Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 535


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Is it because you have done something wrong?

Ivan couldn’t help but fall into contemplation…

For old Rozier and the others, this period of time is suffering.

From the moment they stepped into this small room, their emotions were ups and downs like riding a roller coaster, and they were under tremendous pressure in their hearts at all times. It was like living like a year, and no one wanted to stay here for more than a second!

But it is precisely this pressure that has made Foley and Aibo simply unable to speak or dare to interrupt Ivan’s contemplation.

After a few minutes, the old Rozier summoned up the courage to break the peace and said softly. “Sir Wrahles, if there is nothing else to order, please allow us to prepare for the tribute now!”

“Well? Ah…go!” Ivan was just recovered, he nodded his head, and waved his hand to signal that they could leave…

The pure blood wizards who received the order trembling with fear quit the room.

ka-cha …

The moment the door was closed, Foley, Aibo and the others outside the door were relaxed, sweating on the forehead as if they had just experienced a Life and Death Battle.

“Rozil, why didn’t you tell us about Lord Wrahles’ character… so weird?” Foley looked somewhat resentful towards old Rozil.

After the contact just now, in Foley’s opinion, the young wizard can only be described as temperamental, and his style of conduct is extremely domineering.

After meeting for a while, Foley vaguely confronted the feeling of Dark Lord.

“hmph, I have reminded you a long time ago. Be careful when you meet Lord Wrahles!” Old Rozier lowered his voice, reminding him, and then turned to see Furry.

“And… Foley! Give me some attention next time, and don’t let me know that you are talking about your Wrahles!”


On the other side, Ivan, who watched the old Rozier and the others leave, was also relaxed. The tense mind immediately relaxed, and he fell heavily to the back of the sofa, comfortably on top Rubbed.

After relaxing for a while, Ivan straightened up again. The conversation with the old Rozier and the others just made him exhausted.

But if you don’t do it, you can’t do it. These pure blood wizards, each and everyone, are so slick. If you don’t calm them, you may not be able to do anything in private.

As for the nail Dougt said, he already had some ideas. For example, that Foley was a good candidate. He and old Rozier did not seem to deal with it very easily, and it was easy to provoke their previous conflicts.

When Ivan was thinking about it, a system hint suddenly sounded.

【Ding, Mission: Become the King of Knockturn Alley (Second Ring) has been completed…

Mission Objective: Unify Knockturn Alley (Second Ring)

Task progress: 100% (completed)

Mission Reward: Red Gallic Loyalty Curse (whether to receive it)

Mission description:……】

“Is it finally done?” Ivan froze, murmured to himself.

As early as three days ago, when I captured the wizard market, the progress of this task increased to 95%, and because of unknown reasons, it increased a little every once in a while, until now it has finally reached full value.

Thinking of this, Ivan was very emotional.

When I received this task last year, I didn’t intend to do it, but I expected it to be completed under the mistake of going home this time!

“Get the reward!” Ivan said silently in his heart.

next moment, a lot of knowledge poured into Ivan’s mind, his figure swayed, his eyes closed, leaning on the sofa, and slowly, after about half a minute, Ivan opened his eyes again.

As he had expected before, the Crimson Faithful Mantra is an extremely special magic, both powerful and tasteless!

Powerful is that this kind of magic spell can successfully create a safe haven. As long as Secret Keeper does not die or betray, even a wizard like Voldemort or Dumbledore cannot find that place.

However, the Idiot Mantra is now tasteless, because he who unified Knockturn Alley now has no need to hide.

If you get it two years earlier, maybe he will be a little happier, after all, their situation at Knockturn Alley was not so good….

Ivan secretly shook the head, but it was a pity that I suddenly thought that magic circle will be dangerous lurks on every side in the future, because according to the prediction, Dark Lord will come out soon to stir up the situation…

when the time comes maybe there will be places where this spell is needed.

Even if this prediction is not correct, Voldemort will not be able to come back for a while, and Ministry of Magic will become the second threat!

Ivan is well aware that the troubles he made at Knockturn Alley will not be hidden for long.

There are no official forces involved, because the Ministry of Magic is being scorched by the dementor riots and Pettigrew Peter’s escape, and there is no intention to care about this broken thing happening to Knockturn Alley.

However, once the Ministry of Magic is free, you will definitely notice the changes here. As long as you investigate, many things can be concealed by impossible!

Ivan thinks he doesn’t at all have any special ideas, and is very satisfied with guarding this piece of land, but people who are afraid of Ministry of Magic will think more!

For powerful and invincible Voldemort, Fudge may timid and retreat, but against a small Knockturn Alley it is very likely to punch hard!

Thinking this way, Ivan couldn’t help being alert.

Don’t see that it’s just possible, but I have to guard against it. Ivan immediately decided to put a secret door on all the recovered protective rings this year, so that he can protect himself when the situation deteriorates in the future!

The Courage of Loyalty and Loyalty just happens to be the final hole card. With this powerful protection spell, at least don’t worry too much about safety!

at worst go to the library to read, and kill it when it exceeds Voldemort!

Ivan secretly made a decision in his heart, then another system hint sounded in his mind.

【Ding! A new mission has been created! 】

“Eh, is there a task? The third ring?” Ivan was puzzled to open the system’s task, and found that it was exactly the same as he expected.

【Become the King of Knockturn Alley

Mission Objective: Rectify Knockturn Alley (Three Rings)

Task progress: 30% nine

Mission reward: magic mark

Legendary value: 3 (Achievement of King of Knockturn Alley)

Mission Description: After careful planning, you successfully dominated the entire Knockturn Alley, and drove enemies who dare to question and block you into the abyss, but the ignorant fools are always inexhaustible. Accept your rule…

Remarks: Only power and fear can make ignorant fools understand the reality and show the supremacy of your Supreme, everyone will obey your feet…]


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