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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 515


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Doug features nodded, raises his hand and waves wand, and unlocks the restriction of the banned spell.

The young wizard first looked at Ivan, and finally turned to Aishia sarcastically.

“It’s ridiculous, didn’t expect you to have a hairless brat sitting there, are you so humiliating? Aisia?”

“Or do you think your men will obey your orders like dogs?”

Speaking of which, the young wizard looked around at everyone present again.

In his opinion, Isia has undoubtedly made an extremely demented decision!

Perhaps this woman is too spoiling her child, or intends to hone her heir, but in any case it is a great shame to let a little ghost who is not thirteen-fourteen sit on the throne!

However, to his surprise, the wizards present did not seem to be strongly dissatisfied with this …

Everyone ’s eyes shone with an emotion he could n’t understand …

Listening to the impudent words of the wizard, Ivan did n’t feel angry, but was only slightly disappointed. He thought that the other party had a lot of talk, did n’t expect just wanted to be beaten …

“Rise Nott?” Ivan stood up, looked towards the other, and said casually.

“Yes, it’s me!” The young wizard raised his head proudly, and the education he received from an early age made him not to bow his head even if he became a prisoner.

Ivan chuckled, ignored him, and walked down the steps step by step, looking at everyone present, and spoke.

“You, I have been thinking all these years, what is the difference between these so-called pure blood wizards and us, and they can be sacred!”

“at first I think those pure blood wizards have excellent innate talent and power beyond us …”

“But obviously this is wrong! The Voldemort that caused the wizard war more than a decade ago is the half-blood of wizard and muggle, and the Albus-Dumbledore, known as the great white wizard, is not in the holy 28 family … Where blood wizard not at all is stronger than us, some of them are even weaker than us! “

The wizards who were present not at all thought that Ivan would suddenly start talking about this, and it was a bit confusing for a while.

However, when Ivan mentioned Voldemort, many wizards shivered.

The rest of them were also surprised to hear Ivan ’s words. For the first time, they knew that the rumored Dark Lord was actually a half-blood wizard, and it was clear that Voldemort was a practitioner of the pure blood concept …

Due to Ivan’s power, not at all dare to refute, and the wise wizard began to think about the words Ivan just said.

Riss Nott disdainfully laughed, wanting to prove that the pure blood wizard is inherently better than the half-blood wizard and muggle, but it is worn by Ivan on the neckline without opening. Order of Merlin dazzled.

Ivan looked towards Rise Nott who was standing in place and wanted to refute but how to speak out, continued each minding their own business.

“Since the advantage of pure blood wizard has nothing to do with strength and innate talent, is it because of money and power?”

“Ah … we can certainly say that! After all, the pure-blood family is in charge of the Hogwarts board of directors, and they have their silhouettes in various important sections of Ministry of Magic!”

“It is undeniable that some pure blood does have a commendable place. I have contacted some children of pure-blood family, they are brave, smart, approachable …”

Ivan thought of Luna, George, Neville and the others. They are also pure blood, but they are very good people. The relative families have a characteristic, that is, they are generally not the power class!

Peak pure-blood family styles like Malfoy and Black are completely different. Goyle and Crabbe are like idiots, and I do n’t know if they are the result of many years of close marriage.

So Ivan’s words didn’t stop, he walked slowly and continued.

“But I also know some people who are not educated, overbearing and arrogant, supercilious! Relying on the wealth and prestige accumulated by the ancestors, life is smooth without much effort!”

“Even so, those pure blood wizards who hold a lot of wealth still want to control us!

Aloof and remote scorned the wizard that struggled to survive in Knockturn Alley. They looked at us like looking at a group of rats in the sewer, while arbitrarily grabbing the little wealth we have left to supply them Extravagance …

You may wish to think about it. Six Great Families has been based on Knockturn Alley for hundreds of years. Have they really done anything for us? Nothing! We are even more impoverished than before!

And they live in a comfortable manor. In order not to be laughed at by other pure-blood wizards, they frequently contact low-level wizards, so-called muggles, they remotely control their spokesperson, and set up a so-called Law Enforcement with a small amount of money Group, use the so-called rules to exploit and squeeze our insignificant salary … “

Ivan looked around the crowd and chatted in the spacious meeting hall.

Before that, he had never learned to speak specifically, but fortunately, he was keen to read books … read all kinds of books! So it is very clear to unite a group of people speaking of which is complicated, but there is also a relatively easy way, that is to provoke contradictions!

Just grab a pain point that everyone agrees with, use words to draw a sense of identity, fan crazy conflicts, and finally set a common goal is almost …

The pure-blood family was chosen deliberately because Ivan had read the list given by Dougt and knew the names of everyone here. None of the people standing here were members of the pure-blood family. It means that degrading pure blood does not cause much disgust.

But this is all theoretical knowledge, and Ivan is not sure how much it can do, so I do n’t look for a marginal look at the effect of the speech while speaking.

In the more than thirty wizards present, the reactions were different.

Dogut and his friends hardly moved at all, and only three or four people were seriously thinking about his words.

Ivan is not surprised. For these wizards with certain wealth and knowledge, only real interests can impress the other party. It is a group of people who are difficult to deal with.

Freun, Walker, and many morewolf were angry on their faces. They were at the lowest end of the wizard ’s discriminatory chain, and could deeply understand Ivan ’s words.

With their own skills, if they are not discriminated against in magic circle, they will not be accepted by the world and will not live like this.

But the remaining wizards feel the same.

They can be recruited by Aisia, the magic level is absolutely not bad, but because of their concentration on dark magic or various other factors, they are rejected by the normal magic world, so that they fall into Knockturn Alley.

If there is a chance, no one will be reconciled to such a life!

Ivan ’s words undoubtedly gave them a good vent to blame everything they said they suffered on the pure blood wizard of the many resources occupied!

This is exactly what Ivan wants to achieve, and that is to point the finger at the six pure-blood families that control the wizard market!

Of course, he is not talking nonsense, magic circle distribution of wealth and power is indeed very unfair.

It ’s like the House of Black where Sirius is. It has more money than generations of squandering, and there are a lot of industries. Even if you do n’t do anything, you can continue to fight for rent. gold.

Malfoy Family pays more attention to power and has made a lot of Ministry of Magic officials.

Each generation of the two families automatically inherits the seat of one of the twelve governors of Hogwarts.

The whole magic circle is so big, there are so many decent jobs, one radish and one pit. Unless it is a particularly good talent, it is not easy for ordinary wizards to find a good job.

In contrast, some pure blood wizards have the right to speak magic circle, but they never do practical things and only seek for their own self-interest.

It has been more than two hundred years since the muggle industrial revolution!

muggle World With the changes of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, magic circle is like a pool of standing water, and there is no substantial change as before …

The most direct proof is that the children of the wizard family have very limited knowledge of the outside world. In Hogwarts, apart from the optional muggle research class, they deliberately will not learn everything about the muggle.

The experience at Knockturn Alley made Ivan feel very ridiculous. If a group of people with special powers strictly abide by the rules of magic circle, they would fall to the point of being unable to eat.

He always felt that the wizard would be in poverty, and in the final analysis it was the entire Ministry of Magic system!

The number of wizards is extremely rare. In Ivan ’s opinion, each of them is a very valuable talent. The magic power they possess can play a greater role, rather than being forced to gather together to compete for the limited resources!

Ivan is interested in talking freely, from the unfair distribution of magic circle resources, to the various defects of the magic circle system.

These ideas were summed up by him at Magic Circle over the past few years. There has been no place to talk, and now I finally found an opportunity!

He was a muggle in his previous life. He is very clear about the development of muggle technology in the next few decades. With the rise of the Internet, it will become more and more difficult for wizards to hide their tracks, and the contradictions between the two parties will also Intensified again.

And now that he is a member of the wizard, he must naturally worry about it …

“hahaha …”

In the quiet meeting room, a burst of laughter suddenly sounded, interrupting Ivan’s words.

“Mr. Reese Nott, do you seem to have a different opinion?” Ivan turned to look towards Reis who was laughing, and asked with interest.

“The nobleness of the pure blood wizard is not tainted by you mudblood and half-blood.” Ruiz Nott’s face with a greasy smile, looked at the people present with contempt.

Fren and the others stared at him in anger, but if Ivan was not present, they would have used Crucio to make Reis Nott feel better than death.

Ris Nott did n’t care about their gaze at all. He looked directly towards Ivan and continued arrogantly opened the mouth and said.

“But one thing you are right is that the Ministry of Magic’s regulations have a big problem. If it is not restricted by the muggle protection law, we don’t have to stay in a small magic circle. The muggle should be hidden. Right! “

Ivan laughed has no answer. The so-called muggle protection law protects not only the muggle but also the wizard!

“Mr. Reese Nott, I think you need to understand the truth, sometimes weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is!” Ivan said word by word.

“Yeah, arrogance!” Rhys Nott’s mouth hooked, and he noticed that Ivan was close enough to him.

He did n’t have such a leisurely time to chat with this young wizard, to get the other party as close as possible and relax his vigilance is what he wants to do.

Originally, Reese even planned to confess some information to accomplish this after being tortured, but did not expect the other party to come closer.

While thinking, Rhys Nott ’s body shook, and then quickly expanded, breaking free of the rope and becoming a large brown bear, waving a sharp claw, and grabbed Ivan ’s head!

Illegal Animagus!

When Ruiz Nott’s figure began to change, the wizards on the spot realized this.

Since the number of magic circle Animagus is very small, Reese Nott has not used this ability in front of them before, so that they are simply unprepared!

Walker was also taken aback, immediately wand out and wanted to rescue.

However, Rhys Nott is too close to Ivan, so close that it only takes a paw to reach Ivan’s body, and the huge bear’s face is full of pride.

When he was arrested in battle, he kept hiding this important identity.

Even if his Animagus is battle-type, there is almost no chance of facing multiple wizards, even if he has played a guardian wizard, he will be defeated in subsequent support.

So it ’s better to hide it and wait for an opportunity to catch an important person!

at first his goal is Aisia, but this woman is not easy to deal with, even a sneak attack has a high probability of missed This is the opportunity God has given him!

Ivan faced the sudden rise of Rhys, his face remained unchanged, but he gently extended his hand.

The white and slender arm protruded out of the sleeve and greeted the brown bear nearly three meters tall in front of him.

Ris Nott ca n’t help but wonder if this young wizard is demented, so that he makes such a ridiculous behavior.

But the arm of next moment deformed at an alarming speed right in front of his eyes, and became thick and thin like a waist, with fingers splayed violently, strangling his neck. Lift him up.

Ivan ’s body also swelled. He was half bent and his head was already on the ceiling. This is because the ceiling was high enough, otherwise he had to squat down!

The huge brown bear that Reis Nott turned into that silhouette was like a eight-nine-year-old child standing in front of an Iron Pagoda robust man, so pathetic and powerless!

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