Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 523


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“Let’s go!” Ivan finally looked at the gold Galleon on the ground, and then performed the Disapparation with Dougt and disappeared in place.

After Ivan left for a while, Old Rozier lifted the head with trembling with fear. He looked around and slowly relaxed, and then he planned to stand up.

But when he actually got up, old Rozier suddenly felt a tingling in his waist.

“His ~”

His fangs looked down with a grin, and he noticed that a small slit was opened on the side waist of the wizard robe, and blood was constantly leaking out.

Because of fear and anger, he didn’t even realize this at all. Now he relaxes and pulls the wound. The tingling sensation reappeared again.

Old Rozier walked up to the house elf with his wounds in pain, kicking it and said angrily.

“Did you die? Lal? Get me up if you do n’t die!”

Old Rozier ’s foot is heavy, awakening the confused house elf and ordering it to heal his wounds.

The poor servant was almost killed but he did n’t dare to complain at all. He shivered his hand against the old Rozier ’s wound and began to perform magic. However, when his finger crossed the wound, he did Has no effect.

“You’re playing me?” Old Rozier stared at it fiercely, and his anger was about to explode for a long time.

House elf shook his head in horror and hurriedly explained. “Master, Lal … Lal really did his best!”

Old Rozier stared at it for a while, and seeing Lal ’s tears Snot all shed a terrified look, and should not have the courage to deceive himself.

He once again looked at the wound that was still bleeding. He couldn’t help but think of something, and turned his attention to the gold Galleon scattered on the ground.

“Lal, I order you to restore the gold galleon with a healing spell!” said old Rozier tentatively.

House elf did n’t dare to disobey the master ’s instructions, sobbing, and extended the index finger of the right hand again, a ray of white light lit up at the fingertip.

The broken gold Galleon on the ground seemed to be wrapped in some inexplicable force, and slowly floated up and joined together.

But the strange thing is that the crack in the middle didn’t recover, and when magic’s power gradually disappeared, they fell to the ground and broke into two pieces again.

“I’m sorry … Master … Lar can’t … Lar can’t!” house elf said tremblingly, and just like other elves who did something wrong, he picked up a small wooden strip Tapping his head to punish his incompetence.

“Bad Lal … bad elf!” house elf shouted wildly as he played.

Old Rozier ignored it at all. He squatted down and picked up one of the two gold galleons, which he divided into two halves, and carefully looked at the incision.

“What kind of magic is this?” Old Rozil’s face changed, and there was a chill behind him, muttering to himself.

The magic Ivan just performed looks scarier than he imagined. Not only does it have a wide range and extremely penetrating power, but also comes with inexplicable barrier power, which can inhibit wound healing!

This means that once injured by this magic and there is no corresponding curse, the wound will never be repaired, even if the curse is not dead on the spot, it will bleed in the next few days. Die …

Thinking about this, Old Rozier shuddered at Unable to Bear, and in a hurry, he wanted to go to Ivan and ask him to solve this weird magic.

However, the old Rozier quickly stopped, he suddenly realized that the powerful strength and controlling ability shown by the opponent was impossible. There was an accidental injury. If you are willing to dispel yourself, I am afraid it will be solved soon Now!

Then there is only one possibility. The wound was left intentionally by the other party, and the purpose was to punish him for the offending behavior!

After all, this wound is not big. If you do emergency treatment, you will not lose blood and die in a day.

When the wizard market is captured tomorrow afternoon, you will be able to balance your merits and demerits.

Old Rozier smiled and took the head. He had to order house elf to collect the gold galleon on the ground and take him back to the manor.

He needs to give emergency treatment to the wound as soon as possible.

Lal ’s brain was not easy to use, but his movements were still very neat. He dropped a wooden stick that punished himself, pulled a rag on his body into a pocket, and pulled the Gold Galleon inside. Full of dazzling.

Old Rozier looked at it, but shook his head sighed.

He thought that no one could stop the charm of money, so he made such a tentative move, but did not expect that Ivan was not very interested in money.

Yes, that young wizard must have a higher level of pursuit, how can it be as vulgar as its own …

“It seems that no one likes money! Next time you have to try something else.” Old Rozier dragged the house elf Laar away with emotion.


At the same time, Dougt returned to the dark magic shop and looked at the expression that Ivan admired. “You did very well just now! That old bastard was so frightened that it must be honest …”

“Hope …” Ivan rolled the eyes and said casually.

If it were n’t too bragging for Dougt to put his image too high to match the Dark Lord, he would n’t be pretending to improve his style so much that he could n’t pull his face down and squat on the ground to pick up money … p>

That ’s 500 gold galleons … not a small sum!

Thinking about it this way, Ivan feels a pity. Old Rozier is too uninteresting. If he begs him to accept this tribute, would he refuse?

Dogut did not understand what Ivan was thinking, nor did he take those five hundred Galleons in his eyes, but continued to talk about the business.

“The information provided by Old Rozier should be no problem. When do you plan to attack the wizard market tomorrow? Does this matter require me to inform Fren of them now?”

“No, no! The fewer people know this, the better!” Ivan shook the head, vetoing Dogut’s suggestion.

Do n’t look at him, these two days are a deterrent and Shi En put the clothes of more than thirty wizards into service, but the contact time is too short, and there is no guarantee that there will be ghosts inside. , In case it leaks the wind can be difficult.

So he thinks that it is enough to know Esia, Dougt and himself. They just need to divide into three teams tomorrow to block the entrance and secret passage.

As for other members, it ’s not too late to leave ten minutes to explain before the war …

“Is that so?” Dougt turned his head, and soon understood what he meant, being cautious and not easy to make mistakes.

Ivan made Dougt yell at Isia and took out the map of Chamber of Secrets. After explaining the truth of the matter, the three discussed the course of action to attack the wizard market tomorrow and their respective responsibilities Area.

Since there is such a good opportunity, no one hopes that due to some avoidable mistakes, their previous achievements will be abandoned …

The time of the day is passing by.

At noon on the 2nd day, Ivan, who was ready, issued an emergency assembly instruction at 2:30!

According to the previous requirements, all members must be present within 30 seconds after issuing the emergency command. Ivan kept his eyes on the clock and wanted to see how many people would violate the command today.

Seven seconds later, the first silhouette appeared not far ahead.

Ivan was a little surprised that the first to arrive was the last Joseph who came back. It seemed that he had had enough lessons last time.

In three seconds, the Furwolf, Walker and other werewolf wizards have all arrived, and then every few seconds there will be more silhouettes on the field.

Until the thirtieth second, the last Grace who arrived arrived at the scene with a pinch, perhaps because she was in a hurry, she was very embarrassed, her hair was messy, and she did n’t even wear makeup.

Ivan wonders whether she has been asleep until this point …

Facing Ivan ’s gaze, Grace shrank her neck like a frightened beast because she could n’t figure out if she was late.

Fortunately, Ivan ’s gaze not at all stayed on her for a long time, and soon turned to other wizards on the field.

“Yes, you guys are here in a timely manner … I didn’t let me down!” Ivan said, looking around with satisfaction.

He originally thought that basic training like this needs to be carried out several times to make these wizards learn the importance of being punctual. Didn’t expect these people to be more obedient than he thought.

Hearing Ivan say this, the wizards on the scene secretly relaxed.

They did n’t want to try the harsh punishment Ivan said, so the past few days even slept in uniform, just to be able to arrive immediately when notified.

“Sir Wrahles, are you in a hurry to call us over with an urgent order?” Fren asked.

Ivan nodded and said.

“I got a message. At three o’clock this afternoon, the Nott family will have a meeting in the underground Chamber of Secrets of the wizard market. Those who are pure-blood family will be there. Your task is to overcome there. , Catch or kill everyone … “

Fren and the others are very surprised, guessing where Ivan got such important information. Generally speaking secret gatherings have little chance of being leaked.

They are more worried that this information is deliberately released by the Nott family, because the underground Chamber of Secrets in the wizard market, they have attacked there and it is no different from a small fortress. Once trapped, I am afraid that they will suffer heavy losses.

“The Rozier family, one of the six pure blood, has turned to us and handed over the map and made a magic contract. There is no possibility of failure at this time!” Ivan saw their worries again. An intelligence was thrown.

Up to now, of course, there will be no more concealment, even if there is an internal response in the wizard, there is no opportunity to report under the supervision of everyone.

And now it has another important meaning to prevent accidental injury, so that the old Rozil bad luck will not die in his own hands.

“The Rozil family surrendered?”

Joseph, Grace, and the others who learned of this news are all a bit unbelievable. The battle has n’t started yet. One of the other ’s leaders surrendered and became their own person, would n’t it be a win Is it fixed?

After Ivan nodded confirmed, the morale of everyone suddenly became high, and they clamored to immediately enter the wizard market and arrest the old Nott …

Ivan did not take it lightly. His goal this time was not just to win, but more importantly, he could n’t die!

After all, a person ’s pension is about 300 gallons, which is unacceptable to Ivan who just lost 500 galleons!

So in the more than twenty minutes before departure, Ivan patiently explained to them the traps distributed in the Chamber of Secrets underground, so as to avoid them from making a move.

“If you need to diversify your search goals after entering, each group must be no less than three people. You need to ensure mutual support. Do you understand?” Ivan emphasized.

The wizards present nodded one after another, and they were moved.

Although the young wizard in front of me is cruel and severe, he still cares a lot about their lives. From raising the pension yesterday to holding the funeral in person, it can be seen in the repeated emphasis on safety measures today.

After arranging everything and finishing all the talks, Ivan no longer hesitated, let the wizards be divided into three teams and went to the entrance and exit of the wizard market to stand by.

The wizards who received the order all performed Disapparation, one after another silhouette disappeared in the same place as when they came.

Ivan was the last to wave wand, in a staggered space, came to a high platform, only 13 wizards including Fren were left beside them, and the others followed the blockade of Isia and Dogut. Went to an exit.

“Sir Wrahles, the wizard market is in front, and their Chamber of Secrets is built underground …” Fren pointed to the front and said.

Ivan turned to look at the past, with some emotion.

He visited Dougt once two years ago, but the lively scene of the wizard market was like a large bazaar.

Now there is a change in appearance. It is very deserted. I can’t see a few people at a glance. Only four Law Enforcers are still on duty at the door.

“We will start to act after three o’clock!” Ivan took out the stopwatch from the wizard robe and looked at the time. Now it is two points and 50 points. Considering that some people may be late, he will delay the time of his hands. Some more.

Fren and the others are clinging to the wand, while hiding themselves, they are also ready to do it at any time.

The waiting time is not long. Ivan also saw a gorgeous middle-aged wizard walk into the wizard market with some men.

This is undoubtedly supporting old Rozil’s remarks.

Ivan waited for a while, confirming that no one would come again in a short time, and waved the Law Enforcers that wand pointed to the wizard market.

“Confringo (Confringo)!”

After a few seconds of gaining momentum, Ivan read spells, and a hot flame gradually lit up at the top of wand, then quickly expanded in the wind and slammed in the direction of the wizard market.

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