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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 525


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Just a few seconds after the explosion, the door of the Conference Hall was knocked open, a use spell person dressed in black robe hurriedly looked towards several people, and said while panting .

“Sir Nott! There are many wolf and a lot of wizards rushing in from outside!”

“I know! Call some people, we are going out from secret passage now!” Nott’s words were full of anger, but reason made him understand that it is not time to investigate whether a traitor has appeared inside, the most important thing is Quickly leave here.

However, the black robe Law Enforcer did not at all actions, stuttering that the entrance and exit and secret passage were both attacked at the same time.

“What ?! Are you sure ?!” Nott rushed forward and grabbed the Law Enforcer collar, questioning.

“Yes, Lord Nott …” Law Enforcer swallowed and said trembling with fear.

After confirmation, Nott’s figure flickered, almost not fainting.

If all exits were blocked, would n’t all of them be trapped here.

“Who actually betrayed us!” Nott turned his head, red eyes fiercely staring at old Rozier and the others.

The pure blood wizards present also took a few steps back, watching their colleagues cautiously.

If there was only some speculation just now, everyone is now sure that there must be a traitor among them!

After all, only a few of them know the time of the secret meeting here, and not many people know the specific location of the secret passage. If there is no undercover report, Aisia is absolutely coincidentally chosen to attack at this time.

Old Rozier ’s face remained the same, but his heart was very panic. He knew that now is his most dangerous time. If he is identified, he may not wait for Ivan and the others to enter. Will die here.

Only to delay the time as much as possible to stir the muddy water!

“It must be you, right ?! Foley! I already thought you were wrong! Everyone knows that you have a contradiction with Old Nott, maybe you want to kill us!” Old Rozier suddenly waved wand Pointed to one of the middle-aged wizards and said righteously.

Nott and the others also looked at Foley suspiciously, with a suspicious expression in his eyes.

“You fart! What good is surrendering for me ?!” Foley patted the table excitedly, glaring at old Rozier, and then he seemed to think of something again, gloomy Shen asked. “It’s you, Rozil … we didn’t speak, what did you jump out so fast, I heard that you often went out these past two days and couldn’t see the silhouette …”

Hearing this, Old Rozil ’s pupils dilated sharply, and he really did n’t understand how Foley knew about the news.

house elf Lal is absolutely impossible and dare not betray himself, and if it is, there will be no this time rally, then only one of the two servants in the family may have a problem and be bought by Forli Or, this guy secretly sent someone to monitor himself.

The only thing to be thankful is that the other party does n’t know much, otherwise it will have already started.

“You said I was undercover? What a joke!” Old Rozier was very angry, but on the surface it was said with a smile.

“Then how do you explain things going out, Rozier? If you don’t make it clear, then don’t blame me! I don’t want to wait for the enemy’s enemy while also guarding against the traitor’s sneak attack!” Foley Indifferently asked, the wand in his hand already pointed to the old Rozier.

The other wizards on the field did n’t speak, and their eyes lingered between the two. In the end, most people stretched out their wands and pointed to old Rozier.

Everyone has friendship for several decades and knows each other well. Old Rozier ’s character is very clear. If there must be a traitor here, his probability is the greatest!

Old Rozier was sweating coldly on his forehead, whispering secretly to Ivan and the others why he had n’t come yet, and finally he stretched out his hand to untie his wizard robe.

Forley and the others were all taken aback. The light beams of various colors were already on the top of the wand in their hands. They were worried that the old Rozier would pull out powerful magic props from his clothes and perish them together.

But not at all, the old Rozier just showed them a gauze wrapped around his waist.

“Originally, this was my private business, and there was no need to tell you, but since you want to know, it’s not impossible!” Old Rozier looked around at several people and opened the gauze directly, revealing the inside The bloody wound was still pointing at it and continued.

“Did you see it? Last time when Isia attacked the manor with that kind of werewolf, I accidentally hit it and was hit by a very special magic.

the past few days I have tried many methods, and I have found some friends, and finally found that no method can heal it! “

“Such a wound is like a curse, maybe I will bleed and die in another day or two, you even think I am undercover, it is really ridiculous!” Old Rozier sadly took the head , Muttered to himself.

With wand pointing at Old Rozier ’s Nott and the others, suddenly embarrassing, from old Rozier ’s pale to some scary complexion, and bleeding wounds around his waist, it can be seen that the other party should not lie at all.

Fore frowned, and he somewhat doubted that old Rozier had betrayed them just to heal this bleeding wound.

But if you think about it for a long time, Foley feels that the probability is very low. If this is the case, the other party would have cured his wound in order to reassure old Rozier.

After all, this injury is not at all. Others know that even if it is cured, there is no possibility of exposure, and there is no need to just suffer.

As for the credibility of both parties, it ’s enough to set up a magic contract. Keeping this wound will make people unhappy.

“Sorry, Rozil, it seems that we misunderstood you …” Nott said apologetically, waved his hand, and let everyone put down the wand.

“hmph, if it weren’t the case now, I wouldn’t have done that!” Old Rozier adjusted his clothes angrily, the expression on his face was very annoyed, like how much he was aggrieved.

Nott and the others saw the old Rozil ’s reaction, and the alert in his heart dropped a few points again, and he was removed from the list of doubts, and then he accused each other.

Old Rozier secretly relaxed. The wizard robe behind him was soaked with sweat, and he was even glad that the fatal wound on the waist and abdomen was still there. Otherwise, it would not be so easy to cheat Nott.

Did he think of today?

Suddenly, a single thought flashed in Old Rozier ’s mind.

He is very suspicious that Ivan -Wrahles injured himself with magic yesterday, not only the punishment for the previous offense, but more importantly, he was able to perform a bitter trick to escape under suspicion!

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