Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 511


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“Reducto! (Reducto)”

“Colloportus! (Colloportus)”


A series of spells struck over, blocking all directions of Ivan’s avoidance.

Ivan never thought of avoiding, nor was he planning to use the magic power ring, his body quickly changed before the beam reached.

A large amount of black mist was constantly pouring from his body, and the light around all seemed to be attracted.

The next second, before the enchantment appeared, a pale, decaying arm suddenly protruded from the black mist and blocked the front. The magic power beam hit the white bone arm but it did n’t even show a trace. effect.

When the black mist spread towards all directions, a tall, strange silhouette in cloak appeared in front of them.

“Photograph … dementor ?!” Gray robe Law Enforcer’s eyes were glared out, he wondered if he was still alive in his dream, a young wizard turned into a young one in front of him. dementor?

Ivan ignored them. Each minding their own business adapted to their new body. As he expected, after turning into a dementor, his body was also immune to most spells.

He had long planned to apply Boggart transformation to actual combat, but he never had this opportunity. Now that these dark wizards have been beaten by him, he has almost lost his fighting spirit, and there is no need to worry about overturning the car. Some of his ideas.

The two dark wizards behind Law Enforcer completely collapsed. They can feel that this is not an illusion, because the light looked at this silhouette. Their inner courage and happiness disappeared in a moment, leaving only Endless painful memories,

“What the hell is this monster?” one of them shouted insanely, stepped back a few steps and fell to the ground, and then moved towards the opposite direction of moving towards.

Another dark wizard lost his mind and waved wand madly at Ivan, shouting sharply.

“AvadaKedavra! (Avada Kedavra)”

green’s light beams fly by …

Ivan dodged for a while, and his light and fluffy body was easy to control, and he was more flexible than usual.

Although Killing Curse does not work for the dementor in his impressions, he is not really a dementor after all, and he does not plan to try his own life.

After a simple adaptation to the body, Ivan manipulated the grotesque body to expand the wide cloak, like an arrow from the string, and quickly flew towards the two people who remained in place.

“Expecto Patronum! (Expecto Patronum)” gray robe Law Enforcer not at all As irrational as two men, he waved wand endlessly, summoning the remaining courage, and resuming the summon before it was released by Unicorn Patronus, the cheetah crushed by the shadow, was in front of him.

The mist of black spread to the whole alley, and the grotesque silhouette soon began to expand and deform as it approached.

The withered, crusted, and white bone-bearing arm stretched out from the fog, and became less than one second thick like a waist, straight through the unreal Patronus, easily crushed Shield Charm blessed on gray robe Law Enforcer, wrapped his body and slapped it on the street wall behind.

A violent impact sounded in this small alley, and the street wall made of stone bricks persisted but collapsed for a moment.

Poor gray robe Law Enforcer is as miserable as a rag doll, Ivan ’s big hand is clasped in the palm of his hand, several sternums are broken, scarlet red blood continuously gushing out of his mouth and falling on Ivan ’s finger .

Ivan let go of his palm in disgust, and Law Enforcer caught by him slipped from his hand and fell to the ground, losing his voice.

Dead? I obviously made a little effort …

Ivan was a little surprised. He first applied the Boggart transformation to real combat. When he was close, he transformed from a dementor into a giant. This Law Enforcer was killed …

Ivan shook the head, the other party is a commander anyway. He wanted to keep the torture for information.

The narrow alley suddenly became very quiet, and even the wailing stopped. Several dark wizards struggling on the ground stared at this scene in a daze, forgetting the pain for a while.

The only dark wizard who stood was looking up at the giant giant with a height of six or seven meters in front of him, his body was shaking, the madness in his eyes had disappeared, and the emotions of fear and despair gradually climbed In my heart, I didn’t even notice the wand in my hand.

Wow …

The slight noise that wand made when he touched the ground was clearly visible in the quiet alley, which also attracted Ivan ’s attention.

He turned his head and stared at the opponent with adult fist sized eyes, thinking about what to do, but the dark wizard knelt down directly.

This is completely beyond Ivan’s expectations, but the abandoned wand and the body that was shaking when kneeling made Ivan fully feel the fear of the other party’s deep in one’s heart.

I realized that I no longer need to waste magic power, Ivan canceled Boggart transfiguration, the huge body quickly shrank, and the magic power that filled the whole body gradually returned to its original position.

Ivan sensed it for a moment, and his magic power consumed one third, plus the previous Unicorn shadow and two powerful spells, his magic power within the body only Half left.

In order to save magic power, Ivan was mistaken for a signal by the dark wizard, and he suddenly remembered something, that he quickly climbed to the foot of Ivan with fear and eagerness, and kissed his wizard robe slightly. Hem.

“The Pavilion … Your Excellency! Please forgive my ignorance … It is the lowly Nott family who confuses us with rhetoric, and gathers some stubborn resistance to try to resist your rule without knowing the current affairs …” >

dark wizard cautiously said, bowing his head and daring to look at Ivan’s face, even his tongue was trembling, and his speech was stuttering.

The other dark wizards who were still alive all dragged their wounds and crawled in front of Ivan. They kissed the hem of Ivan ’s clothes in a decent way, and cried out for the ignorance and brutality of the Nott family. Has awakened to become Ivan’s most loyal servant, offering everything in exchange for forgiveness!

Although Ivan has left the form of a giant and changed back to the look of 13-14 years old young wizard, to these people, the young face is more terrifying than the faces of giants and dementor!

The strength Ivan showed just now is too powerful. They simply ca n’t imagine why a child in his twenties can have such a terrible battle strength. The ability to deform freely directly penetrates their cognition!

Brain supplements and imagination are often more frustrating than facts …

After all, the unknown is the greatest fear!

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