Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 506

Ivan did not rush to follow, hesitated, and waved wand gently. A slight fluorescence appeared on the ground at the base of the stone basin, and they joined together to form a line of words, and soon fell silent again.

He releases a trigger magic there, which will appear as soon as someone approaches the text to remind the visitor.

Lest Dumbledore find it all the way after they leave.

Of course, it may also be seen by Voldemort, which would be very interesting.

Ivan laughed and turned away without hesitation.

At this time, Sirius was squatting on the ground with a serious expression. The wrist of his left hand was scratched. A large amount of blood dripped on the ground and was drawn into a weird pattern.

Ivan stood silently watching this scene, and was not surprised.

Sirius told him before that there is a Bloodline connection between the biological brothers, and he can use a magic to strengthen this connection in a short time, so as to locate the location of Regulus.

However, this is obviously a kind of dark magic. I do n’t know which book Sirius came from. It seems to be quite restrictive, otherwise Sirius does n’t have to come to this island to complete the ceremony.

It took about two minutes. Sirius drew the pattern, and the right hand was pressed on it, with obscure spells in his mouth.

The blood on the ground immediately reacted, as if living up the palm of your hand, and gathered on the back of Sirius’s hand to form a similar pattern, which looked like a bloody tattoo, glowing red light.

“Great, he is still there!” Sirius said with a trembling body, very excited.

Magic ’s success proves that Regulus ’body is still there, and it ’s well preserved, not torn into pieces by the Inferius, and merged into the lake, otherwise it ’s undetectable.

Sirius couldn’t help the excitement in his heart, he applied a Bubble-Head Charm to himself, and then clenched wand tightly into the dark lake.

Ivan didn’t even have time to stop it, helplessly patted his forehead.

In his opinion, before going to the lake, at least have to discuss the strategies to deal with various crises, and then check if there is any problem with the lake water … instead of going so rashly …

But by this time Kreacher had also jumped off the lake. He was pulled too far and could not find anyone. Ivan could only follow along.

“It’s so cold!”

Ivan’s body sank into the lake, and Ivan immediately felt something was wrong. It was summer, and the water in the Black Lake was cold like cold winter.

And all around black paint, only to vaguely see something in front of him.

“Lumos ~ (Lumos)” Ivan waved the wand lightly, a light shining from the top of the wand and spreading toward all directions.

Ivan was shocked when he saw the surroundings. A corpse lay in front of him, to be precise, a male corpse with open eyes.

Ivan can clearly see the blistered, puffy face, and the eyes protruding from the ordinary people, who are staring at themselves.

Almost Ivan launched an attack. Fortunately, he remembered that after drinking potion in time, he was similar to Inferius in physical characteristics. The other party It shouldn’t be attacking himself, otherwise he would have rushed.

Thinking of this, Ivan felt more at ease. He tried to get closer, but the latter did n’t do anything, as if he was really dead,

Inferius didn’t move until he got close, trembling, and then sank directly.

Ivan is a little thoughtful, it seems that Lupin is right, Inferius ca n’t help but fear the heat, but also the rays of light.

Confirming this, Ivan is not taking care of each other, trying to swim towards another dark spot in the Black Lake, Inferius will not use magic, this rays of light must have been made by Sirius.

The closer you are, the more and more Inferius around you.

Men, women, old people, children have all kinds of corpses. Obviously he guessed right before. Voldemort must have slaughtered a small town of muggle, otherwise the magic circle in England alone could not have so many corpses.

And these Inferius float in the lake either scattered or dense, motionless.

Ivan swims forward while carefully paying attention to all around Inferius, and sometimes even has to push away some obstacles, or go through the middle of several Inferius.

I did n’t know how long it was. When Ivan somewhat numb with hands and feet frozen, I finally saw Sirius.

He is not far in front, and the mark on the back of his right hand is exposing scarlet rays of light, which means that Regulus ’body is in the vicinity.

However, this kind of magic obviously cannot be accurately positioned, so Sirius was forced to swim in front of each and everyone Inferius to check their faces.

Ivan also helped to find together, holding wand relying on the faint light to distinguish each face where his eyes were.

While looking at them, Ivan found that all Inferius seemed to be staring at themselves and Sirius, too. The pair of bubbles soaked into the puffy face and sunken eyes.

He understood that this was due to the light spell, which attracted the attention of these Inferiuss, but their IQ was very low and they could not determine that they were living, so they fell into such a downtime state.

Ivan ca n’t be sure when these Inferius will find something wrong, and then pounce, and it is impossible to stop releasing the magic spell of lighting, and can only choose to speed up the action.

Sirius showed him Regulus’s portrait before he came. If the other party was not disfigured by the lake water, he should still be able to tell.

“Master Regulus!”

As Ivan recognized it carefully, a faint, fuzzy voice came into his ears, and Ivan turned sharply to look over. It was Kreacher who made the sound.

This old house elf does n’t know what magic is used. Without Bubble-Head Charm, he can stay underwater for so long, and even open his mouth to talk.

But Ivan is not paying attention to this now, because Kreacher apparently discovered something, and is now very excited to swim forward.

Ivan followed along without hesitation. In the distance, I saw Kreacher hugged a body at the bottom of the lake.

It was a young male corpse, lying quietly on the bottom of the lake, motionless, wearing a dark green robe, and wearing a conspicuous black badge on his chest.

It was close to some Ivan to see that it was Black ’s family crest, consisting of a five-pointed star and a dagger shield embedded in it, and two leaping gray dogs beside it.

With this alone, Ivan can confirm that this is Regulus!

Although he found someone, he didn’t at any joy, and Sirius beside him couldn’t be happy at all, because Regulus, like those Inferius, opened his eyes, stared at them, stared at the light!

Ivan suddenly understood that the scene they least wanted to see happened, and Regulus was converted to Inferius!

Sirius’ body trembles a little, and I don’t know if it’s anger or unbelievable. Fortunately, without anger, he loses his level of reason and opens his mouth to let Kreacher release quickly.

It was just a step slower. Regulus, who was originally motionless like a corpse, suddenly moved after being embraced by Kreacher. The hands of puffy white Sensen pinched the house elf’s neck like iron tongs.

Kreacher patronizes with excitement, and is completely unprepared for Regulus, even after being pinched to the neck, he does not resist, but feels that this is Master Regulus’ punishment for himself.

But in these decades, Regulus, which has been completely transformed into Inferius, does n’t understand what it means to stay.

Kreacher rolled his eyes quickly after being pinched, and the magic that had been on his body could not keep falling apart, and a large amount of lake water poured directly into his mouth and nose.

“PetrificusTotalus! (Petrificus Totalus)” Seeing that the situation was critical, Sirius immediately timed out the release of the light curse, and quickly waved wand.

A white beam passed through the water and hit Regulus.

Regulus’s white, puffy, swollen skin suddenly turned gray, maintaining his original posture, and his hand movements stopped.

Ivan seized the opportunity and grabbed Kreacher, rescued it from Regulus’s hands, and applied a Bubble-Head Charm to it in time to prevent it from drowning.

However, the situation not at all improved, and Sirius attacked Regulus, just like the taboo was triggered, and the Inferius who were all standing still all around suddenly became restless.

Several Inferius, very close to Sirius, reached out and grabbed his clothes, arms, and more Inferius swam over moved towards Ivan with face looks sinister.

Ivan is very anxious. He understands that Sirius ’release of magic attacks on Inferius must have triggered some kind of limitation. Now Inferius no longer regards them as similar.

“Sectumsempra … (Sectumsempra)” Ivan waved wand and wanted to use spell to rescue Sirius, but the latter shook the head at him, and the mouth under the Bubble-Head Charm package said one by one.

Close your eyes! Ivan read the vocabulary from Sirius’ mouth shape, and he immediately reacted, closing his eyes.

next moment, the dazzling light shines from the top of Sirius ’wand, just like a supernova shining in the dark universe, Ivan can feel the intensity of this light with his eyes closed.

Inferius, who bound Sirius, released him, and hundreds of Inferius who had originally moved towards them also fled in the opposite direction in fear.

After the rays of light gradually receded, Ivan eyes opened and found that besides the petrified Regulus, no other Inferius could be seen.

Ivan could n’t help feeling that Sirius was reckless, and he was still a little swift. He could n’t use Fire-Making Charm under the water, but greatly strengthening Lumos also had the effect of dispelling Inferius.

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