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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 532


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After listening to the old Rozier, Aibo sneered involuntarily. “You look really disgusting! Come and help us? Are you here to help us go to hell?”

“Rosier, you mean traitor!” Forli struggled excitedly, his eyes flared red, and if his hands and feet were bound, he would have rushed to tear up the old Rozil.

“I was blind, but we believed you so much…” Parkinson also said fiercely.

Various abuses soon rang in the small storage room, and the more scolding the more unpleasant. Old Rozier just smiled without any reaction, as if the rebuked person was not himself.

Until these people were tired of scolding, they slowly stopped, and old Rozier put away the expression on his face and replaced it with a sad look, sighed.

“Ah…you really misunderstood me! Everyone is an old friend of several decades, I really want to help you!”

“In order to save everyone’s lives, these three days I have tried my best to implore You Wrahles to let everyone live a life, didn’t expect you to look at me like this!” Old Rozier shook his head in sorrow.

Aibo and others were imprisoned here for three days, and they didn’t wait until someone came to see them. They had no hope of their own survival. Now, listening to the old Rozier said, he was a little excited.

The person who just came to inform them is the old Rozier who is regarded as a traitor. This makes Aibo and the others really happy that not raise.

Especially the other party appeared here as a life saving benefactor, which made them even more awkward.

If it weren’t for the bastard to report, they wouldn’t be caught even if they weren’t. Now that the culprit is asking for mercy on their behalf, they want them to be deeply grateful?

What a joke!

Aibo and the others, because his life is still in the hands of the other party, so he looked at Old Rozier with a sneer without words, but Fiona Parkinson could not bear it, this chunky witch is very Said sarcastically.

“Don’t be pretentious here, Rozil! If you still fear a little friendship, you won’t betray us. Now come to surrender us, but it’s just to please your little master that’s all!”

“I didn’t really think that you betrayed us just to be a 13-13 year old kid. Are you going to play with him?” Fore also said with a sneer.

Old Rozil’s face suddenly changed, and a face was pulled down directly. He looked at them and said coldly. “Fiona, Foley… I advise you to have your brains when speaking! The consequences of insulting Your Wrahles are not something you can bear…”

“Insult? Rozil, you are really a good dog. So quickly you have defended your new owner…but it’s just a little devil. I just insulted him…” Foley was very malicious. Talking.

However, before he finished speaking, old Rozier directly pulled out wand and pointed to Foley, without the slightest hesitation’s spell.

“Crucio! (Crucio)”

“Ahhh ~!”

The pain deep into the bone marrow interrupted Frie’s words. His painful head fell to the ground, and he rolled hard, with a harsh scream in his mouth.

“Rozil, what are you doing? Stop now! Do you want to kill Foley?” Fiona, Aibo and the others didn’t even think that the old Rozil would suddenly strike hard, for a time All panicked.

Old Rozier didn’t take care of them, he just kept the magic for thirty seconds, and Foley stopped his hand when he was about to pass out, then turned his head and apologized to the two werewolf behind him.

“Sorry, two of you, my friend just spoke without careful diction offended Lord Wrahles, but I have already punished him…”

“We will truthfully report what happened here!” werewolf wizard said indifferently.

Old Rozier was helpless shrugged, he could only hope that Ivan would not care too much about this matter, otherwise Foley was afraid of suffering.

When looking towards Aibo and the others again, the old Rozier changed his appearance before Yan Yanse and said disdainfully.

“You don’t seem to have figured out who you are, and you won’t kill you, just because of the kindness of Lord Wrahles! I advise you not to think about how important you are…”

Furley, who was tortured by Cruciatus Curse, curled up and fell to the ground. After a while, he couldn’t make a slow comeback, and none of the pure-blood wizards spoke back, fearing that they had followed in the footsteps.

More importantly, they are not stupid. From the old Rozier pleading for the guards, they can see some clues. Using Cruciatus Curse may not be a punishment but may be a shield…

Think of it like this, Aibo and the others have a chill in their hearts.

“Rozil, that young wizard…I mean what kind of person is Lord Wrahles? You want to persuade us to surrender, let us know about it?” Fiona Parkinson suddenly asked .

“What should I say?” Old Rozier frowns, hesitating and sighing. “Unable to see…deep and unmeasurable!”

“Unable to see?” Aibo looked at Rozier unexpectedly. It was hard to imagine that he would make such a comment on a young wizard.

“Yeah… I can’t see through it!” Old Rozier said with certainty. “But I will tell you what I know, you can judge for yourself!”

“Just five days ago, after the wizards we sent to capture Walker lost the news, Dougt suddenly found me and wanted to persuade me to surrender to them… I realized then that Isia was just a guise, Our real opponents have other people!”

Old Rozier slowly gave a detailed account of his first meeting with Ivan, including his attempts to explore Ivan’s strength.

Old Rozier knows that these people must understand what they are facing, so that they can let go of their arrogance as a pure blood wizard and understand the reality.

So, in the process of telling the experience, even “slightly” exaggerated the scene, so that these people know that they are not greedy for life and death, but succumb to the power of the other party!

When I heard that old Rozier talked about Ivan’s release of Sectumsempra, he cut everything in his field of vision into two pieces, including a dozen trees, an abandoned house and hundreds of gold galleons. Asked Bo Unable to Bear.

“That magic is so powerful as you said?”

This is too exaggerated!

Fiona Parkinson is also doubtful.

Old Rozier nodded with emotion, confirming that.

“Yes! I saw with my own eyes that Lord Wrahles cut the neat cross of an abandoned old house into two, which is definitely the most powerful magic I have ever seen!”

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