Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 507


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Sirius dispelled Inferius with an enhanced version of the light spell, which impressed Ivan.

It is extremely difficult to dispose of hundreds of Inferius underwater. Ivan estimates that he can only do this by transforming into Basilisk. However, he is not at all so much magic power.

However, the Light Mantra is a permanent cure, and those who have been expelled from Inferius may come back at any time.

In addition to the black lake ’s greatly reduced range of light spells, it takes more magic power than usual to dispel these Inferius, so it wo n’t take a few times.

Sirius knew very well that he was not out of danger, so he pulled up the petrified Regulus, greeted Ivan, and struggling forward.

Ivan also dragged his belly into the lake, and now Kreacher followed along.

They are now far away from the island, so no one is going back, they can only go to the black one way, hoping to swim directly to the shore.

It’s just that there are too many Inferius along the way. Sirius and Ivan can only alternately use bright spells to disperse the Inferius who are coming together.

The cold lake water is constantly consuming their physical strength. Ivan does n’t know how long he has been swimming. The magic power within the body is not much left, and his body is almost numb.

Ivan gazed at the surroundings except darkness or darkness, and even wondered if Sirius was lost. They might be drowned in the lake today.

Fortunately, it turned out that Sirius had a good sense of direction. After a while, Ivan was keenly aware that he could already see the bottom of the lake, and the reef-laden lake bank in front also entered his line of sight.

Sirius swimming ahead released another enhanced light spell, swimming all the way to the shore, grabbing the groove of a rock, climbing up neatly, and turning Regulus and Kreacher with the help of Ivan Pull it up.

“Hurry, give me your hand!” Sirius settled Regulus and Kreacher, and hurried to pull Ivan to bring him together.

At this moment, a wet, incredibly pale hand suddenly stretched out of the lake and grabbed Ivan’s thigh tightly, trying to drag him off the lake.

Ivan looked down and grabbed herself by a female corpse, her mouth wide open, her face grim, her eyes full of madness.

“Sectumsempra! (Sectumsempra)” Ivan waved wand without hesitation.

The invisible magic power blade was cut directly from her large open mouth, and half of her body was cut off. The residual limbs and internal organs directly hit the lake, but there was no trace of blood flowing strangely.

Without the hindrance of Inferius, Sirius successfully pulled Ivan ashore, staring at his pale and bloodless face, Sirius asked with some concern. “Are you all right? Ivan?”

“I’m fine, but I think we need to be faster!” Ivan shook the head, turned towards the Black Lake. In shallow mist, more and more Inferius climbed out of the lake.

“Kreacher, can you teleport the three of us at once?” Sirius asked.

Kreacher hesitated for a while, and finally gritted his teeth and said that he could send up to two people at once!

Ivan and Sirius are a bit disappointed, unless they are willing to give up Regulus, otherwise it is impossible to rely on an elf Kreacher alone.

Because Kreacher said clearly before coming in, it ca n’t sense the inside of the cave, which means there is no second chance to teleport.

Unless they are willing to swim in through the cracks of the rock as they did when they arrived, but in these delays, Inferius may have devoured the person who stayed.

“It seems that we have to find Professor Lupin and Dobby soon!” Ivan said, and the two house elf should be able to transport the four of them together.

Although they are on the shore now, they are not at the place where they took the boat, but on one side of this huge black lake, the mist spread all around is also blocking the connection between each other.

“Let’s try to make some movements to let Lupin know that we have landed!” Sirius soon thought of a solution. He waved wand to the Inferius that gradually surrounded him.

“Incendio! (Incendio)”

A blaze burst from the top of Sirius wand and hit one of Inferius’s bodies. However, only a small flame ignited in the end, and it was extinguished automatically before the other party was ignited.

“Have you all used up your magic power? Sirius?” Ivan unable to bear smiled.

“No, I just used a lot of magic power to perform this magic!” Sirius’s expression was very serious, and there was no joke at all.

The smile on Ivan ’s face paused, and I tried to use Fire-Making Charm once, which was originally enough to make a sea of ​​magic, but now it turned into a faint flare.

He immediately realized that Voldemort restricted Fire-Making Charm!

Just like Harry could n’t create a stream of water out of thin air in the middle of the island anyway, the flame magic was also limited and weakened.

Inferius even knew they were afraid of fire and light. How could Voldemort neglect this?

The Bright Mantra can be used freely and can be explained by the need for lighting in the dark caves, but it is not limited to Fire-Making Charm, a weapon for Inferius.

No matter how Voldemort splits his soul, he is not so stupid …

In the original time and space, Dumbledore was able to successfully release this magic, mostly because of his superb magic level and the hand-held Elder Wand, Voldemort’s careful layout naturally had little effect on him.

“Reducto! Stufefy!” Sirius knocked down a large number of Inferius in consecutive magic.

Ivan released a very strong light, intending to force these Inferius back, and looked towards Lupin to mark his position.

It ’s just not at all, it ’s getting better, countless Inferius are climbing the rocks from the black lake endlessly, moving towards them step by step, walking towards them step by step, using that empty hole full of desire and crazy eyes Staring at the two of them.

Ivan does n’t think their magic power can solve such a huge Inferius group.

Thinking hard about the way to break the game, he suddenly realized that he had a chance to bless magic, which might give him a breakthrough limitation.

But there is only one chance like this. The blessing on Fire-Making Charm is a bit worthless, and it is impossible to solve so many Inferius in one go.

Ivan could n’t help but think of the Fiendfyre Curse I saw in “Secrets of the Darkest Art”!

The kind of dark magic that uses everything that can be burned as fuel to achieve self-proliferation!

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