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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 530


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High risk often means high returns, and old Rozier is well aware of this.

What’s more, Ivan’s strength, potential and wisdom are all in his eyes. This is a profitable business, and it is absolutely impossible to repeat the same mistakes!

“Bring these things, let’s go back…”

Ivan didn’t know what old Rozier thought. After distressing the disappearing gold galleon, he ordered the wizards who came with him to evacuate the money items here and prepare to return to Borgin and Burkes shop.

Before leaving, Ivan deliberately left a few people to temporarily stay here, incidentally repairing the walls of the damaged tables and chairs.

The underground Chamber of Secrets is very large, with all the supporting facilities and complete secrets. It is very suitable as a spare base!

By the time Ivan returned to Borgin and Burkes shop with the wizards returning home, it was dark.

Ivan gave a speech outside the store with great interest in recognition of those who fought bravely in the battle.

Every wizard who participated in the battle was very happy, not only because they had just won a big victory, and no one died.

More importantly, Ivan generously gave them a bonus to celebrate this victory, and those wizards who were injured in the battle received additional subsidies.

No matter how distressed Ivan is, there won’t be any ambiguity here. They risked death and won this victory, and they should be rewarded accordingly!

After Fren gave a speech at Ivan, after disbanding the crowd gathered here, he quickly walked up and handed over a list and a thick booklet.

“His Lord Wrahles, this is the list of captives in this battle. In addition, we searched a ledger from the finance room!” Fren said.

Ivan ordered nodded and took over two things, glanced at the list before looking at the ledger.

The above records the names and general information of the captured persons, and also records the enemies killed in the battle.

Except for a few pure-blood wizards, there are a total of 29 guards in the wizard market and underground Chamber of Secrets. Eleven died, and the others were all arrested or simply surrendered…

“How did you catch so many people?” Ivan looked around and looked at Fren, asking strangely.

Although he hopes to reduce the killing, he also understands that dead people are inevitable in such a fierce battle, and it should not happen that most of the enemy’s personnel are captured.

“Except Law Enforcer, other guards are recruited temporarily by the wizard market for money, and they have little loyalty to the Nott family.

When we scored, some guards thought that we didn’t have resistance at all, and they just lost wand and surrendered…” Fren explained.

Ivan’s corner of the mouth is twitched. He said that he led a group of wizards with little training and even entered the wizard market so easily. No one died, because the enemy was more wasteful…

“My Excellency Wrahles, what about these captives? They seem to want to take refuge with us…” Fren asked hesitantly.

Ivan hesitated, preparing to use Obliviate to wash away these people’s memories for a while, and then let them go.

After all, he doesn’t need so many people, and it’s not easy to kill them all. It’s even worse to stay in jail and eat rice!

However, Ivan quickly rejected this idea. Most of the captured prisoners were dark wizards from Knockturn Alley. When the Nott family recruited people, they would not necessarily be screened like Isia.

This means that among those people, there will probably be fierce and violent thugs. If you just let it go, it disrupted the security of Knockturn Alley. When the time comes, you still need to govern yourself.

“I’ll be detained first, send someone to be optimistic that they don’t let people run away, each and everyone will cross-examine me clearly, I need to know all of their details, you can use Veritaserum when necessary!” Ivan said to Fren .

He decided to check it. Those thugs don’t have to be alive. Others consider whether to let go depending on the situation.

“Oh, those pure blood wizards remember to find another place for detention, especially the Nott. He needs to be locked up separately. Do you understand?” Ivan suddenly remembered the proposal of old Rozier, and added .

“Yes, Lord Wrahles!” Fren bowed slightly.

“Secure the captives. Call Dougt again. I have something to ask him!” Ivan waved and waved Fren to leave.

Frenno nodded his head, and after asking some precautions, he turned and left as instructed.

Ivan put down the list, walked into the inner room of Borgin and Burkes shop, sat by the fire, checked the wizard market ledger, and after a few rough glances, he couldn’t help being sucked in a cold breath.

“Profit 700,000 Galleon in one year?” Ivan looked at the account book and wondered if there was a zero in it.

No matter how you look at it, the wizard market doesn’t look like it can make so much money.

Knockturn Alley is too poor to find so much oil and water!

However, after Ivan took a closer look, I realized that the real profitable leader in the wizard market is smuggling and buying and selling all kinds of contraband!

The business scope is magic circle throughout Europe!

“No wonder they can make so much money…It was these businesses that I did!” Ivan muttered to himself.

He also found that this ledger is not complete, and a lot of money does not directly write the source. The probability is that some more serious black income, so it is not recorded.

Even so, just relying on what is recorded in the ledger is enough for Foley, Nott and the others to stay in Azkaban for a lifetime.

Of course, under normal circumstances, it doesn’t matter if the wizard market is checked by Auror of Ministry of Magic. These pure-blood families also have a layer of white gloves to escape sin.

They did not at all directly manage the wizard market, but remotely control the background behind the scenes by supporting an agent. The account book does not record anything that is detrimental to them. In a sense, it is fairly “” clean”!

In addition to their influence and network in Magic Circle, it is not possible to squat Azkaban. It is estimated that the agent will be pushed out for trial, and then another sum of money will be exempted.

Ivan shook his head sighed, it seems that whether it is the muggle world or Wizarding World, some things are always so similar.

The pure-blood wizards of the high-sounding gentlemen may secretly do something shameless, but you still have no way to take them, because they are the best at drilling the loopholes of the law…

“No, my 500,000 Galleon, how could it be 50,000!” Ivan suddenly realized that the old Rozier this bastard may have lied to himself, the wizard market is so profitable, even if it only operated for half a year this year More than 50,000 Galleons are right!

But when he turned angrily to the last few pages of the book, he was dumbfounded, and the amount shown on the book was really only so much.

In the first half of this year, due to the impact of this small war, they simply did not make a few big deals, and the revenue in the wizard market naturally fell sharply.

Even the agent who was covered with sin was killed by Isia. If not, these pure-wizard families would not have to go out in person.

Fortunately, the general market of the wizard market is still there, as long as it is rectified and continued to operate, it will not be long before the previous income can be recovered.

500,000 Galleon per year, starting today as a rich man in magic circle…

Ivan was a bit happy to think so!

However, realizing that this is all gray income, Ivan is hesitant. He thinks he is a good wizard that abides by the law. Although he is sometimes forced to helpless and will cross the line “slightly”, this does not prevent him from being a good person. !

Ivan flipped the account book and finally merged it. He felt that it was necessary to make some corrections to the business of the wizard market, and some too bad dirty work would not be done!

As an alternative, he can use the wizard market channel to sell his alchemy items and potions to Europe, so that not only will the income not decrease, but it may increase a lot!

As for part of the smuggling work, it still needs to be done, which may help him get some rare and magical creatures, so that he can take blood!

For example, five years ago, the wizard market bought a young bird and snake, and finally sold it to an anonymous old witch. The specific price was not recorded on the book, and it was also cheaper to think about…

It is worth mentioning that the dementor bought by the Dogutto people was also obtained from the wizard market. He can successfully train into Expecto Patronum, and speaking of which really wants to thank this black market.

ka-cha …

When Ivan was thinking, the door of the Borgin and Burkes shop was opened, but Dougt came in from the outside.

“Little Ivan, I just heard Fren said you were looking for me?” Dougt said with a smile. Although Ivan’s identity is now different, he still wants to maintain this close relationship in private.

“Well, I have something to ask for advice…” Ivan threw the account book aside and asked. “How much do you know about the wizard families?”

Dogut froze for a while, then explained to Ivan in detail.

His contacts in magic circle are very wide. Because of the conflicts with the wizard market, I have also investigated these wizard families, so I know a lot.

First of all, the leading Nott family, Dougt suspects that they have an extreme pure blood tendency.

Because several brother sisters of the old Nott joined the Death Eater camp more than ten years ago, they have a good relationship with another House of Black who respects pure blood.

Not long after Voldemort’s debut, Old Nott also funded Voldemort.

In the end, it goes without saying that it is a loss-making transaction, which directly led to the Nott family, which was originally famous in the magic circle, suddenly became weak.

After the death of Reese Nott, the immediate members of the family are only the old Nott.

“In short, the Nott family is the real manager behind the wizard market, with at least half of the share, and the old Nott is the most involved in daily operations!”

Dogut gave an explanation to Ivan. After talking about the Nott family, he then picked out the details of the three pure-blood families of Foley, Rozier, and Rohr.

These families are neither too big nor too small. In addition to the wizard market, they also have their own industries. They have a certain influence in magic circle. They are relatively neutral families and rarely interfere in disputes.

According to Dogut, they remain neutral and just want to stand on the side of the winner!

Parkinson Family has a certain pure blood tendency and is relatively conservative. They usually bet on both ends. They used to support Voldemort’s pure blood policy, but they did not contribute money, so Voldemort lost little when it fell.

“The Aibo family is a little different. They are pure blood, but they are closer to the muggle. I heard that they also invested in the muggle industry in London. Well… I heard that Leaky Cauldron has a relationship with the Aibo family!”

Dogut shook out all he knew, and then commented. “It’s a relatively law-abiding family!”

“Are you sure!” Ivan tapped the book on the table with his hand.

If this is the case, why should they become one of the founding families of the wizard market, where they are doing gray and even illegal business.

“I mean at least the recent generations have this tendency!” Dougt shrugged.

The wizard market was established a long time ago, and the concept of the family may change with each generation.

It is true that the Aibo family is more law-abiding, but they are not stupid. Why not make money if they have money?

Any agent is there anyway, they won’t dirty their hands, they turn a blind eye and get dividends every year…

Listening to Dougert’s words, Ivan is suddenly cheerful, and he is no longer half-knowledge about these six pure blood wizard families.

It’s just that he still didn’t understand what old Rozil wanted to do. Ivan looked towards Dougt thoughts move and suddenly said. “Rozil just wanted to plead Forli with them…I beg me to let them go! Except the old Nott…”

“Rozil?” Dougt raised an eyebrow, thinking for a while, and then said with a sneer. “He must be thinking of pulling a group of people to improve his status!”

Speaking of this, Dougt is also anxious, and the resources and money of the five pure-blood families cannot be underestimated!

If Rozil really convinced them to join the camp and become the new leader, the importance of this guy will skyrocket, and his status may catch up with himself, which is not enough!

Ivan tapped gently on the table, but secretly secretly rejoiced in his heart. He had already realized the way to deal with brain tonic, that is, to use one brain to injure the monster to another!

As long as there are enough brains to blame, there is contradiction with each other, do not collude with each other, and ask more ingeniously, he will immediately know what these people are doing in the brain.

It’s not an embarrassing scene that someone didn’t do anything before, but someone ran to him to ask for help, saying that the last arrangement had been completed.

This kind of thing has gone through so much, even if his acting is good, he will one day wear it…

Thinking this, Ivan had some difficulty in judging whether to agree with Old Rozil’s pleading, and looked again towards Dougt, asking.

“Do you think Old Rozier has this ability?”

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