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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter


You can search “Bloodline wizard by Hogwarts” on Baidu to find the latest chapter!

If the question, please take a day off!

This update is not stable. Angels apologize to everyone here.

As for the reason… on the one hand, it’s busy, on the other hand, the angel heads that have recently been brain-pending plots are all bald, not only to reflect the contrast, but also to take into account certain feasibility. In short, every day is very modified Difficult to write.

But it’s not good to write, because this plot is very important, so please forgive me…

Fortunately, the protagonist will leave Knockturn Alley in one or two chapters according to the current progress of the plot, and will go to Nick to learn alchemy. When the time comes, the plot will be much easier to write.

Finally, this book has a complete outline and will not suddenly end up. Please rest assured.

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