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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 516


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The expression on Reese Nott’s face gradually changed from being proud to being frightened.

He was stunned after being caught by Ash and the others in the manor, not at all witnessing the scene where Ivan crushed the dark wizard in the alley, and was awake until he was tortured by Dougt .

So seeing a 13-14 years old young wizard suddenly turned into a huge giant in front of him, which was completely beyond his understanding.

Rise Nott ca n’t believe it anyway, and he does n’t want to believe it!

He roared loudly, struggling with his claws and slapping Ivan, strangling the arm of his neck, trying to tear the fantasy.

However, the giant ’s skin is too hard, even if he tries his best to leave no scars on it.

Ivan does n’t mean to be used to his opponent. He squeezes tightly on the arm of Rhys Nott. The huge brown bear’s body is tight, and his two paws are waving weakly in midair. In the mind, his unbearable wide open mouth, but can only make some notes of unknown significance.

Ivan ’s five hands are like five iron pliers, tightening step by step, Reese Nott feels that his neck is about to be broken, desperate emotions rise in the mind, and the brain becomes Dizzy.

When Rhys Nott thought he was going to suffocate, the big hand was finally released, he fell heavily to the ground, and his body returned to the wizard form.

However, Rhys Nott ’s face is no longer as haughty as before. He is holding his bruised neck hard, and his body slowly moves back, looking at the silhouette in front of him, his mouth muttered. Muttered to himself.

“This impossible … this impossible!”

“There is nothing impossible!” Ivan lifted the Boggart transfiguration and restored the appearance of 13-14 years old young wizard. He looked at Reis Nott like a scared little animal and said one by one.

“I told you a long time ago, right? Mr. Reiss Nott! Weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is!”

Raise Nott trembles, unable to refute.

Ivan has proved the correctness of this remark with facts and shattered the beliefs that were engraved on his mind in the past, and Reese Nott has even begun to doubt whether the previous teachings were correct.

Is the pure blood wizard really born with aloof and remote, and possesses magic innate talent beyond half-blood and muggle?

Why not the Wrahles family in the twenty-eight pure blood Saint Race?

The other wizards on the scene were also the Bloodline magic that shocked Ivan. Although they had asked some information from the dark wizard when they tortured them, they were not as shocking as they are now.

Wizards who had doubts about Ivan ’s strength before, all took back their thoughts carefully.

Ivan slowly walked to Reese Nott and was disappointed to see the young wizard who had lost his fighting spirit completely to the ground and said.

“So Mr. Reese Nott, I think you can say it now?”

“Say … what?” Reese Nott stammered back, blankly.

“You’d better tell me honestly, why did your Nott family aim at us so deliberately?” Ivan asked in an increased tone.

Because of the urgent time before, he hasn’t had time to understand the contradiction between Aisia and the wizard market. Now he has a chance to understand.

What? Is this the case? Rhys Nott was stunned for a moment, and he looked at Ivan in confusion.

In his impression, it is clear that Aisia recruited a large number of people to actively provoke and intend to seize the wizard market, and their Nott family was forced to fight back.

Otherwise, they will consume so much money and energy if they are full and he will not go to this ghost place.

“Sir Wrahles … you may have misunderstood …” Rees Nott hurriedly retorted, but he did not dare to say too much, so as not to anger the seemingly harmless to humans and animals in front of him, but in fact the vicious young wizard .

“Misunderstanding? It seems that you don’t want to say that?” Ivan sneered and interrupted Reese Nott’s words. He didn’t expect the other party to be so stiff. He had underestimated him before!

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say, I think someone will always tell me, don’t you?” Ivan turned to looked towards the dark wizards who were kneeling on the ground and continued to speak.

Dark wizards were stunned when they heard Ivan ’s words.

Fortunately, there are a lot of smart people after all. Combined with the words Ivan said before, people soon realized that this was a test for Ivan!

An awakened dark wizard pointed to Rhys Nott righteously and said fiercely.

“Your Wrahles is right, there is no misunderstanding! Your foolish attempts to resist the great Wrahles, this is an unforgivable sin!”

Ivan’s brows are frowned. What’s the mess? He just wanted to know why Exia was in conflict with the wizard market.

Another dark wizard noticed the change in Ivan ’s expression, and immediately understood that his companion ’s words did not meet Ivan ’s expectations.

The young wizard in front of me does indeed want to dominate Knockturn Alley, but he does n’t intend to use a slaughter to intimidate people. This requires a name to occupy the moral high ground!

Thinking of this, the dark wizard decisively shook out the sloppy things that the Nott family did in Knockturn Alley.

As the pure-blood family who holds the largest black market in magic circle behind the scenes, their business is naturally very wide, including but not limited to smuggling magical creatures, buying and selling various prohibited items, and occasionally doing some black and black businesses.

However, the Nott family will not personally control these things, but remotely control their spokesperson. In Knockturn Alley, they hire a group of so-called Law Enforcers to act on their behalf.

Because these pure-blood families only care about earnings, they rarely intervene in the management of the wizard ’s market. This has led to Law Enforcer ’s exploitation and bullying for the sake of seduction or personal interests.

Yes, many wizards have complained, but because of the unevenness of their personal strength and far from being able to compete with the wizard market, most people dare to speak out.

After the dark wizard opened, the other three quickly thought that Ivan wanted to justify the occupation of the wizard market, and then they all made statements to add to or even made up false accusations.

“Knockturn Alley will inexplicably disappear several people every year, it must be the taboo dark magic they are studying!”

“They are named after Law Enforcer, they must be intended to be the Ministry of Magic in Knockturn Alley! What a ridiculous idea … Your Excellency Wrahles will not let you succeed!”


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