Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 509


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London, 12 Grimmauld Place,

With a burst of space, a few silhouettes appear out of thin air in the living room of the old Black House.

“It ’s dangerous, we ’re almost there, I ’m afraid we wo n’t be able to come back …” Ivan was sweating coldly on his forehead. In the seconds before leaving, Fiendfyre Phoenix completely got rid of his control, if the transmission is too late Some, the consequences will be unbearable.

“Just know, you better not use this dangerous dark magic in the future …” Sirius reminded with a long heart.

Sirius feels that this magic runaway is not necessarily a good thing, because most of this can give Ivan a deep enough lesson.

Ivan solemnly nodded.

However, unlike what Sirius imagined, Ivan noticed the danger of Fiendfyre and saw the incomparable destructive power of Fiendfyre.

Thousands of Inferius used as fuel in the cave and expanded to several dozen meters long Fiendfyre Phoenix, the most powerful magic he has ever seen!

In addition to using the Form Displacement Shadow to run the road, Ivan simply could n’t find a way to suppress it.

If he can master this kind of power into actual combat, then his strength can be upgraded again. Relying on the characteristics of Fiendfyre to fight dozens of wizards at once is not impossible!

Of course, under normal circumstances Fiendfyre does not have enough nutrients impossible to swell to this point.

Before mastering the anti-curse that can restrain Fiendfyre, Ivan has no courage to use Fiendfyre on a large scale, otherwise he would perish together with his opponent by releasing this curse.

When Ivan was thinking about it, the sound of rapid footsteps came from the back room, and a familiar voice followed.

“Sirius, Ivan, Professor Lupin, great, you are finally back!” Harry excitedly stepped forward and hugged Sirius.

He felt alarmed alone in the old Black House for a long time. After hearing the movement, he ran out at the fastest speed.

When he saw that everyone was okay, Harry could not help relaxing, but Lupin, who turned into a form of werewolf, really surprised him.

Harry knew that Professor Lupin was a werewolf wizard, but he saw Lupin transformed for the first time.

Lupin also realized that it was a bit inappropriate to keep changing his shape. He looked at his two paws uncomfortably and asked awkwardly.

“Ivan, how should I change back now?”

Ivan scratched his head, and he was n’t yetwolf. How could he know that, but thinking about Fren, it was easy for them to switch back and forth in two forms, so Lupin thought about the feeling of returning to the original shape every full moon night.

Lupin tried it. When this idea appeared in his mind, his body began to react. The two pointed claws slowly retracted, the tall body quickly shrank, and the grim head turned into The original look.

“This is simply amazing!” Lupin unable to bear sighed. He realized that he could change back to werewolf as soon as he thought about it, so he eagerly looked towards Ivan and asked again.

“What is the potion you gave me before? wolfbane potion? I remember that wolfbane potion on the market should not have this effect.”

“That ’s the improved wolfbane potion that I just developed not long ago! The whoolf wizard that can drink it will have the ability to control the transformation freely within fifty days, and stay awake when it is transformed.” Ivan He started to explain, then suddenly remembered something, and continued to speak.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to say that after drinking the potion, the werewolf wizard will no longer have the ability to infect others during this time!”

“That is to say, now that I can not only transform myself at will, but also don’t have to worry about inadvertently hurting others?” Lupin stepped forward and grabbed Ivan’s wrist in two or two steps, asking excitedly.

“Yes! But medicine efficacy is only fifty days old. After this time, I have to retake the medicine.” Ivan was very nodded,

“Enough … Enough!” Lupin muttered to himself, suddenly stepped back and bowed deeply to Ivan.

“Professor Lupin, what are you doing?” Ivan didn’t anticipate Lupin’s approach at all, and quickly gave in.

“Thank you for your help to our werewolf wizard … If this kind of potion can be popularized, I think the magic circle’s werewolf will be much better.” Lupin looked at Ivan with emotion.

If he remembered correctly, Ivan only developed the wolfbane potion the year before, and it took a long time to come up with the improved wolfbane potion. It can be seen that Ivan is very interested in changing the status of their survival of these werewolf wizard.

The wizards of magic circle hate the werewolf wizard so much. In addition to losing their sanity when they are transformed each month, the more important thing is the infection ability of werewolf.

The improved wolfbane potion directly solves these two problems. If there is no time limit, Ivan can already declare that the group of werewolf has been cured.

Sirius on the side is also happy about this, and even jokingly said that if such a potion is popularized one day, werewolf may be praised by a group of fanatics.

Because there will be a large number of wizards who are in pursuit of power, they are eager to convert themselves into werewolf.

Harry does not understand the importance of improving wolfbane potion to Lupin, but this does not prevent him from being happy with him.

However, Ivan poured cold water on them. “Professor Lupin, this new improved potion needs a lot of precious materials to make it, and I am afraid it will not be popularized in a short time!”

Ivan will not sell the improved wolfbane potion because of Lupin ’s words.

He knows very well that the werewolf wizard in this group has the kind and orderly werewolf such as Fren and Lupin, but more of them are already fallen into dark wizard, relying on robbery, murder, thieves and petty wolf to survive. .

Be aware of the two wizard wars in the original time and space, most of the werewolf wizards stood firmly on the side of the Dark Lord, and they did all the work of spreading fear and creating chaos. Ivan did n’t want to strengthen his enemies. .

When Ivan said this, Lupin was somewhat disappointed, but he did n’t care too much. It ’s normal for the new potion not to be popular in a short time.

The speed at which Ivan improved the potion also made Lupin full of confidence. Maybe soon Ivan will be able to develop a potion that completely cures the werewolf.

“We will have time to talk about the wolfbane potion later. Now it ’s time to put Regulus first!” Ivan digressed and turned his attention to Regulus on Sirius ’s back,

Lupin looked at Sirius apologetically. He just patronized the wolfbane potion and he forgot the business.

Sirius certainly didn’t care. He let Ivan and Lupin wait for a while, went to the basement alone and took out a coffin, and then took them to a wasteland with Disapparation.

There are many tombs here. It seems that they have n’t taken care of them for a long time. The tombstones are covered with mud and fallen leaves. However, the inscriptions on the tombstones can be seen vaguely. All of them are buried here.

Ivan turned his head and happened to see a familiar name—Phineas · Nigellus · Black written on a tombstone beside it.

He once saw his portrait on the portrait of the headmaster room, which was the most unpopular headmaster in the history of Hogwarts. According to rumors, all the students and teachers in the school hated him very much.

But the members of House of Black obviously do n’t think so, so in the column of honor written under the inscription-Phineas · Nigellus · Black, Hogwarts’ most outstanding headmaster, the first-order Order of Merlin recipient, during his lifetime Make outstanding contributions to magic circle.

Sirius did not look at these tombstones, but even worshipped anyone here. Instead, they dug up in an open space with a shovel in each minding their own business.

Lupin and Ivan stepped forward to help, but he refused.

Sirius has been busy from night to the morning of 2nd day, without any magic, using his shovel to dig a deep hole, and engraving a blank tombstone with the name of Regulus, and then started writing according to the convention Honor of Regulus.

Sirius wrote a lot, and even wrote such trivial things as the Slytherin head praise in Regulus Fourth Year.

This is not worth mentioning compared to the great achievements of the Black members on the other tombstones, but Sirius can ignore these rules.

It is not so much that he is writing the honors Regulus has earned, but rather that he is slowly recalling some of the past of this younger brother.

It ’s hard to write, Sirius solemnly stated in the last line that Regulus is an anti-Dark Lord fighter, a well-deserved hero!

Writing the inscription, Sirius stood up and turned his gaze to Regulus who was put aside and released the petrified state and became bound.

A person who has been transformed into Inferius will have his soul trapped in the body, so there is only one way to get Regulus free.

“Incendio! (Incendio)” hesitated for a long time, Sirius gritted his teeth and waved wand.

A tongue of fire spewed out from the top of wand and hit Regulus directly, setting him into a torch.

Regulus, who had been transformed into Inferius, struggled strugglingly, with a wide open mouth and a burst of painful wailing, but to no avail.

Kreacher knelt on the ground helplessly, covering his face and wept bitterly, chanting Regulus’ name in his mouth again and again.

Regulus in the flames is struggling to get smaller and smaller, and the wailing sounds are gradually disappearing. Ivan sees Regulus’s painful and greasy face seem to have become more peaceful.

Sirius stood upright, holding his back to the crowd, making it impossible to see his current expression.

When the flames gradually extinguished, Sirius stepped forward and began to pack the remains of Pack Regulus, and packed many relics from his house into the coffin, and buried them in the dust.

Handling all this, the depressed Sirius took them back to the Black mansion.

Everyone present stayed up all night, especially Ivan and Sirius, and infiltrate to corpses in the cold lake. The physical strength and magic power consumption are almost the same, and they can survive until now based on their willpower.

So after returning to the mansion and simply eating a few pieces of bread to feed the hunger, everyone was not in a good mood to chat. They all returned to the house and rested. They slept until the morning of the 2nd day.

When eating breakfast, Harry asked curiously about the process of fishing yesterday. Sirius didn’t want to worry Harry, but casually dealt them with those Inferius experiences.

Even ignoring the most thrilling scenes, the process of wrestling with Inferius in the dark lake was a shock to Harry. He doubted that if he had to follow him before, he would be able to come back alive.

Lupin made some supplements in due course, telling him and Dobby of the Inferius attack while waiting on the lake shore.

Probably because Sirius hit Regulus with Binding Curse at the bottom of the lake, some kind of restriction triggered, they were also attacked by Inferius on the shore.

When Fire-Making Charm is greatly weakened, he and Dobby can only alternately fluorescently disperse the Inferius group. When the magic power consumption is about the same, I think of the bottle of potion Ivan gave him.

“After I drank the potion, I tried to become a weakwolf and knocked down Inferius who was in the way, and then found you in the light of the fire.” Lupin repeated the story roughly.

“So, Ivan summon out a flame Phoenix in that cave and burned thousands of Inferius?” After hearing all of this, Harry was most interested in this, how powerful magic was it to do To this point.

“That’s Fiendfyre Curse. I accidentally saw it in” Secrets of the Darkest Art “when I was looking for Horcrux information. I think this special magic may be effective for Voldemort’s Horcrux so I wrote it down.” Ivan Explained one sentence, so as not to misunderstand Lupin.

Ivan looked towards Harry again and warned. “Fiendfyre is a very dangerous dark magic, and it is easy to get out of control. Even some powerful wizards can’t fully control it. If this time is not delivered in time, I am afraid that Fiendfyre will be burned to death!” /p>

Harry nodded hesitantly.

Ivan did n’t say much. For a young wizard like Harry who is 13-14 years old and does n’t like to learn very much, taking the initiative to go to the library to learn magic is almost impossible, so he is very relieved.

After having breakfast in a hurry, Ivan greeted Sirius and entered the House of Black library, re-reading the “Secrets of the Darkest Art”, and successfully found a photo with Fiendfyre Curse Corresponding anti-curse!

This is why Fiendfyre is not listed as Unforgivable Curse, because as long as you understand anti-curses, wizard can use magic power to restrain Fiendfyre and wipe it out!

However, this anti-curse is only useful for a small range of Fiendfyre. If a huge Fiendfyre Phoenix is ​​formed in the cave, even the anti-curse will be completely useless.

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