Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 519


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Aisia ’s expression is very strange, is it still impossible to teach these things in Hogwarts normally? Or is his child actually a natural leader?

Dogut is also feeling this.

Originally, he felt that meeting at this time was a familiar experience, let Ivan hone it, and he was even ready to be screwed up by Ivan.

After all, among the more than thirty wizards on the scene, apart from seven werewolf and other seven werewolf, the others are meeting with Ivan for the first time. The two sides are very strange and have no basis of trust.

The dozen or so friends he brought are even and smart, and they are all masters of don’t act without some incentives, which is difficult to deal with.

For a young wizard of 13-14 years old, it is almost impossible to get their approval in a short time!

However, Ivan did just that!

In this short rally of less than an hour, all the people present were directly conquered with powerful strength, incomparable potential, and ambitious goals and determination!

Do n’t mention those uninformed listeners, even after he listened to Ivan ’s speech, an idea came out of his heart to do some major event business with this child!

After Ivan was praised by Dogut and Isia, Ivan could n’t help laughing,

That many books in his last life were not read in vain, and he was very rich in theoretical knowledge, but he could n’t find space to play that ’s all.

Of course, the theory comes back to theory. Before that, his actual combat experience is basically zero!

Ivan ’s legs were soft when he just flickered these wizards in the Conference Hall. If his acting had reached the point of perfection, he would n’t be able to stretch out the filling.

“Right, I always forgot to introduce you to … Dobby!” Ivan suddenly remembered something, and then reached out and snapped his fingers.

The crisp voice sounded in the conference hall, which surprised Dougt. He did n’t forget that Ivan had just killed Rhys Nott with a snap finger.

Fortunately, at this time, snapping fingers seems not at all to exert their corresponding power, but in front of them, a small, crumpled house elf appeared.

“Sir!” Dobby blinked and bowed to Ivan to salute, and then looked towards Isia, greeted a little nervously. “Hello, Mrs. Wrahles!”

“Is it?” Aisia glanced at Dobby curiously, and then looked towards Ivan.

When she saw the house elf in that small alley, she wanted to ask, but too many people were delayed.

“It’s called Dobby. It was originally the house elf of Malfoy Family, but now it’s free …” Ivan said to Esia about what happened last school year.

Due to the existence of Dougt, and I do n’t want to worry about Isia too much, Ivan directly omitted the relevant experiences of Basilisk and Slytherin Chamber of Secrets and only mentioned that Lucius -Malfoy First Year sold it to himself during the summer vacation A dangerous diary.

And this dark magic prop is very special, with its own ideas, waiting for the opportunity to control the new magic defense professor, want to “cleanse” the entire Hogwarts, kill those Bloodline low-cost muggle species.

“Lucius -Malfoy! How dare he hurt you this way ?!” Isia was very angry when he heard this.

She, who is proficient in alchemy, can understand how powerful a dark magic item with thought even if she does not know Horcrux’s related knowledge.

Thinking like this, Esia couldn’t help being afraid, she said with a bit of complaint. “You haven’t mentioned such dangerous things to me before. What if something went wrong?”

“I know that it has a problem, so I just want to study it!” Ivan confessed, and then pretended to say that the thing had been destroyed by himself.

“So you asked me to teach you Fiendfyre just to destroy it?” Isia remembered Ivan suddenly asked her about Fiendfyre Curse’s release method. Now I think it should be used to destroy this magic item.

“Yes! I tried a lot of ways and I could n’t hurt it, so I thought of Fiendfyre Curse!” Ivan ordered nodded, because of the Occlumency with Fifth Level, and the Fiendfyre ring he dared to hold It’s been a long time for Horcrux.

Although I almost overturned the car in the end, the benefits are also obvious. During that semester, his magic level can only be described by advanced by leaps and bounds, and I have successfully found a way to integrate multiple Bloodline .

Apart from other factors, Ivan also has to admit that Tom is a great Teacher, or the kind that he can carry with him.

“Okay, Isiah, I think Ivan Jr. has his own ideas, has n’t he handled it well all the time?” Dougt also spoke out, he did n’t want Ivan and Ezia because of this little thing It’s stiff.

Dogut is also very surprised by Ivan’s various Legendary experiences in the school. No wonder Ivan’s strength will increase substantially every time he comes back. This campus career is also very exciting.

Aisia has also lost her breath at this time. She was just annoyed by Ivan ’s risky behavior that ’s all.

Ivan went on and said that Dobby was worried about Harry ’s safety and reported the news secretly in violation of the order. Eventually he was discovered and punished by Lucius.

“After I destroyed the diary, I set up a bureau, put a glove in the diary and gave it back to Lucius, and he threw the damaged diary to Dobby as I thought. … “Ivan added.

Isia and Dougt heard this immediately.

House elf is a slave to the wizard, and the only way to be free is to receive a piece of clothing handed over by the owner.

But this is a shame for the normal house elf, because once the owner is expelled from the family, it means that they have lost their meaning of existence.

But the house elf in front of him is obviously a freak, Dobby said proudly. “Yes, the great Lord Wrahles liberated Dobby and made Dobby a free house elf …”

Dobby became more and more excited, especially when Ivan was willing to hire himself with a Sickle per week as his salary, the light bulb-sized eye sockets were filled with moving tears, and his nose pumped … p>

Dogut and Isia looked at Ivan’s eyes strangely. Ivan quickly interrupted the house elf’s words.

“Dobby! Do n’t mention anything about hiring without my order in the future!”

He finally created an image of caring for his subordinates in front of those wizards. Ivan does n’t want to be ruined by this!

“Dobby understands that sir must not want people to know how kind he is to a house elf …” Dobby sobbed.

Dobby ’s peculiar brain circuit made Ivan very speechless. He took the head and did n’t say anything. Instead, he looked towards Aisia and asked if Dobby could stay at home in the future.

Isia naturally has no opinions. She has been busy dealing with the wizard market recently, and she has not had much time to take care of housework. Dobby’s presence just fills this vacancy.

Dogut is frowned. Some doubt Dobby ’s loyalty. A house elf that betrayed the previous owner is not very flattering.

But I thought Ivan had fooled so many wizards in just one hour, so that he couldn’t get a house elf, he was relieved again.

After persuading Isia to accept Dobby, Ivan turned to them curiously and asked what happened in Knockturn Alley in the past few months, and how they contradicted the wizard market.

“After you left, Isia and I felt that it was necessary to rectify Knockturn Alley before you came back, which is one of the few things we can do for you!” Dougt was very proud to explain to Ivan The results of the past few months.

They have gathered enough manpower to solve some disobedient spikes. As for the large number of ordinary wizards, they do not at all control, because those people are very good to deal with, after they have won the final victory. Will automatically attach.

“I at first wanted to persuade the Nott family to join us. If he knew the current affairs, I did n’t want to embarrass him, but the Old Guy unable to tell good from bad blasted the people I sent. … “Dougt said with a cold laugh, he gave the other party a chance, but the other side didn’t cherish it.

“Wait, Dogut head … should n’t it be because we were in the wizard market two years ago, did the Nott family deliberately retaliate against us?” Ivan interrupted Dogut’s words in a confused way , Asked Unable to Bear.

“This is indeed a good statement …” Doug Teton felt his eyes light up. Why didn’t he think of using this as a reason before?

Fortunately, the remedy is now too late. Doug Terry immediately said that he had not thought about it before and did not notice the influence of public opinion. Tomorrow he will order people to collect the crimes of the Nott family.

Isia sees something, but I ca n’t help but remind Ivan In order to achieve a more ambitious ideal, you do n’t have to be obsessed with the means of justice … If you want to do some major event karma, you ca n’t be too kind!

Listening to the words of the two, Ivan was lost in confusion,

What? I have more ambitious ideals, want to do some major event business?

Why did I never know?

“Who the hell do you listen to?” Ivan was very suspicious of what Isia might have misunderstood, and asked Unable to Bear.

“Of course it was from Bok! If he had told me about your arrangements, I am afraid I have been kept in the dark by you …” Isia said sighed with emotion, and then she glared dissatisfiedly. Ivan glanced, then said.

“You shouldn’t tell Bock about such a secret plan, if he passed it directly, it would be bad!”

“But I only talked to him about alchemy, and asked him how to put the secret door on the magic props.” Ivan was stunned, completely confused about the situation, what are these two things? Contact?

“So I always said that the old fellow was very clever. He guessed that you were going to apply the technique of arranging hidden doors to the protective ring sold to Auror. Fortunately, the Ministry of Magic can be solved in one fell swoop at the right time. A strong force! “Dogut explained.

When referring to Bock, Dougt still hated the gnash the teeth. He still remembers the old guy blowing up his house.

Ivan was stunned. He recalled the scene when he chatted with Bock.

It seems … probably … maybe I said that before?

However, he did so only by keeping an eye on it, lest he be sold to the magic item he sold!

Just to protect yourself! There is no relationship with wild ambition who wants to rule Knockturn Alley!

After all, he and Isia have done a lot of things that violate the magic circle regulations, saying that a certain number of Aurors will come and arrest them one day.

Ivan ca n’t wait to use Time-Turner to go back to the past and unscrew Bock ’s head, lest he make up some weird things in his brain, and also pass on the things he made up to Ecia and the others.

No wonder when he was in Hogwarts, the task of unifying Knockturn Alley would increase some progress every once in a while. It turned out that Isia was fooled by Bock …

Thinking of this, Ivan is ready to explain.

However, before he spoke, Dougt heard it admirably. “Neither Isia nor I thought that you planned such a meticulous plan unconsciously!”

“Yeah, when Bok told me, I almost thought he was wrong … This is not like a layout that a child can come up with.” Aisia is also said with a smile.

It’s a mistake!

Ivan smiled secretly bitterly, but looking at Dougt’s admired gaze and the smile on Aysia’s face, he swallowed the remarks again.

Ivan ca n’t imagine how embarrassing it would be if they were speaking frankly now, so that Isia and Dougt would have worked hard for a few months and they would make an oolong scene …

All previous efforts will be meaningless!

And the wizards that cost a lot of money to convene, have already become enthusiastic under his speech, ready to attack.

If you go out now and tell them everything is misunderstood, and then disband on the spot, go back to each house, maybe what a mess it will be!

Not to mention that the Liangzi they formed with the wizard market has already reached an unstoppable point, even if they are willing to stop now, the Nott family is impossible to let them go!

So now there is only one way to go to the black, according to the original plan to solve the wizard market to clear the threat, so that the spent gold Galleon will not be in vain!

Importantly, Ivan remembered Trelawny ’s prophecy,

As Pettigrew Peter escaped from Azkaban, part of the prophecy is now fulfilled, and Ivan feels that he must be prepared for the worst.

At this time, a group of strong and loyal men is very important!

In view of this, Ivan really doesn’t know how to explain it to Isia.

Did you directly say that although you are comfortable with the status quo and have no big ambitions, you still need some loyal hands to guard against the resurrection of the previous Dark Lord for some special reason?

That might as well not explain it!

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