Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 514


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Silentless, Dougt quickly accepted it.

He also heard about the special Animagus. He heard that a little girl who is attending Auror training is Metamorphmagus, which is different from ordinary people. You can change your appearance at will without learning.

Although Ivan ’s deformation looks more special than this …

Isia did n’t get too entangled in Ivan ’s transformation ability. After a short surprise, she looked towards Dougt and asked about the business.

“Dogut, what about the wizard of the Nott family we got back from the manor? Did he say anything?”

“That guy is hard-mouthed and doesn’t want to say anything. I made him dizzy and used Veritaserum to make him speak.” Dougt sneered, explained, and then continued to add.

“But simply he still has a little value to use, this kind of diehard can just be used to give the young Ivan Liwei!”

Me? Liwei? Ivan was confused, and for a while Dougert, who didn’t know what, said.

“You did a good job before, and shocked them as soon as you came back, which saved us a lot of worry …” Dougt looked at Ivan with great appreciation.

In addition to planning how to smash Knockturn Alley ’s last resistance force these days, he and Isia have discussed most about how to create an opportunity for Ivan to integrate into this group!

After all, Ivan’s age is too young to be convinced.

No one would be willing to follow the words of a 13-14 years old imp, let alone talk about loyalty …

He and Isia even started to discuss whether to delay Ivan for a few years before putting Ivan on the front desk.

However, Ivan’s performance exceeded Dougt’s expectations. Without waiting for them to discuss a specific plan, Ivan did it himself, and it was even better than they thought!

The blood stains of the wreckage on the ground, the four dark wizards who were scared to near collapse, plus Ivan ’s young silhouette, the shock caused by this contrast is enough to remember!

When he saw this scene, Dougt suspected that it was deliberately done by Ivan to show his strength, otherwise how could such a coincidence happen?

The only thing that regrets Dougt is that Ivan not at all allows everyone to see for himself how he did it.

This certainly added somewhat mysterious color to him, making people more afraid, but there will always be people who are puzzled, doubting whether a young wizard can have such extraordinary strength, so he is still hot while ironing. Once awe, the fantasy of breaking these people is very important.

As he thought, Dougt took out an already prepared parchment from the pocket of the wizard robe and gave it to Ivan.

“I have written everyone’s information here, you can read it first!” said Dogut.

Ivan took a look, and found that the parchment was full of names, with a total of 37 people. Next to the name, the general information of these people is also intimately marked, either detailed or abbreviated, and Fren’s name is also on it.

Ivan immediately understood that these people were the leaders of Aisia against the wizard market!

Do n’t look at the fact that there are not many thirty-seven people. You should know that even the Ministry of Magic ’s Auror section ca n’t make up a hundred people. Most of them are wizards that Shield Charm ca n’t use easily.

There are only about 3,000 wizards registered in the Ministry of Magic for the entire British magic circle, and no more than 4,000 people, plus a few dark wizards who are not registered!

Of course, this is mainly because the last wizard war fought for more than ten years, there are too many dead wizards.

Some of the pure-blood family members who inherited several hundred to above 1000 years have only a few people left, and even face the dilemma that heir will die immediately after death, especially those wizards of half-blood and muggle families Needless to say, it’s not that the whole family was killed by Death Eater.

Thinking of this, Ivan ca n’t help but hook the head, the number of wizards is really small enough, and the most critical addition is also very slow, really die one less one!

Ivan then turned to the back of the parchment, where several names were also written, which should be the four surrendered dark wizards and the diehards of the Nott family.

What surprised Ivan a little was that in addition to these people, another person’s name was written in black ink underneath.

“Elver-Glint …” Ivan read it out. He remembered that Walker had shouted Elver before, and looked towards Aisia, confirming it. “Is that the victim?”

“Yes, it’s him!” Isia ordered nodded, which was also somewhat helpless. This is already the third victim in these months.

If she equips all the staff with a protective ring, I am afraid there will be more people who die …

“This says he still has family at Knockturn Alley?” Ivan noticed that it said Elfer Greent had a mother who was over 60 years old.

“Well, this family in Knockturn Alley has always been poor and down, so Elver was the first to join us when we recruited people.” Dougt not at all moved, like in Knockturn Alley Too many people,

“Is there a pension?” Ivan continued to ask.

“If the victim still has a living relative, we usually give 100 Galleon as a pension!” Exia explained.

“A little less …” Ivan shook the head, after spending a few years at Magic World, he also had a general idea of ​​the prices here.

According to the information he learned from Lupin’s mouth, the salary of a handyman in Hogwarts Filch is ten Galleons a week, about 40 Galleons in January.

Professor is taller, 60 galleons in January, if you can be a head, you can have 10 more galleons per month!

In the original time and space, when Dumbledore hired Dobby, the salary at first prepared to pay to Dobby was the same as that of Filch. It can be seen that the old professor was really the same and did not regard Dobby as an elf.

However, these all are very decent jobs, work in education institutions, and eat the kind of food!

If it is in Diagon Alley, the normal employees are only about 30 to 50 Galleons a month, and you ca n’t save a few dollars a month without the expenses.

Knockturn Alley ’s salary is even less. More than a dozen Galleons or even a few Galleons can be recruited. One hundred Galleon ’s compensation will be relatively saved in Knockturn Alley for more than a year.

Fren and the others are good examples. It is enough to find a relatively stable job of ten Galleons per month, because it means that all can eat a few meals every day!

It’s just that this amount of money is obviously not enough to make a mother who lost a child survive in Knockturn Alley.

“Yes! It’s a little less!” Dougt agreed with nodded very much, and then suggested that Ivan can give double or even higher pensions this time.

After all, you ca n’t just treat your men with deterrence. After hitting a stick, you should still give some sweetness and let these people see the real protection.

Ivan was able to quickly realize that this made Dougt very surprised, he thought he needed to be reminded.

Aisia does n’t mean to object. She deliberately did not deal with Elver before, just to let Ivan come to grace.

When the three were chatting, the door knocked again outside the door. This time it was Fren, who came over to inform them that all the staff had arrived and were waiting in the Chamber.

“Okay, let’s go down immediately!” Doug characterized nodded, then turned his head towards towards Ivan and Aysia said softly. “You have something to say, it’s better to be quicker, don’t let them wait too long …”

After speaking, Dougt followed Fren down the stairs.

After a few words, Isia also dragged Ivan down.

“Mom, are you going to let me manage these people?” Ivan hesitated for a long time as he descended the stairs, and asked Unable to Bear.

He’s not a fool anymore. The potential meaning in the words of Aishia and Dougt is very obvious. Without any cover up, Ivan can naturally see that Aishia intends to let him manage and command the more than thirty men.

But Ivan knows more about how much he weighs. Except for being a class cadre in school in the previous life, simply did not have any managerial experience.

Suddenly need to manage more than 30 people, and most of them are wizards that are not very peaceful, which makes Ivan not knowing what to do.

“Relax, just do what you want, just like you did before! It’s great!” Isia sees Ivan’s nervous emotions and can’t help but speak comforted.

If she can, she does n’t want to put too much pressure on Ivan, but since her child has such an idea, she can only give encouragement.

But Isia believes these little scenes are nothing to Ivan … he is always so smart!

Just down the stairs all the way to the outside of the chamber, Isia let go of Ivan’s hand and lowered his voice to remind him softly. “We are going in!”

Ivan ’s heart was very disturbed, and he was worried about messing things up.

Especially after entering the meeting room, more than 30 pairs of eyes looked at him in full, looking at him with surprise, doubt, playfulness, gratitude, etc., and Ivan’s pressure was even greater.

This is different from the time when it was disguised as Dumbledore. At that time, he will face some young children and the professors he is very familiar with.

Slightly tricky Fudge. He also knows how to deal with this Ministry of Magic, but this time is different. He has to put himself on the leader level to deal with these strange wizards.

Fortunately, the acting skills that have been practiced for many years have played a role. Ivan was nervous, but his face was not timid. He went straight to the throne and sat down.

It ’s over … what should I say now? Say hello? What should I say specifically?

After I sat down, I faced everyone and didn’t know how to speak for a while. He tried to think about how Dumbledore and Voldemort did in the original time and space, and finally found the scene that not at all can correspond to.

Ivan tapped the armrest on the seat slowly with his finger, and was silent for a while, his eyes involuntarily swept over everyone on the field.

Combined with the parchment I saw before, Ivan vaguely discovered that the 30-plus people standing in front of him can be divided into three camps.

First, the werewolf wizard headed by Fren, a total of seven people, relying on the improved wolfbane potion, they are the most trustworthy of those people!

Next came Dougt and his friends, a total of eleven. Most of these people are not short of money. They may just look at Dougt’s face here. They may not obey the command. They may be the most difficult group to deal with …

Finally, Isia has recently recruited in Knockturn Alley. They have the largest number of people, and a few months is not enough to give them a sense of belonging. They are more like mercenaries who work with money, which is very unstable.

Ivan ca n’t help but see some worries here. He does n’t know how huge the wizard market and the pure-blood family are, but Isia needs to convene so many people to fight against it, which is not easy to deal with!

No wonder Aysia needs to help Liwei by herself.

As Ivan was thinking in his mind, more than thirty wizards underneath were also looking at Ivan sitting in the main position.

Sometimes someone lowers his voice and whispers.

“Dogut, he is the Ivan-Wrahles you told us, it looks smaller than what you said!” A thirty-year-old wizard looked at Ivan a few times before turning his head. Said to Dougt.

“You should be clear that age is not a problem, Gleason!” Dougt glanced at him, then continued in a sigh.

“Wrahles is both deep and unmeasurable in strength and effort … even far beyond that person! As long as you are in contact for a while, you will be glad of your choice …”

Dougt looked to Ivan on the throne, he was very emotional. This child is really elusive. Every time he meets, he can meet his expectations, and his strength is the same every year.

He used to think that Ivan would need at least a decade to become a powerful wizard like Voldemort. Now I think I might underestimate this child too much. Maybe he will be as powerful as Dark Lord when he is an adult!

Listening to Dougert ’s words, Gleason immediately intends to refute. He has experienced fourteen years ago wizard war, and he knows how horrible you know who is.

It’s ridiculous to say that a ghost head can beat Voldemort!

But before refuting, Gleason suddenly remembered what he had learned from a few friends, if the young wizard in front of him could really do it by the strength of oneself, defeating a group of dark wizard Gert’s statement is not wrong.

At least Ivan has the potential to match the Dark Lord!

In the meeting room, the sound of whispering is getting louder and louder.

Ivan frowned, trying to use the question to play, and the side door of the Chamber was opened again.

For a while, everyone ’s attention was drawn to it, but Walker walked in with a few dark wizards surrendering and another wizard wearing a gorgeous robe.

After seeing Ivan, the dark wizards knelt down in fear, complaining of their sins in tears, and tried to pray for Ivan ’s forgiveness.

The wizard was standing proudly, with a disdainful expression. He was a little surprised to see Ivan sitting on the throne. Zhang said what he wanted to say but couldn’t make a sound.

Ivan saw at a glance that he was forbidden, and he begged Dougt to undo the magic. He was interested in hearing what the other party was saying …

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