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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 510


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The only way to limit large-scale Fiendfyre is Ivan ’s impression that it ’s the end of the spell!

If multiple people play together, they can even suppress Fiendfyre, which is inflated enough to destroy a city, and if he remembers correctly, Nick-Flamel should know how to perform this magic.

Thinking of this, Ivan slowly put out a breath and closed the book in his hand back to the shelf.

He is very interested in House of Black ’s collection, but he has been here for four days to destroy Horcrux, so it ’s time to leave!

At noon, after Sirius, Lupin and Harry had a sumptuous lunch together, Ivan stated that he was going to return home this afternoon.

“So fast? Are you not going to stay here for a few more days? I haven’t had enough time to thank you for Regulus.” Sirius said with some surprise.

Ivan shook the head, declined Sirius’s kindness.

The next few days is when I agreed to meet Nick -Flamel. He didn’t have much time to stay at home with Essia, so it wouldn’t be good to delay it.

Seeing Ivan insist so much, Sirius didn’t keep it anyway. It’s easy for them wizards to meet each other.

“So, do you want to use the fireplace here? Floo powder I remember there are still some leftovers … I’m looking for where to put it.” Sirius thought about it, then squatted down and pulled open a cabinet in the living room. Got up.

“Let ’s forget it! My mother set up magic on the fireplace at home and could n’t send it directly. I ’m still going to Disapparation myself!” Ivan stopped Sirius, helpless shrugged, and then waved wand towards the stairs.

“Luggage Accio!”

A moment later, a small suitcase flew downstairs and fell onto Ivan’s hand.

After checking that there is nothing missing, Ivan turned his head towards Dobby and said. “Let ’s go, Dobby! Just introduce you to my mother to know …”

Dobby slammed the nodded, looking very happy, because it means that it will formally integrate into the owner’s family.


After a simple farewell, one person and one elf performed magic and disappeared in place.

When Ivan stands firm again and gazes around, he has appeared at a corner of a street in Knockturn Alley, not far from his magic shop.

However, the store door there is closed, it seems that Esia is not at home.

What makes Ivan feel a little wrong is that there is no one in the entire street, and the doors and windows of nearby houses are also tightly closed.

Ivan frowned. This situation reminded him of his experience when he returned to Knockturn Alley last summer.

But this should n’t be right. Ivan is pretty sure he has dealt with all the potential threats, and it ’s Fren and the others who are responsible for the defensive magic shop.

A large group of freewolf wizards that can transform freely is a huge force in Knockturn Alley. Normally, no one should provoke them without eye-opening.

Ivan quickly walked to the store door and waved wand to open the door.


The sound of sliding the door bolt slowly sounded. After the door was pushed open, several black beams of light suddenly flew out from behind the door.

Ivan subconsciously activated the protective ring, and the invisible magic power barrier was in front of him, deflecting the black beam, hitting the open space next to it, and corroding a big pit.

“A trap for me? No, no!” Ivan walked in and noticed the traces of not at all in the dark magic shop, all the items were neatly arranged, and several triggers were set on the shelf. The magic type has overturned his guess.

This should be set to warn unexpected guests before leaving, because he is familiar with this trap arrangement method, which is exactly the style of Aisia.

In addition, if there is really an ambush, it should also be a group of people rushing out to surround themselves, just because of this little magic impossible.

But where did Esia go? Why should we leave this kind of alert magic in the magic shop?

Ivan vaguely felt a little strange, then suddenly thought of something, opened the system task bar and glanced.

【Task: Become the King of Knockturn Alley

Mission Objective: Unify Knockturn Alley (Second Ring)

Task progress: 40% four

Mission Reward: Barbaric Loyalty Curse

Mission description: ……】

Just as Ivan watched the progress of the mission, it jumped again, from 40% four to 40% five.

Seeing that the progress of the task has increased again, or even more than half, Ivan suddenly understood that during the time he spent in school, Knockturn Alley was not calm.

He guessed that it was because he brought people to destroy the dark wizards such as Bock, and the power expanded too quickly, causing some people to be afraid.

It is possible for Essia to fight against each other and occupy a certain advantage in order to protect themselves, so the progress bar of the task will increase so much.

After thinking about it, Ivan could n’t help but feel a little bored. He originally planned to move away from the dangerous Knockturn Alley with Ethia this summer and live in the relatively safe Diagon Alley. Trouble.

Is n’t a magic circle bigger than a small shop that can make money?

Ivan was very annoyed and threw the suitcase in his hand to the side house elf and said. “Dobby, help me with the suitcase! I want to see who it will be this time?”

Dobby took the box in a hurry and glanced at Ivan with a little fear. It was the first time Ivan was so angry.


“Reducto! (Reducto)”

“Stupefy! (Stupefy)”

On the west side of Knockturn Alley, in an unmanned alley, a Law Enforcer dressed in grey is directing several dark wizards to block Walker who has turned into a werewolf.

However, not all spells of various colors play a very good role.

After transforming into werewolf, Walker ’s physical fitness has climbed a bit, becoming very flexible, and he can avoid most of the spells by speed alone.

Even if he is hit by one or two spells occasionally, he can resist it with a protective ring, or rely on the recovery ability of werewolf.

So for a few minutes, Walker encouraged him to persevere despite his injuries.

The Law Enforcer was a little irritated when he saw such a situation. He had heard from colleagues before that these werewolf wizards could maintain a rational and free transformation, but they only knew how difficult it was to deal with.

But this is also because they want to capture Walker alive and ask for information from his mouth, otherwise it wo n’t take so long.

Considering the delay, the other party ’s support will soon arrive, and gray robe Law Enforcer will no longer keep his hand, raise his finger to Walker, wave the wand, and a green beam of light will fly out.

“AvadaKedavra! (Avada Kedavra)”

The Walker complexion greatly changed in front of him, and he flew a few times on the ground, and the dark green light beam almost wiped his body and hit the ground, exploding a hole, broken The stone spattered, and a few blood stains were scratched on his face.

Walker Qiang endured the pain, turned over and stood up, but his heart was sinking to the bottom. The magic resistance and recovery ability of the form of werewolf is no matter how strong, and it is also impossible to resist Killing Curse.

The dark wizard who surrounded him obviously lost patience and no longer holds the idea of ​​catching him alive.

Walker thought desperately that he might not be able to persevere until Fren and the others found something wrong and came back to support him.

As he imagined, after the gray robe Law Enforcer first used Killing Curse, the dark wizard, which seemed to be overwhelmed by the live-grabbing command, let go of his hands and feet and began to use high-intensity destructive dark magic.

Walker was unable to dodge, was hit by a black beam, and the protective ring blocked him for a while, but he could not eliminate all the damage. Impact still took his body and fell into the rubble behind.

Just as gray robe Law Enforcer relaxed, ready to let a hand go down to confirm Walker ’s life and death, a long hissing sound suddenly rang through this unmanned alley.

Several dark wizards were shocked, but they had n’t waited for their reaction. With the violent explosion and rumbling sound, the street wall on the side suddenly exploded, and the two were very close. The dark wizard was directly sent to Zhen Fei by the aftermath.

Amidst the splashing gravel and the rising smoke, a horse-shaped light and shadow flew in through the gap.

The frightened dark wizards waved wand towards the fuzzy light and shadow. Various spell beams were blasted out, but they did not play any role, and passed through the light and shadow directly.

For a moment of delay, the lightning-like Unicorn shadow has rushed to a panicked dark wizard, stepping heavily on his face with his hoofs.

A crisp crack sounded in the alley, and the dark wizard of bad luck hit his back against the wall behind him, and he could n’t see it anymore.

“Don’t use ordinary magic, limit it with Patronus Charm!” gray robe Law Enforcer shouted loudly.

After experiencing the initial chaos, gray robe Law Enforcer has remembered it. When he and several colleagues chased Dougt two years ago, the other party used such magic!

Although the five of them were originally given to Pack by Dougt alone, after the war, they also conducted some analysis and thought it should be this extremely special Patronus Charm.

Under normal circumstances, it is unreal, and it is no different from the ordinary Patronus Charm. It will only be materialized when it is close.

Grey robe Law Enforcer did not dare to delay at the same time as he made a speech, waved wand summon out of an unreal cheetah Patronus, and rushed towards the shadow of Unicorn, but it was only a short time before he was hit by the shadow of Unicorn There was a haze.

But it also reminded other dark wizards that they found a way to deal with this weird light and shadow, and soon two other summons came out of Patronus.

Others are staring at the gap of the street wall, anyone knows that the powerful is never magic, but the magic wizard.

Ivan under Disillusionment Charm did n’t expect that he would meet acquaintances so coincidentally, and finally caused confusion, of course, impossible to suppress them so easily.

He lifted wand slightly, and the bricks scattered all around when the street wall was blown up seemed to be floating under some kind of traction, and twisted into a sharp cone-shaped spike under the action of Transfiguration Spell. , Scattered forward in a semi-annular shape.

Dark wizards who have already prepared have built one after another solid magic power barrier to block this powerful range of magic.

But the two haven’t touched yet. A shadowless shadowless magic power blade has arrived first. Like a sharp knife, it has broken through dozens of magic power barriers in a row before disappearing.

The penetration speed of Sectumsempra is too fast and too urgent. The dark wizards have no time to rebuild the protective enchantment. A large number of conical spikes blessed with magic gleam coldly in the air, sending out an air-like scream, flying head on Over here.

next moment, mournful scream burst out in the small alley!

A front dark wizard directly penetrated his throat and eyes with sharp tapered spikes. He opened his mouth in pain and said something silently. After struggling a few times, he lost his voice.

Although several other dark wizards did n’t hurt, they were also pierced through the chest, arms, and thighs with a few thorns, and fell to the ground in painful wailing, and blood shed all over the place.

Only gray robe Law Enforcer and two dark wizards who are proficient in Shield Charm successfully resisted this magic.

Two powerful magics were exhibited in a row, and the Disillusionment Charm blessed by Ivan was automatically broken, so it appeared so generously in front of everyone.

Seeing the appearance of the attacker, the few people who were standing almost thought they were dazzled, and gray robe Law Enforcer contracted his pupils, unable to restrain the shock of his heart, and the opening of unable to bear said.

“It turns out to be you!”

After only two years, Ivan is quite high, but his appearance has n’t changed much. Gray robe Law Enforcer naturally recognized it immediately. Ivan was the kid behind Dougt ’s wrangling wizard market.

Combined with the situation just now, he realized that two years ago, it was n’t Dougte who had defeated them with a hole card, but the 13-14 years old young wizard in front of him gave him help!

It ’s no wonder that in the course of the open strife and veiled struggle for the past six months, Dougt has never used this special magic….

However, while realizing this, gray robe Law Enforcer is unbelievable.

He stared at Ivan ’s immature face, preferring to believe that the other party was actually disguised by Polyjuice Potion, otherwise how could he master such a powerful magic at the age of the other party.

Ivan can’t care what the other person thinks, his face still has the color of anger that has not subsided, and he approaches the people step by step.

The wailing sounds still reverberating in the empty alley, scarlet red blood stained his shoes.

Gray robe Law Enforcer and the remaining two dark wizards moved backwards in fear, until they hit the wall behind them, before the face looks sinister ’s waving wand pointed to Ivan…

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