Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 526


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Old Rozier, who has seen the control ability of Ivan magic, feels this possibility more and more!

Since the opponent can cast a powerful spell while accurately predicting his wand into two segments, it is absolutely impossible for accidental injuries!

So it must have some kind of deep meaning!

Old Rozier could n’t help sucked in a cold breath, did n’t expect this young wizard is not only powerful, but also deep and unmeasurable. If he were n’t faced with the situation now, he would n’t expect such a meaning .

Just as several pure blood wizards were arguing with each other, the explosions and howls outside were getting closer and closer to them.

“Enough is enough, don’t quarrel, now it’s not time to argue about it, it’s not too late to wait for the enemy to get rid of it!” The chunky witch interrupted everyone’s quarrel, so if you go on like this, you don’t need the enemy to appear , They fought by themselves first.

Furley and the others this stopped, but when looking towards each other, there was still a bit of mistrust.

“You go to gather all the remaining wizards in the vicinity, and we will kill them from the exit!” Nott glanced at the Law Enforcer who just came in and said.

Since Aysia chooses to attack from three directions, it must represent decentralized battle strength. They only need to concentrate their hands to make breakthroughs from one direction, and there is still a high probability that they can escape.

The only thing that worries him a little is that their previous argument was undoubtedly the delay of the best escape. Fortunately, the protection of this underground Chamber of Secrets is very tight. After a while, the other party should not be able to fight in …

bang! !

Nott was thinking, a violent impact sounded ahead.

The door of Conference Hall was knocked open next second. A tall and thin dark wizard flew in directly from outside the door, hitting the conference table without knowing his life and death.

The seven people present were all taken aback. They all raised wand and pointed nervously at the door. Everyone knew that they could only carry their backs against the battle now, otherwise they would have to explain it here.

In the dim and narrow passage, a chilling commotion gradually came, and then a serpentine giant snake rushed in from outside the door. The scary snake head was covered with wounds, and the body was covered with pits. Traces of fire.

There was a chill in the hearts of everyone, but the movements in his hands did not stop, and a series of spells were thrown out directly.

“Confringo (Confringo)!”

“Diffindo! (Diffindo)”


A spell beam after another struck the giant snake, aggravating its injury.

The giant snake struggled and squeezed into the Conference Hall, but before opening his mouth to attack anyone, he was hit by an orange red Fireball, and his body couldn’t bear to burst directly.

The flesh was reduced to wood, and a lot of debris was spilled from in the sky … It was just that they had not been touched the ground and seemed to be guided by something, flying towards them.

There was also a young voice.

“Oppugno! (Oppugno)”

Nott and the others can’t care about why the voice of the comer is like a child, and they are waving wand with Shield Charm and Impediment Jinx to resist this second round offensive.

Hundreds of pieces of wooden blocks hit the thin magic power barrier at the speed of flow, sending out a bitter bitter sound, but it was really unable to break through this barrier and hurt Nott and the others.

However, Ivan ’s goal is not them at all, but the magic lights placed all around. There is no protection on them, and they are exploded in a few seconds. The conference hall, which was originally bright, instantly became dark. .

all around the moment it was dark, Nott secretly shouted in his heart, he already knew what the other party wanted to do.

Fully’s brain, not far from “Lumos! (Lumos)”, didn’t turn around for a while. Waving the wand, he had to use a light spell to illuminate.

But the faint fluorescent light just turned on from the top of wand, and another red light beam flew from behind, hitting Foley directly and flew him out.

“It was Avery! He was undercover!” In the darkness, the old Rozier’s voice rang.

Everyone present relied on memory to subconsciously attack Avery ’s so-called location. The multi-colored spell beam found Avery ’s stunned face in the dim Conference Hall.

“It’s not me, it’s …” Avery wondered where he had been pitted by the old Rozier, and immediately wanted to justify. However, he hadn’t finished his words yet, a bunch of magic spells blasted over, and he was blessed with Shield Charm, which shattered in less than a second, and then his body was blown out.

However, Nott soon realized that he had hit the wrong person, because after flying over Avery, the sneak attack not at all from inside stopped.

Old Rozier constantly changed his position to release the spell. With the addition of Ivan from time to time casting a few magics, under the double attack, they were already tightly locked in the people in the Conference Hall. Completely crazy, they waved wand to attack everyone except themselves.

“Reducto! (Reducto)”

“Stupefy! (Stupefy)”


The various spells flew in the wide Conference Hall, and the only sensible Nott grinned a little, he knew he was finished.

If you say that everyone is united to resist foreign enemies, there is still a possibility of escape alive. To the extent that it is now, it ’s good not to die in the hands of teammates …

“Rozil!” Nott gritted his teeth, and now he can’t guess who the betrayal is, but by this time the chaos on the field has been set off and he can’t do anything about it.

In a mess, several tall werewolf like tiger among a flock of sheep rushed in from outside the door. With an excellent sense of smell, darkness will not only hinder them, but has become the most Good help.

So just ten seconds later, the chaotic Conference Hall became much calmer, leaving only howling and cursing sounds.

“Reparo! (Reparo)” Ivan only slowly walked into the Conference Hall at this time, wand tapped in the air, and the huge magic power suddenly covered the entire Conference Hall.

Under the effect of the repair spell, the magic lamp dropped on the ground slowly floated back to its original position, and the holes in the walls that were hit by the magic spell were slowly repaired.

It did n’t take long for the dark conference hall to become bright again.

Ivan only saw the scenes inside. Several pure blood wizards had been imprisoned by the werewolf. The worst of Avery forcibly was beaten to death by friendly forces. The wizard robe was broken and wailing The energy is gone.

On the other side, old Rozier was pushing the two werewolf that bound him, struggling and shouting.

“Release, you made a mistake, everyone is your own! Your own!”

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