Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 524


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The fierce fire light and powerful magic power fluctuation instantly caught the attention of Law Enforcers. Seeing the big Fireball swelling to more than two meters high rushed towards himself, the four Law Enforcers were all somewhat loose. one’s head out of fear.

“Enemy attack!” Fortunately, it worked at the moment for years of training, and soon someone responded and issued a stern cry. Others hurriedly waved wand to the incoming Fireball to build one after another protective barrier.

“ImpedimentJinx! (Impedimenta)”

“Protegos! (Protego)”


The Fireball that flew in a second hit the magic power barrier in a second, just resisted for a moment, the magic power barrier was crushed, the orange red Fireball disintegrated immediately, and the endless light and heat spread towards all directions Come on.

The two Law Enforcers in the front were directly blasted out, hitting the pillars in the back heavily, and the shield Shield Charm on them broke apart.

A Law Enforcer spit out his blood in ragged clothes. Because Shield Charm blocked it for him, not at all is not a big deal.

But another Law Enforcer, not far away, was not so lucky. He had no time to cast protective spells. He was directly blown to bloody flesh, and no longer heard.

Law Enforcers who are still alive are too late to rejoice, because everyone knows that the danger is not over!

When the smoke produced by the explosion was not completely dispersed, more than a dozen beams of various spells rushed in from the smoke, and a few deep howling wolves sounded.

“It ’s those damn werewolf… Quick withdrawal, let others know!” The leading Law Enforcer was aware of the large number of enemies, obviously unable to stand behind the enemy and issued a retreat order, and intended to use Disapparation .

However, his movement was obviously slower. Ivan and the others, who had been lurking for a long time, would not let him go. A gray-black werewolf had already rushed in front of him, biting the Law Enforcer ’s arm, Interrupted his use spell.

Other Law Enforcers have also been attacked to varying degrees immediately …

With mental calculations and unintentional effort, in just a few seconds, the four Law Enforcers fell to the ground in full, unable to do any decent resistance at all.

The few merchants in the wizard market saw this brutal scene and were stunned directly, and even could n’t care about the items in the Pack stalls, the loose one ’s head out of fear fled.

Ivan ignored them. His goal this time was to target the wizard market, which had nothing to do with these poor wizards.

“Sir Wrahles, what should these two people do to kill?” Fren and Walker walked over with a living use spell person and asked.

“Let ’s watch it first!” Ivan glanced at the two Law Enforcers who lost their battle strength and waved their hands.

If he can, he does n’t want to kill. Magic circle ’s wizards are few enough, not to mention that these Law Enforcers are all commission-paying guys. They may not have any loyalty to the Nott family. Do it again.

While Ivan was thinking this way, there was a burst of explosion in the distance, accompanied by a few shouts of killing, Ivan suddenly understood that Isia and Dougt had started.

“Leave four people to guard, and the rest follow me in!” Ivan dared not delay any more, then ordered and said.

In order to prevent the other party ’s follow-up support, so as not to be blocked by someone catching a turtle in a jar, it is necessary to ensure the unimpeded exit.

Fren and the others ordered nodded. This was the one that had been discussed before, so the remaining candidates were quickly arranged, and the remaining nine wizards rushed into the interior of the wizard market with Ivan.

After stunning the two guards inside, Ivan smoothly came to a wide room, and turned an oil lamp beside him according to the instructions on the map.

ka ka ka…

A wall in the rear cracked open, shaking and giving way to a passage, which was very narrow and allowed only two people to walk side by side.

At the end of the passage, it looks like a hall, but because of the limited view, I ca n’t see the whole picture at all, and I ’m not sure if anyone is guarding.

Ivan grabbed a block of bricks without any hesitation, rushed in immediately, Fren and the others were also follow closely from behind.

When they ran halfway, six fully armed dark wizards suddenly appeared at the end of the deserted passage. Obviously, they heard the sound of explosions outside, and then ambushed here deliberately.

If you are in an open area, these dark wizards are too late to run, and will never come to die, but now it is different. In this narrow terrain, Ivan and the others simply cannot escape.

“Reducto! (Reducto)”

“AvadaKedavra (Avada Kedavra)”

“Incendio! (Incendio)”


The multi-colored spell beams have been struck over one after another, and there are also several green rays of light that burst into hair.

Fren and the others’ face changed suddenly, but for a time it was a dilemma. The Impediment Jinx and Shield Charm they played could not stop Killing Curse’s cutting edge.

Ivan threw out the bricks in his hand, and wand pointed.

Under the combined effect of the magnifying spell and the Transfiguration Spell, the brick quickly expanded, and the surface was gradually filled with a metallic luster, just like seeing the wall in front of you …


Several magic spells collided with the masonry wall. The latter is a magical creation after all. It is not as hard as the real wall. It exploded suddenly, and countless pieces flew towards all directions.

“Oppugno! (Oppugno)”

All of this was naturally expected by Ivan. He waved wand again, and all the masonry fragments were dragged to the dark wizards at the end of the passage.

Fren and the others behind Ivan were not idle, and took out wand to fight back, venting their anger.

In the face of such a large-scale magic attack, the dark wizards who did not sacrifice their spirits after the first wave of attack failed, they surely chose to withdraw and left the tunnel to evade the attack, but this also means that Lost the second shot!

The extremely fast Ivan crossed the ten-several meters in just two seconds and entered the hall.

The walls of the tables and chairs in front are all crammed by a large number of broken stone bricks. A total of six dark wizards have ran half of them in these two seconds.

A dark wizard who did n’t have time to run turned around and saw Ivan who suddenly broke in. Without a word, he directly waved wand.

“Diffindo! (Diffindo)”

The crimson light beam hit Ivan, and then returned the same way, flying him out.

Ivan added a Stunning Spell at a moderate pace to stun the dark wizard.

At the same time, Fren and the others who had been behind Ivan rushed in. Several spells blasted over, leaving the two dark wizards to fall to the ground miserably.

Ivan turned his head and glanced, trying to make them as alive as possible, but after thinking it over, he closed his mouth and asked Fren to keep their hands in this fierce battle, which is not responsible for their lives !

“The first two roads, according to the previous plan we scored the first action, Fren you are responsible for taking some people to the left to search!” Ivan took out the map and glanced at it again, after confirming the location of Conference Hall on the right Said to Fren.

“Yes, Lord Wrahles …” Fren has changed into the form of werewolf, the huge and majestic head paused, and then rushed to the left channel with four men.

Ivan did not act immediately. He reached out his right hand and wand nodded on a cabinet in the hall. Under the effect of magic power, the wooden cabinet softened quickly, and the continuous elongated extension became A huge python.

All the channels in Chamber of Secrets are very narrow. Once they are blocked, they want to avoid the magic of the other party. It is almost an impossible thing, so he needs a large enough meat shield to resist these magic for him. .

Although Ivan can become Basilisk slaughter all sides by himself, it might be dangerous. What if I accidentally hit the Avada Kedavra mantra in front?

He does n’t want to experience for himself whether Basilisk ’s anti-magic skin can resist Killing Curse!

“Action now!” Ivan witnessed the snake snake winding into the tunnel, summon out his Patronus as insurance, and finally issued the action order.


A few minutes ago, in the conference hall underground,

Six wizards are sitting at a redwood round table and discussing intensely.

“We have lost too much manpower in the past few months, and the wizard market has been deserted day by day, and it will not work again!”

“So what shall we do? Surrender and admit defeat? Do you think that it is now for this part, the other party will let us go?”

“Yes! Never concede defeat. If you bow your head to half-blood and muggle, do you still have faces? We can recruit more people or seek the help of Ministry of Magic …”


Everyone talking at once, fire medicinal smell is full.

Just looking at the form, everyone knows that they are already in an absolute disadvantage. The other party is pressing step by step. Failure is only a matter of time.

According to their usual style, it is time to start compromise negotiations. Try to find out if you can make concessions to prevent the other party from targeting the wizard market. After all, their losses will only be greater.

But the problem is that this time is different from the past. Their enemies are not equal. It is not a pure blood wizard family, but a magic shop owner of Knockturn Alley. It is really a bit of a compromise to such a low-profile half-blood. Can’t hold my face …

When the argument gradually reached a stalemate, one of the wizards wearing black robe turned to look towards Nott, who had never spoken, and suggested that.

“Old Nott, is the Executive Director of the Ministry of Magic not your friend? If the Ministry of Magic is willing to intervene, then things will be easier to handle.”

“How can it be so easy? Ministry of Magic can’t care about us now …” Nott shook the head, sighed.

In his capacity, he knows much more news than ordinary wizards. Recently, Azkaban seems to have lost a very important fugitive, and a large number of Aurors have been secretly sent out.

In addition to the recent dementor riots, the executive director is going to be mad. When he met last time, he seemed to be several years old suddenly. How can he take care of what happened to Knockturn Alley.

And the old Nott is very clear. Many senior officials of Ministry of Magic think that the wizard in Knockturn Alley is not a good thing. If they fight against each other and kill a batch of people, they clap their hands and say it is too late.

Because this often means that the malignant things of magic circle will be much less in the next period …

Listening to Nott’s words, everyone present was in a brief silence, without the intervention of Ministry of Magic, then it would be a fool’s dream to let the other party settle down.

The chunky witch sitting in the corner hesitated and gritted his teeth, suggesting.

“I feel that Isiah is more than just trying to compete in the wizard market. Over the past few months, she has not only been working on our wizard market, she must have a bigger plot! If you can convince the executive director Believe this, then Ministry of Magic is absolutely impossible to ignore! “

“Would you like to convince those people that a magic shop owner of Knockturn Alley would threaten their rule? Oh … difficult!” Old Rozier shook his head sneeringly, pouring cold water on the crowd.

“No, we can collect or forge some evidence … as long as the Ministry of Magic people realize that they have gathered a lot of dark wizard intentions are not enough!” Chunky witch evil fiercely said.

“Then as you said, let’s vote. More than half of the people agreed to start implementing it!” Nott’s index finger tapped on the table gently, hesitating for a while, and finally made a decision.


Several other wizards have no opinions, and they have agreed, because this is already the last resort. If it is not possible, they can only consider surrender or compromise.

Old Rozier looked around everyone, pretending to be a sorrowful figure, slowly nodded to express his support, but in his heart was sighed, it was too late to discuss the assistance of the Ministry of Magic.

I am afraid that none of them can get out of here today …

However, while sighing, the old Rozier was also fortunate. He was on the side of the winner. This time, not only was there nothing but merits!

As for the psychological pressure caused by betrayal of allies?

Does not exist!

Old Rozier knew very well that if there were enough interests, anyone in front of him would betray himself without the slightest hesitation. The so-called alliance is just a joke that ’s all.

Boom …

As old Rozier thought about it, there was a sudden violent noise above them, and a faint explosion could be heard, and the tables and chairs in the Conference Hall shook wildly.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” The chunky witch’s face lost one’s head out of fear supported the table so that he would not fall.

“It may be that someone is coming in from the outside to see the movement!” Nott’s face was very ugly. He squinted and looked at several people in the Conference Hall one after another.

“What ?! How could it be so coincident?” Old Rozier tightly frowns, expression with a stunned expression.

Some other people looked at each other, their eyes gleamed inexplicably, and the secret meeting was held here today, but only they themselves knew …

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