Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 536


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After glancing at the newly activated mission, Ivan couldn’t help lamenting that the skill of system bullshit is getting higher and higher, and the description of the mission makes him want to hit people.

Fortunately, there are so many tasks, Ivan has gradually developed a habit of only analyzing the task difficulty and rewards.

As for others?

Just ignore it if you don’t see it!

Compared to the previous task, the task reward for rectifying Knockturn Alley is undoubtedly richer. The three legendary points make Ivan very envious.

If you can get him, you can do another Bloodline fusion!

For the other magic mark shown above, Ivan doesn’t know much, and can only guess that it may be similar to Dark Mark.

Although it is not clear whether it is used, Ivan thinks it is good to learn this kind of knowledge.

Maybe you can find a way to eliminate magic marks!

After all, Dougt used to be a Death Eater before, leaving a dark mark on his wrist. When Voldemort is really resurrected, this mark will become a time bomb. If you have the ability, you can still use this as soon as possible. Gadgets eliminate comparative insurance.

However, how to complete the task makes it difficult for Ivan.

As you can see from the mission goal and mission description in the system column, the focus of this time is to let Knockturn Alley’s wizards recognize his rule.

You can think with your toes, this is obviously not an easy job!

The entire Knockturn Alley has more than 300 wizards, a small part lives in the block, and most of them are scattered in the suburbs or in ruined ruins.

The composition of the personnel is also very complicated. There are poor wizards who can’t get along with the magic circle. There are also those who have committed crimes to hide from the limelight. The biggest feature is that the folk customs are no longer disciplined.

Not even the Ministry of Magic pays much attention to this, the difficulty of management is evident.

The way Ivan can think of is nothing more than letting people from each and everyone hit the door, forcing the other party to submit to themselves, and then chasing out those who make trouble!

The impact of doing so is too great, even if it is really implemented, these people are at most superficially surrendered, maybe they will secretly make trips in secret, who knows whether it is a task…

As for the tips in the mission notes, Ivan is also very rare to vomit. For him, he knows how many catties and how many taels. Where does Supreme come from?

Even with the blessing of enhanced magic, his magic is still far from Dumbledore.

It’s almost impossible to want to convince everyone by force alone!

So after thinking about it for a long time, Ivan still intends to use Huairou’s measures, such as the establishment of a Law Enforcement Group to transform Knockturn Alley into a civilized neighborhood with simple folk customs and no roads left!

In that case, most people should recognize their control of Knockturn Alley, and then expel the troublemakers during this period, and they should be able to achieve certain results in a few years!

Although this method takes a long time, Ivan can’t think of a better way in a while.


As Ivan pondered, a muffled noise suddenly rang through the wide room.

Ivan turned his head to look over, and found that a dead prisoner who had fainted had woke up. The noise just now was the sound of the other party’s body hitting the corner of the table.

“Ah! I almost forgot you!” Ivan pats said on his forehead very sorry, and walked towards the man.

“Demon…the devil!” The dark wizard saw Ivan approaching and shouted in horror, his bound body unable to move backwards.

“Shut up!” Ivan’s face blackened, and a forbidden curse in the backhand caused the guy to close his mouth. “Look at you so energetic, you should have rested, then let’s continue!”

“wu wu wu …” the dark wizard shook his head frantically, his mouth wide open but speechless at all.

When the young wizard in front of him pointed wand at himself, his heart was half cold, and he even regretted that he had agreed to the request of the other party.

Legimimency is continuous for a short time, it feels like someone has stuffed a stick into his brain and is madly stirred. In contrast, he is even more willing to get a shot of Cruciatus Curse, which may be better.

“Legilimens!” Ivan waved wand and entered the other party’s memory again.

The dark wizard’s pupils swelled sharply, his body tensed, and he madly wanted to expel Ivan’s magic power from his brain.

Ivan has increased the intensity of magic without any mercy. These death row prisoners and everyone are scumbags, either carrying several lives on their bodies or repeatedly committing various evil crimes.

For example, the dark wizard in front of me is a wizard supremacist. He hates muggles extremely. He even enjoys torturing muggles. Before being wanted by Ministry of Magic, he has accumulatively killed dozens of muggles.

When watching the memory, Ivan was almost unable to bear anger, so of course he will not be merciful. He completely regarded these wizards as little white mice for the experiment, and constantly tried to explore the limits of Legilimins.

Even combining the relevant knowledge of Obliviate and Occlumency, try to modify the memory of a wizard…

After more than ten minutes of tinkering, Ivan stopped the magic tiredly, and the body of the dark wizard was like a wind, and half of the sound was as soft as a dead fish on the ground motionless.

“Do you remember who you are?” Ivan tried to ask, and then waved wand to undo the banned spell.

“I am the lord who is undercover in the wizard market!” The dark wizard was silent for a while, and seemed to be thinking about something blankly.

“No, it’s not right…” But the face of Kung Fu dark wizard became more and more wrong for a moment, he muttered to himself, and finally looked at the young wizard in front of him in horror, screaming.

“What did you do to me? You demon! You promised to let me go!”

“No, I just said I promised you to cooperate with me to practice magic and forgive your life, nothing more!” Ivan waved his hand and explained.

He has always been a person who keeps his promises, plus the recent need to stop killing, so even if these dark wizards are Scabbers, Ivan will at most wash away all their memories and send them to do a hard work to atone for past actions. .

Of course, this premise is that they can survive the magic experiment of the past few days, without breaking down and committing suicide or becoming a fool.

“Forget it, I’ll explain so much to you, anyway, you will forget everything later! I will explain it again tomorrow.” Ivan laughed the head funny.

After hearing this, the dark wizard suddenly realized what was happening, and there was even a chill behind him, because he found that he could not remember what happened in the past three days…

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