Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 522


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Ivan looked at old Rozier playfully, and he was clearly aware of his plan.

The so-called obsessed powerful magic is just a pretext that ’s all. The other party ’s real intention is probably to verify their strength. Obviously Dougert had blown it before, and old Rozier doubted it …

Although this is clear, Ivan is holding wand not at all without moving, looking towards the old Rozier ’s eyes are getting worse.

“My Excellency Wrahles, I know my request is very abrupt, so in order to express my apologies, I am willing to offer some compensation!” Old Rozier still looked like that humble, and glanced at the side house elf.

Under his eyes, House Elf took out a heavy bag and walked towards Ivan step by step. The bag shook and made a sound of metal impact, obviously it was Gold Galleon inside.

Old Rozil ’s face is full of apologies, but his eyes are staring at Ivan, observing each other ’s actions.

He asked Ivan to show that magic naturally wanted to see the strength of this young wizard. After all, he was not a fool, impossible, and he heard Dougte say something, and he was believed to be true.

Besides, Dougert and the others have been watching the actions of the past few months. Old Rozier guessed that the purpose of the other party may not only be to control the wizard market, but there may be a bigger Plot!

Once the opponent ’s goal of rectifying Knockturn Alley is achieved, Ministry of Magic is absolutely impossible to sit and watch, so confirming Ivan ’s strength becomes very important.

If Dogut not at all deceived himself before, Ivan’s strength is indeed comparable to Dark Lord, then magic circle will definitely usher in a major reshuffle, they Rochelle family as the first batch to join the other veteran class Members can definitely benefit from it.

If Ivan not at all, as Dougert said, is so powerful, but a little talented young wizard, he will not accompany him, even if he loses the wizard market, those industries will always be stronger than his future life!

Of course, this temptation is not without risk, it is very likely to anger the young wizard in front of me …

This is also the reason why he put his face down and negotiated in a low profile, plus the compensation and the intelligence in his mind, he is more than 70% sure that the other party will not kill himself!

If you are out of luck and hit the remaining 30% probability, he will have to run!

On this point, the old Rozier is extremely confident that his Disapparation has been very well practiced and can be carried out smoothly in all kinds of extreme situations.

And at first, he was ready for both hands, and while following a rule to show his sincerity, he also brought a house elf!

In the general wizard concept, house elf is just a slave, which is not a human head, does not cause the other person to feel bad, and it is considered to have a loophole in the rules.

In a crisis situation, this house elf can resist him for a while, giving him enough time to use spell.

Old Rozier is thinking about the abacus in his heart, and plotting all the plot against perfectly clear, and complacent.

However, things did not develop as he expected. House elf carried the money bag and walked a few steps, Ivan’s indifferent voice suddenly sounded.

“Mr. Rozier, I think you may have forgotten a little, not everything can be measured by money … But if you want to see it, I am not unsatisfied with you …”

Ivan’s face cooled down, wondering if the other person was dizzy, or did the pure-blood concept really think that money can solve everything?

Courage to try in front of Voldemort? Take a sum of money and let the Dark Lord show you a magic?

All your heads are lifted!

From this point, he was sure that old Rozier had never seen Voldemort, otherwise he would not say such stupid things.

Ivan is not so brutal, and he does not care about demonstrating high-intensity magic for deterrence, but he understands that he must take the initiative and not act in accordance with the other party ’s requirements …

While speaking, Ivan has quietly activated the enhanced rune sequence in wand. Right hand held wand and swiped across in midair!

A blade of invisible magic power is like a thick scimitar extending forward.

Ivan has no spells because it does n’t need to. Sectumsempra has already been upgraded to level 6 under perennial practice. The silent use spell is no difficulty for Ivan.

Tear …

With a slight sound,

Not far in front, the house elf has been holding the bag in his hand and was separated by something. The gold Galleon inside was scattered around. I could still see some of the Gold Coins being cut into two …

Before waiting for these heavy gold galleons to land, the blade of magic power crossed the distance of several meters and reached the old Rozier.

As long as Ivan said that, the old Rozier’s face changed, he understood that he was self-defeating, and immediately wanted to use Disapparation to leave here.

But he obviously overestimated his ability to escape. When the old Rozier lifted the wand, the blade of magic power had been swept past him, and there was a burst of tingling in his abdomen, as if Get stuck with a needle.

“Disapparation!” the old Rozier shouted, waving wand regardless, and read spells at the fastest speed.

However nothing happened. Old Rozier was still standing on the spot, only the sound of ding ding dong dong gold galleon scattered on the ground echoed in his ears.

He glanced down dullly, and then he was horrified to find that his wand was cut into two pieces sometime, the cut was smooth and round, like it was cut by a sharp blade, and it was finely polished. .


At this time, a bitter cutting sound came from behind. Old Rozier turned his head subconsciously and looked over, a large piece of tall bush was cut off a large section, next to a thick After a while, the trees shook and fell to the ground, bringing a cloud of dust.

His sight is about a fan-shaped local area. The height of all objects is surprisingly the same, and the level is a little scary.

Old Rozier swallowed hard, and he understood that Ivan was not biased, but deliberately let himself go. If this attack was against himself, then before the reaction came, he would It will be cut into two pieces like the tree.

The old Rozier was even more shocked that this attack could not be seen at all, and the penetration range was extremely wide. He was very sure that even if he prepared the protective measures in advance, he would be penetrated instantly. There is no way to resist!

With this single blow, the old Rozier confirmed that Dougt’s words were true and true. He had never seen Dark Lord use spell, but it might not be too far to come.

Thinking of this, the old Rozier was ready to admit that Ivan did n’t immediately kill himself, which meant that there was still a chance to ease things. The question was how much it would cost that ’s all…

But when he turned around, he saw that the house elf he had brought in attacked Ivan outrageously.

“Stop it! You idiot!” Old Rozier was stunned and gave a heartbreaking cry.

His wand has just been cut off by Ivan, which means that he has completely lost his ability to resist. If the house elf he brought in accidentally hurts the young wizard in front of him, he will be dead!

Even the escape probability does not exist.

But the old Rozier was obviously one step slower. The house elf had already stretched out his hand, and a dazzling beam of light flew from his fingers, striking straight towards Ivan.

Ivan ’s expression did n’t change, and the protective ring worn by the right hand was instantly activated, and there was no action. The magic beam returned the same way and flew out the house elf standing in the spot.

Wait for Ivan to continue to punish, Old Rozier swooped up, pinching the house elf’s neck with both hands, madly angry.

“Who are you humble bastards who attacked Lord Wrahles with your guts?”

Old Rozil ’s face was extremely gritty, he did n’t have any effort at all, and forcibly wanted to strangle this house elf to quell Ivan ’s anger.

Without wand, he can only use this original method!

Although old Rozier is old and weak, he still has some strength. The house elf was rebounded by his own spell, and now he is pinched by his neck, his face is blue and purple, and his eyes are the size of a pair of bulbs. Almost stared out.

And the ugly, pleated face was filled with confusion and confusion.

House elf obviously did n’t understand what he was doing wrong. It was completely following the instructions of the old Rozier. Before coming, the old Rozier ordered it to attack the enemy in crisis, so that he could be the master. Escape for some time.

At this time, Old Rozier apparently forgot his original command, or he simply did not want to think about it, and blamed all the blame on house elf.

As soon as house elf was about to lose his voice, Ivan ’s voice was heard again.

“Stop it! What a clever trick!”

Old Rozil ’s hands tremble, not daring to disobey Ivan ’s instructions, let go of the house elf that fainted, and then dare not stand up and just kneel to climb in front of Ivan, begging to say.

“Sir Wrahles, please give me a chance, I am willing to pay enough for your understanding …”

“No more nonsense … what about the information I want?” Ivan interrupted the old Rozil’s words. This kind of person has too much thought and is not easy to control.

If the information is useless, old Rozier will not be necessary to survive …

Old Rozil’s body shuddered and he continued quickly.

“Tomorrow at 3 pm, there will be a secret talk in the underground Chamber of Secrets of the wizard market. When the time comes all of us will be there, where the magic of anti-disapparation is applied, as long as you can block the entrance and exit, No one can run! “

“Are you sure?” Ivan raised an eyebrow, but if that’s the case, it would be good information.

Wizard ’s ability to Disapparation is a headache for him, because it means that it is difficult to catch. Even if he finds the place where the other party is located, he may not have waited for him to enter, and the other party has already fled.

Forcing into the wizard market, it is not impossible to occupy there, but it may cause some damage in the first place. Secondly, the members of the pure-blood family may not be completely resolved in the future, which may cause some trouble.

“Tell me … what is the purpose of your rally? Why did you choose that place?” Ivan asked.

Although old Rozier looks terrified, there should be no possibility of lying, but Ivan has to be cautious. What if this is a trap?

No matter how small the probability is, he has to guard against it.

“This meeting was proposed by the Nott family. We lost too many people in these two days and exceeded our expectations completely, so this time Old Nott wanted to call us all together to discuss the next response strategy.

The location was chosen in the underground Chamber of Secrets of the wizard market, because it is safe enough, with a lot of protection, plus anti-disapparation magic, do n’t worry about being suddenly intruded. “

In the face of Ivan ’s inquiry, the old Rozier did not dare to hide anything, just like a bamboo tube pouring beans, he would tell everything and tell, and he shivered and took out a map from his arms. Shake it up …

“This is a map of the underground Chamber of Secrets. It was funded by several of our families at the time. All secret passages and entrances are painted on it.” Old Rozier added.

Ivan took a look at the map and found that the underground Chamber of Secrets is quite large. The common room, Conference Hall, and various areas of the residence are very complete. There are also many passes, like a small fortress. Similarly, it is no wonder that they will choose to meet here.

If you do n’t have the old Rozier as a traitor, it ’s not easy to attack, and it ’s a fantasy story to grab everyone without fail.

“Very good, yes, I feel your sincerity.” Ivan put the map away and looked towards the old Rozier’s eyes became a little calmer.

What he lacks most now is time, and soon he will leave Knockturn Alley to meet Nick -Flamel, impossible long-awaited here, old Rozier is now giving him a complete solution to those pure-blood family There is no need to worry about the follow-up troubles.

Hearing Ivan say this, Old Rozier is finally relaxed, he knows his life is saved.

However, Ivan did not intend to spare him so easily, forcing old Rozier to make a magic contract to ensure that the other party would not suddenly repent, or make any small actions.

For this cunning egg, Ivan feels that only the magic contract can make the other party more reliable.

Old Rozier did not have the courage to refuse. He now squeezes his life in Ivan’s hands, simply does not have the ability to bargain.

After explaining some things and arranging the time for the raid, Ivan glanced at the scattered gold Galleon.

It looks like there are at least 500 of them. The golden-bright and dazzling in the sunlight are dazzling …

Ivan had never thought that old Rozier would be willing to use 500 Galleon to see him perform a magic, which is really “sincere”.

In theory, he has met the second condition of old Rozier, the money is already his own, but in order to maintain his high cold image, Ivan can only sadly give up this plan.

No way … who can’t help him pick it up!

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