Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 534


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Despite this thought, Ivan also understands that it is not possible for these people to change their minds for one day or two. Only when they get along for a long time will they gradually realize that they are actually in a calm mood and treating others. Friendly young wizard!

Old Rozier, Forli, Aibo and the others on the side are carefully paying attention to Ivan’s expression.

When I saw this young wizard’s dissatisfied frowned, everyone felt a little choked, and I really didn’t understand where I was irritating each other, or was it the wrong time for them to come?

But all of them have come and can’t go back now. Old Rozier has to gritt his teeth and say. “Your Excellency Wrahles, I have brought them in accordance with your previous orders!”

Old Rozier said, and gave a glance to Foli and Aibo behind him.

“Your Excellency Wrahles, please forgive my dull ignorance. In order to make up for the previous mistakes, our Parkinson Family is willing to offer two…no, thirty thousand Galleon in exchange for your understanding!

“Sir Wrahles, everything is damn Nott deceived me, we not at all offend you, our Abo family is also willing to offer 30,000 Galleon…”


At the signal of old Rozier, these pure-blood wizards shouted loudly at their previous dull ignorance, and said that now they had changed their past, they were willing to return, and only asked Ivan to accept Gongjin to give them an atonement Opportunity!

Ivan always feels weird looking at Forli and the others who continue to condemn himself in front of him and plan to spend tens of thousands of gold Galleon to atone for his sins.

After all, strictly speaking, it seems to be the first hand on my side…

Ivan looked sorry towards several pure-blood wizards, waved their hands, and said warmly.

“Let him let the past go… my friends! Some of the contradictions in the past are just dust on the table, we don’t need to take it seriously?”

“As for Gongjin, it is not necessary, I have seen your sincerity!”

While comforting them, Ivan directly rejected the so-called tribute.

Although he can get more than one hundred thousand gold galleons by nodded himself, Ivan still refused the temptation without the slightest hesitation, he knew very well that nothing came in vain!

I have clearly agreed to the old Rozil’s request and forgave their lives, but Six Great Families is still willing to give 30,000 tributes to each family, obviously it is a plot!

Know that 180,000 gold Galleon is not a small sum. If you really accept it, you owe it to yourself!

However, beyond Ivan’s expectation, when he made it clear that he refused, the expressions of fear and fear appeared on the faces of Old Rozier and the others.

“Your Excellency Wrahles, these tributes are just a few of our intentions, and I hope you will give us a chance for atonement!” Fiona Parkinson said excitedly.

Fore, Aibo, and Rolle also cautiously persuaded, as if Ivan did not accept the money, their hearts would not be relieved.

Ivan was speechless in his heart, and he was a little puzzled. For the first time, he encountered a situation where someone insisted on forcing a huge sum of money into himself.

With Fiona and the others insisting on it repeatedly, Ivan shook it off but had no choice but to agree.

Because he finds that he will not accept it, he will make them feel mad.

Of course, in return, Ivan allows them to retain a certain share of the wizard market, and most of these hundreds of thousands of gold galleons will also be put into the operation of the black market.

“Thank you for your generosity!” Abbott said gratefully.

Although Ivan only returned part of the previously deprived share, Aibo and the others are very grateful and even somewhat happy.

Originally, they just expected to use some gold galleons in exchange for Ivan’s goodwill and incidentally reflect their value, but didn’t expect Ivan would be willing to return some of the wizard’s market share.

So from now on, they will be in the same interest group, and the wizard market will become a bridge between them.

However, before they were happy, Ivan replied and said.

“Since everyone is now their own, then some things might as well be clear!”

“For those friends who are willing to support me, I will give him honor, money and…whatever I want!”

“As for those who infiltrate come in with bad intentions…” Ivan looked at the pure blood wizards of trembling with fear with the black pupils and said slowly. “I think you will not want to know their consequences! Isn’t it?”

Foli, Aibo and the others’ just relaxed heart suddenly hung high, and the fearful ones kneeled and bowed to the ground.

“My Excellency Wrahles, our Parkinson Family is really willing to return!”

“Our Aibo family is no different!”


Several pure blood wizards shouted in unison, telling their heartfelt emotions.

“Well? Time will prove everything!” Ivan indifferent expression said, slowly placing the book in his hand on the wooden table beside it.

Although he just used Legilimins to read emotions, not at all noticed emotions like hatred, but this does not mean that he can trust these people completely.

According to what is said in this book, some proper beatings are necessary to make these people understand what is called awe!

Fore, Aibo and the others, obeying the ground and daring not to answer, but the only old Rozier standing was peeping a glance at the book Ivan had in his hand. Go to Ministry of Magic-How Wizards Go to Power Peak!

Old Rozil’s pupils dilated sharply.

Sure enough, as he thought, the young wizard in front of him is really seeking the position of Minister of Magic…

Old Rozier did not dare to read more, and quickly lowered his head, maintaining the original humble appearance.

Ivan not at all noticed the old Rozier’s small movements, he looked around the crowd, and once again showed Legilimins.

Because this time, the emotions of Aibo’s people fluctuate more strongly, so they do not need to look at each other, and Ivan can clearly perceive their emotions.

After confirming that his words were indeed effective, Ivan nodded with satisfaction, and turned to support the pure blood wizards kneeling on the ground according to Huairou’s statement in the book, and stated that they were willing to believe them. Sincerity, and punishment is only for those shameful betrayers!

In the afternoon, in addition to practicing the skills of Legilimins, he spent the rest of his time watching management related books so that he could not be too passive when facing these people.

Now it looks good, but the reaction of these people is a little overwhelming…

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