Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 533


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“In this way, the powerful magic Wrahles, you can control it freely, and even accurately cut off the wand I hold, so powerful is simply unimaginable!”

Old Rozier added that while taking a broken wand and dozens of gold Galleons cut in half from the pocket of the wizard robe, they sprinkled it on the ground.

These are proof!

Aibo stretched out his hand and took a close look at wand, and found that the wand’s broken cut was flat and scary. Even if it was cut with a high-speed sharp blade, I might not be able to do so.

Fiona Parkinson and the others picked up several gold galleons and checked them out.

Old Rozier also used the healing spell to show them the Sectumsempra mantra once he was hit, he could not rely on normal healing and repairing traits.

Seeing this, Aibo’s complexion changed, and he couldn’t help saying. “This is a new type of Unforgivable Curse?”

“No, it has anti-curses!” Old Rozier took the head. “Remember the wound I showed you before? Your Wrahles used anti-curses to eliminate its effects!”

All the people present were silent for a while. The evidence provided by the old Rozier undoubtedly proved the authenticity of his words. Ivan -Wrahles may be far more powerful than they thought.

If it weren’t for such a thirteen-fourteen imp, it would also impossible dominate that many wizards, and make the old Rozier afraid of it.

Old Rozier saw Aibo and the others no longer refuted, so he continued to persuade him while he was hot.

“So my old friends, I just made the right choice, not betrayed you! Because there is no possibility of victory from beginning to end… It’s just that I know more and took the lead in realizing this One thing, that’s all!”

Fiona Parkinson opened her mouth and wanted to refute it, but she didn’t know where to start. They clearly had a mess in terms of power comparison, and they had no advantage in the power they were proud of. .

After all, Ivan is closely related to Minister of Magic and Britain’s strongest white wizard Albus-Dumbledore. In contrast, their relationship network is not at all countertop.

Aibo and the others are also a decadent look,

Old Rozier laughed at this moment, reminding him. “If you are willing to think about it from another angle, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it may be a chance!”

“Lord Wrahles’ ambition is by no means limited to a small Knockturn Alley, but is intended to touch the entire magic circle!”

“Think about it, my friends! If Wrahles successfully took charge of magic circle, how much benefit will we get! Maybe you and I will be the next executive director, parliament chief and presiding judge!”

“Although we are also pure blood, after all, it is not as good as those of the top pure-blood family. Compared with those half-blood and muggle, there is no advantage at all. Are you willing to watch your family weaken after a few generations? “

“This is the best time, if you miss us, you will never have the opportunity to turn over again!”

Old Rozier generously depicts the future of Aibo for the future. As a pure blood, he knows exactly what his old friends want.

The four pure blood wizard hearing this all hesitated.

As the old Rozil said, they are not pure-blood family of cream of the crop, it’s embarrassing to be high or low, but anyone who wants a chance wants to go further!

“It may not be as good as you said? Rozil! Even if Lord Wrahles is in charge of magic circle, how is it related to us? How much status can I wait for as a loser even if I surrender in the past?” Fiona- Parkinson questioned.

Aibo and the others are also aware of this problem. Their biggest reliance on pure-blood family is nothing but their huge network of relationships, but the other party may not be able to see it.

If they can’t get enough merits, even if the other party successfully controls magic circle, they won’t get much benefit!

“No, you are wrong, Fiona! Lord Wrahles is lacking something that you and I have!” Old Rozier said mysteriously.

“Are you referring to gold Galleon?” Frie, who had fallen silent on the ground, stood up weakly and said suddenly.

“Yes! It’s gold Galleon!” Old Rozier ordered nodded. “Whether it is hiring manpower or developing forces, it is inseparable from this. Your Wrahles now lacks sufficient funds, and this is our opportunity!”

Hearing here, Fiona and the others are a little moved, Aibo hesitated, after all, this is a major event related to the life and death of the family, if you accidentally stand in the wrong team, then it is over.

Old Rozier naturally saw their concerns and sneered.

“Don’t you think you have a chance to choose? Don’t get it wrong, you need to take substantive actions to get the understanding of Lord Wrahles… Otherwise, you only have one end, that is, you will be executed and discarded. Knockturn Alley’s corpse!”

“Magic Circle’s wealthy and capable wizards are many, countless people can replace your position at any time, think about it, you have only one chance to choose!”

Old Rozier did not whisper in harmony, but presented the facts in front of everyone with almost cruel words.

He looked around the crowd and waited for about ten 5 minutes, then slowly pulled out the newly bought wand and pointed at the few people in front of him.

“I think these incidents are enough for you to think about, don’t you? Tell me now, your decision!” Old Rozier asked word by word.

Fiona and Aibo looked at each other in blank dismay. After a second of silence, they said with a bitter smile.

“You won, Rozier, we surrender!”

The front is probably heaven, and the back must be hell, a normal person knows how to choose!

“That’s right, my friends! I believe you will be extremely happy with your choice in the past few years!”

Old Rozier laughed and put down wand, and stepped forward to hug Fiona, Aibo, and Rolle before embarking on Forli.

Although Foley is cherishing the old Rozier just tortured himself, but also understands the current form, he has to abandon his previous suspicions and embrace old Rozier to show friendship.

“Right, Rozier, Nott? How is he?” Foley hesitated a moment after releasing the old Rozier, and asked in strange words.

They didn’t see the shadow of Nott in the past few days when they were detained, and Foley doubted whether Nott was dead.

“He is still alive and can’t die for the time being, but it’s no different from death! Blame can only be blamed on his nephew act recklessly for offending Lord Wrahles!” Old Rozier said with a cold laugh.

He did not conceal, he directly told the inside story he heard to other wizards these days, and said that Reis Nott became an animagus in the form of a brown bear in the Conference Hall, the intention was wrong, and finally it was turned into The giant Ivan squeezed it in his hand.

“According to their descriptions, the giant that Lord Wrahles has become is probably 40 feet tall. It is as simple as pinching an ant to kill Rhys Nott!”

“But the merciful Wrahles, not at all, let Reese Nott experience the feeling that the whole body of bones was crushed, but instead used an unknown magic, and immediately deprived Reese Nott with a snap of his fingers. Life.” Old Rozier added.

When Fiona heard this, several people couldn’t believe it at the same time, and they didn’t believe it, and they didn’t talk about the strange magic of finger killing. Just a young wizard wizard transformed into a giant more than ten meters high. Quirky enough.

The whole room looks large, the curtains all around are half-drawn, and the light looks dim, all illuminated by the burning fire in the room.

At this time, Ivan was sitting on the sofa on the right side of the room, looking through a book, and a few wizards were lying not far in front of him.

Although it seems that these wizard not at all are tortured, it seems that their spirits are a little weak, and even the strength to speak and move is gone. I can imagine how cruel torture they have been!

“Lord Wrahles!” Old Rozier’s voice quivered faintly. He didn’t think he was so unlucky. He knew that he would delay for another day!

The young wizard in front of me slowly closed the book and glanced at them. The black eyes were like magic power. Aibo and the others suddenly had a thought that was seen through the feeling, and I was in a hurry, hurrying He lowered his head and dared not stare at Ivan.

Probably because the emotion divergence is too strong, and at that instant, Ivan has vaguely read their escape emotions.

Fear of panic, fear, tension… Various strong emotions came to Ivan’s mind.

After practicing with those dead prisoners for an afternoon, Ivan has raised the level of Legilimins to two levels. If the other party’s mood swings are obvious enough, he can know the other party’s current mood by looking at each other.

But what makes Ivan feel a little bit depressed is that he has experimented several times, and he will become very nervous and scared with the wizard he looks at, and once made him wonder if his Leggilimens had a problem.

Is it so scary? Why does everyone seem to be afraid of themselves…

Thinking of this, Ivan frowned, was there any misunderstanding?

He really wants to rely on his strength as a deterrent to make up for the defects in his age, but this does not mean that he will engage in terror rule like Voldemort, and he can be kind and friendly with his subordinates…

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