Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 529


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Well? what? Did I think that way?

Ivan looked dazed, but he didn’t turn around for a while. He didn’t expect that his accidental mistake would be misunderstood like this…

Fortunately, he responded quickly, and forcibly swallowed the original apology.

At this point, Ivan certainly will not take the initiative to expose the truth. It is completely a thankless act, which damages his high image in everyone’s mind, and will make old Rozier unhappy.

So, Ivan only brace oneself to follow the old Rozier’s words.

“Cough… very good, it seems that you understand my intention!” Ivan lightly coughed, said slowly, and then continued to act pretending to be dissatisfied.

“However, I thought you would be more clever, and you would not expose your identity. Most of you don’t need this backhand, so you don’t think that they have been found by them.”

“I’m sorry, Lord Wrahles, I have been as careful as possible… It’s too frivolous, I bought my domestic servant, knowing that I’ve been out of the past few days and I’m suspicious…” Lao Luo Zir explained very annoyedly.

Before, he was still a little confused. Ivan had such an arrangement. Why not directly stated that if he couldn’t think of this at all, he even felt resentful, wouldn’t he have been in vain?

It is not until now that old Rozier realizes that it is the other party who thinks he is too clever!

And it turned out to be clearly unworthy!

Thinking of this, Old Rozier was ashamed. He only thought of the meaning of 1st floor and 2nd floor and secretly hid in his heart, but did not realize that there is actually the meaning of 3rd floor. It seems that he is still poor. far away!

In the face of such a brain supplement expert, Ivan did not dare to pretend too much. He hurriedly gave a few words of comfort, and even did not hesitate to praise the old Rozier’s wit in the Conference Hall.

Without prior notice, the old Rozier could instantly realize the meaning of the lights off, and directly shot off the chaos. This performance made Ivan very satisfied.

After a verbal praise, Ivan took out a wand to cast a counter-curse to eliminate the scars of old Rozier’s waist and abdomen.

Looking at the wound that has plagued him for a long time, he has gradually healed. Old Rozier is really relaxed. These two days, he was really worried that he would bleed to death.

“In short, you did very well this time, do you want anything?” Ivan looked towards old Rozier asked casually.

Based on his years of experience watching TV series, the other party has just surrendered and made achievements. It doesn’t feel good to reward him.

Just after speaking, Ivan regretted it again, because he found that he didn’t seem to reward each other.

Or send a hundred Galleon?

Is that too little? Plus one hundred?

Ivan was entangled and worried that Old Rozier would say some conditions that he could not do, which would be embarrassing.

“I want to implore Lord Wrahles to forgive them!” Old Rozier hesitated for a moment and said.

“Are you sure?” Ivan was stunned, a little surprised.

He remembers that when old Rozier betrayed those pure blood wizards before, it was very simple. Now that he would come to plead, Ivan really wondered what he was doing.

“Although we normally have some minor contradictions, after all, they are old friends of several decades, so I want to try to persuade them to work together for you, and please give me this opportunity!” Old Rozier looked Sorrowful expression, said with emotion.

Ivan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t believe that Old Rozier was doing this thankless job for the so-called friendship.

Because you can think of Foley and the others from the status of prisoners on the knees, most of them are looking for the old Rozier, the traitor.

However, the disposal of these pure blood wizards made him a headache, so if old Rozier could persuade these people to surrender, he wouldn’t mind.

The question is only whether Old Rozier can do this, and whether those pure blood wizards are really willing to give in, instead of surrendering secretly and making a trip in secret.

“Do you know Reese Nott?” Ivan asked suddenly.

Old Rozilton did not understand why Ivan said this suddenly, but he hurriedly replied. “Of course I know that he is the nephew of old Nott. He was taken away by the werewolf wizard of yours in the manor battle two days ago.”

“So how is his relationship with old Nott?” Ivan asked again.

“Old Nott has no son. If there is no accident, after his death, Reese Nott is the successor!” Old Rozier explained to Ivan.

Nott clansman Ding is scarce. Several brothers joined the Death Eater in the last wizard war, either died in Auror’s hands, or squatted in Azkaban. The only members of the immediate line are Rees and the old Nott. Too.

Old Rozier also reminded Ivan vaguely that using Reese to coerce old Nott may be a good way.

“Is this so?” Ivan nodded, saying that he understood, and then added.

“Rise Nott died two days ago!”

“Dead? How did you die?” Old Rozier asked in doubt, and soon guessed something, quickly changed his pretence to look like a hateful one, and shouted loudly.

“Good death! Ruiz Nott dared to offend you, really death cannot wipe out the crimes!”

Ivan rolled the eyes, he really doesn’t know what to say about this flattery.

At the same time, Ivan also keenly noticed that the old Rozier seemed to be very happy after learning about the death of Rhys Nott, that look was not like it was pretended.

Are there any hatreds between them?

Ivan frowned, I really don’t understand.

After guessing that Rhys Nott died in the hands of Ivan, the old Rozier was really happy.

Because Nott has great prestige in their small group, if this kind of thing doesn’t happen, it’s not certain who Foley, Abbot and the others will surrender after surrendering.

Old Rozier did not want to put in so much effort, but in the end was stolen by others.

It’s different now. When Reese Nott died, the contradiction between the two sides was almost irreconcilable. Even if the old Nott was willing to compromise, Ivan would always remember this matter in his heart.

This means that your biggest obstacle is no longer there. How can old Rozier not be happy?

“Sir Wrahles, Nott is actually very easy to deal with, we might as well…” Old Rozier cleared his throat and planned to give Ivan some suggestions, but he hadn’t finished his words yet. Help people came in from outside the door.

Ivan gave Old Rozier a look and asked him to say it later.

Old Rozier thought Ivan didn’t want Essia to know too much, so he nodded and closed his mouth.

formidable person… that’s it. Even your loved ones should be guarded, he understands!

Ivan secretly relaxed. He knows too little now and he can’t judge Old Rozier’s proposal. Who knows if this old fellow is hurting himself.

Let’s drag it first, and wait for him to get more information from Dougt or Isia, and it’s not too late to make a decision!

“It looks like we’re a little late, here we’ve finished playing…” Isia looked around and looked at Reparo’s Conference Hall after the fight, said with a smile.

“Well, this is much easier than I thought…” Ivan spread his hand.

Before he came, he thought what was the dragon’s pool and tiger’s den. He had to go through some twists and turns to be able to win, but didn’t expect to come in and hardly encountered any obstacles.

With that said, Ivan turned his head towards old Rozier again, and praised in front of everyone. “Of course, it can be so smooth, thanks to the help of Mr. Rozil!”

“Sir Wrahles has won the prize. I just did some small work that’s all according to your instructions.” Old Rozier said very charmingly.

His previous experience made old Rozier understand that the fastest means of promotion is often not to work well, but to shoot flattery, which is very pleasing!

He knows this truth, so he is determined to be a capable dogleg!

Ivan ignored him at all, strangely looking towards Aisia, asking. “Dougt? He should have come in from the secret passage. There shouldn’t be many guards there. Haven’t done it yet?”

“It has been finished long ago, and he is now guarding the captives outside!” Atheia said.

Ivan ordered nodded and then asked questions about casualties.

“A total of four people were slightly injured and two were seriously injured. One of the werewolf was almost caught in the trap and died. Fortunately, Dougt rushed over and gave him some temporary treatment.” Exia explained Then he solemnly said. “No one died!”

“That’s good!” Ivan was more at ease.

He said that many before the war, and gave each person a protective ring to reduce casualties as much as possible.

This is not just to save the pension, but more importantly, he doesn’t want to see his followers die again…

When the funeral was held for Elver, Mrs. Greent’s eyes were still unforgettable.

As for whether the enemy is dead or alive, will there be relatives who are sad for him, Ivan can’t control it, after all, the kindness to the enemy is often cruel to himself.

Since eating this bowl of rice and receiving a relatively high salary, prepare for death!

“Rozil, where is this underground Chamber of Secrets Vault?” Ivan quickly packed his emotions and asked expectantly.

He feels that it is built like a small fortress, and it is located underground in the wizard market. There should be a small Vault. Maybe there will be something good.

“Please also follow me, Lord Wrahles!” Old Rozier was not surprised by this, he reached out and bowed.

Ivan nodded and walked in the direction of the old Rozier, and then walked around in a hidden little room.

A large landscape painting hung in the middle of the room, which seemed to be nailed firmly to the wall. Old Rozier quickly stepped forward and tapped the painting gently with wand , Read a bunch of spells.

The landscape painting clicked straight away, followed by a hollow Chamber of Secrets, which looked boxy, with a lot of gold galleon, sickle and copper knut in it, There are some magic items that look strange and weird.

The werewolf wizards who have not seen the world together are dazzled by the glittering golden light.

Ivan was very dissatisfied to see this little Vault, which is too little!

He lifted wand and waved in the air. Gold Galleon, Sickle and Copper Knut in the Vault all flew up, spinning around in midair, and piled up together regularly according to a fixed arrangement.

After a while, Ivan calculated the exact amount.

“Fineteen thousand six hundred and thirty-seven Galleon, 8,000 four hundred and fourteen 13 Sickle, and three thousand and twenty-four copper Knut!”

The conversion to gold Galleon was only over 20,000, which was not in line with his expectations. The wizard market has been running at Knockturn Alley for hundreds of years. Impossible has only such a little wealth.

Ivan surprised towards old Rozier, waiting for his answer.

“Recently, it’s not safe here. Nott, they are worried about being attacked. They have moved most of their wealth back. The rest is to ensure that the wizard market can operate normally.” The old Rozier immediately answered Ivan’s doubt .

Ivan knows this, no wonder there is only a little left.

“How many gold galleons were there before?” Ivan grumbled afterwards.

“About 50,000 Galleons!” Old Rozier hesitated for a moment, and finally said the truth.

Usually at the end of each year, they gather together to divide their interests.

This year they fell blood mold, they were targeted for no reason, and their income plummeted, so they were divided in advance. These are left to hire a large number of wizard guards to ensure that the wizard market can operate normally.

Ivan felt that his heart was bleeding, and he lost 30,000 Galleon all of a sudden! The normal wizard can’t make so much money in a lifetime!

After all, he does not intend to kill those pure blood wizards, and he is not too embarrassed to force them to come up with the money, otherwise these pure blood wizards might be dissatisfied, and these 30,000 Galleons seem to be coming back…

Aside, old Rozier secretly watched Ivan’s words and deeds, and vaguely felt that the young wizard in front of him seemed to be a wealth fan.

No, absolutely impossible!

Old Rozier shook the head and rejected this. He used 500 Galleon to make Ivan perform a magic once, which was regarded as an insult by the other party. How could such a young wizard be a wealthy man.

The only explanation now is that the other party is short of money!

More than 20,000 gold galleons are not enough to fill the hole!

Not so many places to use so many gold galleons!

Are you ready to expand your staff to deal with the Ministry of Magic?

Old Rozier can only make such a guess, but this does not prevent him from having some other ideas.

These pure-blood families are not short of money and very good at investing.

If I spend tens of thousands of Galleon in exchange for Ivan’s goodwill and favor, it’s not a loss, as long as this young wizard can take charge of magic circle in the future, they will be able to earn it several times or even tens of times!

When the Dark Lord rose, many of the pure blood wizards who supported him made this idea, and even ruined their homes to make bets, and there were no longer a few who lost their family members…

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