Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 508


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Thinking of this, Ivan no longer hesitates, according to the method given in the book, the emotions of destruction and destruction are gathered into flames!

What surprised Ivan a little was that it was easier than he thought. With the lightening of the strengthened engraved one after another engraved on the wand, a heart-wrenching fiery fire came from the top of the wand Floating out, swelled up quickly …

“Reducto! (Reducto)” Sirius waved wand and flew a few Inferius who tried to get close, and then panted hard, witnessing those Inferius who lacked arms and legs, and even had their heads halfway off the ground again climb up.

It’s not a way to go on like this. Just when Sirius was anxious, he felt a flash of fire in the back.

He tilted his head and saw a large flame of Crimson sweeping away from his side, hit the Inferius group, and exploded!

Like fire and rain, the little Fiendfyre spread quickly, and after contaminating Inferius, the flame quickly rose up, and the Inferius of each and everyone became a torch!

The amazing number of Inferius has no resistance to Fiendfyre. For a time, it has become the best fuel. It has repeatedly fuelled the fire, and soon the sporadic flames spread into a sea of ​​fire …

A large number of Fiendfyre spontaneously gathered together and turned into a Phoenix, screaming with a scream, which sounded like the sound of the crackle when Inferius was burned and burst.

“Is this Fiendfyre?” Sirius recognized it all at once, and when he fought with that group of Death Eaters, he dealt with this kind of flame.

Because of this, Sirius looked at Ivan suspiciously, not knowing why Ivan was so dangerous magic.

“I happened to see it in that book when I was looking for Horcrux materials. Didn’t expect this will just work!” Ivan explained at random, the tone was particularly relaxed, and summon came out of Inferius around Fiendfyre There is no threat to him.

Ivan flicked wand gently, and Fiendfyre ’s phoenix fluttered his wings, following his movements, and flocked to the masses of Inferius entrenched behind him.

Inferius who were afraid of the flames showed a distorted expression on their faces, but they had no time to escape, and they collided with Phoenix, composed of Fiendfyre.

zi zi The roar of the roasted meat echoed on the bank of the blazing lake. A large number of Inferius seemed to plunge into the furnace. The flames hot enough to burn the soul covered their whole bodies.

When Fiendfyre Phoenix passed by, hundreds of Inferius fell down on the ground screaming with fire and then swallowed by Fiendfyre …

Sirius saw all this in his eyes, but there was no slight emotion on his face. He solemnly looked towards Ivan and reminded him.

“Fiendfyre is a kind of dark magic that is very dangerous and easy to get out of control. You ’d better not use it. I ’ve seen a dark wizard die by Fiendfyre backlash released by himself. There is a reason! “

After reading the book, you can learn Fiendfyre Curse, which shows that Ivan ’s dark magic innate talent is very high, so Sirius is very worried that Ivan will indulge in the destructive power of dark magic powerful.

Ivan’s expression became more serious. Although he didn’t answer the question, in the process of directing Fiendfyre to destroy Inferius, he realized that Fiendfyre is not as gentle and obedient as other magics, but it is unusually irritable.

Especially after turning hundreds of Inferius into nourishment, Fiendfyre ’s phoenix has swelled to ten several meters long. Without his command, he split out a small Phoenix near the active attack Inferius is constantly growing on his own.

Ivan has n’t used Fiendfyre before, but it was with magic props, and Fiendfyre from summon had no chance to expand to this point.

He does not quite clear Is this the effect of the enhanced magical blessing, but if he did n’t do it before, he could not release Fiendfyre Curse in this place that limits the magic of flames!

Woo …

Just when Ivan barely overcame Fiendfyre so that it would not get out of control, a deep, long wolf howling came from not far away.

“Great, Professor Lupin!” Ivan turned his head and looked over, his face suddenly showing surprise, they could finally leave.

In a moment, a tall werewolf with gray and black fur ran from the left vacancy that was not covered by Fiendfyre.

Several short-eyed Inferius stopped in front of him, but he was slapped by his palms, just like a bottle gourd. He rolled on the ground a few times.

And the tall werewolf simply ignored these Inferius, a few high jumps reached the front of the two, glanced at Regulus, which was carried by Sirius, and his mouth full of fangs closed one by one and said.

“It seems that your actions are going smoothly?”

“Yeah, the process will be a little harder than you think!” Ivan shrugged, helpless spit.

“Wait … Lupin ?! How did you become a werewolf? I remember it shouldn’t be full moon today?” Sirius was very surprised. For the first time, he knew that wewolwolf could be transformed when it was not .

“This is about to ask Ivan. I do n’t know the specific reason.” Lupin is also confused. He just drank the bottle of potion according to the instructions and tried to transform it. Did n’t expect really If you succeed, you can stay sensible.

Sirius turned his eyes curiously to Ivan.

“I don’t think it’s time to chat now, we’d better leave sooner!” Ivan not at all replied, but looked towards the increasingly large Fiendfyre Phoenix.

After swallowing thousands of Inferius, Fiendfyre Phoenix has swelled to several dozen meters long, continuously splitting out more flames and spreading towards all around, which is very difficult to control.

What worries Ivan more is that nearby Inferius has been burned to ashes, and more Inferius is afraid of the flames hiding in the lake, and there seems to be nothing to burn except for them nearby.

“What about Dobby?” Ivan glanced left and right anxiously.

“Dobby… Dobby is here, sir!”

Ivan ’s tone barely fell, a green-skinned house elf gasping for breath ran out of Lupin ’s back, and it was obviously not easy to catch up with a werewolf by its short legs.

“You are fine if you are fine!” Ivan couldn’t help relaxed, and at the same time he was relaxed, his control of Fiendfyre was weakened again.

Large flames have spread towards this side, surrounded by them.

Ivan hastened to order Dobby to take him and Lupin to send, while Sirius and Regulus will be in charge of Kreacher.

“Don’t hesitate, hurry up!” Ivan grabbed Dobby and then Lupin’s wolf claws, and Kreacher and Sirius across the road were ready.

Seeing the flames getting closer and closer, the two house elf launched teleport magic almost at the same time, and the two vortices swept everyone in.

Just one second after Ivan disappeared in place, Phoenix, which was transformed by Fiendfyre, completely lost control, directly bursting into a large sea of ​​fire, engulfing everything around …

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