Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 531


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Listening to Ivan’s words, Dougt was disappointed.

Since Ivan asks this question, it proves that he really wants to surrender those pure blood wizards. Rozier and the others forming an alliance are basically inevitable.

This is the end of the matter, and Dougt is no longer able to clearly object to it.

Because this is not all a bad thing, with the help of these pure blood wizards, many things will be much easier in the future, so after thinking about it for a while, Dougt said.

“Rosier certainly has this ability. If you agree to his plea, he will be able to use this as a bargaining chip in front of those pure blood wizards to ease the previous contradictions.

If he is smarter, he will convince the captive blood wizards to surrender, and it is not impossible to pull up a faction. As for he wants to get rid of the old Nott? That may be because Nott has a certain prestige in those pure blood wizards, which will become his obstacle. “

Dogut talked eloquently and guessed Rozier’s idea almost.

At this point, Dougt hesitated and continued to suggest. “In any case, Rozier is a rebel and may not be able to convince the crowd! You can put a nail in them so that these people are always under your control.”

Ivan ordered nodded. As Dogut said, some precautions are still needed.

Especially Rozier and those pure-blood wizards have just joined, or enemy before, it would not be nice if they colluded with each other to do something secretly.

Ivan, who has seen many power plays in his previous life, is also very clear about the importance of checks and balances.

However, Ivan not at all agreed with Dogut’s proposal on the spot, and instead asked Dogut’s views on Old Nott and how to deal with Old Nott.

After Dogut’s answer after one after another, Ivan let this guy leave. He needs someone to think about it.

Although Ivan didn’t get an accurate answer, Dougt was very happy when he left. He knew that Ivan should have approved his proposal, and his immediate urgency was much firmer.

As long as those pure blood wizards cannot truly unite, Rozier’s threat to his status will be greatly reduced.

“I’m so hard!” Ivan murmured when Dougt left the room.

He was always not very interested in things such as management and the struggle for power, and he was totally a half-hanger. He acted by using only a few words in the book.

So that every time I sit in the throne to arrange things, I am worried, I am afraid that I will say something wrong.

If the system can digitize favorability and loyalty, let him know who is loyal and who is conspiracy.

No matter how bad it is, let me know what everyone is thinking…

Ivan thought greedily and shouted a few words in his heart, but the system not at all understood what he meant.

Fortunately, Ivan soon realized another alternative, the magic that is comparable to mind reading-Legilimens!

As long as you learn this, you can easily see through others’ thoughts and thoughts. In Ivan’s opinion, it is simply a curse for the master to learn and a cheater for managing complex interpersonal relationships!

Of course, Leggilimens is not without weaknesses. Normally, it can only read the other party’s surface thoughts. If you dig deeper into the memory, it is easy to be noticed by the parties.

And there is a corresponding defense method, that is Occlumency!

Ivan is deeply touched. Occlumency can not only arrange a protective layer in the depths of the soul to resist the invasion of Legilimins, but also create some false memories to confuse each other.

In the original time and space, Snape relied on the superb Occlumency and jumped repeatedly in front of the two Legilimens Masters, becoming a double-sided undercover!

This proves that if a person is too superstitious about the information received by Legilimins, then when he meets an Occlumency Master, he will be miserable!

However, it is not uncommon for British magic circle to master the wizards of these two types of magic, which may require some talent.

Otherwise, such a practical magic won’t be available to so few people, so you don’t have to worry about overturning when dealing with a general wizard.

Ivan thought of this and left Borgin and Burkes shop without hesitation, heading straight to his library.

Since the last time I removed all the books from Borgin and Burkes magic shop, the collection here has been comparable to some pure-blood family library.

It took more than an hour for Ivan to dig out several books about Legilimins from the vast pile of books, and then sat in the book pile and read them one by one.

It’s like returning to the days of hard study. Ivan spent three days in a row, except eating and sleeping, and meeting Rozier once in the middle, and agreeing to his request. on.

This kind of magic that spies on the hearts of others is a lot harder than Occlumency’s cultivation!

There are a lot of high-end knowledge involved, and the related books are basically compiled by Old Antique hundreds of years ago. They are not professionally cut down and refined like textbooks. Esoteric and difficult to understand!

Perhaps those Old Antiques think it’s more high-end to talk about things a bit more eloquently?

Ivan really didn’t understand it, but waited for the book “Legilimens–Magic Peeping into the Soul!” 》Closed, the system prompt sounds.

【Ding, after a period of careful reading, Legilimens’s proficiency slightly improved. 】

【Legilimens has been upgraded to the first level, the current proficiency (1200). 】

Ivan glanced at the extra magic spells in the magic column. According to the usual practice, upgrading to the first level means that he can already use this magic initially, but the degree of mastery is not high.

Achieving this within three days is largely due to his superb Occlumency level. These two types of magic have many similarities, both related to memory and mind.

The difference is that one is for yourself and the other is for others!

However, it is not so easy for such a special magic to continue to improve. Reading books has little effect, and it requires a lot of practice!

Ivan be eager to have a try, put down the book in his hand, ready to try the magic effect, and when he turned his head, he saw a thin mouse sneaking through the library.

zhi zhi zhi …

The black-haired mouse was very keenly aware of Ivan’s gaze, and suddenly his hair exploded, and he quickly turned around and wanted to escape.

“Mouse Accio!” Ivan slowly pulled out wand gently in midair.

The escaping black mouse soon found himself running and suddenly flew up, and then all around scenes quickly retreated backwards.

It made a harsh scream, and its limbs were constantly scratching in midair but to no avail, a big face appeared in front of it a moment later.

Ivan maintains magic power to suspend the mouse in midair. In order to avoid contaminating the germs, he does not touch it with his hands, and slowly rotates his body with magic power to maintain a posture of facing him.


Ivan’s eyes were fixed on the mouse, and magic was activated. Slowly, some messy emotions appeared in Ivan’s mind.

Fear, nervousness, fear, daze…

Although all of these Ivans can be analyzed from the mouse’s curled and trembling body, this time is different, as if he really feels the other party’s emotions.

“Legilimency! (Legilimens)”

Ivan read spells directly, increasing the intensity of magic, and these emotions became clearer.

Unfortunately, it is limited to this. He can’t look through the binocular, directly seeing what the mouse is thinking, nor can he browse the other party’s memory.

Ivan is not sure whether this is related to the objects he chooses, or because his level is not enough.

To confirm this, Ivan tried waving wand and shouted again.

“Legilimency! (Legilimens)”

The moment Ivan read spells again, the black mouse slammed wide-eyed, his eyes became extremely sluggish, and some disjointed memory fragments appeared in Ivan’s mind.

No, he even felt like he was the mouse, he was drilling out of a dark, damp hole, and was hungry in his belly. He crawled out to find food…

Ivan stumbled suddenly and bumped into the back cabinet. The magic was suddenly interrupted, and only some memories remained.

Ivan pressed his forehead. Somewhat strangely, according to the book, the general Legilimins looked at a memory from the perspective of a bystander, and had minimal impact on himself, not like himself.

Is it because you are talented?

Ivan thinks so, Legilimens has the ability to perceive emotions and explore memory. When the two are mixed together, the intelligence can be obtained from the subjective perspective in the scene of memory construction.

But this is not a good thing. If you explore the memory too frequently, it will easily affect your emotions. Willpower may be unable to tell which memory is your own.

Ivan sighed, the magic of Leggilimens may be more difficult to control than he imagined.

Also to his disappointment, judging from the experiment just now, Leggilimens must use wand and pronounce spells if he wants to explore the other party’s thoughts and memories at a low level!

This is completely different from what he expected to be able to know what the other person thought and thought…

Yes, he remembers that Leggilimens was truly free to play in the original time and space, only Voldemort and Dumbledore that’s all.

Novices like him are far from this level.

Ivan shook the head, it seems that before Legilimency Great Accomplishment, he could not rely on it to judge Rozil and the others thinking.

He’s not good at open and aboveboard, he wand to them and read spells, right?

That’s stupid!

No wizard would want his thoughts to be prying eyes, and all the secrets are exposed to others, even if Voldemort uses Legilimins to his subordinates, it will not be noticed, so that the other party will not develop dissatisfaction.

The only thing Ivan was thankful for was that they captured a lot of captives when they captured the wizard market. After torture, a few were fierce and vicious, just letting him practice his new magic!


In the evening, in the basement of Borgin and Burkes shop, the old Rozier, led by two werewolf wizards, went deeper.

Since the past few days, in order to meet the needs, the basement here has been transformed into a temporary prison for the accommodation of more than twenty prisoners.

And important pure blood wizards such as Parkinson and Aibo are held in the deepest part of the basement.

One of the werewolf wizards took old Rozier to a remodeled storage room and opened the door lock. The other werewolf wizard said to old Rozier.

“They are locked here, go in!”

“Yes! The two have worked hard! Thanks to the two friends who took care of me during this time…”

Old Rozier smiled and said a few words, then took out a small bag from his pocket, covered it with his sleeves and passed it, lowering his voice and continuing. “I want to talk to a few old friends alone, I wonder if it will be convenient, just a while!”

“We must listen!” the whowolf wizard not at all took it, just looked at him coldly, remaining unmoved.

They are doing very well now, and I am very grateful to Ivan, but they will not violate the order for some money.

If Fren was understood to collect money, they would be severely punished at least, and they would be expelled directly.

Old Rozier’s face was twitched, he didn’t expect these werewolf wizards to reject themselves so stiffly, didn’t they say that the poorwolves are very greedy for money?

“Cough…you may have misunderstood what I meant. Your Excellency Wrahles asked me to persuade you to surrender. Everyone will be your own in the future. If you go in, it may affect my work!”

Old Rozier comforted her bitterly and didn’t dare to say too sharp words. After all, he didn’t have a long time to surrender, and he didn’t have any team forces under his hands. It was really tough not to raise.

However, no matter what the old Rozier said, the two werewolf wizards didn’t mean to relax, they were very determined!

“Rozil, you traitor still has a face to see us!”

Just as Rochelle planned to continue to persuade, a sharp female voice came from the storage room.

The soundproofing here can only be regarded as average. Old Rozier talking to the werewolf wizard outside the door is very clear.

Old Rozier helpless shrugged, and no longer persuaded the two werewolf, but opened the door of the storage room, walked in, and explained.

“Ten thousand don’t say this, Fiona, you must know that I am here to help you!”

Under the gaze of the old Rozier, Fiona and the others were put on the shackles that restricted magic. Although it seemed that not at all was tortured, each and everyone looked a little sullen.

For those pure-blood wizards who are used to a good life, the taste of being a prisoner in the ranks is not very pleasant…

Fiona Parkinson and Foley looked at old Rozier with hateful eyes. If they were not betrayed by the other party, they would not have fallen to this point.

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