Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 528


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Or do the bigwigs actually have other plans?

Old Rozier mumbled secretly, more and more fortunate that he had already boarded this promising train, otherwise the person who is now tied to the ground and waiting for trial is himself.

“Sir Wrahles, our Parkinson Family is willing to offer you a forgiveness for a switch! Please also give us a chance…”

Understanding that the backstage of the young wizard in front of them was harder than they had imagined, Fiona Parkinson suddenly gave up the unrealistic idea of ​​struggle and struggled to get to Ivan’s feet, but the two A werewolf stopped her violently and prevented her from passing.

“Parkinson?” Ivan looked at the chunky middle-aged witch and thoughts move in front of him, always feeling where he had heard this surname.

“Pansy Parkinson is your who?” Ivan asked suddenly.

“She is my daughter, Lord Wrahles!” Fiona Parkinson looked very excited. She realized that Ivan seemed to know her daughter and hurried to get close. “Do you know her? She’s at Slytherin house …Fourth Year next year!”

What a coincidence? Ivan raised his eyebrows, and he didn’t expect to catch the mother of the same grade student here.

But yes, there are so many pure circle wizards in magic circle. He has caught six at once, and it is normal to meet several related people.

In the past, Dougt introduced to him one after another the pure blood wizard in charge of Knockturn Alley, but not at all thought of going here.

After all, Pansy Parkinson is not an important person in the original time and space. He also had no contact with the other party when he was at Hogwarts.

Ivan turned his attention to the bundled pure blood wizards. If he remembered correctly, there should be a father of an acquaintance here.

“Hannah-Aibo…” Ivan said while looking towards several people.

One of the middle-aged wizards stood up excitedly, “Hannah is my daughter, do you know her too? But she was in Hufflepuff house, never…”

Aibo almost told the truth, but fortunately he soon realized what he was doing and reluctantly turned the words over. “No, I mean, she often mentions you to me, saying you are the best student Hogwarts has ever made… her best heterosexual friend!”

When I heard this, Ivan rolled the eyes, he and Hanna didn’t know each other at all, I hadn’t met each other a few times, where’s the best friend…

He can remember Hannah Abbott because Hannah was the first to carry out a separate house. When he saw the same person in his previous life, he often saw this name, so he was very impressed.

When I read the book, I didn’t realize that this little witch was actually pure blood…

Ivan shouted two names one after another, which undoubtedly caused some misunderstandings.

Originally entangled in whether to surrender or not, the pure-blood wizards saw their two companions succumbing to each other, and immediately dropped their faces. It is said that they all adore the most handsome and talented young wizard in the school, all secretly and implicitly.

What is morality compared to life and family continuity?

How much gold Galleon is this thing worth?

More importantly, the strength of the young wizard in front of them is obvious to all, and the strength is a bit abnormal.

generally speaking a young wizard of 13-14 years old, no matter how hard you work, starting from the moment when magic power broke out, and you have only seven or eight years of learning magic, the strength is absolutely impossible to this level!

Unless this power is inherited!

As a pure blood wizard, Nott, Aibo and the others know of course more than half-blood and muggle. Many ancient magic books have mentioned that the bloodline of the wizard is powerful. !

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be reflected in them. In addition to the wealth and power they have accumulated, only the inheritance magic of some families, apart from this and other wizard not at all are no different.

Aibo even doubted whether this statement was true. After all, on Bloodline, no one would have the nobleness of these pure blood wizards!

But the fact is often such a face-slap, the claim of Bloodline inheritance power is confirmed in the Dumbledore family of half-blood.

Because Albus -Dumbledore, the current Hogwarts headmaster, is not the first wizard with Phoenix power!

According to some records, the Dumbledore family ancestors often have powerful wizards that can summon out Phoenix. On some specific magics, they have talents beyond ordinary people, which has almost become the proof of the family Genius Member!

Every pure blood wizard who knows this is jealous and envious. To a certain extent, this is more like what a pure-blood family should be.

The appearance of Ivan undoubtedly reminded them of this sentence, maybe this young wizard is a member of a special family.

Aibo and the others are anxious to promote daughter and niece for this reason.

It’s more straightforward to say that they greedy Ivan’s talent and Bloodline…

It doesn’t matter if you guess wrong, the married daughter will be changed to her husband’s surname, even if the other party is not pure blood, it will not hinder the purity of the family Bloodline.

The passionate pure-blood wizards made Ivan feel embarrassed, and almost thought he was on the scene of a blind date program.

Anyone who just beat you to death is now alive, but now each and everyone is going to introduce daughter and niece to themselves, is there anything wrong?

Ivan did not expect these people to have no shame for their lives…

It’s ridiculous, would you be this kind of person?

Ivan secretly shook the head…

Macmillan on the side is anxious like ants on a hot pot. Their existing female members of the Macmillan family are either too old or already married, simply no suitable object.

But as Aibo and the others spoke one after another, he couldn’t help but say nothing. Macmillan gritted his teeth and tentatively said something.

“Sir Wrahles, my nephew Ernie is also in Hogwarts, a little older than you, that is a great young man…if you don’t mind…”

“get lost!” Ivan glared at Macmillan and interrupted his words.

Macmillan’s face was deadly white, and he immediately dared not speak.

Ivan was too lazy to look at him, his eyes turned to Aibo, Parkinson and the others, raising his hand to stop their follow-up words, and said indifferently.

“It seems that you have misunderstood something. I don’t know Pansy or Hanna… and I don’t know the witch in your mouth. I happened to have seen them at most a few times… If you intend to beg for mercy through friendship !”

Conference Hall suddenly became very quiet. Abbot opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he finally closed his mouth.

However, they are half doubtful about Ivan’s words. If they really don’t know no relationship, the other party doesn’t need to mention it deliberately, and they still point out the names of the two people one after another, specifically asking who is their family.

Ivan looked at these pure blood wizards with their own thoughts and had a headache.

He didn’t expect this to happen before he came.

In addition, in order to ensure the purity of Bloodline, pure-blood family often marry each other and often move the whole body. It is no wonder that Nott did not dare to kill him before. In addition to knowing the executive director, there should be this One reason.

If you kill them, there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Ivan is very disappointed in taking the head. It seems that we cannot use simple and violent methods to solve the problem…

Ivan was stunned for a while, and then the complexion became ugly. Why do I have such an idea? Solve the problem by killing people?

Ivan was sweating coldly on his forehead. If it weren’t for this time to kill too many people, it would need to be interrupted abruptly now. The contrast is too obvious. He will not notice these unnoticeable influence changes.

Ivan frowned, not counting Chino and Horcrux. He remembered that the first person he killed was a dark wizard under Bock, who instantly died with snake eyes!

Because I witnessed the body of “Isia” at that time, I didn’t feel any discomfort. Afterwards, I repeatedly killed several dark wizards without any hesitation.

Even if it is supported by hatred, it is really weird…

Is it the effect of snake eyes… or is it because of dark magic?

Ivan silently thought that every time he opened the snake eye, he needed to mobilize the killing intent, the stronger the killing intent, the greater the formidable power… and the killing was very convenient, and he died after a glance!

The dark magic you learn may also have some influence, otherwise the mainstream wizard will not be obsessed with this, let alone his dark magic or Second Year when Tom-Riddle taught it to him, who knows this guy is pregnant What kind of thought…

Although I know that I may be affected, Ivan has no choice. The only thing I can do is to temporarily stop the dark magic research and use less snake eyes…

Damn… you need to be more peaceful in the future and be a good person…

pei pei pei …I am a good person!


Ivan’s changing face scared Parkinson, Foley and the others for a while, they didn’t know what Ivan thought and thought, they all felt that the young wizard in front was thinking about how to deal with it they!

So when Ivan’s face gloomy came down, their hearts were lifted, and Ivan relaxed until Ivan’s expression returned to calm, but it was still somewhat restless.

“Walker, you take someone to shut them up. Be careful. There may be Animagus among them. Don’t let them run!” Ivan waved his hand and motioned the werewolf to bring the captives back.

He can’t even think of what to do with these captives now, so he just shuts it up and thinks about it slowly.

“Yes, Lord Wrahles!” Walker ordered nodded, and took several wizards to disregard Nott and the others’ struggle and forcibly dragged them away.

Before leaving, these pure blood wizards are still making their final efforts. Aibo even threatened that their race is willing to become a subsidiary family of the Wrahles family, but Ivan remains unmoved.

Who knows if these people are really or falsely descended, he didn’t believe a word, first grabbed each and everyone, cross-examine it clearly before saying!

Old Rozier looked at his colleagues who were taken along to withdraw with a sighing expression.

But he also saw that Ivan not at all meant killing these people.

Old Rozier is vaguely worried that he will be surrendered in the future and the others are excluded, so think of old Rozier somewhat guilty, but think about it from another angle, if the operation is good, this is probably not his own Opportunity!

If he joins Ivan’s camp by himself, I am afraid it will not be valued, plus Foley and the others will be different!

Old Rozier feels that he can pull up a group of people, so that he can become an indispensable figure in the camp, and his status has been greatly improved!

When Ivan becomes Minister of Magic in the future, he can also get a good position based on this…

While old Rozier was secretly planning, Ivan was arranging the rest.

“you two organize here, others come with me!” Ivan pointed two wizards to keep them here, and then summoned the others who came over to prepare to capture the remaining resistance in the underground Chamber of Secrets .

Seeing that Ivan was about to leave, the old Rozier didn’t care about the plan immediately, and was suddenly anxious. His injury was not cured yet. He wondered if Ivan had forgotten about it.

However, old Rozier did not dare to speak out and questioned. He had to do his best to turn around and make a reminder, pleading with Ivan to cure the wound in the waist, otherwise he would bleed and die…

Wounds…what wounds? Ivan looked at Old Rozier confusedly, not quite understanding what he was talking about.

Did you accidentally injure yourself when you released the Sectumsempra spell yesterday?

Ivan quickly thought of this, and it was indeed possible. After all, it was a magic spell blessed with enhanced magic text, and his magic control ability was not enough to fully control it.

For example, when he started yesterday, he just wanted to intimidate the old Rozier, but didn’t expect the old Rozier’s reaction was very rapid, and finally lost control of the opponent’s wand unexpectedly.

Fortunately, wand is not expensive, just Galleon, and he doesn’t plan to pay…

If there is a mistake, it should be right at that time!

Thinking of this, Ivan turned his eyes to old Rozier’s right waist.

As he expected, old Rozier had a gauze tied around his waist, which was bleeding out.

No wonder when he met old Rozier just now, he always felt that his face was too pale…

The only thing that makes Ivan strange is that old Rozier doesn’t seem to mind his mistakes, but he looks very grateful…

I don’t know if it’s pretended!

Despite many doubts in my heart, Ivan is prepared to apologize. Old Rozier has just made a contribution. He will not displease the other party because of the so-called face problems.

However, old Rozier did not wait for Ivan to speak, and continued with emotion. “This time is really thanks to the wound you left on me, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be dead until I get in…”

“At the beginning, I mistakenly thought that this wound was your punishment for my previous offense. Until just now I wanted to understand… This is clearly to avoid the backhand left by my identity exposure!”

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