Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 520


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Ivan is very worried that he will be filled with another strange look after his explanation.

Thinking of this, Ivan looked at the two and said quite helplessly. “Why didn’t you discuss with me before doing these things …”

“Did you mean to go back to Hogwarts to study at that time? Isia didn’t think I should be bothering you, so we are ready to give you a surprise when you come back this time!” Dougt said with a smile.

“Surprise … surprise ?!” Ivan’s corner of the mouth twitched, which in his opinion is almost shocking!

“What’s the matter?” Isia asked, seeing that Ivan’s expression seemed a bit off.

“No, it’s nothing, I just feel that there is such a surprise … The surprise you prepared is …” Ivan struggled with a smile, and then looked at the expectant eyes of Esia and Dougt, and continued in disbelief. .

“It’s amazing!”

“We can only help you with this little thing …” Isia laughed and then told Ivan that he was planning to rectify Knockturn Alley before he returned, but didn’t expect wizard market Her resistance is more difficult to deal with than she thought.

So if I come back later, you are all done?

Ivan is very speechless. After working hard to learn more about the inside story with Isia, I was very tired and said that I have experienced too many things today. Now I want to go back and be quiet …

“Then take a good rest!” Aisia noticed Ivan’s tired cheeks and felt relieved, soothingly. “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you are still small … we have a lot of time to arrange slowly!”

Ivan opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he said nothing. He walked out of the conference hall and returned to his magic shop.

After closing the door, Ivan’s face suddenly darkened, he suddenly thought of something, subconsciously opened the system’s taskbar and looked at it.

【Task: Become the King of Knockturn Alley

Mission Objective: Unify Knockturn Alley (Second Ring)

Task progress: 70% one

Mission Reward: Barbaric Loyalty Curse

Mission description: ……】

“70% one?” Ivan looked at the progress bar and couldn’t help being surprised.

Why did you suddenly increase so much?

If he remembers correctly, when he looks at the Black Mansion at noon, the progress of the mission is only fixed at 45 percent.

Is it because of the previous shock and speech?

Is it because he solved the Law Enforcer and seven dark wizards sent by the other party to hunt down Walker, and even surrendered four people, causing the Scales of Victory to lean towards the square again?

Ivan thinks that there should be both. The eight trained wizards are carried out separately in Knockturn Alley. They are not a small force, enough to change the strength of a battle!

Not to mention that this time the Nott family also lost a core member-Ruis Nott!

When I think of this, Ivan is mad.

It ’s not because of the murder. Ivan is very clear that since the two sides are already enemies, the contradiction has become irreversible. Then no matter what the cause is, he is weak.

After all, it ’s too expensive to imprison an Animagus, and Reese Nott is alive and unwilling to surrender, then death is his only attribution.

What really drives Ivan crazy is that he used to think that the Nott family had deliberately retaliated, and Isia was forced to helpless before organizing a passive counterattack, so that he repeatedly questioned the matter of Rhys Nott in the conference hall. Now It was awkward to want to come to the scene at that time.

No one was present to remind myself …

Or do they make up something terrible again?

“No, I have to take care of the whole thing from beginning to end …” Ivan soon dismissed all kinds of thoughts, thinking about just asking from Esia and Dougt The news came out, slowly connecting everything together.

At first, it was probably because of my own prudence that I wanted to leave a backdoor on the props sold to Ministry of Magic, which caused Bock to misunderstand, thinking that he was wild ambition, and wanted to use this to remove Auror to rule the entire British magic. circle.

Only after learning everything that Bok had made up, did I think she was not careful enough to let Bok know about such a secret plan.

This is probably the cause of Bok ’s death. He “knows” too much!

“I knew I shouldn’t have left Bock’s life!” Ivan regretted taking the head. If he hadn’t stopped Aysia in the Borgin and Burkes store, Boke had already died. How could that many be messy? thing.

However, Ivan also has to admit that Bock is really a wily old fox, and the conceived plan does have probability of implementation.

If you can unify Knockturn Alley, convene hundreds of wizards, and rely on the secret door left on the protective ring and anti-curse gloves to carry out a raid, occupation of Ministry of Magic is not a problem!

But the key is what they can do if they destroy the Ministry of Magic? The wizards of England will not recognize their rule at all!

Not to mention Dumbledore!

The strength of the strongest white wizard on this side of the order is extraordinary, and Elder Wand is in hand. It is not a problem to beat them alone …

Wait … Dumbledore? !

Ivan suddenly remembered one thing. The old professor was caught by Voldemort Horcrux’s secret calculation, and it seems that he hasn’t lived long.

putting it that way The biggest obstacle does not actually exist, can I be Minister of Magic? !

Ivan sucked in a cold breath, lying in bed and tossing and turning to sleep, various emotions such as tension, depression, confusion, confusion, etc. rise in the mind…

He is a young wizard in the Third Year. Why did he suddenly rule the magic circle in England?


Early early in the morning, after Ivan got up to wash, he yawned and went downstairs to prepare for dinner.

He thought about it for a whole night yesterday, but he could n’t get it right. In the end, he still did n’t think he was the Ministry of Magic.

In contrast, he prefers a person to leisurely research and study magic, rather than sitting in the office to deal with a lot of government affairs every day, and fighting with his political enemies.

You ca n’t capture Minister of Magic and get a puppet minister out, right?

Thinking so, Ivan couldn’t help laughing.

The so-called domination magic circle is just that those people blindly make up for it. There is no way to do things. He first entangled the problem of inappropriate Ministry of Magic. It is completely asking for trouble …

“Sir! Please come here!”

As soon as Ivan went downstairs to the lobby, he heard Dobby’s voice rang.

He looked up, and the house elf pulled the chair next to the dinning table very attentively, and Ethia and Dougt had already sat down, waiting for him.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Isia noticed that Ivan seemed a little sleepy and asked with concern.

“Well, thinking about something … sleeping a little late.” Ivan yawned and walked to the position where he was pulled away and sat down.

Dobby handed a rich breakfast at the right time to the dinning table in front of Ivan, and then very diligently took a rag and busy up and down, looking very energetic, ready to wipe the whole room again.

Ivan glanced at it, realizing that Dobby wanted to perform well in front of Ethia, so she looked towards Ethia and asked with a smile.

“Mother, what do you think of Dobby? Is it okay?”

“Of course, I’m very satisfied …” Isia praised me with no misfortune, but I was not used to this kind of life for a while.

When she used to get up and cook this morning, she was stopped by Dobby.

This house elf said she did n’t want to let her do any of these chores, and even if she did n’t move, she looked excited. If she stopped Dobby, she even planned to hit the wall with her head …

Isia, who has a certain understanding of house elf, naturally understands that this is Dobby’s “competent” performance, so it is because of it …

Dobby, who heard Aixia ’s praise, suddenly became more strenuous and wiped the entire hall spotlessly clean with a rag, then cleaned the other rooms with interest.

“With a house elf, you Wrahles are also wizard families with a heritage.” After Dobby left the hall, Dougt said, both playful and envious.

Do n’t look at house elf in wizard’s eyes, which is not so different from slave. But they are loyal, proficient in all life skills, and their magic level is not weaker than that of an adult wizard. They are definitely an excellent helper.

Generally speaking, only those pure-blood families with power can own a house elf as a slave …

“Dobby and I are only employed. If it wants to pursue true freedom one day, I wo n’t stay, and the way to determine a family ’s heritage should be the inheritance of the knowledge they have!” Ivan shook the head, refuting that he did not agree with this statement.

The life of this kind of clothing to reach out and open your mouth is too rotten!

Easy to kill people’s fighting spirit …

No wonder Malfoy is so arrogant and coquettish.

Ivan sighed in his heart, took the spoon and took a sip of porridge from Dobby, and ate some sausages and roasted tomatoes.

Dogut curl one ’s lip, that ’s right, but he still wants a house elf, who can be taken care of who wants to take care of these trivia …

Dogut wasn’t arguing with Ivan, his face became more serious, and his voice turned to ask about the matter. “Right, I forgot to ask yesterday, Ivan, do you hate those pure blood wizards?”

“no!” Ivan shook the head, then continued. “I think there is no difference between pure blood, half-blood and wizard not at all of the muggle family!”

He does n’t mean blindly antipure blood, nor does he like Voldemort ’s radical thinking that certain wizards that he does n’t like should die.

According to Ivan’s understanding, some pure-blood families are no different from ordinary wizards. They rely on a craft and their ability to make money.

The Lovegood family like Luna relies on running a newspaper to earn living expenses, even because of the problem of newspaper sales.

“That’s good!” Dougt relaxed, of course he can understand the meaning of Ivan’s words, Ivan is not a pure blood but a privilege!

This means that a part of the pure-blood family is still friends, not enemies!

“Dogut head, what do you ask about this?”

Ivan, who has seen the brain supplement ability of Bock, understands the truth, try to ask everything as clear as possible, so as not to know when it is pitted.

“I should have told you before that there are six pure-blood families in the wizard market. Although the Nott family is the most powerful, it is only one of them …” Dougt explained to Ivan He wants to persuade a pure-blood family to act as an internal response, so that they will attack the wizard market much more smoothly.

“Are you sure it will be useful?” Ivan frowned.

“Of course! You don’t understand those pure blood, it’s awkward to say, they are no different from the wall head grass! Before they used the many people to fight desperately, but now it’s different!” a cold laugh.

“Then which family do you plan to lobby?” Ivan asked.

“Rozil family! I have contacted them with Patriarch before and wanted to persuade him to join us in the rebel camp. Although that failed eventually, the old Rozil hesitated before replying to me, if Once he realized that he had no chance of winning, he must have surrendered faster than anyone else! “Dogut explained.

There are even two or five of them? Ivan surprised Dougt with a look, and after getting his confirmation, he continued.

“How long will it take you to persuade him? How sure are you?”

“I’m 80% sure that you can meet him in a maximum of two days.” Dougt said confidently, this time wizard market has damaged nine wizards at once, and the strength comparison has been thorough Unbalanced, he has the confidence to persuade each other.

“Okay! Then I will meet him!” Ivan nodded agreed, and it would be better to occupy the wizard market with as little damage as possible.

One of them might be able to catch the other party to catch everything in one net, lest there is a fish that escaped the net, and they will frequently harass them in the future.

After Ivan ’s permission, Dougt was very happy. He ate breakfast and left the magic shop.

Ivan cherishes the moment of getting along with Esia, and basically did n’t do anything to chat with Esia in the morning.

In the afternoon, Ivan remembered the need to hold a funeral for Elver-Glint, so that he asked Dobby to prepare the corresponding things, and used the communication magic props to regroup everyone.

Ivan was standing by the door and waiting, the space in front was constantly twisted, and one after another silhouette appeared in front of him.

When the last person arrived, Ivan looked at the time, ten minutes had passed …

This speed makes Ivan frown, but it’s not time to eat or sleep!

According to his understanding, the wizard can directly use Disapparation for instant transmission. Except for individual emergencies, everyone should arrive at the scene immediately after his notification!

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