Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 537


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is it possible that?

Dark wizard suddenly thought of a possibility, a heart fell to the bottom of the valley, and the mouth was about to shout, and a white light hit him.

“Obliviate! (Obliviate)”

Ivan looked at the dark wizard of the unconscious past and was very disappointed to let go of wand.

After experimenting with the past few days, he found it very difficult to completely revise a wizard’s memory. Even when using Legilimens with closed Obliviate, the effect is not so satisfactory.

Because the implanted memory is false after all, no matter how hard it is to weave the memory, the other party will soon notice the sense of violation in the consciousness.

I am afraid that it is only possible to wait for these two magics to be upgraded to a higher level.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to experiment, and he has to go to Nick-Flamel’s residence in three days. If everything goes well, he may have to stay there until the school starts.

dong dong dong …

There was a knock on the door outside the door.

“Come in!” Ivan was not surprised and said casually.

The three wizards wearing gold red wizard robes cautiously pushed in the door, and like old Rozier and the others, they felt a great pressure on their hearts as soon as they entered the door.

Especially the dark wizards who act like recklessly lying on the ground like dead dogs are more terrified…

“As before, take these people with withdraw!” Ivan briefly glanced at them and waved.

“Yes…Your Excellency!” Several wizards quickly nodded and shivered and shivered the dark wizard to the ground.

Ivan was keenly aware of the fear in their hearts and shook his head secretly in his heart.

The wizards who have just arrived are still very few in contact with themselves. If they will be a little longer, they may realize that he is actually a very kind person!

Ivan sighed, I had to put aside long-term things like changing my mind and wait until next year to come back.

As for now, he has one last thing to do, that is to control Nott!

This guy is pure-blood family Patriarch. If he disappears for a long time, he may lead to tracing,

So Nott can’t die yet, Ivan also needs him to temporarily stabilize the Ministry of Magic, and cooperate with him to create the still chaotic appearance of Knockturn Alley, and delay the time as much as possible.

Before Ivan was in those dark wizards, it was also the experiment whether Leggilimens and Obliviate could tamper with memory.

Unfortunately, this experiment failed. It is not so easy to modify a person’s memory not at all…

Fortunately, there is no way to make up. Washing part of Nott’s memory and then using Closed Imperius Curse can achieve the same effect.

The only trouble is the need to send some people to monitor, lest Nott break free of control.

Thinking of this, Ivan got up and walked out the door.


The time of the day is passing by.

The process of controlling Nott with Imperius Curse is very easy. Considering that the Imperius Curse level is not high, Ivan did not do it by himself, but let Dougt perform this magic.

I am only responsible for washing out Nott’s memories with Obliviate, and then implanting some new memories as insurance. In this way, even if Imperius Curse is destroyed, Nott will have a memory disorder for a long time, and it is unclear.

In addition to the daily practice magic, Ivan also asked Fren to form a new group of Law Enforcers, composed of seven werewolf wizards, responsible for patrolling streets and streets to combat illegal activities.

The wizard market has arranged additional guards, and with the cooperation of the old Rozier and the others, it’s no problem to fool the Ministry of Magic.

The main purpose is to make the officials and grandpas mistakenly believe that the previous struggles were all private grudges and gangsters, and they could not threaten the rule of Ministry of Magic.

In the evening, Ivan summoned all the wizards again, and he had some things to explain before leaving.

One of the most important things is to find something for these wizards to do while they are away!

After conquering the wizard market, they no longer have enemies in Knockturn Alley.

This means that these wizards no longer need to spare their lives to fight, but can also get high wages.

This is something Ivan absolutely cannot accept!

He wouldn’t allow these people to just be idle and get paid!

So Ivan is ready to get them all moving, and in the next year will receive high-intensity training, from a group of fighting soldiers to a real warrior!

Especially after a rough understanding of the strength of these wizards, Ivan has strengthened this conviction, because their magic level can only be described as terrible.

In addition to the captives who just surrendered, of the total of fifty wizards, only half of them were able to successfully exhibit Shield Charm, and only nine people knew Avada Kedavra!

Ivan stood on the stage disappointedly looking at the wizards underneath. Under their attention, he blessed himself with a bright spell and said slowly.

“I have to say that you guys really disappoint me!”

“As an adult wizard, some people can’t even use Shield Charm freely. To know this basic spell, even some of the little ghost heads who are just entering school can master it!”

Listening to Ivan’s words, the wizards below bowed their heads in shame or fear, and a few wanted to refute, because Shield Charm is not a basic spell, but rather a difficult advanced magic .

Even the Minister of Magic’s Aurors are not everyone, and impossible is a young wizard who can just learn.

But before they spoke, they forcibly swallowed the refutation, because they had a living example in front of them, and no one would doubt whether Ivan could master Shield Charm when he first entered school.

Ivan sees no one to refute, and immediately orders these wizards to be paired up in pairs to practice against each other!

Unlike the Duelling Club organized by Hogwarts, Ivan laid down the rule that the wizard of the battle can allow the use of all magic except Killing Curse, and there is only one goal, that is to defeat the enemy in front of you!

Anyway, Dougt is here. As long as you don’t use Killing Curse and don’t deliberately die, you can be saved even if you are seriously injured!

As a reward, the person who wins the most duels each month will be able to join the Law Enforcement Group and raise his salary to 60 Galleon in January!

After Ivan announced the news in a high profile, the wizards who had a hard face were excited. Sixty Galleons were regarded as high salaries throughout the British magic circle.

For their poor wizards, who live in Knockturn Alley, joining Law Enforcement Group will undoubtedly improve their lives drastically. Previously, they were doing this life-saving job just to be able to eat enough food. Now they feel like themselves It seems there can be more pursuits…

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