Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 527


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Werewolf did not all care about the old Rozier, and turned to look towards Ivan. After seeing Ivan nodded’s consent, this released him.

The dust on the old Rozier pats, and then bent over and trot all the way to Ivan ’s side.

“You did a great job, Rozier! Let me save a lot of effort …” Ivan pats old Rozier’s shoulder, said with satisfaction.

He deliberately smashed the magic lights in the Conference Hall, just thinking about inside and outside to avoid the damage caused by strong attacks.

Before the release of magic, Ivan was still a little worried that old Rozier could understand what he meant. Did n’t expect the other party to do better than he expected, and directly set off a civil strife, which caused the weirwolf The catching operation has become a lot easier.

In the face of Ivan’s praise, the old Rozier didn’t mean anything at all.

He knows that his greatest value is gone now, and the future treatment depends on the face of this young wizard, so the old Rozier said very humbly that the success of this operation can be attributed to His Wrahles Guidance, I just did some things I should do according to the instructions.

Just as the old Rozier patted the flattery, Foley and the others, who were bound tightly, scolded.

“Rozil, you damn bastard! Shameful traitor!”

“I knew you were a complete villain. Do you think we are done? Will they let you go?”


Furley and the others are more and more nasty, but the old Rozier has a careless expression on his face. In his view, they are all wailing from the defeated dogs, meaningless at all.

Nott not at all, who was also tied up, spoke out like other people. He looked quietly at Ivan ’s immature face and suddenly asked.

“What about Aisia? If I guessed right, you should be her child Ivan -Wrahles? She is so assured that you can do such dangerous things, do n’t you come to see me in person?”

Nott has not seen Ivan at all, but it does not prevent him from guessing Ivan’s identity from his age and the name of old Rozier.

Ivan turned his head and glanced at Nott, not at all replying.

Old Rozier looked at Nott with contempt, his ignorance was really ridiculous.

“No, it’s not right! Isia is just a guise, you are the real messenger behind the scenes!” Nott is not stupid after all, he quickly realized something from the reaction of the two, and looked at Ivan horrificly, a little afraid Believe in your guess.

But this is obviously the only possibility!

If it were not so, how could the old Rozier behave so humblely in front of the other party, humble like a domestic dog …

Know that when he mentioned Isia before, there was no obvious reaction from Old Rozier.

The deformation of the giant snake just now and the subsequent combination of magic are not like ordinary wizards can exhibit, even if you ca n’t do it with all your strength.

It can be seen that the strength of the young wizard in front of him exceeds that of peers, even higher than many adult wizards!

But even so, letting a 13-14 years old young wizard take the lead is still a bit funny.

“You betrayed us just to surrender to this little devil? Have you played with him every time? Rozier, you are really living and going back!” Nott sneered sarcastically.

Ivan frowned, he knew that his age would always cause some unnecessary trouble.

However, this time, before waiting for him to move, the loyal old Rozier rushed forward without the slightest hesitation and kicked Nott ’s feet, leaving no effort at all, one of them kicked directly on Nott ’s nose , Red blood and white Snot poured out of the nose together.

“impudent! You dare to insult the great Lord Wrahles!” Old Rozier kicked a few feet and wasn’t relieved enough. When he pulled out wand, he would give Nott a Cruciatus Curse.

“Enough is enough … Stop it!” Ivan waved his hand and stopped the old Rozier’s movements. He still had some things to ask. It would be bad if Nott torture to death.

After the old Rozier stopped, Nott slowly straightened up, and there was still a trace of blood on his face. He coughed a few times and said sullenly.

“You won, boy! Knockturn Alley’s wizard market is yours from today, and if you are willing to put my nephew back, I can assure you that our Nott family will no longer be against you …”


Ivan thoughts move, thinking of the dead Reese Nott, but he did not intend to tell the news, but sneered and said.

“Did you make a mistake? Mr. Nott? Now in the wizard market, you’re in safe hands. Whether you want it or not, are you late to use this as a bargaining chip?”

Everyone in the chaotic Knockturn Alley is doing hard work, and it ’s always the fist who is the best.

The wizard market has never been approved by the Ministry of Magic. It is a semi-illegal underground black market. There is no such thing as a title deed. Who owns it is who it is!

So Nott’s statement is particularly ridiculous to Ivan!

Nott ignored Ivan’s ridicule, each minding their own business said. “Anyway, don’t you dare to kill me, don’t you? I can give you what you want, we are not enemies, there is no need to fight hard!”

“It’s not necessary, Mr. Nott! Are you so sure I won’t kill you?” Ivan shook the head, he had no idea of ​​let the tiger returns to the mountains.

Knockturn Alley ’s wizard market has become the largest black market in Magic Circle after several generations of hard work. Now he has taken away all his hard work at once, and it is unbearable to change anyone else.

Not to mention that he also killed his nephew a few days ago, this kind of hatred is probably the kind that cannot be resolved …

It just makes Ivan a little strange that Nott seems to have an inexplicable confidence that he dare not kill him.

Nott looked up at Ivan with a haughty expression and explained.

“I am pure blood, unlike the cheap wizards you killed! If I die, or disappear for a long time, the Ministry of Magic will definitely investigate accordingly, and you do n’t want to be targeted by Auror?”

Nott’s words made the werewolf next to them very angry. Even the bound black robe Law Enforcer showed a little expression of dissatisfaction, because he was the cheap wizard in Nott’s mouth.

Maybe that this is not enough insurance, Nott added it again. “One thing you may not know yet, Pierce and I, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Magic, are best friends! If you kill me, you are in big trouble!”

“Executive Director?” Ivan raised an eyebrow.

What is he remembering, Pierce Sinknes?

He really has no impression of such marginal characters in the original time and space. It can still be remembered entirely because the first big business of his magic shop is taken care of by the Executive Department of the Ministry of Magic.

Nott saw Ivan ’s contemplative expression, and there was some delightful expression on his face. What he worried about most was the young wizard cannot tell good from bad in front of him. He insisted on killing himself and finally got both sides suffer.

Now that Ivan is willing to think carefully, it proves that his life is worry-free.

Nott ’s mind suddenly became active, as long as he kept this life, he would always have the opportunity to regain it!

But before he even thought about it, Ivan’s disappointed words reached his ears.

“That is to say, your biggest reliance is the Executive Director of the Ministry of Magic, that’s it?”

Listening to Ivan’s words, Nott froze.

Ivan was quite disappointed in taking the head. He just saw Nott being so arrogant. He almost thought this guy was a relative of Minister of Magic. Did n’t expect just knew the executive director.

As for how good this best friend is, no one knows. Maybe I have only met a few times, and it may not be necessary to pull the tiger skin with this relationship after drinking a few glasses …

If it is true, I often talk and laugh with Minister of Magic. I have correspondence with many senior officials and the head of the Merlin Knight regiment. I do n’t know where Gao went there. How could he be an executive director? Intimidated.

But Nott ’s words are not unreasonable. In a peaceful age, a wizard will have to be traced for a long time. Even more how the dead is pure-blood family Patriarch.

If it were targeted by Auror, it would be very troublesome …

He happens to be someone who is afraid of trouble!

Even so, Ivan will not be soft under the attention of everyone, otherwise the hearts will be distracted and the team will not be easy to take.

In particular, Nott just despised the words of half-blood and muggle, it was just hitting his face, in public or in private Ivan will not make Nott happy.

“So you rely on Pierce Sinknes? The current Executive Director of Ministry of Magic?” Ivan asked again.

“What the hell do you mean? You also know Pierce?” Nott frowned. He didn’t quite understand what the young wizard in front of him was doing.

“You misunderstood, I haven’t met him …” Ivan shook the head, and then continued.

“However, when I asked Fudge to be the nominee a few days ago, I just heard him complaining that Pierce had done things badly recently and could not stop the dementor riots. The Auror under his hands couldn’t even hold a death sentence prisoner. Such an executive director makes Fudge very dissatisfied … “

Ivan combined with the information he knew, half true half false said.

Seeing the face of Nott gloomy and uncertain, Ivan’s mouth twitched a smile, and he knew he was right. Pierce was afraid that trouble is not small recently, and he continued to speak out.

“Your best friend is now overwhelmed, but may not take care of you, and may not contribute to a dead person …”

Nott’s face suddenly turned black, which is why he has always been at a disadvantage in the dispute with Aysia but did not ask for help.

And his relationship with Pierce did not reach the “best” level, it was just that he deliberately said ’s all to deter Ivan.

What surprises Nott more is the information hidden in Ivan ’s discourse …

“Do you know Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister of Magic?” asked Nott unable to bear.

The only one who can complain about the Executive Director ’s unfavorable work is also called Fudge!

But Nott really could n’t figure out how such a great character would intersect with the 13-14 years old young wizard, and still complain about the work of the executive director in front of each other, so he doubted whether Ivan was fooling himself!

Of course Ivan can see the strong distrust in Nott ’s eyes, he shook the head, tsk tsk sighed. “I thought you would investigate the information a little bit before dealing with my mother …”

Nott just wanted to refute the question, because it was Aishia who started it first, he just passively countered that ’s all …

However, Ivan did not give him the opportunity to speak.

“It seems that you do n’t know, I won a first-order Order of Merlin not long ago for my outstanding contribution to magic circle, and my nominees are Albus · Dumbledore and Cornelius · Oswald · Fudge… “

Ivan spoke casually, and at the same time it was very strange. He remembered the fact that he was on the headlines of Daily Prophet. Nott did n’t even know. Does n’t he say he does n’t like to read newspapers?

“This is impossible!” Nott looked at Ivan incredulously.

He has collected the data of Essiah, but they are not the latest, so I only know that the other party has a child with a high potion talent. Because he developed the wolfbane potion, he obtained the Level 2 Order of Merlin.

That’s why he was able to call Ivan’s name immediately.

As for what happened recently, Nott simply, who was struggling to deal with the attacks of Isia and those whowolf, did not have much thought to understand.

And he is very clear that Dumbledore and Fudge have a bad relationship in recent times, and he wants to be nominated by these two big brothers at the same time, which is simply a fantasy story!

Seeing Nott ’s unbelief, Ivan shook the head also lazily explained that he ca n’t take out the Order of Merlin to let Nott check the true and false, and find another newspaper to let Nott take a good look?

Ivan not at all carrying Order of Merlin to show off his plans, these all are nicknamed that ’s all, if not for the sake of legend, he would not have to spend so much effort toss about.

“What he said is true, Nott … the newspaper I read, he arrested Pettigrew Peter, but he could not get the first order of Merlin only by this merit. Dumbledore and Fudge might be able to contribute Not small … “a middle-aged wizard who was tied up next to him suddenly sighed and said.

After being confirmed by his companions, Nott’s face was ashamed, which was worse than he thought.

That is to say, the Order of Merlin was forcibly guaranteed by Dumbledore and Minister of Magic Fudge. Nott really can’t imagine what kind of people can enjoy such treatment.

is it possible that he is actually a relative of Minister of Magic? The illegitimate child who has been missing for many years? Or is it a secret member of the Dumbledore family?

Nott just sweated his head after thinking about it, and regarded himself as a network of Life Protecting Talisman, and the other party probably didn’t care at all!

That means that you have lost your last reliance, and life and death are only between the young wizard’s thoughts.

Located on Ivan side, Old Rozier was also secretly surprised.

He thought Ivan was a reformer who wanted to overthrow the old system. The road ahead is very difficult, but now it seems that it may not be so. Maybe he got the secret permission of the Minister of Magic Fudge and Dumbledore …

It ’s just that Old Rozier really ca n’t figure it out. If that ’s the case, Ivan is more suitable for politics. He should spend 20 years step by step, with the support of the two big brothers, as the next Minister of Magic, and then Only reforms are done …

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