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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 512


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Seeing his enemies kneeling down, even if they were bleeding with wounds, they had to crawl over and kiss their robes, and threatened to become their most loyal servant. Ivan was completely ashamed, and he was at a loss for a while!

Ivan is also confused about the nonsense of these dark wizards. What are the messes? The Nott family gathers people to try to resist their rule? And what do you want so many servants to do …

While bewildered, Ivan also extracted some important information from their words, that is, it is the Nott family who have been head-to-head with Esia in the past few months!

As early as two years ago, Dougt told him that Knockturn Alley ’s wizard market is controlled by six pure-blood wizard families. This Nott family is one of them!

Ivan wanted to understand everything in an instant. His eyes turned to the kneeling people in front of him, hesitating how to deal with them.

Originally, he wanted to kill all the dark wizards who dared to fight against his own after tortured the information, so as not to leak the information of Bloodline magic, but now the situation is a little different from what he imagined.

Just when Ivan hesitated, all around suddenly heard a continuous wave of magic power. He suddenly turned his head and looked over, one after another silhouette dressed in a red black wizard robe came into his eyes, At first glance, there were more than 20 people!

Ivan subconsciously clenched his wand tightly, and did not take the initiative to attack, because he saw several familiar silhouettes in the crowd, including Aisia, Fren, and Dougt.

The wizards who came to support were also shocked by the scene they saw!

Falling collapsed walls, four dilapidated corpses interpreting the tragic battle for them, and even more surprising to them, the three dark wizards who were still alive on the scene were kneeling tremblingly on a 13-14 In front of the young wizard of years old.

Isaiah, the leader, was very surprised when she saw Ivan. She quickly stepped forward to give Ivan a hug, but when she really came to the front, Esia forced to restrain the joy of a long time reunion.

She was just Pats Ivan ’s shoulder, and she turned her eyes to the corpses in the alley and the three dark wizards lying on the ground, calmly asking what happened here.

Ivan does n’t care about Aishia ’s slightly indifferent attitude. Looking at the situation, he understands that Aishia has recruited a lot of people to fight the Nott family and the wizard market.

And as a Commander, she does not want to destroy the strong image that until now builds in public.

Facing Isia ’s inquiry, Ivan did not hide anything, and returned to his home to trigger a trap. He noticed that something was not right, and finally went out to look for it.

“In short, when I found it all the way, I happened to see that these people were killing Walker, so I cooked them …” In order to help Aisia, Ivan said casually, it felt like he was running away. Like a fly.

The three dark wizards kneeling on the ground are also loudly scolding the ignorant Nott family, and sincerely beg for Ivan ’s forgiveness, which adds some credibility to Ivan ’s speech.

After hearing the words of Ivan, the wizards wearing red and black costumes around them, unable to bear talk in whispers, they ca n’t believe that everything in front of them is actually done by a young wizard.

But looking around the scenes, anyone can see that there is definitely a war broke out here!

Ivan, who is the last winner, does not seem to have suffered a little damage, which means that the young wizard in front of him is ending the fight with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

“Lord Wrahles, what about Walker?” Fren pushed away a few wizards and walked up anxiously, but did not forget to bring honorifics.

Ivan was stunned for a while, and then reacted.

Yeah, what about Walker?

I was busy thinking about the use of Boggart’s transformation in combat, and I was taken aback by the reaction of those dark wizards. Instead, I forgot to save Walker, my target.

However, Ivan is not very worried about Walker ’s safety.

He had seen clearly before that it was not the lethal spell that hit Walker, but was blocked by the protective ring. It should not be seriously injured.

Sure enough, without waiting for Ivan to explain, Dobby took Walker and the dark wizard who had escaped from the other end of the alley.

“Hurry up! Don’t think about any small actions!” Dobby urged the dark wizard’s back with his finger.

The dark wizard walked slightly into the alley. At first glance, he saw the corpses and blood on the ground, and the companions who were still alive penetrated several cone-shaped spikes, kneeling down on Ivan ’s before.

“Evil … demons!” At the same time when Ivan saw the dark wizard, he immediately remembered the previous scene, and made a harsh scream, trying to flee.

Walker walked fiercely kicking him behind him, kicking him not far from Ivan.

Ivan glanced down at him, and the dark wizard was as if he had lost all the courage to resist. He lay limply on the ground, and then quickly learned that several of his companions were creeping under Ivan’s feet He kept talking about the words asking for forgiveness.

The wizards who came to support them silently saw this scene in their eyes, filled with a chill in their hearts, and even Isia was very surprised. It was difficult to imagine how Ivan actually used these dark The wizard was scared like this.

Ivan also does n’t understand. Is he so scary?

“Walker, are you okay?” Fren asked Walker when he saw that Walker was okay and relaxed.

“I’m fine, Ivan… Ivan -Wrahles saved me in time …” Walker looked at Ivan gratefully, who wanted to call the name directly, but temporarily remembered that Fren told him to add it in front of everyone The honorific speech was changed.

“Oh, what about Elver? We were separated when we were attacked. How was he?” Walker suddenly remembered his companion and hurriedly looked around.

“I’m sorry, we were one step late and didn’t have time to save him!” Fren’s expression became a little sad and gave up his position.

A few of the werewolf wizards behind him put down a corpse, Walker pursed his lips and said nothing for a while.

Although Walker has not witnessed death for the first time in these days, the comrade-in-arms who also joked together a few hours ago are now farewell, and they are inevitably blocked.

Ivan also glanced over there and found that the dead was a strange young wizard. He had never seen it before. It should have been recruited by Aisia in these months.

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