Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 505


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Seeing that the ship was finally raised, Ivan relaxed and loosened the chain, but then sensed the magic power within the body, and his face became dark again.

“How is it? Are you okay, Ivan?” Sirius said worriedly.

“I’m fine, I only consumed half the magic power!” Ivan shook the head, explaining.

In the original time and space Dumbledore was right, Voldemort expected the intruder to make corresponding sacrifices at every link, weakened like a frog in warm water, until finally unable to resist and drown in the lake.

First, open the door to draw blood, which consumes a lot of physical strength and a small amount of magic power.

After the boat is raised, half of the magic power needs to be consumed again, and finally rowing all the way to the small island in the middle, you still have to face the problem of not drinking medicine.

Ivan can only sigh that Voldemort ’s horror is really extraordinary, so it ’s better to give the intruder a pleasure …

Their group of three plus two elves came in and shared with each other, both of them were in poor condition. How exactly did unimaginable Regulus stick to the whole process.

“Is this the ship? It doesn’t look too strong, should it sink halfway?” Lupin stepped forward and tapped gently with wand.

“It shouldn’t be! Voldemort must be counting on himself to come back in the future. I believe he doesn’t want to fall into the lake halfway!” Ivan said.

Lupin and Sirius both ordered nodded and felt relieved.

Ivan continued to speak. “As for the operation mechanism of this ship, I have guessed some. It draws half of my magic power for operation. According to the judgment we just made, it will probably allow me to sit up!”

“Two of you? This is not good news, how much do you weigh?” Sirius frowned.

“I mean magic power!” Ivan rolled the eyes angrily, “Voldemort doesn’t consider weight! It only considers how much magic power crosses the Black Lake! And my magic power is no worse than the adult wizard Less, so this boat can accommodate two adult wizards to cross the lake together .. “

Ivan believes that the copper chain just took his magic power and supplied it to the ship to run, and it was also measuring how much magic power he had!

According to the rules, one person brings a victim, so there must be two subpoenas in exchange for Regulus to board the ship with the Kreacher equivalent to his magic power.

The amount of magic power absorbed probably has a limit. If you change to Dumbledore, you wo n’t be able to get half the magic power.

However, correspondingly, the boat can’t fit two of them, so the old professor only mistakenly judged that the boat is exclusively for one person.

Finally Dumbledore was able to take Harry with him on the boat, completely because of the magic power not worth mentioning Harry ’s compared to the magic power he sacrificed.

“That is to say, only two people can get on the boat, the other people must stay here?” Sirius’s expression is not pretty.

“It should be like this … I ’ll go with you anyway! Professor Lupin just put a lot of blood on it. It ’s hard to do if you do n’t have enough energy when you go to the lake. It ’s better to stay on shore to support us.” Explained.

Even if you lose a lot of magic power, it will not affect the battle strength. You can only say that the endurance is worse.

However, Lupin is different. The blood consumed when opening the door may be thousands of milliliters. Not to mention salvaging the corpse in this state, it is good not to be salvaged.

“Is there no other way to cross the lake?” Lupin is also well aware of his physical condition, but he is not worried about Ivan doing this dangerous thing.

He looked at the Black Lake in front unwillingly, wondering if he could transform another boat.

“I’m afraid that ordinary ships cannot sail on it, but we can try this!” Ivan thought about it, waving a wand against a black rock on the shore.

The hard rock suddenly softened and changed its shape as if it was kneaded by an invisible large hand.

A moment later, a strong eagle appeared in front of everyone. It made a low chirping sound, and then fluttered its wings vigorously towards the center of the black lake.

Sirius who saw the form of Ivan Animagus immediately guessed what he meant. If he can fly over the lake, then Ivan can completely change into the form of owl and follow the boat, leaving an empty space to take one more person!

The majestic eagle flew across the lake, and the sky seemed not at all dangerous.

However, before waiting for everyone to be happy, I saw this eagle suddenly planted in the water, threw a few hard times, and was caught by the hands stretched out of the water, and dragged into the dark lake .

Looking at this scene, Ivan’s mouth is twitched from unable to bear.

He ’s pretty sure that the forbidden magic was imposed there, but it was insidiously imposed on the second half of the lake. If someone thought they could slip past the broomstick without taking a boat, they would fall into the lake halfway.

“Okay, it seems that Voldemort not at all left some holes for us to drill …” Sirius helpless sighed, and then stepped onto the boat.

The ship sank almost halfway, and after Ivan got on board, he sank again, but there seemed to be so little room left.

Ivan discovered this keenly, and when he thought about it, he realized that because he had consumed half of the magic power, he was vacant.

Thinking of this, he looked towards the old house elf on the shore and said. “Kreacher, how much magic power do you have now, if it is less than half, you can try it up!”

“Is this too risky?” Lupin wanted to stop it, but Kreacher had climbed up and the boat swayed a few times, not at all sinking.

“That’s exactly the same as I thought!” Ivan was not surprised at all. Kreacher used Disapparation many times before, still with the two, the magic power still has one third left.

Lupin shook the head does n’t agree with Ivan ’s adventurous behavior, but before they set off, he reminded him.

“Ivan, as your former Professor Against Defense Against the Dark Arts, I must take a test for you. What should we do if we encounter Inferius?”

“Use Fire-Making Charm!” Ivan thought about it and replied.

“Yes, you have always been smart, Wrahles! Inferius is afraid of light and heat!” Lupin laughed.

“But I think this not at all helps, you can’t expect me to summon the flames under the water …” Ivan said spit.

Lupin’s expression became embarrassed.

The boat carrying two people and one elf has slowly moved up and headed towards the center of the lake. Ivan only found out that he had forgotten something for Lupin when he pulled his pocket and immediately shouted at him With a bang, the reagent bottle was thrown away.

Lupin quickly reached out and took it. Looking down at a brown potion, he was puzzled and heard Ivan’s voice coming from afar.

“If you are in danger, drink this bottle of potion and turn into a werewolf!”

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