Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 517

Inner pride does not allow him to defile the glory of the family!

Ris Nott gave up her life and summoned the courage to impudently scold.

“Do n’t give me a whimper, Wrahles! You sent someone to attack the wizard market and ordered those people to kill Law Enforcer, not just to intimidate us to rule the entire Knockturn Alley, become the second you know who, and then control the entire magic circle Is it? “

“Come on … Your ambitions will never succeed!” Reese Nott stared at Ivan sternly, saying one word after another.

Ivan was stunned. He looked at Rhys Nott eccentrically, wondering if this guy just broke his brain. When did he want to control magic circle and become the second you know who?

Besides, I just returned to Knockturn Alley today. How could I instruct my hand to attack the wizard market.

Do n’t you know if I ’m sending someone?

At the same time, Ivan does not think that Esia will do such a thing. According to his understanding, Esia does not have such great ambitions, otherwise impossible will randomly throw these people to manage.

I ’m afraid there is only one truth. Rhys Nott would rather take the initiative to seek death and irritate himself than reveal any news of the Guan Family!

Ivan secretly hooked the head, which is indeed a respectable wizard … Unfortunately, Rex Nott does n’t seem to know that Dougt has used Veritaserum to ask everything when he was unconscious!

This adherence is meaningless!

“Is this what you want to say last? What a nice joke … I think you have no other value!” Ivan lost his patience despite his perseverance with Reese Nott Quite admirable, but that doesn’t mean that he will forgive the offense over and over again.

Ivan has already planned to go to Dougt or Isia to ask for clarity, and there is no need to be alive in Reese Nott!

It is not easy to keep an Animagus to prevent him from escaping, in contrast, it is safer to die!

Ivan’s eyes became more and more dangerous. Thinking of Li Wei, whom Dougt had told him, suddenly had an idea.

Raise Nott is keenly aware that his death is approaching, his body is trembling slightly in fear, but he is still holding his body, his head high, his eyes fixed on Ivan, speechless, strong Like a fighter!

Under this focal point of ten thousands, Ivan slowly raised his left hand.

Is this suggesting something? Doug Frowns thought in his mind, but the amount of information was too little, and even with his wisdom, he could not analyze anything.

The wizards present were also puzzled, and their eyes turned to Ivan ’s high left hand …

Slap ~

Ivan snapped his fingers at random, crisp voice echoed in the closed conference hall, the flame of all around golden seemed to shake a bit, the light flickered …

next moment, everything is back to its original state,

When everyone was puzzled, Rhys Nott’s body stiffened abruptly, as if he had been extracted from his soul, and fell to the ground paralyzed.

His eyes were wide open, his expression full of panic and confusion, as if he saw something incomprehensible.

Dead … dead?

The wizards watching this scene only felt a chill filled with from their hearts.

They had guessed before which way Ivan would execute this wizard who dared to offend him, was he killed with Avada Kedavra? Or tortured to death with Crucio?

However, Ivan exceeded their expectations again, just raised his hand, casually snapped his fingers, and deprived him of a life in front of them!

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