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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 521


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Ivan ’s eyes slowly swept across the audience, dissatisfied with this efficiency, but he used the communication magic props and notified everyone at the same time!

Under Ivan ’s gaze, the wizards who arrived rushed to look a bit not knowing what to do, and did n’t quite understand where they offended each other.

“Ten minutes!” Ivan glanced at the clock in the room again, then turned his head and said to the crowd. “From my signal … It took ten minutes for you to perform Disapparation! You have to say that your incompetence is far beyond my expectations!”

“Even if it is a group of muggles, rushing from any side of Knockturn Alley after receiving the order, I am afraid it will not take so long!”

Ivan’s words were very sharp, and the wizards he was staring at all trembling with fear bowed their heads and dared not stare at him.

Yesterday Ivan ’s finger-killing scene was still printed in their hearts, so even if Ivan scolded hard, they would not dare to refute.

“Who arrived last? Stand up!” Ivan expressionless said.

“Yes … it was me, I was … I was in the toilet, sir!” A thirty-year-old wizard walked out tremblingly, and he looked at Ivan in fear, stuttering and explaining. .

“Going to the toilet? That’s a good reason …” Ivan sneered. He didn’t continue to ask, but turned his attention to the penultimate witch, and said.

“So what about you? Grace!”

“I … I’m taking a shower, sir …” the witch said in embarrassment.

“I hate people lying … Grace! Or are you going to tell me to roll around in the sand after taking a shower?” Ivan glanced at the other person and was keenly aware of the wizard’s wizard robe. Less dust, this is not like new clothes.

“Sorry … Sorry … Your Excellency Wrahles! Please … forgive me for my offense!”

Ivan dismantled the lie on the spot and stared with indifferent eyes. Grace ’s face was pale. She knelt down on the spot and prostrate on the ground, begging Ivan to forgive her life.

After witnessing Ivan reverse black and white in the conference hall yesterday, forcing Reese Nott to “confess guilt”, and killing Reese Nott instantly with strange means, the seeds of fear were deeply rooted in Grace ’s heart, Fear that the other party would torture or even kill himself if he didn’t agree.

Grace ’s such a big reaction made Ivan stunned. He just wanted to beat each other and get some small punishment. Killing the chicken to warn the monkey to let these wizards understand the importance of discipline, but did n’t expect Grace to Frightened like this, he knelt down directly.

Is that terrifying? Ivan was very depressed, and then thought it must be that the other party’s psychological quality was too bad. He thought that the wizards in Knockturn Alley were all ruthless characters, and it seems that this may not be the case.

Ivan secretly shook the head and had to extinguish the plan to punish the two on the spot, but he still kept a straight face and looked around the people with a sharp eye to continue speaking.

“So what about you, why? I remember telling you at the meeting yesterday that you will meet here this afternoon!”

All the wizards dare not reply, so I silently accepted Ivan ’s rebuke, some people complained in their hearts, I think Ivan is completely make a big fuss over a minor issue, they just came late One thing, not at all delays something important.

Ivan has been paying attention to the expressions on everyone’s face, and naturally can guess their ideas with no difficulty, he couldn’t help but increase his tone.

“I hope you have not forgotten that we are in a life-and-death dispute and are in danger all the time!

If you are notified at this time because a certain one of you was attacked in Knockturn Alley, you better pray that your luck is good enough to wait for your companions to dilly-dallying to take care of all kinds Affairs, and then come to rescue you! “

Ivan ’s words struck Grace and the others like an alarm bell.

The coffin with Elfer ’s body was placed in front of them, telling them with bloody facts that this was not alarmist. If they responded to the notice yesterday, if they responded a little faster, maybe Elfer would survive. .

“Grace, Joseph …” Ivan looked again towards the last two people who arrived and asked in response. “If you are attacked by the wizard team dispatched by the Nott family, when do you think the support should arrive?”

Naturally, the sooner the better! No delay for one second!

Grace thought so, but did n’t say it immediately, because she understood that Ivan asked not for this, but for herself to give a set time limit.

“1 point bell!” Grace counted, gritted her teeth, and began to speak.

She feels that even if she is going to the toilet or taking a bath, it can be dealt with urgently at 1 point. After all, it only takes a Disapparation to reach the venue, and it wo n’t take much time.

“Thirty seconds!” Joseph was even more ruthless than Grace, and in order to avoid punishment, he directly reduced the time by half.

“Very good! Then according to what you said, usually 1 point is limited to 30 seconds after receiving the emergency notice! The next time I will start timing, late arrivals will be severely punished, without exception, also No reason! “Ivan said very toughly.

The wizards present stared at Grace and Joseph, and secretly complained to them why they did n’t talk any longer. In case they received instructions late at night, what should they do if they slept too much?

Or just take a bath and wash halfway through, drying your body and getting dressed for more than thirty seconds.

Joseph and Grace did n’t pay attention to everyone ’s eyes. They were thankful that Ivan had let go of them. They were even ready to send Crucio one by one.

Ivan paid attention to the reactions of the wizards present, and was unavoidably disappointed. These wizards are really too loose, just a group of scattered soldiers who are courageous, they obviously lack training and discipline!

But this is not the time to think about it. After the reprimands were beaten, Ivan asked Fren to take Elph’s coffin and went to the graveyard together, finding a suitable place for burial.

Ivan walked to the tombstone and chanted a memorized prayer in honor of Elver Greent ’s achievements during his lifetime.

One part is for show, the other part is sincere.

Although he did n’t have any intersection with this victim before this, Elfer Greent was recruited by Aishia in his name and lost his life for this. Ivan certainly would not Perfunctory.

In the process, Ivan also met Mrs. Ellen’s mother Greent.

The white-haired witch’s eyes were filled with tears, and it looked very pitiful. Both her husband and daughter died in the last wizard war, and now they have lost the last child. Make her a little difficult to accept.

Ivan sighed, some inexplicable congestion in my heart, but also understand that such a thing cannot be avoided, and which of the wizards living in Knockturn Alley is a happy family?

Ivan took the money bag full of gold Galleon and walked to the old witch, apologizing.

“Mrs. Grint, I’m sorry, we went a step late and failed to save your son. He has always been brave and fighting to the last moment is a well-deserved hero!”

“In addition, this is 300 galleons. Please also accept … apart from this, we have nothing to do!” Ivan handed the gold bag with the gold galleon to it and was scolded. ready.

For a lost mother, no matter how angry she is, it ’s normal.

However, none of this happened. Mrs. Grint sobbed lowly and took the bag Ivan handed over with a choked thank you.

She knows that her child is doing money for life, and in Knockturn Alley, the least valuable is human life. Ivan can give him a funeral after Elf ’s death and get 300 Galleon. The pension is already done.

If you change employers, Elver ’s end is mostly a corpseless wilderness unattended …

So even though she was deeply saddened, Mrs. Grint didn’t blame Elfer’s death on Ivan’s head.

The funeral lasted for more than an hour, and Ivan took the crowd back to Borgin and Burkes shop in the evening.

When Ivan was thinking about whether to take advantage of this opportunity for a training session, Dougt brought him good news.

“Old Rozier has agreed to meet you … now he is waiting, he said there is something to tell you, and you have to wait until you arrive before you can speak.”

“So fast?” Ivan couldn’t help but be surprised. He remembered that Dougt only mentioned this matter to himself in the morning. He thought he had to wait a few days.

“Oh, I casually mentioned a few words to him, and the guy was terrified …” Dougt said with a cold laugh.

Ivan glanced at him, and some said curiously what Gert said to the other party, so terrified them like this.

However, considering that the other party might wait for too long to cause trouble, Ivan did not ask much about Disapparation and Dougt to go to the agreed location.

It ’s understood when I meet up anyway …

With a burst of space replacement, when came back to his senses again, Ivan found himself near a rundown house.

It’s very desolate here, probably in the corner on the east side of Knockturn Alley, and in the distance you can see the ruins of the battle with the Law Enforcers.

“Come out, Mr. Rozier, hiding from your pure-blood family, isn’t it?” Ivan looked around, there was no one nearby, but he was pretty sure that the other person was still here nearby.

Ivan’s words passed to all around on the empty rooftop. After ten seconds, another voice rang.

“Please also forgive me for your rudeness, Your Excellency Wrahles. After all, I came by myself, so be careful.”

A middle-aged wizard wearing a gorgeous robe in his fifties appears out of thin air, not far away, with a slightly apologetic expression on his face, and a house elf beside him.

Ivan frowned, of course he understands that the other party must have been hiding in the dark to check the situation. Once there are too many people on his side, or if he feels that the situation is not correct, this guy will run away.

Sure enough, as Doguet said, it ’s not good …

While Ivan was observing each other, Old Rozier was looking at him.

After half a noise, old Rozier said with emotion.

“You are younger than I thought, Your Excellency Wrahles! If you do n’t listen to Dougt, I ca n’t believe that you are as powerful as the Dark Lord at this age …”

Although I have learned a lot of information from Dougt, looking at Ivan ’s immature face, old Rozier is still a little unbelievable.

A young wizard with a maximum age of 13-14 years old should still go to school in Hogwarts. Even if you start practicing magic from the moment magic power broke out, the learning time is absolutely impossible for more than ten years!

Such a devil is really so powerful, can it be comparable to the terrifying Dark Lord?

Old Rozier doubts whether Dougt is making a fuss.

I have the power comparable to Voldemort? Ivan glanced at Dogut sideways, thinking about whether he would change his personal life to do this kind of diplomatic work next time, or there would be more outrageous rumors in Knockturn Alley in the near future.

Dogut is a face doesn’t change. It’s normal to brag properly when negotiating and pressing.

And he thinks that even Voldemort may not be able to do such weird things as finger-killing, so to some extent it is not lying …

Despite Ivan ’s constant voicing, he appears to be immobile, impatiently speaking.

“I heard Dougt say you have a very important piece of information to tell me, but you have to see me in person to disclose it?”

“Yes, Lord Wrahles! The Rozier family is willing to submit to you … but I also ask you to consider two small conditions generously.” The old Rozier was hunkbacked slightly, and looked very humble, with no pure blood at all. The arrogant look of the wizard.

“Tell me about …” Ivan raised his eyebrows, not surprisingly, his side did have an advantage, but the other side was not incapable of resistance. He wanted to persuade old Rozier to betray the original camp without paying a bit. The price will definitely not work.

“First, I hope you will allow our Rozil family to retain their corresponding share in the wizard market.” Old Rozil suggested.

“Yes!” Ivan agreed without any hesitation.

For the first pure-blood family to rebel, some preferential treatment is still necessary.

The Rozil family does n’t have much market share in the wizard market. In fact, it does n’t affect everything at all. If this is taken away, no pure-blood family will be willing to surrender in the future.

After Ivan agreed, the old Rozier was relaxed, and his greatest concern was the interests of the family, as long as this could keep everything else.

“What about the second condition?” Ivan asked without hesitation to spend time here with the other party.

“Second condition …” Old Rozier hesitated for a long time, seeming to struggle with whether or not to say, and finally gritted his teeth and tried to open his mouth.

“Lord Lord Wrahles may not know that I ’ve been obsessed with formidable power powerful magic since I was a kid. I had the honour to meet the Lord Lord Lord fifteen years ago by the strength of oneself against dozens of Aurors. The magic formidable power is surprisingly amazing and made me It ’s still unforgettable … “

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