan, Sirius or Lupin, looking at the calm lake in front of me is a bit daunting.

Just judging from the number of arms that have just emerged, there are probably hundreds of Inferius in the fluorescent coverage area …

And the whole lake ca n’t be seen, Ivan eagerly hopes that most of the Inferius in the whole lake will be attracted here, otherwise, the number of Inferius will be more terrifying than he thought …

Hundreds … thousands … thousands?

Or …

Ivan dared not think about it anymore, it was a number that he could not accept.

After calming down the emotion a little, Ivan remembered something again and turned towards Sirius and Lupin instead, saying apologetically.

“I’m sorry, it seems that I was careless just now, and I suddenly illuminate the lake and startled them …”

“No, don’t blame you! It’s not the problem of light, we still maintain the effect of the lighting spell, but they are not close, which shows that it is not the light that attracts their attention.” Sirius motioned stiffly the head Analyzed calmly.

“There should be too many people coming in!”

Lupin’s voice rang, and he took Sirius’ words and continued. “Kreacher told us that it had accompanied Voldemort and Regulus in. At that time, the Inferius at the bottom of the lake were not at all moving.”

“So two people are safe. This is the limit set by Voldemort. An intruder carries a victim!” Ivan mobilized the memory from his mind, guessing.

Voldemort certainly does not want someone to steal his Horcrux, but considering the possibility of transferring Horcrux in the future, some restrictions must be released, such as allowing two people to come in!

If the limit of the number of intruders breaks through, the huge number of Inferius tides will overwhelm the intruders.

However, thanks to Kreacher, they knew the situation here in advance, prepared the corresponding potion, shielded their vitality, and let the Inferius underwater sense that the number of living creatures on the shore was zero, and then they fell silent again.

“Yes, that’s probably it!” Sirius ordered nodded, but remembering Regulus’s experience, hesitated again.

“I do n’t think it ’s safe even if two people come in, because Regulus was finally dragged off the water. That means that once someone drinks the potion placed in the center, the Inferius will become restless and attack all who are close to the water Creatures and overturn their ships! “

On a lone island in the middle of the lake, with a potion drunk, facing hundreds or even thousands of Inferius, what a desperate sight should be, not to mention the normal intruders have to row in a boat Go out and fight Inferius on the lake!

Thinking of this, Ivan is not fortunate that he does n’t have to do such a dangerous thing.

Although what they are doing now may be more dangerous than this …

Just as the three people analyzed the limitations in the cave, Kreacher was also trying to remember how to raise the boat.

The old house elf went round and round, and finally stopped on the right bank, staring blankly around.

“That ship should be near here, gentlemen! That chain may be invisible, Kreacher can’t see it!” Kreacher reached out and grabbed in the sky, but it might be that it was too short, Not at all.

“Aparecium ~ (Aparecium)” Sirius lifted the wand and waved it. The magic power wave passed from the top of the wand to all directions. The water wave on the lake surface slightly waved, but nothing happened.

“The magic set by Voldemort personally must not be so easily broken! Let’s find it carefully!” Lupin shook the head, flicking his hand in midair, looking for the chain hidden in the sky.

Ivan also stepped forward to help, but he found nothing, which made him frowned, wondering whether the method they were thinking about was right.

What did Dumbledore do in the original space-time? Grab the chain in the sky and pull it out?

How should I catch it?

After a lapse of many years, Ivan ’s memory in this regard has become somewhat fragmented. If he had n’t studied Occlumency, he could organize the memory by himself. I ’m afraid it ’s almost forgotten.

And Dumbledore’s magic level is very high. What he can do, he may not be able to do it.

No, no! How did Regulus raise the boat?

Ivan thought for a while and thought that it should not be so difficult. Regulus impossible is more powerful than them.

Ivan thoughts move, try to attach magic power to your hand, and continue to explore as before. After a moment, the palm touched a cold, long, hard object.

“I found it!” Ivan called out Sirius and Lupin who were still looking for, and then pulled his hands hard.

in the sky suddenly sounded Ding Dang Dang Dang, that was the last straightening of the chain across the ground, and then a thick green copper chain suddenly emerged from the depths of the lake and wrapped around Ivan like a snake On the arm.

Ivan struggled to step back step by step to pull the boat out. His expression was very difficult, his face changed, and he almost let go, because he realized that his magic power was being swallowed quickly.

Sirius and Lupin hurried to learn Ivan’s appearance, attached magic power to their hands, and pulled the chain to help, but they soon found that they couldn’t pull simply, and it didn’t help to try any more.

“Don’t waste your time, it will only draw my magic power!” Ivan sighed, guessing the operation mechanism of this ship.

Since so much magic power has been lost, I ca n’t give up my efforts, Ivan simply pulls the chain again, and a lot of magic power is poured into the rusty copper chain from the place where the palm touches.

When the magic power was nearly half consumed, the chain shook violently, pulling something up from the bottom of the dark lake.

It was a small boat, the bow of which looked like a ghost, and it suddenly surfaced, and the hull of the boat also floated out, emitting green light like chains, and moved towards them.

Strangely, the Black Lake is still calm, as if the ship does not exist, just their illusion.

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