Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 518


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The sudden death of Reese Nott shocked the wizards present.

Some people even suspected that Ivan secretly moved some hands and feet on Reese Nott, or that he had crushed some important organs before becoming a giant, so that Reis Nott was just right. at this time die!

But these speculations are obviously untenable. Reese Nott just showed that everyone is watching, he is full of breath when he speaks, and there is no sign of poisoning. The expression at death looks like what he saw. Horrible things!

So that some wizards think that Ivan’s action was just a kind of lost ceremony, which can extract human soul!

Dogut, who was watching this scene next to him, was equally terrified. He could n’t understand how Ivan killed Rhys Nott.

He thought he had overestimated Ivan as much as possible, but now he realized that he knew nothing but the tip of the iceberg…

Just when everyone was shocked and chilled, Ivan slowly turned around and looked around the conference hall.

Everyone present bowed their heads in fear, daring not to confront Ivan, and even the wizards who had looked at Ivan’s actions with arrogance before were now completely humble.

They are afraid of the power of Ivan powerful and the strange killing tactics, no matter who is willing to anger this mysterious young wizard, become the next Reese Nott!

Seeing this scene, Ivan nodded with satisfaction. It seems that this time Liwei is still very effective. He used so much magic power to kill people with snake eyes, and pretended to snap his fingers and disturbed the flame with magic power. To divert everyone ’s attention.

However, Ivan knew the truth too much, so he didn’t mean to beat them again, and turned his attention to the body of Reese Nott.

He has forgotten which book he saw. After being subjected to a violent impact, the speech can often penetrate people’s hearts, so Ivan paused, and after everyone’s emotions eased a little, he said loudly again. .

“Everyone, you must have seen it just now, there are also many blunt and ignorant people in the pure blood wizard!

They stick to the difference between the so-called Bloodline and judge the value of a person by the purity of his bloodline! Denying our efforts and dedication, we believe that half-blood and muggle species are born to serve these pure blood wizards … “

“But I think it’s time to reverse those old ideas!”

While speaking, Ivan quietly blessed himself with a Sonorus curse, and his firm voice continued to echo in the closed meeting hall.

More and more wizards have found resonance, thinking of the unfair treatment they have suffered. They have gathered courage and looked towards Ivan again, looking forward to his next words.

Ivan did not disappoint them either. He swept across the faces with excitement or anger and raised his tone again.

“I hope that one day all wizards will get the most fair treatment, whether he is pure blood, half-blood origin, child of the muggle family, or werewolf!

We will use a wizard’s magic level instead of bloodline to measure his value! The glory of the wizard should depend on how many kinds of magic he has researched and improved, and how much he has contributed to today’s magic circle!

The wizard who graduated successfully from Hogwarts does not have to go out of the school to do a chore. When a small salesperson or a writer is a writer … that ’s not what wizard should do!

More people should devote their energies to magic research and explore the mysteries!

Someone once asked me what the essence of magic power is. He turned over the book and failed to find an answer, and this is exactly the problem we need to pursue! “

Ivan is giving a speech in a passionate manner. This is not only to arouse everyone’s emotions, but also expresses his deep in one’s heart’s dissatisfaction with magic circle and some expectations!

He always believed that most of the wizards that master magic circle are doing meaningless work. The magic power they master should have a greater role, and more people need to devote themselves to the cause of magic research. !

Wizards should not shrink into a small magic circle. The limited resources here limit their ability and play. They should go out and face the world and go to a larger space!

Following Ivan’s words, Fren and the others who stood on both sides were somewhat unable to control the excitement in their hearts, and couldn’t help but indulge in the beautiful picture drawn by Ivan.

Do n’t look at bloodline, in terms of magic and contribution, even if it is an ordinary wizard, as long as it has outstanding ability, it will have the opportunity to override the noble pure blood wizard!

This is something they did n’t dare to think about …

Even the four dark wizards who surrendered listened enthusiastically.

They are willing to play for the Nott family, in order to be nothing more than money, that ’s all, not at all loyalty, and even their lives, they have to be fingered by those Law Enforcers.

The most important thing is that the young wizard in front proves with his strength that he is not drawing a pie!

Age as a weak point also transformed into terrifying potential in their hearts!

If Ivan is 13-14 years old, he will be able to kill with a finger, and his strength will crush a group of dark wizards. How much more terrible will he grow in a few years?

Gleason, standing in the crowd, was greatly shaken in his heart. He took out parchment and quill from the pocket of the wizard robe at the fastest speed, his wrist trembling, shua ~ shua ~ shua ~ What is written on it.

“What are you doing?” Dougt lowered his voice and glanced at the parchment strangely, realizing that Gleason seemed to be preparing to record Ivan’s words.

“Don’t you find it? Dougt?” Gleason said excitedly, seeing Dougt’s mist and shook the head, and said solemnly. “The words of Lord Wrahles clarify the thoughts and goals … Obviously, this is the program of the future organization!”

Dogut was stunned for a while, and immediately reacted. He was so annoyed that he didn’t immediately notice this, so that the guy Gleason took the lead!

He couldn’t help regretting that he had pulled Gleason in so early, using his intelligence and intelligence to fear that his future status might be lost!

Dogut secretly warned, and he must work harder to try to figure out Ivan’s mind, and must not be compared by others!

At this time, Gleason did not all follow Dougt’s meaning. While listening to Ivan’s speech, he recorded the main points on the hard parchment, and quill slid quickly on the parchment.

After seeing Ivan deep and unmeasurable’s battle strength and thinking beyond the times, Gleason was completely amazed. Where is this potential stock? It is simply a predator who is about to subvert the magic circle!

At this time, it ’s just lurking in the dark waiting for the time that ’s all!

As a person who knows the current affairs, Gleason certainly will not rebel against the tide of the times, nor will he miss this great opportunity that will change his life!

So Gleason had an idea, ready to organize Ivan’s words and deeds in the booklet, as a spiritual program for the members of the organization, and then make a large number of copies to get one for everyone to study and learn!

Just thinking about it, Gleason could not help but praise his wits! He felt that this proposal would definitely make a big contribution and be appreciated by His Excellency Wrahles!

Ivan, who is located in the center of the meeting hall, does not know that some of his random feelings are about to be compiled into a book, and he is still doing his final speech, and his tone becomes more and more high.

“Nobleness like House of Black, arrogance like Malfoy Family once kneeled down at Voldemort ’s feet, bloodline theory is nothing but the humble opinion of ignorant people … I hope you bear in mind that this is magic circle. “

After Ivan finished speaking his last sentence, he suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Just when Ivan suspected that there was something wrong with his speech, there was a thunderous applause in the silent conference hall.

Many wizards exclaimed with excitement, all around were all praises and praises.

Gleason looked at this rare scene with excitement, and the quill in his hand quickly outlined a picture.

He is going to paint this exciting scene and put it on magic as the cover of the brochure!

But what should be the title?

Dark Lord Declaration in the New Century?

Gleason slowly sinks into contemplation …

Ivan on the other side was enjoying the cheers of everyone, and I was very happy. It seemed that some random things that I arbitrarily could be recognized, at least I did n’t mess things up!

Of course, while happy, Ivan has not forgotten that he has one last thing to do!

Ivan raised his hand and pressed down in the cheers of everyone, making a silence.

The noisy meeting hall immediately became extremely quiet. Everyone stopped and applauded spontaneously, waiting to listen to Ivan’s next words.

“You guys! It’s not a happy time yet … Knockturn Alley’s wizard market is still in the hands of the Nott family, and it is inevitable that you will encounter some sad things on the road to a beautiful road.”

“For example today! Our companion Elver Greent encountered a well-arranged ambush by the Nott family while performing the inspection mission and unfortunately left us!”

Ivan ’s words became very heavy. Although he simply did n’t know the sacrificed Elver-Glint, it did not prevent him from praising each other ’s bravery and decisiveness, and aroused the anger of the wizard.

As he imagined, wizards whose emotions were completely mobilized clamored to enter the wizard market, destroying the Nott family, A Tooth For A Tooth, Blood For Blood!

“Everything you said is good! Elfer Greent will not sacrifice in vain, I will definitely let the Nott family pay enough!” Ivan agreed nodded, but then the voice changed again, emphasizing that it is more What matters is holding a funeral for the victim!

The time is set for tomorrow, and he will attend in person!

“Dogut!” Ivan suddenly turned his head and said.

“Lord Wrahles …” Dougt came out of the crowd, with a very humble expression, completely different from the casually normal appearance.

“What is our pension?” Ivan asked.

Do n’t you know? Dougt was a little puzzled, but when he thought about it, he immediately guessed what Ivan meant, calmly replied.

“It’s a hundred Galleon!”

“Too few! Starting today, the pension will be tripled! Also, if there is a suitable job in the future, it will be given priority to Mrs. Ellen’s mother Grint!” Ivan said.

“Three times? Three hundred Galleons ?!” Dougt stunned, and he hurriedly retorted. “This is not in accordance with the rules. Even the Ministry of Magic’s Auror pension is not so much. In addition, our funds have been stretched recently. Is it too much to give 300 Galleon …”

“What I have said is the rules! I hope you remember that this is Knockturn Alley, not the Ministry of Magic …” Ivan scolded Dougt hard, and then looked around the crowd again.

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