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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 513


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This is the first time Ivan has witnessed the death of a person in the party, and his mood is a bit complicated.

But he knows that reality is not a fairy tale. In a large-scale battle, it is impossible to want the undead!

At the same time, more questions have come to Ivan’s mind, and he impatient wants to understand what has happened in the past few months.

Isia naturally saw Ivan’s doubts, but did not immediately give an answer, because this is not a place to speak, so he greeted everyone to return to the station before making plans.

The wizards who received the orders nodded to signal that more than twenty people disappeared together with the Disapparation.

Ivan was also pulled by Appiah Disapparation.

With a burst of space conversion, when he came back to his senses, he accidentally found himself being transported outside the door of Borgin and Burkes magic shop.

Of course, this name is no longer here, and the big sign says St. Mungo’s magic hospital.

The interior of the shop is very different from the last time you came. There are many potions on the shelves at the front desk, and the wolfbane potion is also among them. On the wall next to it is a large recliner. A place where patients wait in line.

It looks like a private clinic!

When Ivan walked through a curtain, he found another Heaven and Earth.

In front of it is a meeting hall wide enough to accommodate hundreds of people. The cabinets and shelves previously placed here by previous owner Bock have been removed, which makes the interior space look extraordinarily large.

Stepping on the entry threshold, several golden flames suddenly flared up on both sides of the meeting hall. The ground was covered with dense bricks and stones, and some lines of mojo and bricks joined together to form a large The protective array, combined with the overall gray black decoration style is solemn and solemn.

“Remember the title deed you gave me? I asked Dougt to find a way to use this magic shop, and then we negotiated to change it to a temporary residence!” Aisia As Ivan walked in, he explained softly.

Ivan ordered nodded, which Sirius had already told him a few months ago.

It was just that he thought Dogut secretly coaxed himself, but did not expect that the shop was used to do this.

Entering the meeting hall, Isia stopped and turned to speak to Fren and the others who followed behind.

“Fren, I need you to notify others and let them come over immediately! As for you, Dogut …”

“I understand that these wounded and captives will be handed over to me!” Doug Trim knew what Esia meant, and took those injured in the battle and several dark wizard captives towards the treatment room .

There are others? Ivan gave Aisha a surprised look. He thought that there were more than twenty people gathered here. It seemed that Aisha had more people than he thought.

After Dougt took a few people to leave, Isia let the wizards who had just experienced the battle take a break in the meeting hall, waiting for the remaining people to arrive.

Simply arrange some follow-up things, then Isia looked towards Ivan. “Come on, let’s go upstairs and talk!”

Ivan naturally had no comments, followed Aisia from the stairs all the way, and entered a room. The noise below became smaller and smaller. He estimated that it should be magically soundproof.

As Ivan was thinking, Isia had turned around and hugged him, and a faint lavender fragrance came into Ivan’s nose.

Ivan was stunned for a while, and immediately reacted. He embraced his mother with a free backhand. After a long absence of half a year, he did not meet. He also missed Isia.

Although it seems that he has only been with Aisia for only a few months, Ivan really feels the love of Aisia for him and recognizes his identity during this time.

In deep in one’s heart, Ivan even has a little guilt. He knows that he replaces the real Ivan-Wrahles and enjoys everything that should belong to the other party.

For a while, Isia took the initiative to let go of Ivan, and instead held his forehead intimately, inquiring about what Ivan had experienced in school during the past six months.

She was surprised and surprised when she saw Ivan was nominated as a First Order of Merlin on the Daily Prophet a few days ago.

She knows the weight of this medal very well!

Today, there are only seven Recipients of Order of Merlin in the entire British Magic Circle. With the exception of Ivan, all of them are distinguished heroes from all walks of life.

Ivan does n’t mind sharing his “prominent achievements” in the school with Isia.

So half true half false found out how he found Peter’s name on Marauder’s Map. With his knowledge of metamorphic magic, he saw his identity, and then “incidentally” met Sirius, and finally solved it more than ten years ago. In an injustice case, Pettigrew Peter was sent to Azkaban.

Aisia listened quietly with a smile. While listening to Ivan talk about how he reasoned about Peter’s identity, he did not hesitate to praise a few words.

However, after hearing the names of Sirius, Lupin and the others, Aisia is a frowned of unable to bear.

“Mom, do you know them?” Ivan asked quickly.

“They used to be your father’s comrade-in-arms …” Aisia said angrily, she always thought that in the last wizard war, if these people had encouraged Wrahles to stay against Voldemort like the sun at high noon , They have long traveled to relatively safe North America …

Ivan wanted to continue to ask curiously, but Isia directly digressed.

“I saw in the newspaper that your First Order of Merlin was jointly nominated by Dumbledore and Fudge?” Isia was very puzzled. She wondered how Ivan invited Magic Circle to be the most powerful at the same time. The two of them nominated him.

“Ah, this …” Of course, Ivans impossible talked about the black history he wrote to the head of the Merlin Knight regiment using Dumbledore’s identity, and it was not good to push it directly to the old professor, so he had to talk casually.

“It was proposed by Minister Fudge! He felt that I had caught Peter, the stray dog ​​of you know who, corrected the mistake of Ministry of Magic until now, and was very grateful to me for the excellence of magic circle. To contribute, so I persuaded Professor Dumbledore to nominate me together … “

Ivan said a big pass, and Isia looked at him strangely, but didn’t believe a word.

Due to the need to deal with the Ministry of Magic in the future, Isia has not asked Dougt about the Ministry of Magic recently, so I know that Fudge and Dumbledore do not deal with it, and there are even some contradictions.

Ivan shrugged, Isia did n’t believe him and there was no way out, but then he thought of something, and said with some resentment.

“Unfortunately the Ministry of Magic’s negligence, I finally caught Pettigrew Peter or escaped from Azkaban …”

Speaking of this, Ivan was a little angry, and he tried his best to avoid the grievance of Sirius. Another important reason is that he did n’t want Peter to escape as he did in time and space.

Without Peter ’s help, Voldemort will not recover so quickly, and what he lacks most now is time.

If I can drag on for the last five or ten years, Ivan is confident that he can improve his strength to the point of surpassing Voldemort. At that time, even if the Dark Lord recovers, he can kill him!

“It’s just a Death Eater, and you can escape … if you have time to pack it in the future, he will be able to pack it too!” Isia said comfortingly.

In contrast to Ivan, she does n’t care much about the whereabouts of a trifling Death Eater.

It seems to her that a Peter can hardly turn over the waves, and the Dark Lord has been “dead” for more than a decade, and now he has lost all his power like a family dog, and he is already a past figure.

Ivan secretly shook the head and did not argue. The peace for more than a decade has made most people forget the urgency of the war. Now I am afraid that not many people will be willing to believe that Voldemort will return soon.

However, Ivan does not regret the behaviors he had committed in front of Voldemort.

From the end of the First Year period, he destroyed Voldemort ’s resurrection plan and dropped the two dungbombs. The relationship between the two parties has been extremely bad, and the impossible has eased again. s reason.

“Oh, mom, what happened in Knockturn Alley these days, how could Walker be hunted down by those people, I saw a Law Enforcer, are they in the wizard market?” Ivan asked. .

“You are right, they are the last resistance in Knockturn Alley!” Isia ordered nodded and explained to Ivan what happened.

She received a message last night that Nott and several other pure-blood family leaders are preparing to meet in a manor to discuss how to deal with herself.

After confirming the authenticity, she took a lot of people at noon today to prepare for a raid to take these people in one fell swoop!

The last resistance? Ivan is a little stranger to Aysia’s adjectives, but not at all cares too much. Combining with the things just before, I quickly guessed a few clues.

“So you are getting fake news, the other party is tempting you to pass, the real goal is to stay here and the others?” Ivan speculated.

“Right or wrong …” Isia sighed. The news was intentionally released by the other party, but the pure-blood family was indeed in the manor, otherwise impossible cheated her.

It’s just that the other party is clearly prepared. After a fierce battle, in addition to grabbing a member of the Nott family, they don’t take advantage of not at all.

Next, she learned that Walker and the others were attacked through the communication equipment, and located at the fastest speed to catch up with the past. Unfortunately, she was not able to save the person who went out to collect intelligence with Walker. wizard.

As for the reason why these people want to capture Walker, Isia believes that it should be to explore why he can freely transform without a full moon.

After all, Fren and the others have shined in the previous battles. They can always suppress each other. These arewolf wizards who can fight and resist can do a lot!

Ivan laughed. It is very difficult for a sensible werewolf to entangle him. He knows otherwise, or it will not limit the sale of improved wolfbane potion.

dong dong dong…

Just as Ivan and Isia chatted, there was a knock on the door.

Isia was frowned. Some people were annoyed that someone disturbed her conversation with Ivan. Considering what might be important to the other party, the expression on her face was closed and turned to say.

“Come in!”


Pushing open the door, Dougt with a smile on his face came in.

This 40-year-old man changed his sloppy appearance before the change, his sparse brown hair became very thick, and it was neatly combed behind his head. At first glance, it was well taken care of.

The rustic black-grey wizard robe that was often worn in the soil was replaced by the red and black clothing today. The most important thing is that Essence, Qi, and Spirit have changed greatly, and the whole person looks high -spirited and vigorous.

At this time, Ivan can only see a trace of the young and handsome look in the portrait.

“Aisia, Ivan, don’t I bother you?” Dougt closed the door and asked.

Aisha shook the head against her heart, and then said. “How are the captives? Are they willing to speak?”

“Those dark wizards are very simple. When I asked them what they said, they cried and were willing to submit to us. It seems that Ivan scared them!” Speaking of which, Dougt Glancing at Ivan, Unable to Bear asked again.

“Ivan, how did you do it? They said that after you killed three people, you turned into a dementor and rushed towards them, and then became a giant with six or seven heights …”

During the torture, Dougt almost thought these people were talking nonsense.

“Is it the effect of the dread curse?” Isia speculated. She was also very curious. She just forgot to ask this question.

“no!” Ivan shook the head, considering that this Bloodline magic has been exposed, he no longer hides from them. “What should I say, I am a special Animagus, able to do as one pleases the transformation!”

Ivan did n’t say anything about Bloodline magic, but said it in a better way.

“Animagus?” Aisia looked at Ivan in consternation.

Animagus Of course she knows that this advanced transfiguration process has a certain degree of danger. Even if she has not mastered it, Ivan has already successfully completed the training?

However, in her impression, the general wizard using Animagus transfiguration can only become an animal that fits itself. Not only can the form not be chosen independently, but it cannot be transformed into a magical creature.

“That is to say, you really become a dementor and a giant?” Dougt said stunnedly. He always thought that what magic Ivan used confuses them.

“It ’s not that exaggerated, it ’s just that’s all!” Ivan shook his head sighed, he knew that unless he really merged the Bloodline of these two magical creatures, he could only use a lot of magic power consumption to restore Part of the other party’s traits.

Dogut is very speechless. From the information he tortured, Ivan became a dementor and was immune to magic. After becoming a giant, he slapped a section of the street wall with a slap.

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