Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 538


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“Reducto! (Reducto)”

“Stupefy! (Stupefy)”

“Protego! (Protego)”


Knockturn Alley, in the underground Chamber of Secrets of the wizard market, dozens of wizards are fighting one-on-one on a wide training ground.

Every color mantra is flying around, and from time to time, there will be several lost wizards wailing on the ground or simply unconscious.

Dougart, who is in charge of treatment on the field, is busy. As the only magic wizard who is proficient in healing, he can only stop the fire for a moment.

Of course, Ivan was not idle. He walked alone on the training ground, pointing out from time to time that wizards made mistakes during battles and some problems when using spells.

Although he is not very young, relying on the Legendary experience and hard work of these three years, he is much higher than the average adult wizard in the accomplishment of the spell.

The best Transfiguration Spell is even good for the position of Professor Hogwarts. It is no problem to correct these wizards of average level.

Ivan walked to the center of the training ground and happened to see Grace fighting a tall and thin wizard and flew his opponent out in just a few rounds.

After watching the entire battle, Ivan walked slowly towards the two of them.

After being cast, the wizard of tall and thin was struck by an embarrassment against the wall behind him, and he climbed up from the ground with a hard chest.

But when he stood up again, he suddenly saw Ivan standing in front of him, and he was startled and stammered.

“Hah… Lord Wrahles!”

The witch lowered his head, his expression a little nervous, obviously worried that he would be punished for being too bad.

“Well…” Ivan stepped forward to pats his shoulders, sweeping the dust above, said with a smile. “Relax, it’s normal to lose in a battle. It is important to learn lessons while practicing to avoid falling into the same dilemma in a real battle.”

“Do you know where you lost?” Ivan asked, asking.

“Because my strength is too weak, the magic I can’t break the protection of Shield Charm!” The tall and thin wizard hesitated and replied in frustration.

He believes that the biggest reason for the loss is that Grace has mastered Shield Charm, but she hasn’t, so she opened the gap.

In general wizard battles, wizards that can bless themselves with Shield Charm can often take advantage. After all, this protective spell can resist the magic of overwhelming majority and bounce it back.

So when he was fighting, he didn’t see the possibility of victory.

Ivan is just looking at the head, reminding me by saying something. “No, it has nothing to do with mastering powerful magic, it’s simply that your thoughts are too solid! As long as you use it well, some small magics that seem to have no offensive can also play a big role!”

Tall and thin nodded, the wizard’s nodded head, but a disapproved look in his heart.

In the face of Shield Charm, he can think of only two ways to crack.

Either use high-intensity magic, such as the Blasting Charm to break the shield upper limit of Shield Charm to break it, or use Killing Curse, an irresistible magic to defeat the enemy.

As for other magics, they are not so good, and they will be bounced back and hurt themselves…

The little emotion in the wizard’s heart naturally conceals Ivan who has already practiced Legilimins, but he does not mean to refute, but instead smiles and turns to Grace on the other side.

“Grace, since you have defeated your opponent, how about not equal to me, let’s fight?”

“Ah? This…” Grace’s face suddenly turned pale, thinking that the young wizard in front of him turned into a giant and slapped Reis Nott in her hand, and then killed him in a flick. It was almost time to cry.

“Can I admit defeat? Lord Wrahles?” Grace asked weakly.

“You have to have a little confidence in yourself, Grace! So, in the next battle, I will only use some of the most basic spells…” Ivan was so silent that the head said comfortably .

Grace shrank her head, but she didn’t have the courage to refuse. She had to say a few words in her heart. Even the magic that Shield Charm is so difficult to learn is a basic spell in Ivan’s impression, so she has little hope for Ivan’s commitment.

“Protego! (Protego)”

Despite secretly playing the drums in the heart, Grace still cheered up and quickly blessed herself with a Shield Charm.

If you think about it in a good place, this time matchup is also an opportunity. If you perform well, you may be able to enter the Law Enforcement Group.

Galleon’s salary of 60 per month makes Grace very greedy. Joining the Law Enforcement Group, she would not have to be so cautious in her own life. Maybe she can own a building outside Knockturn Alley in a few years. Own house.

The conversation between Ivan and Grace is not at all concealed, and everyone on the training ground heard clearly.

The wizards who have not yet ended the battle stopped in tacit understanding, and turned their eyes curiously to the two.

They want to see this asymmetrical battle more than they can practice at any time. Some wizards who have just surrendered secretly guess how long Grace can stay under Ivan’s hands.

“Are you ready?” Ivan asked casually.

Grace right hand is holding wand, and nodded very nervously, but she dared not take the initiative to attack. She only hoped that she could resist a few more rounds and show her strength.

Ivan on the other side didn’t immediately think about it, but turned his attention to the onlooker wizards, especially staying on the tall and thin wizard, saying something.

“Shield Charm is a very practical protective magic. It can erect an invisible magic barrier on the periphery to protect the caster in all directions.”

“But its protection is limited, and it can only bounce the magic beam of the specified type! We can crack this point!”

As Ivan explained to everyone, he quickly lifted wand and pointed to Grace.

“Impedimenta!” Grace kept staring at Ivan nervously, seeing that he lifted wand suddenly seemed to be stimulated, and quickly built a strong wall in front.

With this double protection, Grace feels that even some High Rank spells can resist it!

However, to her surprise, not at all in Ivan’s wand fired a spell beam, and a fierce wind came from behind her instead.

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